Dream interpretation - Sex, nudity and attraction as dream symbols

THE DREAM On Friday night the last person I talked to on the phone I dreamed about. This man is someone I have absolutely no romantic interest in (I’ve known him all my life and he and I go to the same church in fact on the phone we were talking about church business). I dreamed that he and I were in bed together about to have sex and then his looks changed he was someone else although I could not see his face real well I know he was another person of another race. ( I’ve never dated outside of my race). Maybe I dreamed about him because I talked to him on the phone before going to bed but why the sexual nature - I almost want to say YUCK!

THE REALITY The dreamer had been on the phone with the man in the dream about church business the night before. He was trying to get her to get her involved in a particular activity - yet this would have brought her into contact with someone she really didn’t like

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams do link with recent events. They especially link to the day before as we process through and integrate new thoughts from then into long term memories. So its significant that the dreamer had a dream about someone she had just been on the phone with. So this is very much a classic case. How could the symbols in this dream link to reality.

Dreams build up meanings by comparing one thing to another which has the same emotional meaning. "Getting in bed" is a phrase in use in the English language. It shows that you are coming to some agreement about something. It links to a plot or plan that is being hatched. Here the man phoning was trying to get her to agree on some issue and he was showing her just how attractive some idea was.

Sex in dreams often links to something that is been seen or portrayed a attractive and pleasurable. But in the dream the major emotion here is that this is highly unattractive. That links to the exact real life thoughts and feelings on the mind of the dreamer.

Dream Symbols
BED : "a very personal request - the dreamer received a very personal request for help with some church task"
BED : "working very closely with someone in some way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was on the phone with the man in the dream the evening before. He was trying to get me to do something for the church"

THE DREAM I was walking into my friends shop. I felt nervous about going in. I felt as if I needed an excuse and reason to go in. Later I was on one of the computers in the shop. I was looking at porn pictures.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had felt nervous about going into his local community centre. That day one of the less regular volunteers was in charge. The dreamer was worried that people might think he was using the centre too much for his own reasons. That he was just abusing the centre. So he did not go into the centre that day. The dreamer had also recently felt nervous about going into his friends shop.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams do seem to link to recent events. Its always best to see if there is a link to recent event before exploring other ideas. The day before is extremely important. The day before this dream the dreamer did change his behavior. He usually would have gone to his local community centre. Yet he turned back because he realized that a particular volunteer was in charge that day. The dream then could explore some thoughts surrounding this.

One obvious link was with his friends shop. The dreamer had felt a similar sense of inhibtion with his friends shop. He had been using his friends shop to get access to the internet. It was the same thing in the community centre. He felt worried that others may feel that he was using the computers for a useful purpose. He was interested in psychic phenomena. He often felt embarrassed looking at such sites though.

The porn was an excellent metaphor. Looking at porn is something that is usually done alone. Its rather sordid and embarassing. Its not something that people and it to or openly look at in front of others. In real life the dreamer felt that his interests on the internet maybe seen as sordid or strange. He liked to pursue these interests on his own. He often felt guilty about looking at weird spiritual sites.

Dream Symbols
PORN : "The dreamer felt that others would see his interests in on the internet(psychic phenomena) as strange and sordid - just like porn"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I don’t like going into my friends shop or down to the community centre to use the internet. I feel worried that people do not like what I do on the internet. That was especially the case yesterday. I feel embarrassed looking at psychic websites. "
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of sex in dreams as the word "attractive". Then try to write down a few quotes which capture all major issues and in particular things that took place the day before. Think of quotes like "It would be absolutely fantastic if I could find a ticket for the England versus Germany football match", or "I think I still need to rest my injured foot", or "I am still not getting along with my boss. Its annoying me." Now look back at the quotes and see where the word "attractive " appears or may have some relevance. In this case the word "attractive" seems to link to the wish to get tickets for the sporting event. The dream symbols meaning may directly link to that issue.
THE DREAM - I am looking at three sexily dressed ladies legs. Then I think of a Coworker whom I did not choose to take part in a major project

THE REALITY At work the previous day the dreamer had perhaps too readily excluded a coworker from a project. He felt that his emotions had maybe given away a prejudice that the dreamer had for his coworker He had perhaps revealed himself too readily.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream was a work dream so the dreamer focused on work issues and also things that he had been working through his mind. There was one major little incident from the day before at work.

