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Dream analysis - wonderful new house

The Dream - New house
My sister was taking me down this road. at the end was this new house and she said it was my house. It was wonderful in every way.
Dictionary meanings
BEATIFUL HOUSE : "the vision of how things can be - her sister is painting a picture of how things can be and how life can improve"
SISTER : "the dreamers own sister"
The dreamers sister had been building up her confidence and also showing her her troubles could be seen in a new light. The house represents this new picture that the dreamers sister was painting. Houses traditionally represent people in dreams. It shows how you feel about yourself. So if a house represents your personality then a new house represents a new and fresh personality. It shows you are approaching the world in a new way.

Overall the dream captures the following feelings within the dreamer - "I have been down recently. My sister has been trying to build up my confidence and has been showing me how my life could become".

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