Dream interpretation - water,sea ,lakes and ponds as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I am then in some swamp area. There is a slug moving around me. A bee comes near me but I avoid it. I am in some long room. It appears to have lots of people. There is my Terry Marsh there. He is dressed in some very odd clothes. He has a jumper on and a weird hat. I am then in some car in the back seat. There are some TVs there. There are three of them(reminds me of Elvis).

THE REALITY The dreamer had been sat at home for too long. He had been watching TV and just not doing anything and felt depressed.

THE INTERPRETATION Numerous symbols linked to the previous day when the dreamer did not get out of the house much. He was getting jaded by his lack of exercise and needed some fresh air. The TVs reminded the dreamer of Elvis Presley who had several TVs and yet despite all his luxury died an unhappy unfit man. The slug is a symbol connected with slow moving events or a lack of resolve or initiative.

The Bee symbolises hard work and keeping busy - "the busy Bee". In this case the dreamer avoided the Bee so that signified how he had avoided exercise.

Water symbolises your emotional resolve or involvement in the world. The clearer and fresher the water the better. But in this case this is stagnant and swamped water signifying lack of clear resolve. Perhaps this shows how the dreamers tiredness and listlessness was affecting him in other ways - he felt less creative and imaginative.

The man in the dream is probably a synonym - with the marsh symbolising the muddy and unclear thinking in his mind. The dreamer was also getting grouchy and bad tempered. The weird clothes possibly symbolise the strange mood he was in. Clothes symbolise how other people see us and several people had noticed some signs of odd behavior.

The car is a symbol of your day to day progress towards your goals. In this case the dreamer was in the back seat which is not a good sign and shows lack of clear control. This signified how the lack of exercise was clearly affecting the dreamer in every aspect of his life.

The dream was just a wake up call to do better. The dreamer recognised the need to exercise and freshen up his mind.

Dream Symbols
BACK SEAT : "not in control of the direction your life is going - in this case the dreamer is stuck in a rut"
BEE : "a need to get involved in something - as busy as a bee"
CAR : "the dreamer direction in life"
ELVIS : "Elvis was famed for getting old and out of shape and had three TVs which he watched simultaneously"
MARSH : "getting stuck"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I need to get out today. I have been stuck in a rut just watching TV. I need to get out in the fresh air a little."

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THE DREAM - I was wanting to go for a swim. There was louise from the community centre there. Then there was something about having to pay 50 pence. I then started heading down the river. The river split into two at some point. I wanted to go on my own but I also thought that I might want to get back at some point. I noticed some buildings. I did not want to swim near these buildings. I realised that there would be sewerage from these buildings spewing out into the water - like in Thailand. There was also oil on the water. Then I felt the presence of my father. It was a positive sense.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been down his local community centre. He paid his usual 50 pence to use the internet. Recently the atmosphere had been bad down here. He had been accused of not paying the correct fees to use the computers. He felt that the attitude of some of the staff was stupid and petty. The community centre was struggling financially and they had become obsessive in their enforcement of rules. They were not treating people respectfully. He felt seriously that he should stand up and tell these people exactly how he thought. He wsas eespecially annoyed since the previous day someone had been breaking the rules and the people ion charge had ignored this. Yet whenever the dreamer broke the rules he was very quickly put in his place.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often link to recent thoughts. In this case there are clear links to recent events which were really getting to the dreamer. Was getting to breaking point and was thinking about telling people exactly how he thought. There was a very clear link by association to the community centre which was in real life causing him to feel resentful. The 50 pence charge was the exact amount that people have to pay there to use the computers connected to the internet. Recently there had been very strict and petty enforcement of these rules. The dream would definitely seem to link to a growing resentment towards this.

It is often best to interpret a dream in reverse. You look for issues which are causing concern in real life and then try to see how the dream links to reality. In this dream there are several indicators of how this dream links to reality. It had as well been a key issue with the dreamer.

The pollution in the dream would seem to be a strong symbol. It probably expresses the dreamers feeling that the community centre had a bad atmosphere and was full of nasty spiteful people. He really was not getting on with several people down there. This had been amplified the day before by a sense of unfairness. Another person had been blatantly breaking the rules yet noone mentioned anything. Yet if he had dared to break a rule he would have immediately been stamped down upon.

