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Dream - wearing friends clothes

The Dream - Wearing his clothes
I was getting dressed. Instead of putting on my own clothes I put my friends clothes - his yellow trousers and his red top. I left my black shirt and trousers on the bed.

Dream Dictionary meanings
BED : "an intensely personal symbol - here it relates to his personal habits and tendencies and those of his friend"
BLACK : "looking on the dark side"
CLOTHES : "our image - how the dreamer wants the world to see him and how he sees his friends image"
RED : "a wish to show greater passion and energy"
YELLOW : "happy and sunny disposition"

The Interpretation
This dream features clothes. The clothes we wear define us in some way - they say something about us as a person. The dreamer swaps his own clothes his friends. That shows that he wants to be seen in a new way. The new clothes are brighter. The dream also takes place in the bedroom so it shows its about his close personal emotions. So he wants to put on a new image - a much brighter image. This probably shows he wants to be seen as more positive and optomistic.
Overall the dream captures the following feelings within the dreamer "I like the image of my friend. I need to be more optomistic and cheerful"

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