Dream interpretation - toilets and lavatories as dream symbols

THE DREAM My boyfriend - Jez - and I are in the dream, talking about eating something and standing next to a fridge. Jez reaches into the fridge saying he wants some quiche [I had just bought a vegetable quiche the day before the dream] and opens the packet, but then I see that he has been storing a big piece of pork pie in the same box as my vegetarian quiche! I go absolutely ballistic, grab and quiche and throw it at him and storm off. The next thing I know we are at a school, and I am running away from Jez, very angry, screaming that I don’t want to be with him any more and we are finished. I run faster and faster, across a school yard and down a steep concrete ramp, then realise Jez is catching me up. I keep yelling "SHITHEAD!" at him. Then he's grabbing my arm, and we bump into Jessica and Tara [two girls I know from last year at university] and they keep asking me in their Irish voices, "Are you and Jez going to be living in the same flat again next year?" and Jez keeps saying, "Yes, yes we are" and I keep screaming, "No! We've broken up! You shithead!" at him.

I escape Jez and step into a classroom where I know I have an English lesson. I sit down in my seat, still fuming, and then proceed to wet myself, slowly but surely, all over the chair. Then I realise I’m too angry to concentrate in the lesson so I get up and carefully put on my coat so no one can tell I’ve wet myself, although there is a big puddle of urine on my chair. I storm out, bumping into the teacher [who happens to be Miss Hodgson from my secondary school] and she asks me what I’m doing. By now I’m crying and I push her out the way saying I have to go.

I head to a toilet and go straight into a cubicle and shut the door. Then I sit on the loo and take a shit. In the toilet also, as it’s a public one in the school, is another girl in the cubicle next to me. She is crying and standing outside her cubicle is a woman I recognise as a teacher [possibly from my secondary school also but I can’t remember her name in real life]. The woman seems to be comforting the girl. The girl is upset for some reason to do with her parents, not because they have split up but because of some other reason which I can’t remember. The teacher is telling the girl that she went through the same thing when she was her age, telling her a long story about the pain she too went through, and is trying to coax her out and calm her down. The girl keeps crying and crying, sobbing and yelping. I finish my business and come out of the cubicle to wash my hands (I distinctly remember without flushing!). As I am washing them, the girl goes quiet. The woman starts to get agitated and worried, calling the girl’s name and asking is she all right.

When she gets no response the woman opens the cubicle door. The girl has dark hair. She is sitting on the toilet seat with her arms crossed across her chest like a corpse in a coffin. Her skin is an odd shade of blue and her eyes are open wide, staring blankly directly at me. Blood is slowly running down her arms, streams and streams of blood, and I can see that while the teacher was talking to her the girl was slitting her wrists. There is no weapon or razor or anything, I just know that she had one and that she used it to kill herself.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having lots of arguments recently with her boyfriend. In fact she was coming to the conclusion that the relationship had no future. She argued the day before the dream as her boyfriend had shown disregard for her vegetarian diet by placing meats on top of her foods in the fridge. She had also wanted to experience a wider social life with more friends in general. She was realising that she wanted to end the relationship but was scared of hurting her boyfriends feelings.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are about emotions and there are no prizes for saying this dream is linked to her relationship with her boyfriend. Its clearly been on her mind and been dominating her thinking recently. But the trick is to see just how the symbolism works. We have a good idea how she is feeling so some evidence of those feelings should emerge in the symbolism.

Clearly the dream starts off in reality. She was very angry when her boyfriend placed meat products on her vegetarian quiche. Its a blatant disregard for her feelings and her own personality as vegetarian foods should not be mixed. So clearly this is a starting point to the dream and shows the situation as it is - her anger at him in day to day life over a specific issue.

The dream then moves on to these two girls. They friends whom the dreamer would like to make time to meet a lot more. They represent a link with the outside world(outside the relationship). The dreamer has clearly shown that she wishes to expand her social life so maybe the dreamer is asking the question "can I expand my social life within the relationship I am in". They are also clearly asking the question can the relationship continue. After all if they are not to be living in the same flat then the relationship will have ended. Clearly the dreamer has her doubts as she says she will not be living with her boyfriend. But, she also shows that she is aware that her boyfriend wants to continue the relationship as he answers differently.

The dream features both a school and a teacher. Schools are usually less positive symbols as they show you realising that some aspect of your life or behavior is failing. Teachers tend to be more positive as they symbolise an awareness of the answer.