His father probably linked to his current mood. Fathers can link to issues where we want to stamp our authority on things. In this case he wanted to stand up for himself and wanted to tell people exactly how he felt. The dream also clearly indicates this - he wanted to go off on his own - perhaps showing that he was willing to leave because things were happening which were wrong. Yet the dream also hints at a need to show restraint - he realizes that he might want to come back soon. Dreams use such easy to recognize symbols. They express the direction of our thoughts. So its likely that his current urge to express his views openly needs to be kept in check. He realizes that if you make your feelings too clear then it may in fact mean that he is forced to leave. Although right now he recognizes that the place is full of bad feelings that he must not push his luck.

Often people appear in dreams because they personify certain types of behavior. This person was central to this dreamers growing sense of resentment. She was guilty of behaving in the most petty of ways.

Dream Symbols
50 PENCE : "a very strong association. The dreamer paid 50 pence to use the internet at his local community centre. Recently there had been petty enforcement of the rules here."
FATHER : "Standing up for yourself and wanting respect"
LOUISE : "In real life this person personifies everything that was wrong. She was capable of being very petty and treating people disrespectfully."
POLLUTTED : "The community centre was clearly pollutted with a bad atmosphere"
RIVER : "Your own energies and efforts. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am fed up with that community centre. I always pay my 50 pence to use the internet. Yet they are still accusing me of trying to get away without paying. That place has really got a bad atmosphere right now. And yesterday Gemma was clearly breaking the rules and got away with it. If that had me then I would have been pulled up immediately."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together capture the dreamers resentments

DREAM TIP : Water will tend to always link to our emotions and feelings. Water moves constantly in a similar way to our emotions which are constantly reshaping. Its well known that dreams link to the here and now and will often highlight changes in our feelings from the day before the dream. So think of ways in which your feelings changed. Even write down a list of the emotional issues and intuitive feelings which dominated your mind. Think of the events and their emotional impact on you. Its likely that the dream relates in some way to these emotional changes inside you.
THE DREAM - I am on one side of a lake. I appear to be with a friend. There is some kind of meteor coming in. I see it very clearly. Then a second time I watch this and zoom in closely with some camera or something. But on closer inspection its not a meteor

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to get an idea across to a friend. The friend was a keen learner. His friend had had a major breakthrough and felt he was really understanding these ideas. Yet he had made a minor error. The error was not spotted immediately. The dreamer wondered if it was a good idea to correct his friend because it might dampen his enthusiasm.

THE INTERPRETATION The meteor coming to earth represented the knowledge being understood. Yet on closer inspection the zoom lens revealed that this was not the case.

Lakes often symbolise a close connection and emotional involvement. In this case the dreamers friend had made a clear minor error. Yet should he be corrected. It might dampen his enthusiasm. So in making his decision the dreamer was taking into account the emotions and thinking intuitively. It was maybe best to stay quiet.

Dream Symbols
CAMERA : "an exact replay of what happened"
LAKE : "a decision that involves a real sense of emotional involvement"
ZOOM : "focus in in detail - in this case the dreamer spotted the mistake he did not spot in the first place"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "He has been a keen learner. He made what I thought was a keen breakthrough yesterday. Then I spotted an error. I did not want to tell him because it might dampen his enthusiasm."

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THE DREAM - I was in my house and there was a pond inside. The water was moving around and splashing quite violently.

THE REALITY The dreamer was thinking through his recent moods. He recognised that had been quite moody recently.

THE INTERPRETATION Houses can often represent your own personality. They represent how you feel at any one time. They can also symbolise your approach to some quite specific subject. But in this case the dream is about the dreamers general mood.

Often water symbolises the use of the unconscious mind to work out some issue. In this case the pond is inside so represents the dreamers won introspective thoughts. Moving water can link to changeable views - often not based on any reliable evidence. In this case it represents how the dreamers own introspection is an intense focus of his mind. It probably reveals an unhealthy mind liable to change at any moment.

