Dream symbols - time in dream interpretation

THE DREAM I had a really vivid dream which shook me. I was late for work. My boss,Chris Moyles, was looking at me as if he was really very disapointed in me. I had arrived at eleven five hours late. I woke up and immediately checked my alarm. I had forgotten to set it.

THE REALITY The dreamer (Dominic) worked on an early morning radio show (The Chris Moyles Show). He has to get up early each morning. In real life he had forgotten to set his alarm.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have forgotten to set my alarm. If I do not set it I will be late for work. When I wake up I will have to remember to set my alarm"

THE INTERPRETATION This dream is obviously very literal. The dreamer obviously was thinking and feeling during sleep. He obviously had the ability to remember he had not performed a very vital task. This dream was a real attempt to remind him. It really shocked him into waking up and to then check his alarm. The dreamer worked on a high pressure national radio station. He was in a job where high standards were required. The dream obviously plays out a worst possible scenario. It reveals and proves that we can think and make judgements in dreams.

Dream Symbol
BOSS DISAPOINTED : "The dreamer either truly values his job and wishes to please his boss. Or He is scared of his boss and fears losing his job if He does not perform to the highest standards"
LATE : "the dreamer was aware of the possiblity he might be late if his alarm was not set"
THE DREAM I was talking to a male friend on YAHOO(in real life she had met this man a month before. It was found out that he liked her but the information got mixed up. Then he moved). He asked me if I wanted to hang out on Saturday. I told him yes and it was midnight so I said I had to go so he said "OK bye". Then the next morning my friend (the one who mixed everything up) kept bragging about all these guys she says is flirting with her.

THE REALITY The dreamer had met the man in the dream. They seemed to get on but information got mixed up in various ways. Then four weeks later he talked to her and the dream is about everything since then.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had thought that the guy I met had lost interest but it was just some misunderstanding. I just got the wrong massage form someone else"

THE INTERPRETATION Well this is like many dreams. It is obvious to the dreamer that in some way it relates to real life. However, the dream deals with yahoo and midnight and some of the portions of the dream are quite odd. Yet even to someone who does not know anything about dream interpretation this dream links with real life.

Many dreams simply show how we think on some subject - they merely reflect our opinions and dwell on the facts as they are. This could be one such dream.

The one key symbol here is MIDNIGHT. The dreamer very nearly missed the opportunity with this man. If the time is close to midnight then it symbolises the end of some situation. In that way this dream dwells on how something was nearly over before it had even begun. It possibly captures the dreamers emotion that this was nearly a missed opportunity.

Yahoo is a symbol of communication and so that is another obvious link to reality. The main theme of this whole incident was with communication. Since this missed opportunity the two had kept in close touch so the chances of being misunderstood where now slim.

Dream Symbol
BRAGGING : "overplaying something - the dreamer thought she had overplayed things in the first place"
MIDNIGHT : "the end of that day she met him"
THE DREAM I dreamt that it was the first day in the Big Brother House(in fact I have been in here for several days). I was meeting all the other contestants again. I was meeting them for the first time. The Big Brother people were torturing us. The competition would last for two years instead of a few weeks.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a contestant in the TV Reality show Big Brother(Tracey Bingham). The day before the dream was extremely trying for the dreamer. She was already showing signs of alienation from the show and felt isolated because she was American. She woke up to overhear a conversation which was directly about her. Another contestant was talking about her in a negative way thinking the dreamer was asleep. The dreamer then felt an urge to talk about this incident to a fellow contestant. This then induced another contestant to talk about her own feelings. As an Asian she felt that she had absolutely no chance to win the competition as the Great British public would not allow an Asian or colored person to win the competition. She then confronted the other white contestants and this caused a lot of resentment. Added to this the dreamer also misunderstood something said by her fellow colored American contestant(Denis Rodman)and this caused an argument between them. As a final act a white contestant then called another contestant a "lying Arab"(probably a phrase which was quite innocent for an older white British person) which was unfortunate as she was sat next to an Arab.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a dreadful day yesterday. Its like I am seeing a whole new side of all the contestants. Its become torture. I do not know if I can bear it any more."

