Dream interpretation - weddings,proposals,marriages and engagements as dream symbols

THE DREAM My dream begins with me getting ready to pull my dress together (of course hours away from the ceremony.). I'm looking for the right dress. Bright yellow. But I cant find shoes to match anywhere and time is running short. Finally I find them (yellow)and head back down the street to find parking and get in the church. The music starts and my bridemaids head up the aisle. I of course can’t find my shoes and rush around until I find one of my guests shoes that will kind of work and are too big but I wear them down the aisle. The cerimony goes on and their is no groom. He is not in the dream at all. Its known that he cant make it but I’ll go see him after and let him know that we are all set and married. Basically the dream is mostly about my shoes and lack of groom.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently rekindled her relationship with her ex. She was giving it another try but was still not sure if it was all in vain.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams link to conceptual feelings and ideas. Often we maybe actively be telling people how we feel and unknowingly these very feelings are what the dream means. This dreamer was saying how she felt committed to her ex but was still not sure if that was in vain. Actually this dream perfectly represents those feelings.But how?

The dreamer is aware of her own feelings. In thedream she goes to the altar. So she is committed and will put 100 per cent into the relationship. In real life she was similarly willing to give it another go. She was very serious.

However, the groom is not there. Surely this represents doubts and uncertainties. She cannot truely tell how her ex feels. She knows how she feels but she is prepared for disapointment. It fell apart before so it may do so again. Yet she is perfectly willing to still give it a go. She does not know if those efforts are in vain. The dream is like a little play that refers to the very feelings that she is telling everyone in real life.

Dream Symbols
GROOM NOT THERE : "Not knowing her exs true feelings and commitment. "
WEDDING : "Showing a real sense of commitment to her ex. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to give my relationship with my ex another go. I know how I feel and will put in one hundred percent effort. I am not sure if that's not enough. "

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THE DREAM I was thinking about my classmate from 3rd grade (lets call him Matt) who was nice to me and I had a crush over him, I thought that only if I would have confessed my feelings to him then things would be different in between us both (like who knows we might be together right now). And then through casting a magical spell I return to the time when we were classmates. I am back in school (but I am my present age), it was like visiting my own self (the little girl that I was then). I tell myself that I need to tell him what I feel or I might regret it later on. So that little me does as said. Then again back to present day its a reunion party and there I find each and every classmate of mine, I ask an old classmate about Matt and he says that, " he too is coming Natasha, we all know that there is something going on between you to. At least that’s what I was told by Matt". Then I meet Matt at the entrance gate of our school, he is delighted to see me and we both hug and kiss in front of everyone. Then we walk in the premises of the school remembering the good old days when we were kids and he is surprised by my memory about each and every thing that I remember about him. He is now a successful businessman. Then we again kiss passionately. Then he says that we need to be together. Next I saw that we are in a live in and I ask him that why don’t we get married? He answers, " why so soon, lets enjoy our lives". But because in my dream I desperately wanted to have a baby with him so I make him drunk and then I was in a foreign local living alone in an apartment with my little kid and I saw my present best friend visiting me there and proposing me to get married to him, he was even ready to accept me with my kid (the one I had with Matt).

THE REALITY The dreamer had been in love with her former crush years before but had not been thinking about him. It is fair to assume then that his appearance in the dream is entirely symbolic. The dreamer was now deeply in love with another man. She was now facing the same dilemma as she was then. Should she allow time to pass and opportunities to slip away in the same way that she did then.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often in life we face a new situation but the problems are the same. We face a similar situation as we maybe did a couple of years ago. In this case the dreamer is facing a similar dilemma as she did a couple of years before. She let opportunities slip away. This dream is basically saying that "this situation is like your crush with Matt".

This dream then probably captures the dreamers feelings about the various options available to her. I know many people would think such a dream captures her feelings and wishes to take a strong and decisive option. Yet in truth such dreams simply reveal that we face a difficult decision which maybe we are very unsure about.

