Dream interpretation - snakes as dream symbols

Snakes are one of the most common symbols and so if you study dreams then surely you will begin to understand snake dreams.

I believe that dreams link to recent issues. This is very handy for understanding dreams. If you are trying to narrow down a dreams likely trigger to events and recent feelings then it makes understanding snake dreams very easy. Just look for anything bad which may have caused you to dream. Take for instance this dream.

THE DREAM I was handling a snake. It was acting very unexpectedly. I was holding it by the neck so it couldn't bite me and it slid backwards making my hand vulnerable. Then it wrapped itself around me.

The day before this dream the dreamer overheard a conversation. Two women were whispering about him at work. They were really very close and this really annoyed the dreamer. At one point one of the women clearly forgot to whisper and it became obvious that they were talking about him. He found this very confrontational.

Clearly snakes can link to anything bad - so some nasty comments could clearly have triggered this dream. But why would the dreamer be holding the snake. Perhaps this was because the dreamer was so close to these women. This was what he annoyed him most. He really hated the fact that they felt it OK to talk about someone when they were so very close.

Dreams have many different meanings. Take for instance this dream - which is again a snake handling dream.

THE DREAM I dreamed about a primary school teacher. She had a rapport with her children. She managed to make them eat up "all their food" so as to make them healthy and strong. Then in the school I was playing some sort of game. The game involved handling a snake. I knew that this snake was not too dangerous as you could tell by looking at it. At the back of my mind I felt it could be dangerous but still I was holding it.

The dreamer had been receiving therapy for extreme phobias. He found it very difficult to be around people. The previous day his therapist had inspired him into trying to overcome his phobias. The dream was a mirror image of his emotions towards this therapy session. He had been inspired by his therapist just like the child had been inspired by the teacher.

In this case holding a snake did not represent him being in close proximity to someone who was quite clearly antagonistic towards him (as in the first dream). It rather symbolised his wish to tackle (handle) his phobias. Holding a snake was symbolic of him going into situations which were clearly phobic for him. Think about the emotions that he felt during the dream. He felt that the snake was dangerous but not too dangerous. This clearly expresses the feeling - "I feel I can overcome these phobias. Clearly such situations do scare me but its not something that I should be overly worried." The dream was very realistic and balanced in its feelings.

Here is another snake handling dream.

THE DREAM We were standing somewhere, not sure where and talking. Then I looked down and a bunch of snakes where around us. I went to pick up something and a copperhead made a strike and bit me on the hand in which I woke up.

In real life the dreamer was going through a very nasty divorce. A situation like this is likely to cause a dream at any time. The dreamer did not want this divorce but the way she had treated him recently was causing him to hate her.

So in this case the snake obviously refers to the bitter situation between them. More specifically it refers to her negative feelings towards him. The dream probably links to his wish to calm the situation down. However, he is probably starting to realise that the situation cannot be calmed down. Her bitter feelings towards him cannot be handled with care (just like the snake). In fact anything he does is likely to provoke the situation.

Here is another similar dream. This time the dreamer tries to control the snake.

THE DREAM - There is a snake. I am with some people. I feel that I can keep this snake under control. I am using a kind of toy snake which I am controlling. I feel that I can definitely keep this snake under control. Yet it moves forward and continues to edge forward. I am unable to react in time. I wake up as it is about to get within striking distance. As I wake up the dream continues on. When I wake up I am desperately trying to get the snake off me - its in my duvet.

After asking the dream its clear what caused this dream. The day before the dreamer had been wound up by someone who was very difficult and often got into arguments with people. This woman had clearly annoyed the dreamer on previous occasions and this time the dreamer wanted to get her back. But he decided to be very subtle with this - he intended to do something which would clearly wind her up. He hoped to really annoy her by doing something which she could not complain about without appearing very stupid and petty. However, this situation backfired as he ended up being drawn into this situation and ended up thinking about her all day. His attempts to wind her up had back fired. He was the one who got into a temper.

