Dream interpretation - Seas,fish,ships and boats as dream symbols

THE DREAM I was on a beach with my fiance standing to my right – it was the scene of an idyllic picture – the calm smooth blue water in front of us – it was like a small bay. There was a couple in front of us as well and they were watching their daughter swimming in the water – she was coming towards the shore. In the next moment I see a black fin slicing through the water and I start to panic for the young girl, maybe 12, and I start yelling for her to swim faster only the fin Isn’t going towards her it’s coming towards me (the parents of the girl and the girl herself not at all bothered by this shark – the girl has reached shore safely. The parents have never turned their faced toward me but I do catch a glimpse of the girl who it appears s either autistic or has down syndrome or something like that) Meanwhile I watch this fin coming closer to the shore and then another to the right of me is doing the same. I’m not too scared because it’s not like it can come on shore can it? Only it does – the one shark that I thought was going after the girl is on shore and snarling at me and thrashing around trying to get closer. it’s black and it’s vicious and it’s hideous and evil. The shark that is still in the water is also with its mouth wide open. If a shark could roar that's what they were both doing.

THE REALITY The dreamer was determined to split up with her fiance. He was verbally abusive, possessive and jealous. She had started having bad dreams and feelings of nervousness. Her fiance knew it was over - she had been trying to get this across for sometime. She felt it should be over by the weekend. She knew he was bad for her yet still had difficulty letting go.

THE INTERPRETATION If something big is happening in your life then it almost certainly will be the cause of the dreams that you have. The bigger the event or feeling then the more likely it is to cause a dream. This dreaer was on the verge of breaking up with a rather difficult fiance. The dream therefore links to this in some way. It could show worries about how things will turn out. It may link to the dreamers assessment of how they are behaving - picking on their own faults. Somehow the dream will link. With such a dream we can peer into the dream mind and try to guess how it works.

One very noticable feature of this dream is not the symbols but the part at the end. The shark cannot go onto the land - but seemingly it manages to thrash about on the land. This shows that the dreamer is assessing just how bad things can get. There was a limit to what he could do. She definitely feels that he will not take the breakup lightly. Yet it will soon be over and there will nothing that he could do about it. Yet still the shark manages to get onshore? Maybe this links to nagging doubts. We are all dogged by these.

What about the other symbols? Perhaps the autistic girl symbolises the dreamers own inability to let go. She was aware of this herself. The austistic girl being vulnerable. Unable to show her true emotions properly. Yet she was clearly aware of these inabilities to let go. So that's perhaps why the family never sense danger.

Overall the dream does reveal the dreamers own insight into her situation. She was aware of the danger yet she knew that there was a limit - a boundary beyond which her fiance could not pass. Yet with major breakups its never easy. She was merely aware of the unpredicatable nature of the situation. With strong emotions things can get easily out of hand.

Dream Symbol
AUTISTIC : "The dreamer feels that she has some difficulty showing her true feelings. This makes her vulnerable to her fiance. She admitted that she had trouble letting go"
SHARK : Her fiancés jealous and possessive nature""
SHARK ON LAND: "The dreamer feels that there is a limit to the trouble her fiance could cause. There were limits to what could happen. But still she fears unexpected consquences."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My relationship with my fiance is soon going to be over. He knows its over. It should be finished by the weekend. I do fear what may happen. But really there is so much he can do. Yet at the back of my mind I am a little worried of course. "

THE DREAM I dreamt that a shark bit me. It was my right hand-inside the palm. It was sort of sewn shut by the doctors. I couldn’t see the stitches, only a little where the flesh underneath my pinkie finger is. My ex boyfriend was in my life but totally unavailable. No caring or nurturing from him. I don’t remember being bitten or chased by the shark. It wasn’t scary in that sense. It was as though I'd already been bitten but no memory of what the experience was like. I feel like I was showing off my wounded hand to everyone I'd come in contact with. It was an exciting feeling. I was proud. I survived.

THE REALITY Although the dreamer was still living with her boyfriend - the relationship had come to an end. She was in the process of moving out. He had always been emotionally unavailable and unable to communicate on all levels. She was relieved the relationship is completed and definitely looking forward to my future.

THE INTERPRETATION Relationships dreams will often link simply to some aspect of that relationship. Often just asking the dreamer what their feelings are right now will reveal the meaning of the dream. Dreams link to prominent new feelings and so any background information summing up their relationship will probably reveal the meaning of any dream.