Dream Symbols
PROPOSAL : "take a serious step forward in the relationship and make a commitment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Perhaps now is the time to act. I need to seize the situation and tell my crush just how I feel about him. Otherwise that opportunity may simply disappear in the same way it did with my former crush"

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THE DREAM It was my birthday weekend, and my Dad was flying me to New York as a gift. In the dream, I had this unusual obsession with billboards. Every sign I saw I loved and Dad knew that, and it was one of the reasons he took me to New York. We walked around the city and looked at everything. He then told me that he had arranged for a surprise, that the biggest tallest billboard in all of New York I was going to be able to climb to the top of, and see the city from above. The guy I’m talking to in England was also flying in to meet us there as part of the surprise. He called my phone to let me know he had arrived, and was surprised to learn from my father how much I loved billboards. He said he would have to remember that in the future. We got into a limo, and rode to the billboard. It was night time, and gorgeous outside. When I got out of the limo, the guy in England was there, with flowers and balloons, and he had the billboard decorated in glittering colors, that said Will you marry me? At this point I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just recently ended a long term relationship. Since then she has been dating a guy on-line from England. She has developed pretty strong feelings for him but has never seriously thought of marrying him. In fact the whole Internet dating thing seems a little silly to her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams with our fathers in can often be very symbolic. They represent the need to maintain order in our lives. They are a warning that something in our life is maybe getting out of hand. The dream features this guy that the dreamer is dating on-line so it maybe a link to this very issue. So this dream then represents the dreamer exploring the need to adopt a sensible approach to he whole Internet dating thing.

Billboards are very symbolic. In real life they help to persuade us to buy some product. In this dream they represent outrageous and unrealistic claims that the dreamers Internet date is making. People who we date on line can make the most lies and even send pictures that are not of themselves(usually of very attractive people).

The dream takes place in New York. That's a symbol for something new in our lives. Its particularly important that the dreamer likes the billboards. Her father warns him that the billboards are important to her. In reality it means that the dreamer is aware of the wild claims that the guy is making and is insistent that those claims should be supported with fact. That the advert should resemble the product. That the man is indeed whom he claims to be.

In truth the dream probably represents the dreamers current thoughts - "I am dating this guy on the Internet but I am very wary that what he is saying is probably a wild exaggeration. So maybe its best to not think about anything serious developing from this until I know what he is really like."

Dream Symbols
BILLBOARD : "Wild claims made by the Internet date which make him so attractive"
FATHER : "The dreamers own responsible side"
MARRIAGE PROPOSAL : "Thoughts of a serious commitment which Internet date"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been dating a guy on the Internet. But I know I should be wary of whatever people say on the Internet. He maybe telling total lies. I am not about to let things get out of control"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is really very strong. That is no coincidence. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we start to transfer these into long term memory banks and at the same time we start to integrate these into long term emotions. Then finally we clear short term memory banks ready for the day ahead. So dreams will tend to link to the day before and to ways in which we have been altering our thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAM I keep marrying a cactus in my dreams!

THE REALITY The dreamer was a troubled teenager. He has been worrying about his exams and whether or not he’ll pass. He is also worrying about his future, if he’ll get into a good university or not. He does think school is pointless to a degree and he does HATE school and teachers more than anything.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream came at a time of exams. Weddings tend to link to commitments. So this dream is in some way linked to commitments. So it could easily link to a commitment towards exams.

Cactuses live in the desert. They have to live in a very sparse environment. Deserts tend to symbolise things that mean little to us. In this case they could represent the need to have to commit towards exams and teachers and studying. They probably capture the following feeling - "I hate exams and schools. Yet I know these are important. I juts dislike having to commit myself to something that do not interest me at all".

Dream Symbols
MARRIAGE : "a strong commitment"
CACTUS : "having to survive in an environment which is uninteresting and means nothing "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have to commit myself to my exams. But sometimes this study seems so pointless. I hate studying but know I have got to do it"

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THE DREAM I was getting married. The dream started on my wedding day. Me and my husband were sitting on this long benchlike stool. We acted out a scene in a movie that we liked to watch that was when a guy realized that he wanted to marry this female. It was so good, we were facing each other looking in each others eyes playing the role out so well because its how we really felt.