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams are about issues currently on the dreamers mind. Its quite clear what was on this dreamers mind. A whole series of events happened one after another. Issues of race were explored in great detail which set the white people against the colored people. But also the dreamer was also in turmoil because she had overheard things and also because of misunderstandings she was now on bad terms with her fellow colored American contestant. So she was effectively having arguments with everyone in the house.

In the dream the dreamer is in the house for the first time(actually this was the second week of the contest). This symbolised the fact that the arguments the day before had made it seem as if she was meeting people for the first time. She was meeting a whole new side to them. She was incubating fears that she as a colored American would have no chance of winning the show. She was seeing people in a new way. Indeed she overheard a conversation which was deeply negative about herself - when we overhear something then we know that its the truth being told.

In the dream the contest is to last for two years. This symbolises how the contest seems to be dragging. Time drags in the house as the contestants are not allowed anything to read and cannot watch TV. But if relations are not going well with any other house mates then time seems to drag.

Torture is a symbol that is easily explained as the dreamer feels tortured by her presence in the house.

Overall the dream captured the dreamers immediate emotional feelings - "I feel isolated because I am American and also colored. Other colored contestants have openly said that they are there to make up the numbers and that a colored contestant would never stand a hope of winning. But now I am even arguing with Dennis who is the one person who I know and can trust. Then another contestant went out and openly made a racist comment in front of an Arabic woman. I cannot talk with anyone and time is dragging. I feel like I am meeting everyone for the first time. This place is like torture!"

Dream Symbol
TIME : "a feeling that time seems to be passing slowly or quickly - in this case time was passing tortuously slowly"
THE DREAM I am hearing a story about the great Admiral Lord Nelson. (He achieved the ultimate victory on the day of his death). The dream was revealing to me that the date was 21st October. That was the date of Lord Nelsons great victory at Trafalgar.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just achieved a great victory of his own in finishing a major work project. He felt a real sense of achievement. But he also felt as if his health was not as good as it has been and that maybe quite permanent.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been working hard on my work project but I can feel my health getting worse and worse. My success at work will maybe turn out to be my final victory."

THE INTERPRETATION The date of Nelsons victory here symbolised the similarity of Nelsons and the dreamers situations. The dreamer felt as if the great achievement he had just completed at work would be one of his last (if not the last major achievement).

So the dream commemorated the great achievement but was also reminding the dreamer of his need to look after his health. Particularly symbolic is the death. This often symbolises a transition to some new situation.

Symbolic Meaning
DEATH : "an end to something - in this case an end to the dreamers own skills of judgment due to a debilitating illness"


THE DREAM - I was in my parents car. I didn’t recognize them as my parents but just knew they were. They suddenly get out and said they were going for a midnight swim

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling a bit tired and listless without any clear direction at the time of the dream. He had not been able to focus most of the day. He ended up the day lacking any real direction. Then during the night he started to feel enthused. His focus returned.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had a slow and meaningless day yesterday. Then at the very end I started to get enthused and creative in my thinking."

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamers lack of clear direction was symbolised by the car which was at a standstill. Cars represent our movement towards our goals on a day to day basis. The swim represents the need to move to a new emotional state. The dreamer just needed an emotional pick up. It was the end of the day so maybe midnight represented how it was a mood which hit the dreamer during the night. Sometimes we can spend the whole day and things never seem to click - we lack focus. We cannot seem to get involved in things. Our dreams monitor such changes in our moods and help us on our way.

Dream Symbols
CAR : "journey through life - the journey through life that day had been rather slow "
MIDNIGHT : "the end of the day"
PARENTS : "doing the sensible thing"
SWIM : "trying to get to a new situation - the dreamer is trying to snap out of some mood"

TIME : Time in dreams generally links to how short you are of time. You maybe behind on time and needing to meet some target.

MORNING : Morning can link to the start of some phase in a relationship. MIDNIGHT can link to the end of a natural phase in some relationship or situation.

A QUICK SUMMARY OF REAL DREAMS : Midnight can often link to the last thing that you said to someone or the last thing you did. It is the last moment within that particular situation rather than at the end of the day. In one dream the dreamer was thinking about a mix up that happened around the last time she met a potential boyfriend. In particular the dream linked especially to the last things said.

In one dream the time of day linked directly to a relationship as it had progressed. As the day passed the situation had developed in the same way her relationship with her boyfriend had developed. The relationship had been in effect condensed into one day.