Yet the dream ends with this suicide. Suicides tend to link not to the act of suicide but to the emotions so they show that you have totally given up. But usually suicide dreams will only relate to you giving up on some aspect or issue in your life. Here the dream shows that she has totally given up on her relationship and its ability to provide her peace of mind.

The corpse and blue skin show that the dream is going to carry on in her relationship. Yet she is not happy and in fact has died inside. The blue skin could suggest how she is become used to the arguments and desensitized to bad feelings. She sees her problems but feels unable to escape the situation. She had never broken up with a guy before in such a deep relationship.

Toilets tend to link to bad experiences and the fact that she cannot flush suggests that she is not making efforts to get rid of bad feelings and experiences.

BLUE SKIN : "Becoming desensitized to bad feelings in her relationship"
CORPSE : "She is dying within herself whilst in this relationship"
GIRL : "female emotions such as her own peace of mind"
SCHOOL : "Realising that something is failing"
SUICIDE : "A situation where she has totally given up(on her relationship) and cannot do anything more"
TEACHER : "An awareness of the solution that is required (e.g. leave her boyfriend)"
TOILET : "Unable to flush away the bad experiences because she is unwilling to leave"
TWO : "A choice between two alternatives - stay with her boyfriend or leave"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been arguing continually with my boyfriend. I realise what I need to do - break up with him. But I find it difficult to break up relationships. I know I am going to probably continue to be unhappy"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of something bad that happened on the day before the dream. If you had a toilet in your dreams last night then its likely that this is an attempt to flush away the bad memory of those bad feelings.
THE DREAM - I am in this university. I am having a conference in this room. I am asked to take a seat. I do but near the edge of the table not near too many people. I am wondering where the toilet is. It is upstairs. I think of going but do not. I mention that there are five people there for security - one from the military, one from the police, the secret service.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer met up with an old friend from college. It was an embarrassing moment as they were both showing each other what they had done. It was a case of outdoing each other. At the same moment an ex girlfriend was present. The dream captured many of the emotions from the dream. There was a sense of nervousness. The toilet is a symbol of frustration and the need to let go of bad emotions.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Security in dreams often deals with moments when you are on your guard. In this situation the dreamer was meeting an old college friend and it was in many ways a case of seeing who had done best in life. Initially the dreamer felt a little anxious and this probably represented his wanting to know where the toilet was. Toilets are often symbols of frustrations and bad emotions. In this case the toilet was upstairs. The upstairs often symbolises your imagination. That symbolised how this feeling of nervousness was purely in his imagination.

The situation was one where he felt on his guard and maybe felt lacking confidence in meeting an old friend from college. The security issues being on his guard for feelings of anxiety. However, once he realised that his friend was not trying to outdo him his anxiety about the situation was reduced.

Dream Symbols
MAN : "a situation where you feel pressured"
POLICE : " a feeling that he was under investigation "
SECURITY : "the dreamer was feeling under threat - and was very cautious about what he said to his old college friend because it would reveal how unsuccessful he had become"
TOILET : "The dreamer felt a real sense of embarrassment because he felt a failure compared to his successful college friend"
UPSTAIRS : "your imagination at work - your fears and worries"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into an old friend from college yesterday. I was a bit embarrassed because I do not think I have really made a success of my life. I felt embarrassed for a while but he was OK about things."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then atnight we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dreams. They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.
THE DREAM - I am rushing to the toilet. Finally I get there and I am about to let go and I realize that the toilet has windows on every side. People are looking in. I suddenly take fright and cannot go - I have to hold it in.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer was caught in an awkward situation. He felt very frustrated but because the public nature of the situation did not want to show that frustration. He had made an error and did not like to deal with admitting this in public.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Toilets are symbols of our frustrations and so this dream was about some public situation where the dreamer felt awkward. Often we do not want to let go of our bad emotions in vulnerable moments.

Dream Symbols
PEOPLE : "issues regarding human behavior"
TOILET : "a feeling of embarrassment and vulnerability"
WINDOW : "everything is open to view - the dreamer realises he cannot show his frustration because people will see it and that will make the situation worse"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I felt really under pressure yesterday. But I did not like to show my frustration as I knew that people were watching."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to remember what you thought of when you wake up. Often we will wake up and immediately think of some subject. Dreams represent your thoughts and feelings. So any feelings which are dominating your waking mind are very important. They may link to the dreams meaning.
THE DREAM - I am in this room. I think there are women there or at least it seems to be a room filled with female energy. I hear this message - not quite a voice - its just a thought which seems to project into my mind. It says - feel free to talk about anything - any urgent problem at all.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up with an intense need to go to the toilet. He was very uncomfortable.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams where you want to go to the toilet will be quite humorous. They never seem to repeat. In this case there was an urgent problem - an intensely urgent problem. The dreamer had to go to the toilet. The dreamer actually woke up and tried to remember his dream. That was the meaning of the female energy in the room. The urgent problem was the need to go to the toilet.

