Dream interpretation - trees and forests as dream symbols

THE DREAM There was a giant tree in the backyard of my current home. Upon finding this I felt as though I must cut the tree down. Upon further inspection I found that there were two smaller trees, but would later find I could not eliminate these trees either, because they were rooted back to the original giant tree. In order to cut the tree down, I knew exactly what tools I needed, and where they were, but upon going to retrieve them, I realized I walked from my current back yard, through my childhood home, and into the garage there. Everything was as it had been, when I lived there 6 years ago. I had someone helping me try to cut down the trees, but after hours of work, nothing had actually happened. In addition, it felt as if what I was doing was actually dismembering the tree.

THE REALITY The dreamer was unhappy at the time of the dream. She had been in a happy relationship but it broke down after an unplanned pregnancy. Her family blame her for breaking up a perfectly good relationship that was "marriage bound". The dreamer was looking for some support from her family but they were not giving her this.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamers mind was dominated at that time by just the one issue so its fair to say that the dream would be likely to link to that. If we cannot stop thinking of an issue which is alive in our minds then we will dream about it.

Looking at the symbols its very clear that this dream is very much linked to this issue. Trees link to permanent parts of our lives. They symbolise relationships which run deep in our lives and are very important to us. Here there are three trees. They are all linked together in some way. Well that is an almost perfect metaphor for this situation. The three trees symbolise the child which has been lost,the dreamers boyfriend and her family. These are all important to her. The chopping down of the tree probably links to the abortion. But the trees are connected together in this dream because it captures the way that the dreamers family,her aborted child and her relationship are linked together in one larger issue. Her family are unhappy with her because the relationship has been broken up and a perfectly good relationship ended. So they are unwilling to give her support because of this. These issues are not separate and that's the heart of the problem.

Symbolic Meaning
DISMEMBERING : "bitter emotions and relationships torn apart"
TREE : "a permanent and important part of our lives"
THREE TREES : "the trees stand for her family, her relationship and her aborted child"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel unsupported by my family. I have broken up my relationship which was marriage bound because of an unwanted pregnancy. I feel like everything important in my life has been lost. Everything is so connected as well. Because my family blame me for breaking up the relationship"

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THE DREAM I am with some reporter. I am at Cayton. I am talking about something been in between hunmanby. Next I am at Cayton forest. This goes down to the beach. All the trees have been cut down. Someone says all five of them. They are just stumps.

THE REALITY The dreamer had for years split with an old group of friends. They had been very much part of his life. He had recently met with one of them by chance - that person lived in Hunmanby.

DREAM INTERPRETATION When exactly does a relationship end. Well this dream was a realization that a group of people the dreamer once knew were now history. He no longer knew them at all. He had talked briefly with one of them. However, after a short period that chance that the old group could be reestablished was gone. So this confirmed that this old group of friends had all gone their separate ways.

The dream made associations with two things. Cayton was where they all used to meet. Hunmanby signified the recent connection.

Trees in dreams signify things which have firm roots in your life - like family and friends. If a forest is cut down it can signify an end to old relationships.

The reporter was symbolic of the recent news. The recent news was the recent chance meeting. That chance meeting was connected with Hunmanby - the place where that person happened to live now.

Dream Symbols
BEACH : "thinking about what your feelings really are in relation to the real life facts"
FOREST : "important friendships that are deeply rooted - in this case old friendships "
FOREST CUT DOWN : "realising that those old friendships will not be reestablished"
REPORTER : "keeping up with whats new in your life"
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - family ideas and close friends"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into an old friend recently. I kind of thought our old group of friends would get back together again. But now some time has passed and maybe that's not going to happen"

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THE DREAM - I am about 1 mile from my childhood home. I am in some hollow tree and one of my bosses from work is there. She is saying BLESS. Its the sort of thing she says. There was a teenager with her and she was trying to help him. I was also there .

THE REALITY The dreamer had been off ill and the good times from the previous week seemed an awful long way away. She realised she may have to give up her job.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer worked in social work and she had previously found this very rewarding. The teenager probably represented the young people the dreamer would help during her work. The dreamers boss had said exactly the same things in the dream as she had said the previous week. The dreamer though began to think that this seemed like an awful long time ago. The moment that represented seemed a whole eternity ago. The dreamers illness certainly made her think differently. She was beginning to have doubts about the job she was in. A tree represents the things growing and taking root in your life. But this was a hollow tree - maybe showing that this previously rewarding job had not taken hold quite as much as was hoped.

