Dream studies and interpreting - the study of symbolism of word plays,synonyms and puns in dreams interpretation and analysis

SYNONYMS : Double meanings are the stuff of dreams. Dreams revolve around symbolic associations. Some people will be in dreams simply for their names. Look for classic double meanings in any language. Phrases which are common in your culture will also feature.
DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Real dreams with synonyms in
THE DREAM - The character connor from neighbours was trying to persuade my friend to do something she didn’t want to do.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been quite devious in getting her own way. She had tricked a friend into doing something.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream used a synonym to make a message. The character in the soap opera had a clear double meaning. It was easy to spot and from that point the dreamer recognised this as a reference to a real life incident the previous day.

Dream Symbols
CONNOR : "the dreamer used devious methods the day before"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was a little devious yesterday. I just conned him into doing it for me."


THE DREAM - I am being given a lift and get dropped off at a place called crossgates.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer was aware that his boss was angry with him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream captures the reality of his emotional situation. The crossgates represented his bosses anger and he was clearly been transported to that place. Many dreams capture some emotion that dominated the previous day. The majority of dreams link to that previous day so look for the emotions that the dream could be portraying.

Dream Symbols
CROSSGATES : "he really was angry/cross at me"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that he really was cross with me"

THE DREAM I am in this poor looking house in Falsgrave(a part of the town where I live). I hear some major commotion or terrorist act going on outside. I feel the need to go outside. Then in the hallways there is this policeman and he starts to use a machine gun and is firing it up the stairs. I look again and he is now not wearing a policeman’s uniform.

THE REALITY The dreamer was not feeling very well at the time of the dream. She had been having general problems with her health recently. The day of the dream saw a marked improvement. The point was that she was worrying over the recent health scares. Were they symptomatic of a major change for the worse with her health.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer obviously had things on her mind. The upstairs is a good point to start from. The upstairs in dreams links to the higher parts of the brain. The higher and constructed thinking. The imagination and emotions are formed here in the unconscious side of the mind.

Yet in this dream a machine gun is been fired there. Perhaps that symbolises the dreamers deep intuition that something was not permanently wrong and that maybe she had just had some food poisoning or something. The gun then represented a targeting of the imagination and the thoughts which were out of control.

The earlier part of the dream represented the situation as it stood the day before. The commotion outside and possible terrorist act symbolised the real havoc in the dreamers mind. If she really was ill then this would lead to major and permanent changes in her lifestyle.

But the dream also features this area called falsgrave. Its surely a synonym. It certainly links with her situation. Maybe it shows that she knew that her body was on the mend after a little illness and that she was worrying unnecessarily. It was in other words a FALSEGRAVE that she was digging for herself.

The policeman is a symbol of the need to restore order and she surely did need for some order to be restored. She needed to know what the state of her health was. The outside in dreams is also symbolic. That wish to be outside is symbolic of the need to have an objective opinion.

Dream Symbols
COMMOTION : "worry and agitation in the dreamers mind"
FALSEGRAVE : "this street is a play on words - the dreamer has thoughts of death and illness that are not based on reality"
GUN : "focus on something - the dreamer is focusing on all sorts of worries"
HALLWAY : "right in the middle of a situation that has not been resolved"
HOUSE : "your own health"
OUTSIDE : "look at something objectively in an unemotional way"
POLICE : "restore order within your mind - coming to your senses"
TERRORIST : "thoughts causing havoc in your mind - all kinds of worries"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been not been feeling well recently. But perhaps I have exaggerated the illness. Today I feel so much better. Sometimes my mind is filled with all kinds of worries"