Dream Symbols
FEMALE : "the dreamers female energy - a wish to understand and remember his dream"
URGENT PROBLEM : "its obvious what the problem was - the need to go to the toilet"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up and started to try to remember my dream. But really I had to get up and go to the toilet"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Where you lying awake thinking about something before going to sleep. If that's the case your dream may link to the subject you were thinking about.
THE DREAM I see my girlfriend. She is in a wheelchair. She orders me to get into a very cold bath.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was cold shouldered by his girlfriend. She ignored him that day and for a few days afterwards.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This can quite easily be seen as a telepathic dream or a dream involving some kind of precognition. The very next day the dreamers girlfriend suddenly stopped talking. She would not communicate in any way. Water often symbolises things which involve our minds. That can easily signify the emotional connection that exists in close relationships. However, cold water symbolises a lack of activity or lack of anything happening. In that way this symbolises the slow pace of affairs. Baths are symbolic of what we do in baths. We lie there and think through things. That signified the way the dreamers girlfriend had made him think - simply because she refused to talk to him. The wheelchair in this case was also symbolic. It showed how the dreamers girlfriend had disabled something - she had restricted all opportunities to talk.

Dream Symbols
BATH : "time to think about what you have done"
COLD : "a total lack of momentum - the dreamers girlfriend starts acting in a very cold distant way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this was a premonition of how my girlfriend treated me on the next day. She just totally cut me off. "

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to write down several quotes which capture your feelings right now E.g. "I feel unable to talk to my daughter about things. She seems unwilling to communicate". dreams link to conceptual emotions forming within our mind. Any quotes you write down are highly likely to capture your dreams symbolic meaning.
THE DREAM I had this dream early. It made me very upset and I couldn’t shake the feelings of horror and frustration and helplessness for hours.

