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Dream studies - beautiful sunlight

The Dream - Wall
I was walking towards a vast headland. I could see the sunlight light up the area. It was beautiful. I got close but I then came up against this wall and whatever I did I could not get upon it

Dream Dictionary meanings
HEADLAND : "the dreamer associated this with taking photographs - he was due to go on a trip the next day"
WALL : "barriers"

This was one of my own dreams. I was planning a visit to a local headland the next day on my mountain bike to take photos. But I aborted the trip when I found the wind was going to be quite strong so it would make riding that far too strenuous. The wall represented a barrier I could not overcome.

The headland reminded me of the area I was going to visit(its beauty and the way it was lit by the sunshine reminded me of when I look to frame a photo). The wall reminded me of the barrier I could not overcome. This then was quite possibly a premonition of the next day. It was something I had been thinking about and my decision to go on a 50 mile bike ride linked to the weather conditions. On the day it was far more windy than I expected. Maybe the dream was triggered by weather forcasts. It is difficult to prove entirely.

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