Legs are a symbol of direction. In this case they are very sexy legs - and the feeling in the dream was that "these legs were really very very good". That emotional feeling perfectly mimicked the feeling he had when excluding a coworker from a project. It was something that he could very easily agree to was a good thing.

This dream maybe ponders on how he had been perhaps too obvious in agreeing the exclusion of a coworker It may reveal exactly how he felt. He did not want to appear to be targeting this person. Above all it was the vigor with which he excluded the coworker He felt this may allow people to see him in a whole new way.

Dream Symbols
DRESSED : "unconscious signals you send to people"
SEXILY DRESSED : "something is really very appealing - the dreamer found it VERY APPEALING not to work with this coworker"
THREE : "a choice - the dreamer could have acted in a different way perhaps "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think I was a bit too obvious in showing my feelings at work yesterday. I know I dislike him intensely but I do not want to seem too prejudiced against him"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is really very strong. That is no coincidence. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we start to transfer these into long term memory banks and at the same time we start to integrate these into long term emotions. Then finally we clear short term memory banks ready for the day ahead. So dreams will tend to link to the day before and to ways in which we have been altering our thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAM - The dream starts with me choosing a magazine in a store. I want a magazine with lots of pictures of pretty girls in.

There is this girl - she is very pretty. She is going in the opposite direction to me. I find out that her parents are not going to be away for the night. If the parents had not been home then I had the intention of having sex with the girl.

THE REALITY The dreamers boss was back from holiday and the dream represented the wish for the continuance of the good times from a week before

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream came the first day the dreamers boss was back from a weeks holiday. The magazine with beautiful women in represented the various good times the dreamer had had whilst the boss was away. The store represents the willingness for more good times.

Often pretty girls can symbolize good times and good feelings for men. But the girl was going in the opposite direction showing that some feeling was now less accessible or attainable.

So one thing to notice from this dream was that the dream was about INTENTIONS. The intention to get the girl and the intention to get away with an easy life whilst the boss was away.

Dream Symbols
OPPOSITE DIRECTION :"this week things will be going in the opposite direction. The good times have passed and now things are going in reverse"
PARENTS : "sensible - the parents represent the dreamers boss so the dreamer has to improve his own behavior"
PICTURE : "picturing the way he wants things to be - the dreamer wants to have things like they were the previous week "
STORE : "the choices available to you at present - the dreamers opportunities to have an easy time at work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It would be great if things could continue in the same way they were last week. The boss was away and I could do whatever I wanted"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams do not have to be about events. Dreams are about the things within your mind. A dream can be linked to fantasies within your life. If you suddenly become upset with a crush then that's enough to generate a dream. Dreams are about the stuff that is in your mind and it really does not matter if that is real or simply paranoia or fantasy.
THE DREAM - One of the people high up in in the company I work for was mentioning his wife was going to do a topless shoot for the Daily Mail.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had taken a day off claiming sickness but this was a false claim.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Nudity is often associated with being exposed - of the truth being revealed

Dream Symbols
TOPLESS : "a fear that the truth is going to be revealed"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I took a day off work yesterday. I am scared I will be found out though."

