Dream interpretation - telepathy

TELPATHY : Telepathy events will be received at the moment when the telepathy occurs such as when a person has a car crash. You may They are a lot more difficult to spot and prove than premonitions.
DREAM STUDIES : Real dreams which can be seen as telepathy
THE DREAM I was with my father and he was telling me that there was something wrong with my mother.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and five minutes later she was phoned by her father who said that his mother was in hospital with meningitis.
THE DREAM I had a dream at about 3am that my boyfriend was about to hit a wall while driving on a freeway. it was night time. My boyfriend had exactly the same dream.

THE REALITY The dreamer had exactly the same dream as her boyfriend at exactly the same time. Her boyfriend woke up from his and found that his father was about to drive into a wall(he had just fallen asleep at the wheel).
THE DREAM It is black and then a light shines and shows this dark figure then the figure starts running and I am surrounded by woods chasing this figure who keeps saying " find me lexie please find me " then all of a sudden the figure stops it gets really bright and everything goes black again and I wake up. (Saved from www.Dreammoods.com)

THE REALITY The dreamer had this dream and immediately realized that something was wrong. Everyone else thought he had run away. Yet she knew this was not there case. She told the sheriff he would be found in the woods and would not be alive. He had hung himself in the woods. The dreamer has since had this dream many times.

THE INTERPRETATION It is possible to see this dream as a coincidence as he was missing at the time of the first dream. As with all premonitions its always easy to argue that there is some rational explanation. But in this dream the dreamer felt the exact emotions that a man would feel who was on the verge of suicide.

Of course its possible to argue both ways so its really up to individual to see this dream in whatever way it is seen. It may have just captured extreme anxiety. It may have captured telepathic knowledge of exactly what had happened. But undoubtedly the dream links to the missing husband. She was either sensing that something was wrong intuitively or it was telepathy. People who believe in rational explanations can no more prove that their answer is more right than those who see a psychic connection. The dream world always asserts its right to mystery.
THE DREAM My grandfather was terminally ill at the time, so his death was not a surprize. However, I had a dream on night that I was at his bedside in my grandparent’s house. He look sick and gaunt, just like the last time I saw him. All of a sudden his eyes fluttered open and his face began to regain color, fullness, and his eyes were beautiful. He sat up, Took me by the shoulder and told me I was a good girl and not to get married until I finished school. He also said something about not giving up. He smiled and gave me a kiss and I huged him tightly. Then I woke up and the phone rang immediately as I opened my eyes. It was my mother calling to tell my my grandfather passed away about 15-20 minutes ago. It was a very intense and realistic dream and I wrote down exactly what he said and what happened. I just thought it was odd timing.

THE INTERPRETATION Its difficult to prove entirely if this was a premonition or telepathy as this dreamer was fully expecting her grandfather to die soon. But many people see such coinincidences as eveidence of something extra sensory. I would class this as possible telepathy. But it is really up to the reader to judge for themselves.
THE DREAM I was walking along a beautiful white sand beach with the bluest ocean ever, and there was this bright white light everywhere - all around me, but a good bright (not blinding). I heard children laughing and turned around to see my friend standing there (a man I am in love with and who loves me, but we are both married so can not be together). I couldnt see any children, but I could hear them. It was like I hadn’t seen him for ages (maybe years) and suddenly we were together again on this deserted beach (the kind of beach we always said we would run away to). He was smiling and couldn’t stop and he looked so beautiful - he hadn’t changed a bit. I woke up with a feeling I couldnt shake.

THE REALITY Then the dreamer met the man in the dream that very morning for coffee and he looked like he had seen a ghost. He told her he had had a dream the previous night and then he described the exact dream. Right down to the laughter of children, and the bright white light.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features this obvious coincidence with the man the dreamer is in love with having virtually exactly the same dream at exactly the same time. This could obviously be symbolic of some telepathy. Its up to the reader to judge.