So this dream is a perfect symbol for expressing this situation. The snake represents his own devious attempts to wind up this woman. He felt in reality that he could 'toy' with this woman and 'control' her - these being two metaphors that define the dream. However, in reality the situation backfired as in the dream. So clearly the dream is telling the dreamer to not try to be so devious next time. Messing about in ways like this can backfire and cause you problems. In reality he felt he could wind up this woman without cost to himself. In fact it was himself who was drawn into having obsessive feelings.

Quite clearly a dream needs to be interpreted. You cannot easily say what a dream means without closely relating it to something that the dreamer has just mentioned. We have four very similar dreams - each dealing with snakes being controlled or handled. In the first handling snake was a symbol for the dreamer being so close to a woman who was whispering about him to her friend. In the second handling a snake was symbolic of the dreamer trying to confront his phobias. handling the snake was about him handling situations which he found difficult. In the third dream handling a snake was linked to the dreamer dealing with a bitter divorce. Whatever he did with his wife was provoking trouble. In the fourth dream trying to control a snake was a symbol for the dreamer feeling he could control a situation. The snake symbolised his wish to wind up a woman in a sneaky way. However, this backfired on him since he was the one wound up.

You might think that snakes represent deceit and bad feeling but nothing else. Well try reading this dream.

THE DREAM I pulled up to the woman's house who had just done some energy work on me the night before the dream. In my dream, she lived in the mountains with lots of plants and animals. It was sunny and warm out. There was a stream with fish in it near the parking area by her house. It was so beautiful! When I parked, I noticed this bright orange snake. I got out of my car to see that part of the snake was under my car. I thought I had run it over! :( But I just missed him. He was so full (from belly to throat) from all the fish he had just ate. He was too full to even move out of my way. When I got inside of my friend's house, there was a party inside!

The night before the dreamer had come home from an intense energy session that had sent her into euphoria for hours. She felt that this snake was symbolic of her kundalini being satisfied and flowing full of energy. If you read through this dream then the dreamers analysis seems consistent with this meaning. The snake is not associated with any negative emotions or situations. Its quite a happy dream. So the traditional meanings of snakes in dreams do not really apply.

In this case the snake seems linked to creativity and energy levels. The snake is very fully which is symbolic of her sessions satisfying her the night before.

Here is another dream with a slightly different meaning.

THE DREAM I was dreaming about a snake approaching to me. It was the biggest snake I have seen. It had bright colors and was really huge. I heard my best friend telling me "stay still. Turn your back slowly and just stay calm and it wont hurt you." And I did just as she said. The snake was about to come around me but I was still calm, although scared.

In real life the dreamer had just had a sexual experience with a man. This was their first time together. Actually a snake is an excellent symbol for sex especially if its a first encounter with someone. The snake moving is a good metaphor for a man's hand running over her body. Some people have mentioned that snakes can symbolise sex and here we can see why that's the case.

These last two dreams do emphasise how dreams about snakes can have slightly odd meanings. They can be sexual and creative metaphors. Sometimes this can be overemphasised. I once saw someone describe their dream from the previous night and it featured snakes bites. The dreamer came up with all sorts of Jungian explanations about this - claiming it was their shadow self breaking out or something similar. But it was actually quite clear to see the meaning. I knew for a fact that the dreamer had had an argument the night before. The snake striking and the feelings of fear within the dreamer were excellent metaphors for this very bitter dispute.

