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Dream study - General directs war

The Dream - Soldier
I am directing a war. Soldiers are all around me. Everything is under control through even though it is a war.

Dream dictionary
SOLDIER : "Confrontation. Ready to challenge something."

Meaning This was another possible premonition. The vast majority of premonitions capture feelings concerning the day of the dream. Just as normal dreams are often related to the day before premonitions are mostly linked to the actual day of the dream. Often exceptionally good and bad days can be captured as premonitions. This day captured those exact feelings in this dream. There was the sense of having to fight a battle. Another exact match was the sense that everything was under control. In that sense it captured the dreamers feelings about the day to come - "On the day of the dream I felt as if I was fighting a battle as everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But throughout the day I handled the difficulties calmly and did not get angry. "

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