Dream interpretation - skies and sky as dream symbols

THE DREAM I dreamt that the skies were destroyed

THE REALITY On this day the dreamer died

DREAM INTERPRETATION The skies are complex symbols. They link with ideas, anticipation of change and your outlook for the future. In this case the dreamer died on the very day of this dream. Maybe this was a premonition of that. So if the skies link to the future and possiblity of change then its an excellent symbol for death.

Dream Symbols
SKY : "the dreamers outlook towards the future - in this case there was none as he died that day"
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of the skies in dreams as the phrase "outlook for the future" . Then try to write down a few quotes which capture all major issues and in particular things that took place the day before. Think of quotes like "I am feeling rather optimistic today"", or "I feel my girlfriend is not "serious enough about our relationship", or "yesterday was rather slow and I got really bored at work". Now read back through these quotes and see which could have any link to the phrase "outlook for the future". If there does appear to be a connection then that dream symbols meaning could directly relate to that symbol.
THE DREAM I started off standing up inside this stone grave thing which had its top off, and there where loads of dark figures like going around the outside of it and I was literally terrified. Then I looked up and there was this bright light in the sky and I felt so happy and calm it was amazing. Then I woke up. Its strange though that when I woke up I was ecstatic. I was happy for that whole morning.

THE REALITY Nothing much happened the day before or on the day of the dream. Yet the dreamer felt overcome with happiness.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Some dreams merely capture a sense of emotion. This is one such dream. This captured the dreamers mood on waking and the dream reflects the optomistic way she looked forward towards the day. The bright skies and happy feelings literally link to her own optomistic state of mind on waking. The skies are symbols of the future(as opposed to the land which links to the facts about our life).

The earlier part of the dream is probably less understandable. But graves symbolise how we are burying and letting go of bad feelings. They link with change. In this sense they capture the change in mood of the dreamer and the new optomism.

Dream Symbols
BRIGHT : "capturing the dreamers feelings of enlightenment"
CALM : "a lack of anxiety about something"
GRAVE : "a new start - letting go of the past"
SKY : "the dreamers outlook towards the future - feeling happy and optomistic"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I woke up today and just feel fantastic today. I just feel very optomistic and happy."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then atnight we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dreams. They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.
THE DREAM I dreamt of me and a boy having sex and the sky was red.

THE REALITY later in reality the became the dreamers boyfriend and she lost her virginity with him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is certainly possible to see this dream as a premonition. Of course its possible it was not. The dream would be fairly literal if such was the case. Its easy to misinterpret such dreams as we may have lots of dreams about people we are in love with.

The sky does however link as a symbol of the future. It may symbolise the thinsg which are uncertain in our lives. The land basically symbolises our day to day reality, the sea symbolises our feelings and the sky can link to things which are uncertain and which may happen in the future.

Its certainly possible to see this dream either as a premonition but equally it may be a simple dream symbolising our wishes for the future.

Symbolic Meaning
RED : "male emotions sudden and immediate - passion"
SKY : "anticipating change in the near future - seeing things happen in your mind"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really fancy the guy in this dream. I think it was actually a premonition of when I lost my virginity to him"

THE DREAM The sun was shinning brightly as I walked through a large meadow with a colleague from work. Off in the distance a bird was flying toward us with a noted sense of purpose. Once this bird had reached our location, it hovered above and one became two (meaning the bird had split into two separate birds, each joined together at the wing tip). The birds then began rotating in separate directions, displaying a beautiful kaleidoscope of shape and color in the sky. I viewed this display in amazement, asking if he too was viewing this awesome display. He smiled and shook his head to indicate a yes. The birds then stopped rotating, two became one, and the bird then flew back off into the distance.

At this point we continued on our journey. Suddenly day became night, and we found ourselves in some sort of village. Walking on a cobblestone street, we stopped to admired the street lamps (there was nothing electrical about them) as well as the beautiful buildings (or architecture) of this quaint village.