Dream Symbols
HOUSE : "the dreamers own personality - how she is adapting to life in general"
POND : "the dreamers own emotions and feeling about herself at present"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am looking inside myself at the moment. I feel rather disrupted emotionally"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store up our thoughts within short term memory banks. Then at night we process through these emotions and feelings from the day before. Our emotions are reshaped and reformed and those short term memories from the day before are transferred over to long term memory banks. Short term memories are then cleared ready for the day ahead. This is why our dreams tend to link to events and feelings from the day before. The dreams represent the reshaping of our minds. Of course long term issues can be highlighted but they too may have been on our minds during that day.
THE DREAM - I was in my garden and sat happily. There is a pond and its lit in the sun and goldfish are swimming around. Then I realise that some of the fish are dead. The water is stagnant

THE REALITY The dreamer had been happy within herself but then she became very depressed. She had been wondering where those good feelings had disappeared

THE INTERPRETATION Goldfish are often associated with golden thoughts. They can symbolise golden and creative thoughts - religious rapture. In this case the dream captures the happiness the dreamer felt just a short time ago. The death of the fish symbolises the depression.

Ponds are often symbols of the dreamers close personal thoughts. They symbolise how the dreamer is looking at their own emotions. Perhaps they are very inward looking at that moment.

Dream Symbols
GARDEN : "the dreamer is growing as a person"
GOLDFISH : "golden spiritual thoughts and great happiness"
POND : "looking at your own emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "A couple of days ago I felt so happy but now I feel so depressed. "

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THE DREAM I was at some place with people around me. I remember being dressed up, we were supposed to meet up at a car or maybe someplace else. I went somewhere with my brother, it was like a waterpark with a slide, but it was divided in half. My brother went on the one side, and I went on the other there were tons of people around.

Then, I was talking to my brother from the middle of the bottom little pool part (more like a bottom surface with just a little water, that was about a foot deep) and there was this guy behind me who started talking to me. He was maybe 15-20 years older than me, he had short blonde hair and I found him attractive. I somehow knew him, I don’t know how, it Isn’t someone I know in real life. Besides, I don’t know why I found him attractive. He wanted me to go somewhere with him and I wanted to but that's all I can remember. There were inflatable rafts that my brother was helping get organized in their big bin and helping the lifeguard hand to the people

THE REALITY The dreamer was intent on moving out of state away from her family. The dreamer was toying with two ideas one which involved a great deal more risk.

THE INTERPRETATION In the dream there is one good strong clue. The older man symbolises two things. Firstly the older part symbolises maturity. The dreamer is drawn to him so the dream involves some thought process which involves the need for maturity. She is attracted to him because a mature course of action is currently attractive to her. Also the fact that he is a man is also symbolic. It symbolises the male emotions that he represents such as determination and eagerness.

That was relevant in the dreamers life. She did have a sense of determination which was fueling her activity. She was currently thinking of moving inter state and so away form her family. That is not the crux of the dream though. The dream was not about if she was moving away but the manner in which that was achieved. The dreamer was considering two pathways. The easier path was the path her brother was taking and the harder path was where she was going with the man who she was attracted to but also slightly scared her. So the dream has captured emotions. In this case a belief that one route was safer and another route more risky(yet also appealing).

Dreams will capture these emotions in our lives. They will link to reality in strange ways but it does seem to work. Many people would not be convinced by such abstract symbolism. However, if you were to take it the other way and you had to design a dream that was expressing such feelings then you would probably come up with something similar to this.

The dream captures all the essentials - such as the emotional appeal of a risky course. It also graphically depicts the movement away from her family as she separates from them in the dream.

Such battles within our minds are quite abstract yet such thought processes can be traced in minute detail. The dream may even capture the setting in which the dreamer was thinking through these thoughts. The waterpark symbolises relaxed contemplation. Thoughts that you are playing with within your mind.

Dream Symbol
ATTRACTIVE : "something that is attractive and appealing - which is the most appealing way to achieve her aims"
CUSHION : "cushion the pain - a safer and more cautious approach to her move"
DANGEROUS : "involving great risk"
LIFEGUARD : "trying to prevent major emotional upheavals - the dreamer is wondering to take a more safer emotional path towards her future"
POOL : "your close personal emotions - the dreamer is thinking about her own emotions in relation to her move inter state"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been playing around with ideas in my head about my future. I have got a clear picture about what I want to achieve. But I am wondering if I should take a safe and cautious approach or a more bolder strategy".