But the dream itself is also important. The deserted beach that the dreamers said that they would always run away too. That's an extremely personal symbol bringing them together.

Beaches are symbols connected with our feelings. The land symbolises the reality of our lives whilst the sea symbolises our feelings. The beach then is where our feelings meet up with reality. This dream then fits very nicely in with the real life meeting that the two had. They examined their feelings and they looked at the real life situation and came to a decision after examining their own feelings.

Indeed the deserted beach maybe is also symbolic in that they are looking at the issue simply of their emotions for each other.

Dream Symbols
BEAUTIFUL : "an idea of perfection - the dreamer truly does love this woman"
CHILDREN : "excitements and enthusiasms"
WHITE : "clearness, clarity and understanding"
THE DREAM My daughter and I had the same recurring dream. Neither of us realized it until she overheard me telling my husband about it one evening. All events were the same except whenever she went to check on the door in her version of the dream, she seen me already there checking it, and I never seen her at all in my own version of the dream.

THE REALITY Dreams are often deeply symbolic. Premonitions are often very easy to work through as they refer to something concrete that happens in real life. Telepathy dreams are often more difficult to work out. These similar dreams obviously mean something but what it is difficult to work out. Perhaps the way the mother checks the locks is symbolic of wishing for her home and life to be stable and secure. There appears to be some form of syncronicity going on here. In this case its difficult to work out what. Often with such dreams we have an inner knowledge and belief that these are telepathic dreams.
THE DREAM "I was surrounded by black misty things, like fog but alive. They were bad and hovering around the bed. They were trying to envelopeme and take me with them. I didn’t think I was asleep but I couldn’t open my eyes. I knew my mother was close and then they went away."

THE REALITY The dreamer(seven years old) was laid sleeping beside her mother whilst she had the dream. Her mother was reading a book about spirits called bodachs - evil spirits, black amorphous vapors. Much like the animated hell spirits in the movie Ghosts (Whoopie Goldberg & Patrick Swayze). Her mother was really captured by the book and could not put it down. Whilst her daughter was sleeping she sensed she was having a nightmare(she was tossing and turning) so placed her hand on her chest. This helped calm her down. Her mother had not described the book at all to her and had spoken with noone about it.

The dreamer seems to have tapped into her mothers emotions at the time. The spirits in the book seem to be exactly reproduced in the daughters dream.

THE DREAM I am walking around a subway/train station and I keep hearing my name getting called by my lil brothers voice but I don’t see him. So I keep searching for him. And I see my dad ex wife and her daughter. Right away I know she done something so I start to run in that direction and I keep hearing my name getting called than I see a pile of rocks and I go and start moving them. Then I find my lil brother lying there under the pile and he’s dead.

THE REALITY The dreamer called up her father the next day and told him not to let her brother go back to his moms house. Since that moment he has been living with his dad. He is abused by his mom. He treats the dreamer as his mom because his real mom abuses him.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer sensed that her brother was being abused. Perhaps the dream featured some kind of telepathy. The actual symbols may link to the dreamer looking beneath the surface. After all the station is underground. So the dreamer was maybe able to sense that things were wrong.

THE DREAM I took my 4 cousins to a fast food restaurant, the atmosphere there was horrible, the food wasn’t hygienic and suspicious people were all around. So, I went out side and saw another restaurant which was safer and hygienic. I went back to the restaurant, and told them that we were all going to the other one and we left. At the door I realized one of my cousins hadn’t gotten up and was still sitting in the same place eating a salad, she looked very sad.

THE REALITY The dreamer spoke to them about a week after the dream and found out that her cousin who stayed behind in the dream was indeed having a hard time dealing with her father’s illness. Their father is really sick. The fast food restaurant represented the dreamers uncle and the memories of him when he was okay. It was a place where he used to take us out to for lunch all the time.

THE INTERPRETATION Its always difficult to say if a dream is telepathic. But the dream does seem to link to a real incident that took place. It featured someone who was indeed having a hard time. Of course its up to the reader to decide.