We came upon our destination (a shop), peered through the window, and seen this man (another man with whom we work with in real life), fussing about. We entered the shop and were greeted. He was so happy to see us, yet was flustered, since he felt that things just weren’t in order for our arrival. My companion and I looked at each other, quite puzzled, since we could not understand why it mattered. Everything, to us, was just fine. (Interpreted on www.Dreammoods.com)

THE REALITY The dreamer had for a long time been frustrated with the colleague at work who featured most in this dream. She enjoys a love hate relationship with him. He is able to construct and verbalizes his thoughts quite well but he does tend to slow up progression whenever engaged in "tunnel vision". She has learned to live with his habits and does admire him for his individuality.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams often help us form our emotions and help us understand people that we work with. The rational mind cannot deal with and form emotions. Instead this is left to the dreammind - the unconscious. Emotions and feelings about people are often very complex - they weigh up good points and bad points. They provide a balanced judgment.

Often its best to try to work the opposite way round. Instead of trying to understand the dream symbols first try to understand what you think about a person. This dreamer had very strong opinions about her work colleague. He had a tendency to frustrate her with long arguments yet the very qualities that she disliked about him were obviously qualities that she had learned to live with.

So given the strong views about what she thinks about this man what hints and consistencies are there in the dream symbols. In other words - dreams are symbolic representations of our thought processes so if we know what our views are on some issue then does there seem evidence to support them. The answer in this case is a very strong yes.

Villages are good symbols to start off this dream. They do indeed seem to connect with the dreamers views on her colleague. Towns in dreams are busy places and tend to link to thoughts which are very complicated - instances perhaps when we take into account the opinions of others. Villages are very much the opposite. They are symbols of restricted ways of thinking and tunnel vision. They show people thinking along certain lines and not wishing to consider anything else at all. Towns will tend to symbolise a person or decision which was made with regard to he opinions of others. This village links with the dreamers colleague who often had his own fixed ways of thinking.

The nature of the village also seems to support the dreamers opinions of her work colleague. The village is quaint and that maybe suggests that she sees this tendency of his to fixed opinions as a rather quaint and likable quality.

The lack of electricity also could be a suggestion that this tendency often disrupts the energy of her organisation. The group is stopped from moving in an energetic and dynamic way.

The beautiful architecture also builds up the richness of her thoughts. It suggests and corresponds to how she admires the way that he constructs and verbalizes his thoughts. His ideas are wonderfully constructed just like the buildings in the village.

So the dream can easily be connected with the dreams work colleague. Often if we have a dream about someone who is currently important in our lives then the dream will represent our thoughts about them. So we have some connections here. Let us now proceed and see what evidence there is to suggest a clear thought forming in the mind of the dreamer.

The shop is a symbol of options and opportunities. We go into shops to select what we want from the available options. In the context of a company then this may link to having to come to some decision having surveyed the facts. And decisions in companies are often formed through a group decision. Perhaps the other work colleague is flustered because he wishes to come to decisions quickly and promptly. Often there is pressure within an organisation to rush into business and decide some issue quickly in a dynamic way. So maybe this dream points to a moment when the dreamer went beyond frustration with her colleague and began to admire his bad habit of constructing his thoughts in a clear and elaborate way.

The dream begins with the bird which splits into two. Birds are often difficult symbols in dreams. They are somewhat abstract in what they mean. They can link to issues of communication. The sky often links to the future in dreams. The land often links to the facts on the ground. So the sky can logically link to issues which are undecided. The sky can link to things that we are anticipating. This is not a symbol which is inconsistent with the theme of this dream. Perhaps it links to issues which are undecided. The two birds could link to two strong opinions being put forward - two visions of the future. One could belong to the dreamer and the other to her work colleague. Maybe in this case she is guilty of the exact thing that she occasionally criticizes in her work colleague. She is too willing to explore in detail some undecided issue. Eventually the two birds join together and that is maybe also symbolic. Perhaps it shows that the two messages and visions eventually come together. That suggests that her work colleague is capable of compromise but at first must feel free to explore in great detail his own ideas(even against the will of the group).