I am in a strange house - not mine nor is it similar to anyones I know. The walls are light gray; the carpet is light gray; in the bathroom the tiles are light gray. In this house are several people who are familiar but not quite real people. There are a group of 4-5 preteen kids, including one that seems to be my brother (who is certainly not that age any longer). There are a few adults there as well, including one that seems to be a cross between my mother and my husband’s grandmother, who recently passed away - yet this person is neither of them and I get the feeling that I really don’t know the people in this house. There are three main areas in the house where my dream takes place: a large living room type room (where the "adults" congregate); a bedroom (which is distinctly mine); and a bathroom. There seems to be no direct light source anywhere in any room; the light just seems indistinct and grayish. The bedroom is large but empty except for a bed area - layers of blankets on the floor, that also hang from the ceiling to form a sort of canopy. On the sides of this canopy are stands of brightly colored round beads interspersed with thin, cylindrical white beads. There are stuffed animals and figurines, etc. nestled within this bed area. The bedding itself is white and gray and very soft; the main quilt or covering (including what is attached to the ceiling and above my head is a deep red satiny fabric. During the course of this dream, I am overwhelmed with a dreadful sense of urgency, I need to get ready for something and leave this place (possibly for work?) and I also have to care for a "baby", but whether this "baby" is a human baby or a baby animal is unclear, I can never get a clear look at it. No one is willing to help me. I need to take a shower, but the bathroom has been utterly destroyed by the preteen brats, who have plugged up the toilet and clogged the shower and there’s 6 inches of water in the bathroom. I am angry at this but the kids just laugh at me. Then they take the "baby" and throw it into the water, which fills me with shock and terror. I search through the water (which is dark and has lots of garbage floating in it) to rescue the "baby". I explode in rage and chase after the kids and yell at them for treating the "baby" in such a terrible way. They just laugh at me. I go to the other "adults" and plead with them to discipline the kids for (1) destroying the bathroom and (2) for trying to drown the "baby". The adults laugh at me and dismiss my anger as if it were nothing. Disgusted and anxious because I need to get ready, I return to my bedroom and find that the kids have placed the "baby" in my bed and dumped water and garbage all over it. Furious, I take care of the "baby" and clean up the mess, everything is soaked. I manage to take a shower and get ready. Finally, I emerge from the bathroom, and the kids are gone. It seems to be late in the day, like evening. It seems like it is darker. In the main room now are both of my sisters-in-law, and a few other people that I don’t recognize. Disconcerted, I return to the bedroom, which now has more furniture in it, such as shelves, a desk and a chair. Everything has frilly ruffles and lots of cutesy things that suggest it was meant for a little girl or something. Suddenly, my sister-in-law comes in to the bedroom and starts rambling. I notice while she is babbling that certain things are missing from the room. I ask her where the "baby" is. She says she doesn’t know. She leaves the room and I begin to frantically search for the "baby". I also notice that several of my possessions are broken or defaced. Somehow I know that my sister in law has something to do with it all. I confront her. She gets very angry, how can I accuse her of such things, all that sort of stuff. I return to my bedroom. I am laying across my bed on my stomach, racking my brain to figure out what happened to the "baby" and why is my sister in law doing all these things to me. Suddenly, my sister in law comes running into my bedroom, jumps on my back, grabs me around the neck, and forces a pill into my mouth. It is very bitter and I somehow know that it is poison. I spit it out and grab her as she tries to run away and hold her down. I show her the pill and ask her why is she trying to hurt me? She tells me that I deserve it and that she’s not sorry that she destroyed my things or that she hid the "baby" or that she tried to poison me. She says that she’s happy that I know she wants to kill me and that she will never give up trying to hurt me in any way she can. I ask her why, why is she doing this? I tell her that J**, my husband & her brother, will be angry with her for doing all this. She says she doesn’t care, it’s for his own good. She struggles and tries to get free but I hold her still. I even punch her and put my hands around her neck to hold her still. She laughs and tried to shove another pill in my mouth. She tells me it’s poison and that she wants me to die. I tell her that I will show J** the pills as proof of what she’s doing. She laughs again and says that she will tell him that I tried to poison her and that he will believe her, not me. Then she says that I don’t deserve to have nice things and I don’t deserve to have J** as my husband. She says that he will be happy when I am dead. I tell her that J** won’t believe her, that he will believe me. She laughed like a demon in my face, then I woke up. I was sweating and my stomach was in knots when I woke up. Please note that I have absolutely no problems with my family or my in-laws, we are a very close family, although my

THE REALITY The day of the dream the sister in law who appeared in the dream contacted the dreamer and asked her for some money.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Premonitions can feature remarkable syncronicity. And premonitions can link to very specific time periods. In most cases premonitions are about the very day of the dream. So any important events linking to the actual day of the dream are always worth noting. But in this dream they also deal with someone who appears in the dream(the sister in law).

The home is often symbolic of your own personality. The various rooms deal with various parts of your life. The shower will tend to link with your ability to cleanse yourself of bad feelings - to wash away frustrations. The bedroom is also an intensely personal symbol. So activity in these too rooms will often deal with personal frustrations and issues that are taken very personally.

Money is always an issue that can cause trouble. So that issue is certainly one that could cause havoc. It divides the wife and husband in that the wife may not wish to support the husbands side of the family in the same way that she would come to the rescue of her own family.

The dream features general havoc within the dreamers home and that is pretty much what the real life issue caused in the dreamers own mind. Its probably difficult to say what each specific symbol links to in this premonition but it all seems to fit together.

The poison in the dream is certainly very telling. On the very day of the dream her relationship with her sister in law was certainly poisoned. Previously she was sympathetic towards her sister in laws troubles. But when someone starts to ask for money then that sympathy can often disappear. So perhaps the dream actually picks up on a relationship that has been soured. It captures the change in relationship. Previously the dreamer felt able to show her sympathy but as soon as the problem became her own and she was expected to donate money to help this sister in law then her feelings changed.

The dream also deals with adults and children so perhaps the dream is about responsibility. Having to look after a baby that is not your own suggests that the dream is linked to some feeling of burden. So together the baby and the adults suggests that the dreamer is glimpsing the next day and how her sister in laws burdens and responsibilities have suddenly shifted and become hers.