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THE DREAM I dreamt of saving my mother while she was fishing , she got drowned and I pulled her out and saved her.

THE REALITY The dreamer was waiting for her Ph.D. acceptance result. It was a long and difficult wait which was warring the dreamer down. For the moment she could not move forward before she knew the result. It was extremely frustrating.

THE INTERPRETATION Drowning in dreams link to issues which are overwhelming you. In this case there was one issue which was overwhelming the dreamer. He wished to hear the results of his Ph.D. acceptance.

Mothers often link to issues involving emotions. They can symbolise your need to sort something out once and for all - in other words you need closure. In this sense the fishing probably links simply to the wish to find out his results.

Dream Symbol
DROWN : "overwhelmed by issue"
FISHING : "trying to see what your feelings are on something"
MOTHER : "a safe emotional path "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel so powerless. I am waiting for my exam results and cannot do anything until they arrive."

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THE DREAM I dreamt that it was raining fish - fish were falling from the sky. I think the fish were still alive but I’m not 100 percent sure on that. I remember seeing the fish all over the ground in my back yard and in the pool.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trying to work out how she was feeling about something and was changing her mind about it. It had been weighing on her mind for a week.

THE INTERPRETATION Water in dreams symbolises the unconscious. Water moves constantly and so represents our ever changing thoughts and feelings. Fish often link to new unconscious feelings in our mind which are forming. They link to life and activity within the mind. With such dreams its best to ask the dreamer what things they have been thinking about. The dreamer will probably be all too aware of what that is.

Here the fish are dead so that does link to the dreamers real life - she was constantly changing her mind. Death in dreams often links to something new. It symbolises the death of one feeling and growth of new feelings.

Symbolic Meanings
DEAD : "an old feeling being replaced by a new feeling - transition"
FISH : "Unconscious thoughts and activity - new feelings forming in your unconscious mind"
POOL : "An issue affecting the dreamers close personal emotions"
THE DREAM I was standing by a swimming pool. Someone had bought a dolphin and I remember them saying, "we wouldn’t have bought the dolphin if we knew it was going to get this big." I replied, "what did you think, it wouldn’t grow bigger than it’s environment?" I suddenly was in the pool and I was riding from pool end to pool end on the dolphin. The pool was strange though, it was by a road that had this really big parade happening on it. So people were watching me ride this dolphin. I was happy that the people thought I was really cool, cause I was riding this dolphin. Then suddenly, I was riding in the passenger seat where my grandpa was driving. I looked at him and thought to myself, he looks healthy, he looks like he can drive. Then I noticed that he was swerving in and out of the lanes. I looked at him and he didn’t look like he should be driving. I shouted, "papaw! you’re cutting off the tour buses!" we were on a 4 lane highway with a lot of tour buses. Then one cut us off.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just started a new job. It was very stressful. She then decided to concentrate on making herself happy rather than doing exactly what everyone else was doing.

THE INTERPRETATION Water dreams tend to be symbolic of our feelings. The water denotes our ever changing and moving emotions. Also this dream involves swimming which is usually quite a predictable symbol. It denotes a wish to move to some new situation emotionally. In light of that we have some good clues to look at the dream. The dreamer should look at her present mindset and see what situations fit these predictable symbols. In this case there was a situation which fitted the dream symbols. The dreamer was trying to move away from the stressful nature of her job and become much happier. So their was indeed an emotional situation which the dreamer is trying to move away from.

So now we can start to look at the other symbols and see what they mean. Dolphins are symbols of new life forming in our feelings. We can easily associate dolphins with the need to be much happier within ourselves. They are symbols of enjoyment feeling happy within ourselves.

In the dream the dreamer is in the passenger seat and maybe this denotes a wish to take things easy. That's certainly an element of this dream in which she is hoping to escape from stress.

The dream also features a grandfather who appears to not know what he is doing. So maybe he symbolises the way in which the dreamer is happily carrying on even when she is not truly capable. So perhaps this dream is specifically related to taking a relaxed and laid back attitude towards her job and any mistakes that she makes.

