Dream interpretation - hurricanes and tornadoes as dream symbols

Most dreams represent recent thoughts especially from the day before as we think over feelings and events which have just occurred. Your dreams that night will represent how our minds have made sense of what has just happened. So your dreams represent your thoughts. Nowadays it is widely accepted that dreams link to conscious feelings rather than unconscious feelings. So we will be much more aware of what our dreams mean. They will represent the conclusions that are forming in our minds. They will be written in the language of dream symbolism. Take for instance the following dream.

THE DREAM - There were multiple tornadoes. I was running away.

In real life the dreamer was in the Middle of his final exams at college. He was very stressed out. We know how he must have been feeling - its easy to guess how the stress of exams was affecting him. So the likely meaning of the dream is that it records the constant stress levels during the exams. In this way we start to understand that tornadoes could easily be a symbol for stress

This following dream also seems connected to stress.

THE DREAM I saw that I was in a car on an unknown road but all of a sudden, when I looked outside, there was big funnel cloud all the way from the sky to the ground. I did not see it moving though. It was like looking at a picture.

In real life the dreamer had been having some problems at work for the last week. It seemed as if every day something new went wrong. The dream probably does not mean a great deal - it just captures the dreamers recognition of this stress.

This dream probably does have some more important meaning.

THE DREAM - I saw a tornado and I wasn't scared (most people I see are trying to get away or just hiding) and I was enjoying it I faced it head on and wanted more I was just fascinated by it. It was snowing like I wanted it too and as the tornado was going crazy I was just playing in the snow just watching the full flakes land on me and just having fun.

The dreamer hated his job because it was so full of drama. Just lately the he had become really snappy at people not caring what position they hold. This dream records this feeling - in it he is in a dangerous situation not caring of the consequences. This exactly mirrored real life where he was snapping at people at work not caring what position they held. So embedded in the dream was a warning not to provoke those in positions of authority.

A tornado could easily represent a person or a person who is causing you trouble.

THE DREAM - There was tornado was at my door went I open it and it seem as if I was being caught up in the wind but my husband saved me. Just as he saved me the sun came out and the tornado stopped.

The dreamer had had an argument with her stepdaughter and it lead to her leaving and moving out. The day before the dream the stepdaughter contacted her and talked about how she loved her and respected her but that she could not live under the same roof as her. The tornado must have represented the problems associated with her stepdaughter.

As we have seen tornadoes often represent stress or problems in your life. They can even represent people causing arguments - though that would link to stress as well. Most tornadoes in dreams are symbols of recent stress. So to identify the meaning of the tornado look for something causing stress right now.

Try this dream.

THE DREAM I had a dream about tornadoes and a lady asking if I needed shelter and she said the next time the shelter was going to accept more people was at 10:21. My sister screamed saying oh my God its 11-11 and we where running and I turned back to get my boyfriend and my newborn daughter.

If we are looking for evidence of stress or problems its easy to spot here. A newly born baby is a constant source of stress. The dream was mentioning the next time to gain access to a shelter but this time was already gone. Surely this dream captures this feeling - "I keep trying to rest. My baby constantly takes all of my attention. I keep setting aside time to relax but then forget - its a constant strain".

So in this dream the tornado probably represents a new born baby. All new born mothers need a little bit of shelter from the storm. Its not a complex metaphor.

You can even see evidence of the exact thoughts and feelings going through the dreamers mind. Take this dream.

THE DREAM I am looking at the sky and see a tornado forming, then another, then another, mean while I am running dodging these tornadoes and trying to avoid them, then I am heading to this home, which somehow I know this place, and I run up the stairs into the home, and run into the basement to try and find shelter from the tornado’s, then all of a sudden there is a little girl with me in the basement, and I tell her to grab hold of the pole as tight as she can, then the heavy winds start tearing the floor and I grab the little girl and place her between me and the pole to protect her from flying off into the air, and I look up and the tornadoes are surrounding the home, there is at least five or more tornadoes, and I hold on even more and start praying the lords prayer, and I wake up.

The dreamer was preparing to move into her first flat. It was a big change and the she felt insecure about being on her own. However, she feared failing and did not want to end up back home. The tornadoes represent the big changes in her life and the challenge of having to live on her own. The little girl represented her fear of failure - the fear that she would appear like a little girl lost who had to go back to living with her parents.

Think of ways in which a dream could represent real life thoughts. Try to sum up a dream in terms of the emotions it represents. The following dream captures this thought - "we just have to shelter from the (emotional) storm".

THE DREAM I had a dream that I was at my house and there was a really bad storm outside, I looked out of my window and I saw a tornado down the road. In our house, we have a storage thing under are stairs, and I was frantically trying to get all the coats and stuff out of there but it was taking ages, I looked out of my window again, and the tornado was getting closer. So I ran back to finish clearing under the stairs,and was calling my animals and my brothers (who don't even live with us) and the rest of the family to get under the stairs. Then we were all sitting in this tiny little thing under the stairs. The thing is the dream felt so real, I woke up in a panic!!!
In real life the dreamers father had just died and she was feeling rather unsettled. So in both reality and in the dream she and her family were trying to 'weather the storm'.

THE DREAM 2 nights ago I dreamed I was alone in my old home that I lived in during my junior and senior year of high school. I look out the window only to notice the black,cloudy sky and a massive tornado directly behind the house. With little time to prepare, I immediately searched for a closet to seek shelter, but none was in sight. With no other option I took hold of a firm post sitting in a corner and braced myself for the oncoming tornado. While waiting for impact, I frantically prayed "God help me! Please don't let me get pulled in!" I kept telling myself: "Just hold on tight...It will pass over and be over soon." Then the tornado arrived. Windows busting, debris flying everywhere, strong wind pulling me so hard that my whole body levitated off the ground. But my grip on the post was firm. Soon after the tornado passed, clouds cleared, and the sun came out. I went outside and met up with my old friends from the neighbourhood and we walked about to observe all the damage. I was so relieved that I had made it. Funny thing is that everyone else in the dream began laughing and joking as if nothing happened at all.

Try to think of ways in which your dream recreates emotions. In real life this dreamers girlfriend was getting extreme mood swings. One minute she was OK but the next she was exploding with rage. Surely the rage in real life was represented by the tornado. During those arguments he would feel as if he had to hold on tight because it would soon pass over. Read the dream again and see how it exactly recreates his emotions during those arguments.

The last part of this dream really clinched the meaning. In real life the dreamers girlfriend would snap out of her mood and be laughing and joking as if nothing happened. His dream just recreates this aspect as well.

Now try reading the following.

THE DREAM - I dream a lot about tornadoes and in these dreams I usually die. However the other night I had a dream in which I was in a very unfamiliar place, some highway in the middle of nowhere with no one else around (whereas my other dreams had been in my house / school / or a friends house) and a very large tornado was approaching. I ran into this circular factory building and took cover. The tornado came and it ripped off the building's roof but passed over me. At the end of the dream I was still alive.

In real life the dreamer mentioned that she was suffering from extreme stress. That's a common cause of tornado dreams. But during the last dream she was alive rather than dead as in previous dreams. That surely hints at how she was coping with the stress. Now she was managing to get on top of the stress. Death shows she was failing to cope whilst life suggests that she was starting to deal with it. Look for little hints at how the metaphor is working in the dream. This dream marked a change – from now on she was coping better with the stress. Previously she was unable to manage – it was too much for her.