So as a conclusion what can be said about this dream. Dreams are symbolic of thought processes and are often related to current events. The dream was too far back to spot the exact situation that triggered it. But a dream will often be formed by real life incidents the day before. Perhaps the flustered work colleague and the shop hint at what triggered this dream. The shop represents the need to come to a decision from the available options. So perhaps a meeting was been held the previous day and some people became frustrated at her work colleagues tendency to drag things out. But perhaps this dream marks a point when her feelings go beyond frustration. Out of all the long winded argument some moment of admiration is formed.

Dream Symbols
ARCHITECT : "how ideas are constructed and communicated"
BEAUTIFUL : "perfection - the dreamer admires her colleague because of his great skill in debate"
BIRD : "ideas about how to change things"
ELECTRIC : "enormous energy"
FUSS : "being very obvious and clear about what you want"
LAMP : "cast light on matter"
SHAPE : "rough outline of what you want"
SHOP : "choices - in this case the shop probably symbolises the companies options and the need to come to a decision"
SKY : "communication of ideas and feelings"
STREET : "complex issues where you consider lots of factors and the opinions of others"
VILLAGE : "remote and isolated ways of thinking - in this case the dreamers colleague who always has his own view - its always different from everyone elses "
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was frustrated again by a colleague at work. Everyone else is happy to let things go by but he always has to argue his case. It leads to huge delays but really you have got to admire him for the skill he has. He really argues his case well"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of birds in dreams as representing the phrases "my idea" or "an omen". Now write down several quotes which capture new feelings on important issues in your life. Also write down quotes which capture your feelings about what happened yesterday. Think of quotes such as "I could not stop thinking about my brother as he seems worried", or "I think the ideas I was suggesting at work seem to have been shelved", or "My son seems to be causing lots of arguments recently". Now think through those quotes and see where the phrases "my idea" or "an omen" could have any relevance. If there is a strong connection then you could have started to understand the meaning of the dream.
THE DREAM I think I was standing in the kitchen talking to my mom when a bug started flying around I was trying to swat it with a towel all of a sudden it turned into a bird. I grabbed it walked out side and let it go. It flew away for a second and then came back and landed on my finger. I held it up really high and it flew off. I stood there thinking it would come back but it never did. I went inside and a short time later I walked by the door and saw some cats outside. One of them was creeping around just a regular old gray and black striped cat. But another came from around the fence. This cat was a very strange cat the colors where deep rust red and white spots and very fluffy. The head was solid black. But this cat had a bird in its mouth so I got as close to it as I could to see if it was the bird I had let go early but it was a different color. Though I was sad the cat had killed the bird I was so relieved that it wasn’t the bird I had found.

THE REALITY The dreamers girlfriend had just come back from the military and seemed a little aloof. The dreamer wondered if this was related to him or to something else.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was certainly upset by his girlfriend being a little uninterested. But sometimes its difficult to know what the cause is. Birds often symbolise visions and omens. They symbolise your view about how the future will turn out.

The number two often symbolises some kind of question where there are two alternative answers. So the two birds symbolise the dreamer wondering if his girlfriends lack on interest was connected to his own actions or were related to something else.

Often birds are symbols of omens and signs about how things will turn out. So the is trying to read what this sign means. He has seen something in his girlfriends behavior that unsettles him. Its viewed as a sign. But he is not sure how to read it. That is why there are two birds because there are two alternative ways of reading it. He hopes and is relieved that the bird is
not the one he had found.

Kitchens are symbols of our plans. Clearly with his girlfriend being back from the army he was keen to make plans. So his future plans and recipes to make life interesting are claerly linked to reality.