Dream Symbol
DOLPHIN : "enjoying the situation"
GRANDFATHER : "taking your time"
PASSENGER SEAT : "the dreamer is happy to not be in total control of the situation - she does not wish to be dominant and assertive in her approach to her job"
SWIMMING : "a wish to get to some new emotional situation"
SWIMMING POOL : "Your own personal emotions and feelings"
THE DREAM I’ve had two dreams with frogs in them. In the first one, I was in a huge university setting, with lots of rooms and staircases, and you needed to take specific staircases to get to certain floors, but then I found myself outside in an enclosed fenced in area with a pond. In this pond was a frog (single frog) sitting on a Lilly pad in the middle. In the second dream, there was a frog trapped in a window well, and I looked at him and he smiled at me and I told him I’d get him out of there.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been going through a lot of transitions lately, and have been focusing a lot on trying to improve herself. She was wondering what to do with her life and wondered if she was truly happy or just fooling herself.

THE INTERPRETATION Ponds are symbols of your own personal emotions and this dreamer was indeed thinking about herself and her own emotions. They show you are thinking a lot about yourself.

But this dream matches reality in other ways very strongly too. Universities are symbols of moments when we are thinking very seriously and making considered judgments on our life in some way.

The staircase is connected to judgment. It symbolises how we are trying to make up our minds or coming to some new conclusions. In this case it links to her examining her own conclusions.

Frogs are classic symbols of transformation. They link to the dreamers own need to change to her new life circumstances. She had had to give up work due to ill health and this was affecting the dreamer as her work was very important to her.

Dream Symbol
FROG : "a symbol of transformation"
POND : "The dreamers own personal emotions and thoughts about herself"
STAIRS : "Examining your own conclusions "
UNIVERSITY : "considered and careful thinking about issues in your life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about my own situation recently and have come to some conclusions. I am in a stage of transformation. I think things are clearer in my mind now".

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THE DREAM In a palatial indoor pool during the evening, many fun and sometimes dangerous/secretive activities occur in and around the pool. At one stage I move underwater in my swimmers, pushing off too strongly swim the length of the pool underwater without taking a breath. I make it most of the way and feel proud that I made it that far, but also disappointed I didn’t make it to the far side. I’m being casually watched by someone (my son?) I wish to be proud of me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just recently ended a relationship with her boyfriend of four years. He had put her down and often treated her son rudely. After an accidental meeting with him the day before she spent 2 hours writing him a letter clearly expressing her true feelings toward his actions. She then emailed it to him. At the last moment before emailing the letter, she removed paragraphs remarking on his parenting towards his own son, to keep the letter less flammable.

THE INTERPRETATION If something big happens the day before any dream its almost certain that the dream will be working over what has just happened. Its always worth trying to see if a dream fits the real life situation symbolically. In this case there is a very strong symbolic link between the real life events and reality.

The dream features swimming. Swimming often links to the emotions as water represents the ever changing and moving emotions within us. It also represents the emotional effort and energy involved as the dreamer wrote her email. She was searching for words and courage to bring difficult emotions out. Also when you swim you move and thus the dream represents the emotional movement within the dreamers own mind.

Dreams often will not mention the topic that has triggered the dream explicitly yet the dream will express the exact emotions that the dreamer feels in real life. In particular the dream shows key moments in her feelings. She does not make it to the other side and so represents her own decision to delete parts of her email. She literally does not go the whole way. At that moment part of her wanted to let rip and express dangerous emotions that truly end the relationship. Yet she backs out.

Also the specific act of taking one breath and swimming underwater does seem to correspond to reality. The dreamer takes a deep breath and then holds things in as she expresses her views. The swimming underwater corresponds to how she in one burst lets go of difficult emotions.

The moment that really clinches the dreamer is when she is being watched by someone (her son) and that she wishes this person to feel proud of her. That closely links to reality as she is expressing views that stand up for her son since he was often so rudely treated.

Dream Symbol
BREATH : "The dreamer takes just one breath and then in one real life moment she lets rip with feelings held below the surface"
PROUD : "In expressing her views she is standing up for her son(who was often rudely treated by her ex) and if he knew how she felt he would feel proud of her."
SECRETIVE and DANGEROUS : "The dreamer is thinking and expressing dangerous thoughts that truly inflame a situation"
SWIM : "Moving in the same way that she swims to new emotional waters"
THE WHOLE WAY : "In her email the dreamer did not go the whole way. She toned down her response."
UNDERWATER : "Perhaps expresses deep down feelings."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I saw my ex yesterday and ended up writing an email to him telling him just how I felt. I wanted to really let rip but I ended up toning things down ".