Dream Symbols
BOSS : "your thoughts about work"
REALISE : "to understand completely"
TREE : "something deeply rooted - the importance of work in the dreamers life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Last week seems so long away. My job was so much a part of my life. Now one week later my life seems so different. I may have to give up my job because of ill health"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is really very strong. That is no coincidence. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we start to transfer these into long term memory banks and at the same time we start to integrate these into long term emotions. Then finally we clear short term memory banks ready for the day ahead. So dreams will tend to link to the day before and to ways in which we have been altering our thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAM My dream involved having dinner with my daughter and her husband (they live in the Houston area and I’m still in Dallas). As we are walking to our next thing to do (I haven’t a clue on what was supposed to be next) I realized that I hadn’t paid for the meal. I went back to pay and it was a trip through a park where an oriental woman was selling food from a cart. She was just about to close. I asked her if I had remembered to pay or not and she said that I had not. So I began to pay and I pulled some cash out of my pocket but could not find a one dollar bill among my other bills. I think the bill was 6 dollars. I’m not the kind of guy that always needs to give exact change so I don’t know why this one dollar bill thing got started. As I continued to dig around looking for a one that I knew I had, some sort of stamps or coupons or something began to show up. I think I put my money down and sorted through the stamps. I guess I found the one because I was going to put my money back in my pocket but it was not there. But this stranger, an African American Lady, handed my money to me. I was going to rejoin my daughter and son-in-law and began to walk back. The trip out of the park turned into a climb up a steep hill of black dirt and scattered grass patches. (Kind of like the parks I used to play in as a kid). I finally made it up to the road but was on the wrong side of the road. I crossed the street and continued to try to meet up with my daughter and her husband. But then I encountered a construction project which meant if I couldn’t get through at this point I’d have to retrace my steps and try to find another way back. The workers said I could take my chances. To get to where I was going I had to get to the second floor. I was on the ground and the ladder didn’t work. So I tried climbing and was almost to the second floor when I discovered that this was not the restaurant where we started but some sort of doctor’s office. As this point my dream jumped to something else. It involved me being in my car with my best buddy and driving to Houston. But he lives in Dallas and I knew that I would have to drive him back as soon as we got there. As we neared the Houston area we came over a ridge and then it looked like it had been raining extremely hard for a very long time and a single tree was broken in the shape of an "L" and was blocking the road. All the while I was anxious about my friend in the car knowing I had to get him back to Dallas. And now it seemed impossible to reach my daughter.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in the process of moving from his home in Dallas to the Houston area so he could be near his daughter and her husband and his grandchild. However, he did not realise that he had serious misgivings about moving and had maybe not put as much effort into this as he should have.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often its very difficult to make big decisions in our lives. If we move home we often take a chance that we will meet new friends and settle in. However we do not truly know how things will turn out. Its fair to assume that this dream is about the move in some way as it involves the biggest decision that he faces right now which will affect the rest of his life. Its not easy to move away from a city which you consider home and where you have lived for the vast majority of your life.

Restaurants often link to issues that are making us think. They link to things that people say that stick in our minds. However this restaurant is actually a doctors office. Doctors offices are symbols of a very deep and honest examination of some issue. In this sense it symbolises the way that the dreamer is openly and very honestly starting to question his move. Maybe he has jumped in and made the decision without properly thinking.

The dream deals with the need to pay for this meal. Money in dreams often links to effort(if we value something then we put in the effort). Here the dreamer is using coupons so in many ways he is trying to avoid putting in the real effort required. So maybe he needs to seriously think about the issues involved.

The dream touches very clearly on the issues involved - if he is in Houston moving towards his daughter he cannot get back to visit his friend. Its a clear choice - the importance of family versus the importance of friends he has in Dallas. Trees are symbols of how important and deeply rooted some friendship is in your life. It refers here to the friendships that go back years.

Dream Symbols
BILL : "the price you have had to pay - in this case the dreamers move to Houston will cost him all his friends in Dallas"
DEAD : "the end of a phase in your life - the move would signal the death of his life in Dallas and the birth of his life in Houston"
DOCTOR : "ask yourself deep and probing questions"
OFFICE : "need to be organized - organizing some issue in your mind"
SECOND FLOOR : "coming to a clear conclusion on some issue"
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - family ideas and close friends "
WORKER : "work on something emotionally in your mind - the dreamer needs to work through his emotions on the move properly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really have got to sit down and think about what is important to me. I want to move to Houston to be with my daughter and grandchild. Yet I know now that I really will miss all my friends here in Dallas."

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TREES : Trees are not easy symbols to understand in practice. In some ways its best to look through the various meanings in the essay. Yet trees can be said to refer to deeply rooted ideas, relationships, places in your life. If there have been changes to any of these recently or they are under threat then the dream may refer to those. Trees can also symbolise ideas and feelings which are very important within us right now. They are deeply rooted in our lives.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its was a permanent part of my life"
- "I am deeply rooted here"
- "They are very important to me"
- "Those feelings stayed with me"
- "her feelings run deep"
- "it was difficult to end the relationship"


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