THE DREAM I am near my childhood home. I charge right up a grass bank which is very steep in a very athletic move - its all very easy. I then start to go down towards the beach. There appears to be an emergency down there. I then see this Spanish girl that I know very vaguely. She is attractive and I touch her in reassurance as she passes. She then touches this well built hunk guy in a similar fashion

THE REALITY The dreamer had faced criticism in real life. A woman he knew was asking for some help. He decided to print something off the Internet and considered that to be a great help to her. His help was lacking in the personal touch. At first he was very angry at this criticism and resented it. However, he realised that the way he had acted was rather unthinking. The woman believed that she would help people in a very personal and caring manner - not just rush something off the Internet.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well I think I should have offered a bit more personal help to her. I think she was depending on me"

DREAM INTERPRETATION Clearly in the dream the issue of "personal touch" comes up. The dreamer gently touches someone he likes and then that person touches somebody she likes. The dream also involves this issue of an emergency. So from that its possible to work out what the issue is about. The dreamer had realised that the issue a woman had raised with him was indeed of great importance. It needed to be dealt with in an immediate and very personal way. The dreamer had now realised that he had failed to do this.

The message was clear. The dreamer found this girl appealing yet she did not find him appealing. Perhaps he thought he was doing something that she would find attractive yet clearly what she felt was attractive was something entirely different instead.

Dream Symbols
ATTRACTIVE : "something that is appealing - the dreamers friend really wanted a little more help"
BANK : "someone or something you can rely on - his friend wanted to rely on him"
EMERGENCY : "urgent problems - the dreamer should have helped out with the friends emergency problem the day before"
FOREIGN : "an unfamiliar experience"
SIMILAR : "expecting people to treat you the way you treat them"
TOUCH : "the personal touch - the dreamer felt he should have offered the personal touch the day before"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Do not expect dreams to have simplistic meanings. Many dream dictionaries use dream symbols in simplistic ways such as "sex in dreams symbolises how you find some offer very attractive". Think of dreams more like words - sex can easily be translated into the word "attractive" yet think of the many ways in which these can be used. Think of the quotes - "I want to encourage my friend to come to the seaside this weekend by making it sound very attractive", or "My husband really enjoys eating and simply cannot turn down anything that looks good", or "My present job seemed so attractive yet now I am so unhappy". It is likely that dreams use dream symbols to express thoughts about the past and the future. Much of this language is difficult to understand but at least try to think through the various complex ways a symbol maybe used.
THE DREAM I had a dream that my husband and I went on a trip and there was a woman that just went to him and started kissing him. He looked so happy and enjoyed kissing her and I thought "what a hell, I will let him enjoy it for a while, he looks happy" and I went out on the porch. Then waited there for few minutes and then I thought: "well he is probably done kissing her", but when I went inside he wasn’t there. Then I was mad and I thought :"that idiot, now he is going to have sex with her". Why did I let him kissing her. Then I woke up while I was looking for him.

THE REALITY The night before the dream the dreamer took her husband out to dinner for his birthday. He looked so happy and enjoyed the food, ate more then he should and was a uncomfortable later. Usually the dreamer tries to remind him not to each too much but that night she thought, "he looks so happy and enjoying the food I will let him eat as much as he wants and whatever he wants". In her dream she had the exact same feeling cross her mind.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I took my husband out for dinner last night. He really enjoyed himself but probably ate too much. He just cannot turn down something that he likes."

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams use metaphors to express their meanings. In this dream the dreamers husband goes overboard and has sex with these other women. It is the feeling that is important. The husband has overstepped the mark.

The exact same feelings were expressed in the dream as in real life. The dream is about her feelings about her husband and his inability to control himself. He did not stop at kissing these other women. That is the point the dream is making. The exact story line is irrelevant. The dream expresses the dreamers wish for her husband to behave with moderation.

Its exactly the kind of thing that people dream about. The dreamer is looking at some new feeling based on her experience from the night before. The emotions in her mind are updated by the dream. Many people would think it odd that the dream about kissing is actually about her husband over eating yet dreams are symbolic. They use metaphors. They say that one thing is like another thing. That is how feelings are formed. That is how the intuitive unconscious brain works. It uses metaphors. A dream will not compare one thing to itself. Its pointless saying that a sunset is like a sunset. A dream will compare a sunset to a beautiful woman bathing or to something else equally evocative.