In real life the dreamer said her boyfriend was unable to communicate on all levels. He was emotionally unresponsive. Those feelings are very well highlighted in the dream . Why look for some complex meaning. The dream simply uses a rather absurd storyline to show exactly how the dreamer is feeling towards her boyfriend. Some crisis occurs and her boyfriend is not there for her. That's exactly how she feels in real life. So the dream is pinpointing the exact reasons inside her head for ending the relationship.

In real life no major crisis had occurred. That's indicated in the dream. In the dreamer has no recollection of the shark attack. It probably therefore represents the thoughts that the dreamer had about her ex boyfriend and how he would have behaved if some crises had occured.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIEND IS UNAVAILABLE : "In real life her boyfriend was emotionally unavailable. If a crisis had happened he would not have been there to support her"
FEELING PROUD : "The dreamer was feeling proud of herself and was totally happy to move on"
SHARK : "This probably represents possible threats and emotional crises. The dreamer is merely expressing how her boyfriend would behave in a crisis - he would have provided no support"
SURVIVED : "The dreamer has survived her relationship. She has realized its over and is assessing her own emotional state. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My relationship with my ex boyfriend is now over. He never did anything specifically that was wrong. yet he was always emotionally ungiving and unable to communicate on all levels. If a crisis had occurred he would not have been there for me. "

THE DREAM - The dream was at the bottom of the sea. I saw all these dead bodies slowly rising to the surface. Then I was at the sea top and someone said - we are on the move again. And a vast sea ship started a journey quickly into the sunset.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer met up again with his best friend from from school. They had not seen each other for years.

THE INTERPRETATION For the dreamer the old friend was effectively dead - if you do not see each other for years and do not know where they live then they may as well be dead. But in meeting up again out of the blue old memories were rising to the surface.

The sea journey represented the vast emotional journey meeting up again started off. Its a journey through old thoughts and issues.

Symbolic Meanings
DEAD : "a relationship the dreamer felt was over and buried"
JOURNEY : "the dreamer is experiencing an emotional journey through his emotions"
SEA : "the unconscious mind and your feelings about people "
SHIP : "a sense of excitement and journey "
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I saw my best friend from school yesterday. It brought back many of the old memories. I am not sure I really wanted to meet him again as we have not really seen each other for years and I have probably do not have much in common now."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams link to subconscious forces within your mind. So if some issue keeps rising to the surface take note as it could link to your dream. Think of issues that are keeping you awake before you go to sleep. Think also of issues that you think about immediately on waking.
THE DREAM - I was in a beach, though I didn’t look at the sea, somehow I knew it was a beach. There were lots of books spread over the sand so I almost couldn’t see it. I picked a book named ''No Meow'' - a child book I always wanted to read when I was a child because the title and the cover with a black cat and a guilty-looking dog always triggered my curiosity, but I could never find it. I started to read it but it was actually the book about religions of the world I’ve been reading lately.

There were LOTS of strange-looking insects running aimlessly through the sand but most of them gathered under me. They looked like brown cockroaches but they had thorns. They didn’t touch me and they were not annoying me. I found it somewhat natural. I went to another spot to look for another book, and the insects followed me. I woke up before picking another book.

THE REALITY The night before the dream the dreamer met a man who caught her eye. He was very handsome. She did not talk to him properly as they were in a large group of people. She met him two days later and hated his personality.

THE INTERPRETATION There is an old phrase - "Do not judge a book by its cover". This dream perfectly illustrates that. The handsome man in that sense had a good front cover. But his appeal was only skin deep. His personality was not appealing.

Beaches are places where the sea meets the land. In dreams the land refers to our grounded reality - our real life. The sea refers emotional connections. Here our urges and feelings for other people exist. But in this dream the dreamer had her back to the sea. So maybe that shows how she could not really know what her feelings about this man were until she met him on a more person to person basis.

The bugs refer to irritations and how she did not like him. Finally she goes to take another book - clearly a sign that the one she was happy with was not to her liking.

Perhaps the dream was premonition of the eventual outcome - the dreamer often had premonitions. But it does not matter either way - the simple message was that the dreamer should reserve judgment until when she actually met him on a more individual basis.