After we got through everyone was clapping and was like "wow they really do love each other" it was just the intensity of the acting and how we said the words we were acting out. After that we were sitting together of course and I was just staring at him, I loved him so much. When they pronounced us husband and wife he kissed me on my lips. Even though we kissed like that, it was intense, I felt chills that I was finally his wife.

Throughout the reception I would just grab him and tell him how much I love him. Kiss him on the side of his face because I was so pleased. Towards the end of my dream he was sitting there watching me like he was amazed lol. I was just talking and talking and I was like "forget it I QUIT". Just then he said to me looking in my eyes and shaking his head with a grin". You know that's what got me. The first time I ever seen you I heard you say "I QUIT" and I said she’s going to be my wife. I fell in love with you then and I didn’t even know you", I think you said it a few times that just got to me. But I think it was the 11th time you said It to me I felt something else, and I got on my knees and proposed to you". He said baby I loved you before you knew me, I felt inside that you was the one for me without you even saying a word. He’s never told me anything like this before and it made me love him even more. He wasn’t like the other guys I had been with. He was my soul mate.

THE REALITY The dreamer and her ex were wishing to get back together for almost two years. They had been too stubborn to take that step though. But because of the dreams the dreamer broke out of her stubbornness and made a phone call. They then started to see each other on a different level. Their friends used to call them soul mates and could not believe that they broke up.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams are about your emotions. So its best to find out what the emotions are of the dreamer. There are clues from the dream - it obviously deals with issues of love. The dreamer in this case had just had a five year break from relationships. She was now ready to start getting involved again.

In the dream there is a realization. The dreamer realizes that the man wished to marry the woman. It is a moment of recognition. That is really what pins this dream down. The dreamer realized that her ex was her soul mate.

Also in the dream they are acting yet they do not mind acting because they realize that this is what they want. Perhaps this matches reality. The dreamer attempted to form a new relationship with her ex. She was very much "playing a role". In real life she started to see him in a new way. She was intent that they would not make the same mistakes again.

Real life is also linked to in several ways. The quote "I QUIT" mimics the way that they split for no good reason.

Movies in dreams can often be symbolic of the real and dramatic stories of your life. The dream is in some way referring to these major episodes of our lives. In this case it referred to the previous boyfriend.

Weddings in themselves need not symbolize marriage. In this case it maybe just links to the renewed sense of commitment and devotion to each other. That was certainly the case in the dreamers mind - she was certainly ready for a new commitment. Its not an easy dream to link to reality but in this case it was a dream very much about emotions. Those emotions will be apparent to the dreamer. She was bound to recognize such feelings as they emerged from her subconscious. Such a dream is more likely to be solved by the dreamer. But that is nearly always the case anyway.

Dream Symbols
FACE : "being true and honest - the dreamer needs to face her true feelings about her ex"
GRAB : "a need to grab the moment and be bold"
KISS : "an agreement - a need to accept her affection towards her ex"
MARRY : "showing a commitment or showing your faith in something/someone - the dreamer realises her love for her ex"
MOVIE : "replaying some event - the dreamer is replaying her relationship with her ex. She is realising that they have a close bond and get along with each other"
WEDDING : "a serious commitment "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise the simple message of the dream is that I really do love my ex husband. We have been friends for ages and should really get together and accept our feelings."