Negative emotions can easily be triggers for snake dreams. So if you have a snake dream simply write down any negative emotions that feature in your thoughts. If you have suspicions about your husband cheating it probably refers to that. If you fear that your Grandmother mother is near death then a snake may represent your fear of the worst.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Snakes dreams seem very complex and abstract by their very nature but they are probably much more simple to solve than most. Snakes point to traps and bad things in your life. Just ask yourself 'what is the biggest problem I currently face?".
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams tend to link to issues currently in our minds. Think about all the things that happened the day before and see what could link with a snake. A snake symbolises traps and problems. Look especially at difficult situations that involve liars or resentments. Think about situations about to develope on the day of the dream - traps you would hope to avoid.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of snakes in dreams as the word 'bad' or 'trap'. Then try to write down a few quotes which capture all major issues and in particular things that took place the day before. Think of quotes like "I really dislike my boss. He singled me out again yesterday', or "I think my sister is depressed - maybe I should try to cheer her up", or "I am looking forward to the big match on Saturday". Now look back at those quotes and see where the words 'bad' or 'trap' appear. If they do appear its possible that the dream relates directly to that issue.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in our short term memory banks. Then at night we start to work through and make sense of everything that happened. That's why dreams concentrate so much on the day before the dream. They are part of the process by which we integrate yesterdays feelings into long term emotions. So think through the things that happened yesterday and the new feelings as they developed.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams do not have to be about events. Dreams are about the things within your mind. A dream can be linked to fantasies within your life. If you suddenly become upset with a crush then that's enough to generate a dream. Dreams are about the stuff that is in your mind and it really does not matter if that is real or simply paranoia or fantasy.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Often we go to sleep upset in some way. Then when we wake up we feel healed. That petty argument we went to sleep thinking about has been put into perspective and its forgotten. Dreams then will concentrate on these subjects so if you went to sleep upset you know that this will generate a dream.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is one where we form concepts. One example of a conceptual thought is "I am trying to avoid trouble at work. I hope to defuse tension by bringing people together". So try to think up quotes which capture and sum up the current state of your feelings. The dream mind constructs these thoughts using symbols. So then try to look for evidence within these symbols of your own feelings.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dreams we have are like news bulletins which summarize the changes in our feelings. Think of ways in which your emotions have changed during the previous day. Think of the new feelings rising to the surface. Think of the little ways in which your view slightly changed.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about pivotal moments in our emotions. They represent change. For instance you may suddenly decide that someone you know is not to be trusted. So on balance you have decided to alter your view.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about our changing emotions. Do not expect dreams to give perfect advice on the pressing issues of the day. They can be linked to telepathy and psychic activity yet the vast majority of dreams link to the way we are relating to life and issues at hand. Our feelings are complex and often confused. The dreams may link to some clear path of action. But expect that clear path to change. Our own emotions are very fickle. Dreams by their very nature concentrate on difficult and tricky subjects. We may even have two dreams in the same night which contain two completely opposite thoughts on the same subject.


SNAKES : Snakes are in some ways quite difficult but in other ways rather easy symbols., They are difficult because they can refer to lots of things such as an awkward sexual encounter, a person you do not get on with, a person who is deceitful, and a fear that some bad thing may happen very quickly. But all these things can be reduced to some simple questions - what is the biggest problem in your life right now? What do you fear in the day to come? What difficult relationship is causing you problems? What problems are you wrestling with?

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I do not want to be drawn into that dispute"
- "she tries to twist everything I say"
- "I feel she could die at any moment "
- "I am terrified - it could happen at any moment"
- "Its such a difficult relationship"
-"I was singled out for criticism"
- "She snaps at me"
- "He complained"
- "They started fighting"
- "I just cannot deal with that"
- "You ought to be wary of him"
- "I do not like being in that atmosphere"
- "I know she thinks I am trying to avoid the blame"
- "I realise now that I was wrong to deceive my ex girlfriend"
- "Its a task which I cannot seem to conquer - I am just lacking creativity and insight"
- "it could have been a phallic symbol"


SPIDERS : Spiders are a little like snakes in that they usually refer to something bad in your life. They will usually refer to some situation where you feel trapped or stuck. Perhaps you dislike your job and wish to move to something more interesting. Perhaps you feel stuck in a relationship. Just think of those emotions about being caught in a spiders web. Where do you feel that same sense in real life or been unable to move.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I feel trapped in depression"
- "My family will just not let me have my freedom"
- "I don’t feel she can ever escape from this situation she has got herself in"
- "I feel trapped in my job"
- "I am just stuck here"
- "I feel unable to make a decision"

SNAKES in dreams : Real dreams tend to reveal many and varied uses of snakes. Sometimes it can be a bad symbol but many times it just links to day to day things
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