The restaurant is not only a place which symbolises happy memories but its also quite symbolic in dreams. Restaurants can symbolise things that are feeding our minds. Restaurants can symbolise issues which everyone is thinking about and everyone is talking about. Hygenic food symbolises the need for some positive thoughts to cheer us up.

Dream Symbols
RESTAURANT : "things that are on everyones minds and which everyone is talking about "
HYGENIC FOOD: "thinking healthy positive thoughts about fathers illness"

THE DREAM I saw my friend there were two cups in front of him, one to his left and one to his right. They were not exactly cups, they were orange containers for medicines, but they had no lids and no labels. I could not tell what was inside of them. Anyway, he raised his left hand and picked up the left container, slowly raising it to drink from it. As he raised his hand, I raised mine, but that was the only part of my body which I could move and he stopped right before the cup had touched his lip.

THE REALITY At about this time her friend was tending to open up too much to his new girlfriend.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream could be seen to be telepathic. Symbolically this dream does seem to have captured this dreamers friends situation at the time.

Medicine is often symbolic of things that will help the dreamer improve the health of their emotional life. But here he is not aware what are in the medicine containers. That kind of accurately symbolises the way how the dreamer has opened up to his girlfriend yet in ways which maybe irresponsible. It is never sensible to take medicines in such a way.

The dream features the left and right. The left stands for how he was tending to talk about the past and dwelling on problems. Perhaps the could have chosen to talk about the future and how he feels(the right symbolises the right mind and how we we feel about the future).

Dream Symbols
LEFT HAND : "the facts about your life - the past(the left mind or "conscious")"
MEDICINE : "Something that will help improve the health of your emotions"
RIGHT HAND : "Your instincts - the future(your right mind or "unconscious") "
THE DREAM I saw two golden bells ringing and white doves singing in joy. A stork was standing on the edge of a 3 story white and pink pretty house.

THE REALITY Two days later, the dreamers older brother called her and told her that he was getting married in two months. His fiancé was already pregnant expecting a child in 7 months.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream seems to have caught the emotions associated with this event. The bells and white doves capture the elation and happiness of marriage. The beautiful house links to the dreamers brother starting his life afresh. Houses generally link to a new optimism and people starting out afresh in their lives. The stork has for a long time been a messenger of pregnancy.

It is difficult to prove any definite link between this dream and the reality it portrayed but if you believe in premonitions and telepathy then its easy to see why this is convincing.