Dream Symbols
ADULT : "accepting responsibility - the dreamers sister in law needs to accept responsibility for her own situation"
BABY : "having a problem dumped on you"
BED : "a very private symbol - the dreamers sister in law makes a very personal appeal for help"
DROWN : "overwhelmed by issue"
LITTLE GIRL : "the sister in law - little girl lost and in need of help"
POISON : "this situation poisons the relationship"
STUFFED ANIMALS : "a simplistic view of love"
YELL : "need to express anger"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this dream is a premonition of the next day. My sister in law asked me for some money to help sort out some troubles. This was getting out of hand and I really did not want to help. Before she asked for money I had been quite sympathetic"

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DREAM TIP : The easiest way to interpret dreams is to wait until something big happens in your life. If you simply could not stop thinking about something all day or got in some argument then you are almost bound to dream about it. So look carefully at any dreams that night. You almost certainly know what the topic of the dream is. The dreams meaning will almost certainly capture some new conclusions relating to this issue.
THE DREAM I am at my grandmothers home(she died many years ago). I go to the toilet. It appears to be like a public toilet and is absolutely huge. I go back downstairs and there appears to be my grandmother but also an unknown man.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having some building work completed at his home. It had all been a bit hectic and disruptive. But now this was all over.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The main thought in this dreamers mind was the building work which had just been completed. He now looked forward to some more settled home life. The dream does not immediately seem to link to this issue. But it appears at least consistent with it.

Grandmothers can link to an issue that has gone on for far too long(that would certainly link into the dreamers belief that things had gone on far too long). A grandmother can also link simply with the passage of time. Its about your reflections over some recent time period.

Toilets are usually not good symbols. They symbolise you feeling a need to show frustration. Public toilets can mean that you feel exposed and having to experience difficult emotions in public. The dreamer did feel this. He did not like the building work and its disruption. He just liked a quiet life.

Dream Symbols
GRANDMOTHER : "the passage of time - something has gone on for too long - in this case the building work has gone on for too long"
MAN : "frustration connected to some delay or restriction placed upon you - in this case the frustrations over building work which is disrupting things"
PUBLIC TOILET : "feeling really frustrated whilst in a vulnerable and public situation - the dreamer did not want to appear so frustrated with the work going on but in fact he really hated it"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It has taken ages. But at last the building work is over and we can get back to normal"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams ask questions of us. So if a dream features the death of your boyfriend then maybe your mind is simply asking the question - How would I feel if my boyfriend ended our relationship?
THE DREAM anyway it was almost morning when I had this dream. I had to pee very badly so I got up and went to the bath room. Only my best friend’s in-laws were sleeping in the bathroom floor. So I went back to her son’s room. Only, now my best friend and her husband were in the bed which had grown like five feet wider or so. It was a really huge bed (really just a twin bed). so I got back under the covers too. They were talking to each other and I still had to pee. So I reached over and grabbed a trash can. I told them that if they heard any weird noises to not look over. And this was a tall kitchen trash can and maneuvered my butt over the can and just let it go. It was really loud and lasted forever and filled the can to the brim. Lol and then I had to get rid of it. So I got up and carried the trash can out of the room. I ran into the father in law while I was in the hall way and some of the pee sloshed out of the can and landed on my grandma’s cricket chair. (She really has a cricket chair, it squeaks when you sit in it and sounds like a cricket. Lol) and I am so embarrassed and try to clean it up hoping he won’t realize that it is actually pee. I find a bottle of cleaner that is a combination of 409 and something else. And I start cleaning it up with a white washcloth and wondering why the cloth doesn’t turn yellow, and hoping the father in law doesn’t smell urine. Lol then I finally woke up and went to the bathroom.

THE REALITY The dreamer was spending the night at her best friend’s house. They had gone to a concert that night and she stayed over. The dreamer wanted to go to the toilet very badly when she awoke. Her friend was a bit funny about what she flushed down the toilet(she has a septic tank). So the dream was related to the dreamer having to negotiate her friends very fussy beliefs about toilets.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Sometimes its a bit awkward using someone else’s toilet especially in the middle of the night when you cannot ask for permission. In this case the dreamers best friend had previously been very fussy about what should be flushed down the toilet.

The cricket chair is a symbol of something that makes a very obvious sound. And when you wake up in the middle of the night the sound is very obvious when you go to the toilet.

