Dream interpretation - teeth as dream symbols

THE DREAM I had a long and involved dream but all I remember is me and another person sitting around pulling our upper teeth out and crumbling them in our fingers like they were the consistency of chalk or something else very easy to crumble. I seem to remember that this was possible with ALL our teeth, but we were only pulling out our upper ones.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer had a car crash which led to her losing one front tooth and 3/4 of another. Due to the car crash(at least partially) the relationship the dreamer was involved in started to fall apart. She also acquired some debt as a result of the crash.

THE INTERPRETATION Teeth often link to the permanent parts of our life. Teeth are very difficult to remove and yet they when they are removed they cause immense pain. They may symbolise some part of your life where something permanent has come to an end. In this way the dream linked to the end of her relationship.

Dreams will often pick out very relevant symbols - and in this way the dream picked out the loss of teeth which had actually happened. Yet the dream is not about that - its about the emotional circumstances. It is merely a symbol for something else. In the dream the bottom teeth are only affected.

In dreams the upper parts may refer to higher thoughts such as beliefs. So maybe the dream is thinking that her higher beliefs maybe affected in some way. That if things go wrong in many respects she may start to feel as if she is jinxed. For the dreamer that maybe important as she had been in a cult. They consistently said that if she left then bad things would happen.

Dream Symbols
TEETH : "losing portions of her life that seemed permanent "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I recently had a car crash. I lost my boyfriend due to that and also a lot of money"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is really very strong. That is no coincidence. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we start to transfer these into long term memory banks and at the same time we start to integrate these into long term emotions. Then finally we clear short term memory banks ready for the day ahead. So dreams will tend to link to the day before and to ways in which we have been altering our thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAM I dreamed that my teeth were all removed!!!

THE REALITY I have just got engaged and my ex-boyfriend tried to stop it.

THE INTERPRETATION Teeth often link to the permanent relationships and parts of our life. If we have teeth removed its symbolic of the pain we feel when we have a long term relationship extracted from our lives. Its a painful process. In this case the dream links to the fear and possibility in the dreamers mind of her engagement being stopped.

Dream Symbols
TEETH : "fear of losing something that has become part of me - I feared the break up of my engagement"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I thought my ex was going to spoil things for me. It was have been a very painful loss if he had split my relationship up"

THE DREAM I reached into my mouth and felt my teeth one by one loosen enough where I could just pull them out. Over and over again I pulled them out and I was actually happy about it. I have crooked front teeth in real life and did in my dream too, with each tooth coming out I hoped my smile would straighten OR all my teeth would come out so I could get dentures and finally have a perfect smile. I have had these kinds of dreams for almost 20 years, sometimes my teeth are crumbling and falling out in my mouth, choking me, but this time was a little different in that I was pulling them out myself and felt happiness in doing so.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had applied for a job at "Hooters" as a waitress. She had been encouraged to go by her neighbour because she certainly has the figure for the job. Yet she was worried about her teeth as she has a crooked smile. When she got to the restaurant she chickened out and just sat and ordered a coffee. The girl working there then asked her if she would be interested in applying for the job. She asked if her smile might stop her from getting the job and the waitress simply said she didn’t know(Ouch).

THE INTERPRETATION Obviously dreams can use dream symbols in a literal sense. Its worth asking yourself if anything happened the day before that involves that symbol. If you visit the coast and the next night have a dream about the sea then its possible that the dream is literally refering to that. In this case teeth had been an issue the day before. She felt the crooked smile may stop her getting the job she wanted.

Dream Symbols
TEETH : "The dreamers real life worries about her crooked smile"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I applied for the job at Hooters yesterday but felt a bit worried about my smile. I am not sure if I will get the job because of my crooked teeth"

THE DREAM Wednesday night I dreamed that I was walking down the street and my teeth were falling out into my hand. There was blood and I remember not feeling pain but being aware that this would cause a lot of pain. I was very conscious that others would notice and was rushing to find a dentist. I kept covering my mouth and praying to god not to let this happen. I remember feeling total panic.

Then, Thursday night I dreamed that I was in a public place when I noticed that my pants had a tear in them. I was very conscious that other people would notice and again I was trying to conceal this from others.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attending a group programe to help recover from a drug addiction. She attended a group session on wednesday night and was doing some reading on thursday. She was due to tackle the fourth step which involves taking a fearless and moral inventory of herself. She felt overwhelmed by this and really did not know where to begin.

THE INTERPRETATION Its always best to interpret dreams in reverse. We look to the day before and see for issues which seem to fit the dream symbols. If there are any links with recent issues then try to explore these to the fullest extent.

In this case the dreamer to have two anxiety dreams. They both appeared to link to anxiety in front of others. The first dream seems to link more the need to explore painful issues inside herself. Then the second probably links to anxiety linked to standing in front of others. She was due to get up and talk in front of others.

Dream Symbols
DENTIST : "Something painful and unpleasant which has to be done"
TEETH FALL OUT : "Perhaps this links tro worries about talking in front of others"
TORN PANTS : "Worrying about how she will appear in front of others when she talks about her fourth step"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel nervous and unable to deal with this next step in my drug programme. "


TEETH : Teeth are permanent parts of our body which if removed cause immense pain. So if your teeth fall out it may suggest that you are thinking about some permanent part of your life which is under threat. It could also mean that you have recently ended a relationship or left a job.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "It was a difficult break up"
- "it felt like it was a part of me"
- "I feared I would lose him"
- "leaving my job"
- "moving away"
- "my teeth need some attention"
- "I am worried about my teeth"


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