Dream Symbols
BEAUTIFUL HOUSE : "a wonderful new beginning - a complete and positive change in her brothers personality and life"
GOLDEN BELLS : "a joyous event "
STORK : "storks have often been linked to pregnancy"
WHITE DOVES : "A wonderful omen for the future"
THE DREAM I was in a car, riding around in some mountainous and lightly-populated areas, summer but not shiny at all (autumn maybe?) My dad was driving, and on the front passenger seat was my mom. To my left was my younger brother and to the right, some unknown kid (I later found out was some friend of my brother). We were riding on those roads, going somewhere. No idea where though. Lots of hills and turns so the road shifted a lot. At one place there was a small hill/bump and directly after it a strong 90 degrees right S turn. We drove at a decent speed, like my dad always do (keeping the limit) but this surprise was too much. Directly after that hill. Coming down the hill/bump, at speeds that was too high, we got off course. Luckily it was just flat grass there. Unluckily there was a mountain wall straight forward to us. Father tried to turn right and get us onto the S shaped road to the right, but I already knew we would slam into the mountain wall and we did. It felt strange. Like being hit by a bumper car from the left, times ten, then everything was in slow motion. Car spinning, I couldn’t see anything could feel the g force of the spin. I felt sad for my father, and the car I know he has always liked a lot. But I also worried about the edge/ravine that was to the right of the S turn, I thought that we might end up down there. But we didn’t, and after the crash, and spin, the car stopped at all four wheels and we got out. To check the damages (which was minimal for this kind of accident). I walked around the car evaluating the damages. Back, front and right side had small scratches in them on the paint job (from the spin), and the right side had a small mark on it, shaped like some alien sign (some Japanese sign maybe), maybe 1,5m high and 5 cm wide. Father said the car was screwed. I told him he only needed to get the car a paint job on the sides, and fix the metal and paint on the right side. I also asked about insurance. And he said: "No, they said they will only pay our loans" (I guess loans on the car). He looked sad and disappointed (I always hate seeing him like that) and continued down the S road to go to a telephone kiosk. Then, for some reason we all got back into the car again, except dad of course who was at the kiosk. Mom drove the car now (which somehow worked) and me and my brother and that random dude discussed the damages. After maybe one minute I asked mom what the hell she was doing, leaving dad behind? I also asked the other two why the hell they didn’t notice. Mom drove back the way we came from, and into some city. She was strange somehow, and drove way above the limit, and she smashed into some other car or wall I think, and I got upset and asked what the fuck was wrong with her. She sped into the city, driving on the wrong side of the road. Then turning right and driving off-road. Crashed the car again, turned back the way we came, drove against a red light. I said: "What the hell is wrong with you, can you slow down? I’ll tell dad that you went insane and crashed the car twice and drove against a red light". She wouldn’t listen, but continued to drive around in that city. The dream changed focus then, and the last seconds of it, it showed some motorcycle guys (4 or 5) toying around with the police. The police tried to catch them but they just drove around, U turned a lot and jumped off overpasses and stuff.

THE REALITY The dreamers little brother told the dreamer that his father almost had a car accident just some 12 hours before the dream. It was not too serious but it was very close to being a serious one(very nearly a frontal collision). The other driver was driving on the wrong side of the road.

THE INTERPRETATION Car crashes are occasionally symbols in dreams. So even if a car crash occurs in real life we have to decide if this was symbolic of the real life events. In this case its worth looking into the real situation. The dream captures the horror of what appears to be a very real and well described event. It was like it was captured in great detail and so that's one good link. In the dream the wall could symbolise the near head on collision. That would have the similar impact.

One thing in the dream is the way the mother then goes on to have a car crash. That's interesting and in this case it also captures the events as they unfolded in the mind. The event occurred and then a second event occurred but this time purely in the dreamers imagination. Mothers can symbolise our worries and concerns. Here the mother symbolises the dreamers worries that this car accident could have been so easily fatal.

The dream also captures the feeling that the dreamers father was driving responsibly. He was after all not breaking the speed limit.

Of course its up to the dreamer to wonder if this was an act of telepathy or premonition in some way. It may easily have been a premonition even if the event occurred before the dream technically took place. The dreamer did not know of the event and the premonition could refer to the dreamer finding out about something that he had no knowledge of.

Dream Symbols
SLOW MOTION : "something happens very very quickly"
MOTHER : "The dreamers concerns and worries that this could have been so much more serious"
THE DREAM I saw my mother tell me that she was leaving and asked him to take care of his father and told him she could no longer watch my kids.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and got a phone call telling him that his grandmother was dead. At the time the dreamer was on holiday and his mother was looking after his children.
THE DREAM I she saw my late mother lost, asking for help. She then called my brother and asked him for help. They wanted to go help her together in the dream, but my brother said no. I couldn’t come because it wasn’t time. My husband left and never came back.

THE REALITY I woke up hearing the phone ring. Someone called me telling me my brother had died.
THE DREAM I was at my boyfriends(years ago), and I was sleeping on the couch. I thought I woke up to see my pet dog "Lambchop" sitting at the foot of the sofa. She was soaking wet, and looked like a drowned rat. I got up to see her and she jumped off and disappeared.

THE REALITY When I woke up the next day, my mother called me to tell me that Lambchop had drowned.