Dream Symbols
CRICKET CHAIR : "her grandmothers chair makes a creaking noise - maybe this symbolised the extremely conspicuous noise the dreamer would make whilst in someone else’s house"
URINE : "the real life need to go to the toilet"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up at my friends house after staying overnight after a concert. She can be a bit funny about toilets as she has a skeptic tank. I guess I was a bit freaked out about waking up in a strange house. I was desperate to go so I was going to have to do it"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : When we go to sleep we will occasionally be very upset about some issue. Maybe someone at work managed to really wind you up and you were simply unable to get the bad feelings related to this out of your mind. Its only when you woke up that you felt cleansed. In such situations think of your dreams as your minds way of cleansing you of bad feelings.
THE DREAM I don’t know if it was one long dream or a lot of little dreams, but last night, my first real boyfriend was with me in every one. In one dream/part, we were in a school gym. I think a basketball game was going on. I had to use the bathroom, so we went into the bathroom together. We left the door open so we could still see the game and I could see over the stall wall. I couldn’t "go" for some reason. An old man and an old old woman came into the bathroom and they closed the door. They talked to us for a while but I can’t remember what they said. I didn’t seem to be embarrassed about sitting on the toilet the whole time. I finally went although I don’t remember doing it. But I got up and the evidence was there. It was huge and I remember wondering how that came out of me. Lol

Then my old boyfriend and I were at his house. It was different than his real house. It looked old and neglected. His parents weren’t around so we went to his room. I was lying on his bed, wishing he would make a move. But the longer I looked at him, the younger he got. So we just talked. He told me that he wanted to be a marine. We talked about all the physical things he would have to do to get through basic training. I mentioned push-ups, sit-ups and the hanging bar thing were your arms are curled and your chin is above the bar. I said the real name in the dream but I can’t remember what it is now. He made the motion, pretended to be doing it, so I knew he knew what I was talking about. Then I think he went to exercise because I was alone in his room. I started looking around and I found some of my old school reports. (Some I remember actually writing!) I didn’t know if I had given them to him or if he took them, but after a few minutes, I was all right with him having them. I went into the living room/dining room. His parents and grandma were sitting at a table. I went to kiss his grandma good-bye and she moved away from me. Said that if I kissed her, it would hurt her face. So I went to just hug her and she said a hug would hurt her shoulders. Then a car pulled into the driveway really fast and the table they were sitting at was now in the drive way, and the car pinned the grandma in her chair against the table. I asked her if it hurt and she said yeah. The car backed up, the grandma got up, and a lady got out of the car. I don’t remember much about her. I walked away. The step-dad reached down into a hole in the pavement and pulled out a lady’s knee-high or thigh-high stocking. It had either two potatoes or two onions in it. I couldn’t tell which, but he was going to put them in some stew. I walked through the house and heard the step dad tell the little brother to stop watching TV and to go outside and play. TV was ruining his eyes and costing them too much money for glasses.

Then I was outside and my family was sitting around another table in another driveway. My old boyfriend was sitting on someones lap. I think it was my older brother’s. They were all playing a card game. I don’t know what kind. My sister asked for two more cards but she didn’t discard any. My old boyfriend was holding his cards backward so that everyone could see them. I told him that, so he turned them around and then my brother could see them. I kept wondering why he was sitting on my brothers lap. He was a teenage boy, not a child. But he seemed to be having fun, so I didn’t say anything. I just stood there smiling, watching him play and laugh and then I woke up.

THE REALITY The evening before the dream the dreamer spoke about this first boyfriend to her daughter. She was talking about her early boyfriends. They averaged one per year except for this boyfriend who lasted two years. This was a subject which is sensitive for the dreamer since her first love killed himself. She ended the relationship because of peer pressure - he did not have much money and some people thought he was a geek. The suicide of her first boyfriend maybe contributed to a period of severe depression that she suffered.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If we talk about something that happened some years ago then we may start to open up old feelings. The dream may deal with how we are starting to dig up old issues. It starts off as a toilet dream - toilets often show us feeling extreme moments of pain. In the dream the dreamer could not go even though she was sat on the toilet. That perhaps captures the moment in reality. In real life she was talking to her daughter about an issue which was painful. Yet she could not really show her frustration and pain because she was talking only about the sanitized version of this issue. She was having to tone down the subject which dealt with a lot of painful memories.

Old people in dreams often link to the passage of time and so this dream symbolises the passage of time and how the dreamer is reflecting over the issue.

Perhaps the school reports are symbols of how well she performed or how badly she performed. In real life she perhaps made a major mistake in dumping her first boyfriend and is perhaps ashamed of submitting to peer pressure. Its easy in hindsight to criticize yourself if you treat someone badly and they subsequently commit suicide.

