Dream interpretation - stealing in dream symbols

Dreams use symbols as metaphors. Its likely that any dream you have will represent a key thought or feeling. Most dreams will translate into the kind of thing you would write in a diary. What could stealing dreams translate into? Take this example.

THE DREAM I was at my workplace. There was a college tutor there from a few years ago. I stole a dollar which had been left on the table. I thought they wouldn't notice.

Dreams are very much in the here and now. The dreamer had not seen his tutor for years but the day before he had been thinking about his college days - which is an obvious link to the dream. This being the case its likely that the dream is about the dreamer and his thoughts about college. He had been looking over his old college work and felt very harshly judged by his tutors. He felt that they did not recognise his true abilities. How could this dream represent that thought? Well, if you steal something then you are taking something which is not yours. Dreams can use this metaphor in quite odd ways. In a rather abstract way this is an excellent metaphor. The dreamer wanted something (respect) which his tutors did not give him. So in some ways stealing taps into the twisted mind of a thief. The thief thinks that things are rightfully his even though he has not earned them - so he takes them. So actually a stealing dream translates into this exact thought - "I deserved that respect. I should have had higher marks". It represents the dreamers thinking as he takes what is rightfully his.

Stealing can be used in many different metaphorical ways. This next dream demonstrates another usage of stealing as a metaphor.

THE DREAM The dream is a bit confused. There is something about people stealing photos. I am then looking at something small. Its called a Molesc. It is slow moving and its rather like a snail. I am calling it by its proper name. I touch the snail and it melts into the air and moves right towards me. I wake up and feel awful. Its such a slimy feeling.

Dreams will translate into recent feelings. In this case the dreamer was thinking a lot about someone who asked for some photos off him the day before. This person had been exceptionally nice to him. But he felt this was all fake as he was only been nice to him because he wanted something off him (photos). So in effect this person was only being nice to him because he wanted something for nothing. Wanting something for nothing is something that thieves do constantly. You just have to know how dreams work (they are so often about things from yesterday). So try to see how the metaphors are relevant right now. This dream captured a key thought and stealing in the dream translated into this exact phrase "wanting something for nothing".

THE DREAM I wake up to find an intruder confidently moving about my house. I try to shout for the police and help but cannot barely speak. I am shouting at these intruders to go but they are going through my jewellery and stealing my valuables.

So the trick with dream analysis is to see how the dream could be a metaphor for real life. How could stealing be a symbol for some prominent feeling. The day before the dreamer had spoken on the phone with someone who had gossiped about her. The dreamer worried that this person was again trying to intrude into her personal life. How could a thief be relevant here. This dream merely uses the thief as a metaphor for someone who you simply do not trust. After all - no one trusts thief so having this dream is the minds way of saying "I do not trust this woman as she constantly talks about me". So thinking hard about your recent thoughts really uncovers the relevance of any dream metaphor.

So we have had three different dreams and three different symbolic meanings. The first dream the dreamer steals something and in real life he was resentful at how his tutors did not recognise his talents at college. In that way stealing represented his wish to take what what rightfully his (a thief has a twisted sense of what is his). The second dream was about stealing photos. In real life the dreamer had just been asked for some photos by someone who was being very complimentary about him (the dreamer felt this person was just being nice because he wanted the photos and did not want to pay - he wanted something for nothing (just like a thief)). In the third dream an intruder was stealing from the dreamers house. In real life the dreamer did not trust someone because they gossiped. So all three dreams have different meanings. In each case you could argue that stealing had a direct relevance to the real life situation on the dreamers mind.

If you get a dream about stealing try to see how this could be a metaphor for some new feeling. Here are some examples.

A dream where the dreamer is robbed linked to the dreamers sister ruining her computer. After all lending something and then breaking it is the same as it being stolen. They both involve a lack of respect for someone’s property and at the end of the day the person loses the item.

In another real life situation the dreamer felt guilty that she had damaged something that she had lent. So when she had a dream where she was caught stealing it represented her guilt at not looking after something. So this was the same usage as the previous dream but from the other side.

In real life a dreamer had just being accused of taking advantage of her grandfather who had just lent her money. So a stealing dream could represent her being accused of her taking advantage (lending money and not paying it back is as good as stealing).

In another real life situation the dreamers life was in chaos. So when she got a dream about her car being stolen it was a excellent metaphor for her life being in a chaotic mess. After all a thief can turn your life upside down.

In another case the dreamer had just had an argument with his girlfriend who accused him of being irresponsible. So when he had a dream involved murder and crime it symbolised his responsible lifestyle. It was his minds way of saying - "you are as irresponsible as a criminal".

Sometimes you may have to search for a rather abstract meaning. For instance, a dream about stolen money linked to the dreamer being unemployed and very bitter about it. Some people get jobs by lying or through connections. The dreamer had plenty of talent but it was not being valued. She was being "robbed of opportunities by others who were given an unfair advantage".

In another case the dreamer had a dream about people stealing wads of money. In real life she was having marriage counselling and had been upset with her husband about the progress they had made. He felt that they had done well whilst she felt that any gains they had made had been artificial. How could we make the symbols fit. How could we see what possible symbolic meaning stealing had. Here stealing probably just means that the dreamer felt that gains had to be made through hard work. So stealing probably linked to her husband needing to work harder at the marriage (after people steal because they do not want to work hard to buy the item).