Dream Symbols
SEX : "something appealing - the dreamers husband found the food attractive and simply couldn’t control himself"
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : If nothing happens on any given day then dreams maybe difficult to understand. If no pressing problems or nothing unusual happens then dreams will still occur yet they will not be important dreams.
THE DREAM I’ve been having these dreams lately. In my dreams I’m always a girl (I’m a guy in real life), or I start out a guy and end up changing into a woman. I always look the same when I transform too. And when I transform, I try to make sure no one else finds out who I really am because I feel I will be made fun of for not being a guy any more and people might look at me as a freak.

THE REALITY The dreamer often dislikes the worst tendencies within men especially the naturally arrogance, macho-wanna-be, and other negative tendencies. The dreamer tends to have many more females as friends than men. He is not homosexual.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Men changing into women and women who are male characters in dreams are actually quite common. These sex change dreams do not link to sexual issues in the most part. In this case the dreamer had no issues about his sexuality. He did rather dislike the worst aspects of men in general. His friends were mostly women so its a dream about him cherishing his feminine side.

Being a man with lots of girls as friends he maybe often felt embarrassed to be male if a man had behaved badly. He may listen to lots of stories about the behavior of bad boyfriends who treat his friends like dirt. So he would try to disassociate himself from such male behavior.

It is pointless looking for extreme explanations to dreams when simple ones exist. The dreamer was proud of his feminine side. He was happy to spend time on his appearance. This dream does not mean he wants to be a woman. In reality we all have a male side and we all have a feminine side. Its just about the proportions. But our male side and feminine sides are not really linked to sexuality. They are about our personality.

Many people would see such dreams as a possible homosexual tendency within the dreamer. Maybe they have a side that they do not like to admit. But if the dreamer has no issues as far as that is concerned then do not try to impose some meaning that is not there. Subconscious feelings will include things that we do not like to admit. But this dreamer has no issues. Dreams symbolise our emotions so look for evidence of emotions that match your dream symbols.

Men tend to represent aggression. That is good in some respects. It links to assertiveness and determination. Resolve is always a good tendency if its kept under control. Women link to female tendencies. Women tend to be better at communication and also tend to be more in touch with their intuitive emotions. They sense things whereas males tend to use rationality.

Male and females both have good stereotypes and bad stereotypes. Women tend to be more passive whilst males can be over aggressive and stubborn. Its a matter of striking a balance.

In this case the dreams may not just be about his own male and feminine sides. It maybe more linked to having to deal with being a male with mainly female friends. If he is ashamed of his sex change in the dream it may show that he is trying to fend off comments about his sexuality. He likes his own feminine side but we all face pressure from other people. Both males and females can turn on someone if they show signs of being gay. Its not so much of him dealing with his own personality. He is happy in himself. Its more about how other people deal with his personality. Some people do not like men showing too much emotions or taking excessive interest in their appearance.

In reality we all tend to act in a feminine way in some situations yet in other situations we act in a male way. These dreams deal with a variety of responses that he faces. Even males with highly developed feminine sides will occasionally tend to dismiss and hide their own feminine side. It all come down to the situation. A male may want to generally express his feminine side but if he is in a situation with his grandmother then he may feel immense pressure to show his male characteristics.

In reality we all have a male and female side and dreams like this are about the constant battle between the two sides and the pressure of other people.

