Dream interpretation - vultures as dream symbols

What do vulture dreams mean? Most dreams, if properly understood, would translate into day to day thoughts and feelings - the type of things that we would write down in a diary. Try to think what a vulture could represent in your thoughts right now. Here is an example of how the process works.

THE DREAM I had a dream about a vulture.

In reality, the dreamer had been thinking about how much her business was under threat. This was a simple metaphor - the vultures were gathering as her business failed.

Now read the next dream.

THE DREAM I dreamed that my ex-husband came into my home with a hood on but he had a beak like a vulture. He was next to my bed trying to attack me. I saw a demon that was him and asked God to help me. After much praying the demon went away. I then dreamed he was in a coma and I forgave him.

The dreamer had taken out a restraining order out against her ex-husband. It is clear to see who the vulture represents - as the vulture was clearly mentioned as the dreamers ex-husband in the dream. This clearly portrays him in a negative way which is not surprising as she has taken out a restraining order out against him. This is another metaphor - just saying "my ex is like a vulture". The coma is probably a symbol for her wish for him to cease to be a threat to her. If he was in a coma he would be no danger to her and she could stop worrying about him. The dream is simply the minds way of saying "I wish my ex would just go away and I could guarantee that he would be no threat".

One way of interpreting a dream is to translate its meaning into simple words or phrases. The first dream which linked to the fear of business failure the vulture could easily translate into the word "failure". In the second dream the vulture was a symbol for the dreamers ex husband and it could translate into words like "cruel" and "nasty" – her ex was cruel and nasty just like a vulture .

If you want to interpret a dream then try to see how key words which have associated with vultures appear in your thoughts. In this way we have linked vultures in other dreams to particular feelings. One person who had a vulture dream mentioned that they feared that something might soon fail. So clearly the key word "failure" had been on their mind. Another woman who had a vulture dream had been thinking about her miscarriage. So therefore the vulture was kind of linked to the keyword "failure". She clearly feared another miscarriage. The word failure should probably be replaced with another keyword such as "loss" or phrase such as "the harsh reality of life".

In another dream the dreamer complained of being watched like a vulture. This was a clear symbol for the dreamers father who was watching the dreamer like a hawk. She had been wearing too many short skirts and he had started to turn his attention to her now that her brother had just left home. So clearly thinking about the real life situation the vulture dream had clear relevance to the dreamers life and it was a very easily understood metaphor.

If you have just had a vulture dream then try writing down some quotes which capture your recent thoughts. See if any of the keywords and phrases feature in these quotes - "failure", "loss", "the harsh reality of life", "cruel" and "nasty" then its possible that the dream links to that issue. Look for other connections which will help further link the dream to that situation.