Dream interpretation - spies as dream symbols

Within our dream studies we have several dreams on spies which help us understand its symbolic meanings. Generally a spy in a dream will represent one very particular aspect of being a spy which right now is relevant within your thoughts. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM - I was part of some military operation. It was like the SAS operating in enemy territory. I was having to hide. I was trusting no one.

In real life the dreamer was becoming very paranoid and keeping himself to himself. He felt very isolated at work and felt that he could trust no one.

A dream will often represent some recent thought - often the kind of feeling that you would write down in a diary. In this case the dream represented this kind of feeling - "I really hate everyone at work. I trust no one there. I feel completely alienated."

So its quite to see how the spy depicts this recent thought. A spy trusts no one - just like the dreamer. So the dream is a metaphor depicting the following feeling - "I trust no one right now - I feel like a spy who really cannot trust anyone."

Of course spies can represent others aspects that we associate with spies. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM - I am on a golf course. There appear to be lots of spies around.

As usual we look at recent thoughts which could have generated the dream. The dreamer had just broken up with his girlfriend. He was still coming into contact with her and each time he was coming closer and closer. He felt very awkward around her and did not want to see her. He was watching what she was doing and also pretending that he had not seen her. He felt that she was monitoring him as well.

So the spies were a symbol of the dreamer and his ex secretly monitoring each other. So its obvious that the dream depicts the feeling "I am secretly monitoring my ex - I constantly wonder what she is doing - just like a spy."

In this dream spies represent a different aspects of being a spy.

THE DREAM - I am holding some cards(I occasionally play poker with a group of friends) and a bottle of vodka. I am a spy. I suddenly think of myself been tortured by the Nazi Germans.

The dreamer had just found out that his mother knew that he knew a professor. His mother was very pleased that he was mixing with refined and intelligent person. However, he failed to inform his mother that he knew him through secret gambling evenings. The night of the dream he had been thinking how much he wanted to keep this secret connection.

So again the dream depicts a specific thought process which was prominent on the dreamers mind at the time. The spy was symbolic of his need to keep this card school connection secret. It depicts this exact thought - "I would not reveal this secret connection with the professor under any circumstances." Its precise link to spies was this - he would not reveal this secret under any circumstances (a bit like a spy would never reveal his secrets under even pain of death).

So we have three different dreams each with different meanings. Each use spies in different senses. The symbolic meaning of spies in dreams can be many and varied. The language of dreams is just like real life - were we use words in many different senses and contexts. Dreams are just as rich in their use of language.