Dream Symbols
PEOPLE : "standards of behavior - the dreamer does not like male macho tendencies"
WOMAN : "the dreamer turns into a woman because he is happy showing female characteristics such as good communication and a wish to explore his emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not gay but sometimes I hate male tendencies. I like to express my emotions."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams represent the questions we are asking ourselves so if you went to sleep asking yourself - "should I have really behaved the way I behaved yesterday?" then the dreams you have will probably link to that dilemma.
THE DREAM There was a guy and me. This guy I have feelings for (don’t know who he was in real life). He wasn’t in a very good mood, so I tried to cheer him up, I started kissing him all over his stomach. He had a temporary tattoo of white lips. I remember kissing it. Those lips were so vibrant and white, and on a white person’s skin even. I woke up with such a vivid picture of them in my mind.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in a relationship but things were not going so well. The dreamer was trying to open up communication but things were not going so well.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream featured a man that the dreamer had feelings for. If she is in a relationship its very probable that the dream links to her current feelings about the state of the relationship. She had a real problem with the communication in the relationship at that moment. He was really not opening up.

Kissing is often a sign that you feel attracted to some idea. The lips are a symbol connected with the mouth. So lips can link easily with issues connected with communication(we speak through our mouths). So perhaps this is a symbol of his willingness to communicate - or of her wish that he starts to talk.

The tattoo would seem connected to his behavior. It is on him. The stomach is a difficult symbol. Some people suggest that it links to your guts and courage. It would therefore be about his guts and courage to talk through issues. Stomachs are also where we digest food. So perhaps the stomach links to his need to digest her strong desire for him to communicate.

The tattoo in that sense would be linked to her wish that he openly and publicly states that he wishes to communicate - or at least that he understands her need to talk.

Dream Symbols
KISS : "the dreamer was trying to show affection"
LIPS : "communication - the dreamer had been talking to her boyfriend trying to open communication"
TATTOO : "being quite open about something - showing her feelings and deep attachment to him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not seem to be getting along with my man. I have been trying to talk to him but he does not seem to want to talk back."

THE DREAM I was in a pub kissing a man whom I know.

THE REALITY The previous evening the dreamer (also male )was talking with the man in the dream in a pub. The man was revealing his thoughts about his marriage. He had just broken up with his wife.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was not gay. The kiss in the dream merely showed that he was trying to empathize and agree with his friends trouble. He had come into very close contact with the friend personal and inner thoughts. Cleopatra Computer dictionary - relevant references KISS : "embrace some thought or belief"

Dream Symbols
SEX : "the sex represents the increasingly close bond between the dreamer and his friend. He has helped talk him through his problems"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was talking with my friend in the pub last night. I got to hear all the intimate details of his love life. I felt an increasingly close bond with him and sympathy for him."

THE DREAM I am with some guy. He appears to be my boyfriend(I am male and not homosexual). I kiss him and think that its not really what I was looking for.

Later I am in a shop. I am looking at little gadgets such as remote controls. I decide I do not want one so put it back on the shelf. There is also some plants that grow in an aquarium. But then someone says that they are looking to be fed and they will probably die - "they usually die two months after leaving Afghanistan as they are not fed".

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer had been talking with a girl he knows. She was wanting to talk and she was forcing a very close friendship on him that he was not that keen on. But he figured that if he let her talk through her problems she may simply get bored and her interest would wane. If he did nothing major to encourage her things would settle down. The previous night the dreamer was watching TV and it was said that there were thousands of people who had been through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and they are now living in the west.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream involves a very close intimate relationship. Its often worthwhile looking to the previous day and see if some relationship had become especially intimate or close. In this case there was. So the dream confirms the dreamers thoughts that he was getting into a relationship that was not wished for(in the dream he clearly thinks this is not what he is looking for).

But why in this case is the dream featuring a homosexual relationship? It probably symbolises the fact that he is having a close relationship with a member of the opposite sex but that this is in no way sexual.

In the shop he is assessing his options(you go into a shop and choose what you want from the options available). The remote control is a clear double meaning - he realises that the girl is often impressionable and maybe he doesn’t want to get involved in relationship involving control.

The last section dealing with plants that are from Afghanistan deals links to the issue of suicide bombers. This is connected with the issue about the girl because he felt that she was impressionable and liable to be controlled and influenced. He did not want to be in such a relationship. The plants dying links to how he hopes her interest and insistence that they talk closely and intimately will eventually die down. Suicide is often a linked with someone just simply giving up.