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THE DREAM I have had two swimming pool dreams over the past 3 days. The first one I had included some friends of mine and I was asking them if they have seen my partner anywhere and they no. I looked and looked for her. I came across her and her ex partner in a swimming pool together just talking and when I saw them I think I walked away and then I woke up. I remember feeling speechless. My second dream included my partner, her ex partner, and I all swimming together and I felt like I wanted to get along with her ex partner but I remember thinking to myself that it was very weird to be swimming with them and that this really Isn’t ok. We were in a swimming pool but then it appeared to change into an ocean or a lake. I have been really sad because of this and it is taking a toll on me. I have had so many weird dreams I feel like they make me very tired.

THE REALITY The dreamer was currently moving out of her partners home after living together for three years. Recently the dreamers partner saw her ex to help clear up some bad feelings.They did not end their relationship appropriately. They not only sorted out differences but became close again. The dreamer was then told that the relationswhip was stagnant and going nowhere. They tried to make it work yet the relationship was still failing.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about big events in our lives. Relationships are a major cause of dreams. So if a relationship is on the verge of breakdown then its likely to trigger many dreams.

If we work on the assumption that dreams link to our emotions then its possible to work backwards and see what particular symbols mean in our dreams. After all dreams link often to the day before. So we look at how our emotions have been changing. New trends in our emotions are portrayed symbolically.

In the first dream the dreamer is looking for her partner yet failing to find her. That symbolizes how she was looking for her partner ion real life and attempting to communicate emotionally with her. The fact that she was not finding her was showing how her partner was emotionally in a different place. She was speechless in the dream showing her own surprise at the outcome of events.

The dream felt weird during the dream and it was as if she was intruding. This probably symbolizes how accomadating she had been. Was was trying to go along with them. She had understood her partners need to talk over matters. Yet now this whole process had moved to a new level. She now felt as if the relationship was over. That is why she felt as if she was intruding and that this was weird. The exact emotions were portrayed but symbolically.

Dream Symbol
FRIENDS : "Trying to find your own ideal situation"
OCEAN : " The relationship as a whole"
SWIMMING : " making a real emotional effort"
SWIMMING POOL: " Emotional effort devoted one specific issue"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have tried to be understanding with my partner and her ex. I now feel as if she has already moved on. I should just accept this and move out. ".

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WATER : Water is an extremely complex symbol. It is quite often associated with the unconscious mind and the changeable emotions and intellectual ideas that we have. It therefore signifies something that is fluid and likely to change at any moment.


LAKES : Lakes in dreams are mainly symbolic of issues and parts of our lives. They are symbolic of the intuitions towards some issue. they may represent an emotional doubt related to some issue.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I just have some emotional doubts about this"
- "my emotions towards some real life issue"

PONDS : Ponds are fairly easy symbols. They usually refer to your own personal emotions. They show you are thinking deeply and reflecting on your own moods.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "emotionally tired "
- "my own emotions"
- "am I really happy"
- "what is wrong with me"
- "I have been stuck inside my own problems"

SWAMP : Swamps tend to link to moments when you feel lacking in motivation. They show you are maybe stuck in a routine.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am stuck in a routine"
- "I do not really know what the problem is I just keep carrying on"
- "lacking motivation"

SWIMMING : Swimming in dreams can show that you have really changed or want to change in some way in your life. You are thinking strongly about emotional matters and making real attempts to improve your emotional life. So look for ways in which you have been emotionally reflective.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I want to change"
- "he has changed emotionally"
- "making an effort"
- "I need to change"
- "I have been trying to understand my past and my problems"
- "I just need to get those feelings out of my system"
- "put some emotional thought into it"
- "my emotions are moving in a new direction"

CLEAR WATER : Clear water is extremely good and signifies clear thinking. It shows that you are clearly resolved to follow one course.

LAKES in dreams : A detailed essay on the symbolism of lakes using real dream interpretations