Brothers are symbols of strong support. So perhaps this dream links to the dreamer wondering what would have happened if she had supported him more and not casually dumped him. The cards also fit in with this interpretation as they are a symbol of chance. They show the dreamer wondering what would have happened if the cards had fallen differently and she had acted in a different way.

The dream may also have dealt with the precise way that he died. He shot himself but some say it was an accident. Indeed the dream focused on how he was not a child(so why was he sitting like a child on my brothers knee). That perhaps symbolises how he had the choice to act and was not a child. Even if the dreamer had tried to support him more life is not like that. People make choices and teenage boys will clearly reject help for emotional support.

Dream Symbols
BATHROOM : "feelings of shame - admitting your errors - the dreamer is thinking about her own errors and bad feelings in this first love affair"
BED : "a very personal symbol - having to talk about personal matters to her daughter "
CARDS : "the hand that is dealt to you - your opportunities - here she is maybe exploring what may have happened if things had been different"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject - exploring your emotions in an open and honest way - the talk with her daughter opened up some long forgotten emotions "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was talking about my first boyfriend to my daughter yesterday. I had to sanitize the story because he ended up killing himself. I think the dream also opened up some old feelings."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : As you learn to understand your dreams you will find that they really tend to go over the same ground over and over again. Dreams concentrate on issues important to you. If your work is important then the dreams will represent your strategies towards work projects. If your relationship is dominating your thinking then it will dominate your dreams. If you are very paranoid then its likely that your dreams represent paranoias.
THE DREAM I was in a hospital room. I wasn’t sick. I was just moving around cleaning, helping out. It seemed like I was a type of volunteer or something. There was a man in a bed. He was probably in his mid 30s. He looked healthy but was wearing a hospital gown. At the end of the room there were 3 people watching and crying. They were obviously his family. A nurse came into the room. The man started struggling and crying out that he didn’t want to die. The nurse silently walked to him and injected a substance into his IV I stood there shocked watching this. I started yelling that they were putting him down like a dog. The nurse turned to me and said, very coldly, "he’s only going to die anyway" I ran to him to stop her and tripped and fell. I fell at the end of the bed and the next thing I knew I was covered in a warm liquid. I looked up and saw I was completely covered in his excrement! His bowls and bladder had let go all over me at the end of the bed. I just kept screaming "you killed him. Why? Why did you kill him?" His family just sat in the corner and cried and cried. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer is a volunteer who is teaching 42 year old illiterate man how to read. The lessons have been going so well that she has won an award for it. On the evening of the dream she had just finished an exhausting session with him. She had been thinking a lot about him recently about how he had put his faith in her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream features the dreamer as a volunteer so its a fair assumption to say that this dream may link to her voluntary work helping this man learn to read. So how can the symbols work.

The symbols include this dog which is being put down. Dreams may use direct word plays and this may capture the feeling how this man has been put down. He is casually dismissed by society. He is rejected as having no abilities and any resources devoted to him are wasted. So that's why his family are putting him down. It is because society puts him down.

In the dream she is covered in excrement. That symbolises a release within the man that the dreamer helps. He looks at her and all his frustrations built up over years are released. That is why she is covered in excrement.

So the dream then captures the dreamers thoughts about the man she is helping. She recognises his total faith in her and how she is the first person who has helped him. Up until this time society has put him down. Yet now all those frustrations have exploded out in one go. She is basically realising how important this help is.

Dream Symbols
BED : "a very personal relationship"
EXCREMENT : "the student releases years of frustration by putting his total faith in the dreamer"
HOSPITAL : "improving the health of something - in this case improving the mans self esteem"
PUTTING DOWN the DOG : "the dreamers student has for years been dismissed and put down by society"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been helping a man to learn to read and write. I think he is so grateful. For years he has been put down and no one has believed in him. Its like all the bad emotions emotions have been stored up. I am opening the flood gates"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight


TOILETS : Toilets can often link to bad experiences we have just had, embarrassing problems, emotional situations, bad events and intense fears. There maybe a good clue in the dream. If you go to the toilet it will usually suggest you have just got over some bad experience. But if you have clogged up toilets or unflushed toilets it may suggest that you cannot get out of the bad experience or gain a sense of relief afterwards.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "that was so embarrassing"
- "overwhelming problems"
- "continuous bad feelings"
- "frustrations about something"
- "I am feeling nervous about it"
- "I was scared"
- "it was shocking"
- "all those bad times and frustrations"


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