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THE DREAM I It was black all over the place and I couldn’t see myself or anything else. I could feel things though. I felt depression and stress. I felt what my Mum and Dads inner thoughts were. it’s like all the worries and hurts of the people around me were all piled up onto of me and I was feeling for them because they were happy and free. It was like being sucked into darkness. After what seemed like 2 or 3 hours, I could see the outline of me, and I stood up. I was actually trapped in a box and only realized it until I stood up. Then when I got up, I spread my arms out and there was a golden chain hooked around my wrists from one wrist to the second. There was also a very deep cut along my left arm, it was bleeding. The golden chain was very thin and fragile. My legs were still in the box as I looked around me and saw a forest of darkness. It didn’t scare me, it fascinated me. Beyond the forest was a black ocean. I didn’t see it but I knew it was there because I could feel it’s power as crazy as it sounds. The atmosphere was so really, the air was so heavy and it was hard to breath. I look around for a while then all of a sudden. I’m at home, in a white strapless wedding dress that's really short (like a miniskirt). And on top of the short dress, I was wearing a long white skirt to match the dress. I was standing in between the dinning room and the living room at my new house which I had just moved to the day before. I hated the long skirt and wanted to take it of so I was in the miniskirt but I didn’t. There was a silver chain on my wrist. I was holding the silver chain with my other free hand. My parents where there somewhere but I didn’t know where exactly. I just knew they were there around me, watching me like vultures.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just moved to a new house and her three brothers were in the process of leaving to go to college. This meant that the dreamers father was now free to focus his attentions on his daughter. The day before the dream her father was disapproving of a short skirt she was wearing.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream seems linked to the day before. The dreamer had been under pressure to not wear a short skirt from her father. The dream probably works through some thoughts associated with this subject. In the dream the short skirt is worn underneath the dreamers long skirt. That shows that she is hiding the side of her that likes to wear short skirts. She wants to appear to be accepting her fathers wishes to help keep the peace.

The dress is a wedding dress. Perhaps that links to some wider thoughts about marriage. That marriage is very much linked to respectable clothes. Perhaps the dreamer feels under pressure to see things from her fathers point of view. That certain styles of dress are simply not appropriate.

Dream Symbols
GOLDEN CHAIN : "restrictions placed upon the dreamer"
SHORT WEDDING DRESS: "the previous day short skirts were an issue with the dreamers father"
WATCHING LIKE VULTURES : "looking for the slightest error"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know now that my father is putting me under pressure to stop wearing short skirts. Now that my brothers have left I feel he will have more time to concentrate on me. I will probably try to hide this side of me from him"

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THE DREAM I dreamt of my hand - I was looking at my hand and I noticed that I was wearing only the wedding band and my engagement ring was missing. Then I found my engagement ring but the stone was not there, I found the stone and was thinking of how to put it back. Then I was with some family members and we were all discussing the surgery I was going to do on my spine in order to become taller (in my dream, this was a new surgery technique to make people taller). I had two concerns about the surgery: 1: I was afraid of the injection 2: I could not decide how many centimeters to add.

THE REALITY The night before the dream the dreamer talked with my husband about some unpleasant feelings she has with regard to two members of his family. She felt he did not recognize her concerns for what they really are and also felt he should have shown more support to her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams often relate to the previous day and especially if there is some issue bugging you. In this case the dreamer did have something on her mind. The previous night she wished that her husband had shown her greater recognition in her concerns about the her husbands family members. She wanted to stand tall in the eyes of her husband and also recognised her own need for greater courage in standing up to him.

The portion that deals with the engagment ring links to the dreamers thoughts about marriage and the importance of partnership. Underlying this is her feeling that she is not as highly regarded as she wishes.

Dream Symbols
SPINE : "a need to stand up to someone - to have more backbone "
TALL : "your own importance - the dreamer feels she needs to be taller because she wishes for more recognition from her husband"
WEDDING RING : "the importance of marriage and the need to act like a couple who recognise each others worries and concerns"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think my husband should recognise my concerns about his family members that I have a problem with. I feel I should receive greater recognition from my husband. He needs to consider my thoughts. Otherwise there is no marriage in the true sense of the word"

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WEDDINGS : We associate lots of different emotions with weddings. We have that sense of urgency to get to the church on time and the hope that everything goes right. We have the feeling of the guests who come together in a sense of celebration. We have the feelings of the Bride and Groom who take a very serious step forward in committing themselves. Look for any situation that involves that same sense of commitment.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "making a serious commitment"
- "getting to a stage were we are getting serious"
- "he will never be able to commit"
- "everyone made an effort"
- "my wedding plans"
- "I have committed to it even though I do not want to"


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