Also the dream features the dreamers mother. Often people appear in dreams as symbols. A mothers appearance symbolises worries and concerns within the dreamer and a need for reassurance.

Dream Symbols
BIRD : "a sign of how things will turn out"
CAT : "independence - doing exactly as you please"
MOUTH : "things said"
WHITE : "clearness, clarity and understanding"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My ex girlfriend has just come back from the military. I am unsure of her feelings. She says she is going to meet with a guy. I kind of hoped we would get back together"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about pivotal moments in our emotions. They represent change. For instance you may suddenly decide that someone you know is not to be trusted. So on balance you have decided to alter your view.
THE DREAM I am flying down a river. Its a wonderful feeling of movement. I sweep down over boats and fly like a bird. I see factories. I then see Kathy who I know from college(she works there). She is a lot younger there. I also see the shipbuilding and the ferries. Its a nice dream with a feeling of elation.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been making friends with the local people at his college. He liked their down to earth nature and was starting to like them a lot.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often symbolic of new feelings developing in your mind. The dream featured some strong emotions so maybe its best to take this as a literal dream. The dream symbolised the way the dreamer was growing fond of the people around him. He was feeling connected with the earthy and working class people who had a good sense of humor.

Flying in dreams symbolises a sense of confidence within you and also strong connections with those around you. Shipbuilding and boats symbolise emotional connections and people able to communicate and feel "connected".

Symbolic Meanings
BOAT : "a sense of emotional connection with people around you"
FLY : "confidence and ability to adapt"
RIVER : "your energies devoted to some relationship"
THE DREAM In real life i am interested in a guy who also happens to be my best pal(I’ll call him Andy). So me and Andy are studying science (zoology) in college. Our professor announces that we all have to start working on projects, the theme would be related to zoology for which we would be taken out of town to explore for our projects and everyone would be working in pairs. The professor made all the pairs for working on projects, my female friend just tells me that she is happy to be paired up with her crush(about which no one had any idea). Then I just tell her that I wish that someone good would be my partner in my project(wasn’t even thinking about Andy at that moment). The professor comes to me and says," where have you been, I’ve been looking all over for you now your partner for project is(before he would announce Andy enters)him, you two are going to be together in it, best of luck." I just smiled and he too seemed to be happy to be with me. I tell him about the details of the project and theme(birds). I told him that first we will visit the bird sanctury and then find a good book, take photographs and tally it all.To all this he said,"wow, so you really had all these details worked out in advance. Ok, lets get started." And he is happy to go with the flow.

THE REALITY The dreamer is quite interested in the guy in the dream. He is also a best pal. But she was not sure exactly how to express her feelings.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If the land symbolises the facts about our lives then the sky is represents the future and the possibility of change. In real life the dreamer was feeling romantic feelings for the guy in the dream. She indeed was thinking about send some subtle hints out. Thats probably what these birds represent in this dream. Notice too that this is a bird sanctuary. Thats perhaps got a subtle symbolic meaning. If birds represent ideas and visions of the future then surely a bird sanctuary links to a wish for people to express freely and openly any thoughts they have. In this case it represents the dreamers wish to show openly and honestly some feelings for this guy. Yet she does not want to make a fool of herself. So this is about a mature exploration of her feelings and his.

Dream Symbols
BIRD : "I want to communicate my feelings to my friend that I have romantic feelings for him"
BIRD SANCTUARY : "I want us to be able to freely exchange our thoughts and feelings"
FRIENDS CRUSH : "the dreamers own crush on her pal"
GO WITH THE FLOW : "the dreamer wants to send out subtle hints to this guy she likes but also wants to go with the flow. If he does not want an involvement then she is OK with that"
PROFESSOR : "I want to think things out very carefully - her own well thought out feelings"
ZOO : "I do not want my emotions to spill out in an embarrassing animalistic way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got to think this through carefully. I do not want to embarrass myself by expressing my undying love for him. Yet I do want to send out some subtle hints that I am interested. Then when he understands that he can make his own choice."