The last section may deal with some of his worst fears. This girl going insane is clearly linked with the fears about world terrorism. This section is a little less clearly understood yet it does seem to make some sense.

Dream Symbols
AQUARIUM : "studying emotions - the dreamer is looking at new feelings forming within his friend"
DIE : "the dreamer hopes his friend will stop trying to develop the relationship"
FED : "encouraging something - the dreamer hopes that she will stop pestering him if he ignores her"
HOMOSEXUAL : "a relationship with the opposite sex where you do not feel any sexual feelings"
REMOTE CONTROL : "the dreamer feels his friend is too impressionable and he would be too much of a position of dominance"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present - in this case it represents what he wants from his relationship with his friend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "she keeps trying to talk to me and become closer. If I just ignore it she will maybe go away. I do not like forming a relationship with her as I feel she is too impressionable"

THE DREAM I keep on having dreams about my brother in law, they are not always sexual, but sometimes they are very sexual. He is everything my husband is not. He’s kind, has a good job, good looking(my husband is good looking, but not as good looking as his brother), owns his own home, and raised his daughter alone, which I admire very much. The dreams always end up differently. Sometimes I am rejected and sometimes I am not. Yet I think about him often. I am not his type, yet he is always so kind. Out of 5 brothers he is the one with his act together. We get along very well, but he lives 200 miles away and we rarely see him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams use people as symbols. This dreamer maybe attracted to her brother in law. But most importantly he symbolises the characteristics that she likes in a man. Often sex in dreams links not to someone you are attracted to but to an attraction to some quality they have in their personality.

The best way to think about a dream like this is for the dreamer to honestly ask themselves the question : Am I attracted to this man in an open sexual way. If not then his appearance in the dream is symbolic in some way. Many Freudian theories tend to emphasise sexual desires which are hidden within us. But these are often exaggerated and not based in reality. Clearly, if the dreamer is not harboring a sexual attraction then there is no need to impose one. She is the best person to judge this.

There is clear evidence that the dreamer looks upon the man in an openly stereotyped fashion as an ideal. There is no reason to move beyond that point. This dream and the others that she has about this man link to the recurring theme in her life. She continues to see him as an ideal and someone who she wishes her husband was more like.

Dream Symbols
SEX : "a strong attraction - the dreamer is strongly attracted to many features of her brother in law. Yet this is not a sexual attraction"


SEX : Sex in dreams can mean lots of things so it may confuse you. Of course sex can link to sexual feelings and to arousal so look for such obvious interpretations. Think about the day before the dream and if you had a very intimate conversation with someone. But sex can also link to something that you find attractive and appealing. It maybe a symbol for something that you really want(which can be anything).

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I woke up aroused"
- "I really fancy this woman at work"
- "I know he is acting like that because he fancies me"
- "I admire him as a person. He has many attractive qualities"
- "that is a very appealing and tempting offer"
- "we came to a close agreement"
- "He made a very personal appeal to me"
- "she couldn’t praise me enough"
- "He has been telling me all the intimate details of his relationship"
- "he has to make it more appealing for me before I become interested"


UNDRESSING : If we undress we show ourselves for what we are. In dreams undressing may suggest that we are showing our true feelings. Maybe you have decided to tell someone exactly how you feel about them. But undressing may show that you are tantalizing someone with the truth or they may casually reveal some secret of yours.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "being open and honest"
- "revealing my true feelings"
- "revealing what you know"
- "telling secrets "

GAY SEX/CHANGING SEX : Gay sex in dreams can simply mean that you are experiencing a close bond of friendship with the person in the dream. If you have no inclinations towards having sex with members of the same sex do not regard such a dream as indicating any hidden tendencies. QUESTIONS(to help you find out how this symbol relates to you) : Have you recently become much closer to the person in the dream you had sex with?

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