THE DREAM I was in my classroom and my students were behaving very badly. It seems that nothing that I did would settle them down. Even one of my really well behaved students would misbehave even after losing his recess. I looked around for discipline slips but could not find any. Finally, I said to him that I would have to call the principal. I called him and he said that he would be down to my room. Before he came though, a severe storm struck the area. The roof was blown off the building then it was blown apart. We were now outside and getting the children ready to go home. One of the boy’s shoes was filled with water and he was barefoot, so I offered him mine to take. The radio announcer kept stating the schools would be let out early.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and was very unhappy with the situation at school. The school seemed to be winding down during the end of the summer term.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was a school teacher. His dreams often feature schools and so each dream will probably link to some doubts within his mind. The dream catches a sense that something odd is happening. When the good children start to misbehave we obviously take note. Yet in the dream the school and the principal seem to be the ones encouraging and reinforcing this mood.

The dream probably links then to the dream realising that it is he who is out of step. All the students and the other teachers are winding down towards the end of the term.

Dream Symbols
GOOD STUDENTS MISBEHAVE : "bad behavior from good students is something to take note of"
RADIO : "The signals being sent out by the school"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been upset at the attitude of my students. Yet the truth probably is that the rest of the school is winding down during this summer term whilst I wish to keep moving."

THE DREAM I dreamt about a dead Robin (the bird) in my bedroom on the floor. I was not the least bit afraid of the dead bird in my dream; although, in reality, a few weeks ago there was a dead Robin on our lawn, and I was "traumatized" every time I went outside to get in my car!!! Anyway, the dream was about me cleaning the bedroom of a lot of clutter on the floor and trying to find a bag to put the dead bird in.

THE REALITY The dreamer went to sleep that night after trying to explain why she was unhappy with his behavior. He did not agree with what she said.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its always worth bearing in mind what was on the dreamers mind before they go to bed. In this case she was trying to explain her feelings to him. She was trying to "clean up" her relationship a little and sort through some things. Its likely that the dream could link to this.

Dream Symbols
BED : "extremely personal issues - she feels her boyfriend is not listening to her personal feelings"
BIRD : "issues involving communication - here communication is dead because her boyfriend is not listening"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was trying to explain my feelings to my boyfriend about how he was behaving yet he just would not take it in."


SKY : The most interesting sky dream was mentioned by the Greek Artemidorus. He talks of a man who dreamt that the skies were destroyed. The day of the dream the man died. So in many ways the
sky may link to the future. The ground in dreams tends to symbolise the facts and reality of your situation. The skies are symbols of the future and the possibility of change and transformation. They link to ideas about the future and our general ability to transform and anticipate. They also link to changes which are looming in our near future.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "change and transformation"
- "changing my mind"
- "my current outlook"
- "anticipating problems"
- "generating and discussing ideas"
- "my feelings about the future"
- "wondering what will happen"


BIRDS : The sky in dreams generally links to the future or the possibility of change. Birds tend to be linked to omens and signs that things may turn out in a certain way. But birds are also symbols of ideas and proposals that things may change. So really birds are symbols of specific thoughts and feelings about how your life may change. They are about signs, omens, visions, ideas, proposals, and thoughts about how things may turn out.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I made a proposal"
- "My idea has not been accepted"
- "my vision of the future"
- "an omen or bad sign"
- "a premonition"
- "something that could happen"
- "it did not happen but it could easily have done"

STORM : Anything that takes place on the ground in dreams deals with the facts and reality of your life. The sky links with ideas and the possibility of change. So the storms may link to a sense of uncertainty and turbulence in your mind. But often people get storm dream sand feel no stress or worries about the future. But really dreams can be related to specific issues and stress and uncertainty associated with one thing.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am not looking forward to telling him"
- "it could create problems"
- "I have been in a mess recently"
- "the weather was bad yesterday

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