Symbolic Meanings
BEACH : "the place where your life(the land) meets your feelings(the water)"
BOOK COVER : "do not judge a person on first appearances"
INSECTS : "irritations and dislikes"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I think this dream is about a guy I fancy. I saw him last night and was attracted. But I am not sure If I should judge him on first appearances."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind deals with conceptual emotions. So try to write down quotes that capture your own conceptual emotions such as "I think I need to have a talk with my daughter. I just sense that she is upset about something". Your dreams capture such emotions and conclusions as they emerge from your subconscious.
THE DREAM I was in a room with some people I know from the Internet. I saw a message written in blue flickering symbols on a black screen. The symbols were very bright and flickered like lightning. I looked at it for a while and realized it was an equation, with like an equal sign in the middle. On either side were symbols most of which I didn’t understand. On the left side were 2 symbols that stood out because as well as flickering they also moved, the first was like electricity, the second was like watching a wave (sound byte file - you know what they look like in editors and stuff). then the last symbol also stood out. It looked like lightning I think and it meant "now you are free".

Then a person on the chat room made me a video of the symbols. There were 3 waves of water, he made them very beautiful and deep blue/turquoise, like some really nice painting, they were towering over this guy in the boat. It was like a grey sea-doo. The guy was driving it away from the waves, and as he passed me I saw him pretty clearly. He had grey hair and a streaming grey beard. Looked pretty cool.

Then there were other boats on the water, like pods. They were kind of scattered, but then they all joined up to form a barge of sorts. The first guys sea-doo turned into a pod and joined them at the head of the barge/ship. They were going somewhere, I don’t where. Then as they were going there was this other ship with like a big laser cannon and it started shooting at the barge. It was more powerful and had better weapons and I kind of gave up hope, the barge would get destroyed.

THE REALITY The dreamer was experiencing weird moods swings. Though she was very physically tired. She was experiencing a lot of emotions in traffic and at work. She was getting frustrated at simple things.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was experiencing strange moods and emotions. This is rather an abstract dream about the moods rather than the specific situations in her life.

The dream features the Equals sign and the music computer wave file. The wave file is by its nature up and down. The Equals then is about an Equilibrium - bringing things into balance. So already we have a connection about bringing things into balance.

Waves : Huge waves in dreams often refer to issues over which are involving our minds. They can symbolise changeable opinions or changes in your feelings. They may link to opinions based upon your feelings rather than on rational thought. Therefore these are likely to be very changeable by their very nature.

Laser weapons are symbols of an intense targeted of certain things. It shows that the dreamer is focused on something and maybe in a negative way. This could easily link to the dreamer negative moods and frustrations during traffic and at work.

Dream Symbol
ELECTRIC : "your own energy levels and general vitality"
WAVE FILE : "great mood swings - a need to find an equilibrium in your emotions"
WAVE : "powerful forces within you - great moves in your feelings"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I have been experiencing strange moods recently. I have really been frustrated over simple things."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The easiest way to understand dreams is to wait until something big happens in your life. So if something happens that you simply cannot stop thinking about then think about any dreams you get that night. They are likely to capture your thoughts and feelings about what has just happened.
THE DREAM I dreamed about a strange ghost ship in an alternate universe where I couldn’t tell right from wrong. It wasn’t too scary, just confusing. I dreamt my parents disowned me and gave me their pontiac(It broke down a few days ago on my way home from work, and now it doesn’t run very well). In the dream it was half-broke too and going too slow.

THE REALITY The dreamer was very much attached to her parents Pontiac car - but since it broke down it was no longer performing in the way a dream car should do.

THE REALITY Often we attach a meaning to things. In this case the car in the dream was symbolic of itself - the dreamer very much sees this car as her own. It symbolises her freedom. However, if the car does not perform in the same way - if it has broken down then she cannot attach those feelings to the car any more.

Water in dreams often symbolises a sense of involvement - and in this sense captures the emotional attachment the dreamer has to driving fast in the Pontiac. Ghosts in dreams are often symbols of something that is not quite happening. In this sense the Pontiac is a ghost of its former self. The ship then symbolises the loss of the sense of freedom attached to the car. The car is there and working - yet not working smoothly and properly in the same way.

The alternate reality is maybe symbolic for how things have changed. In many ways everything is the same. The car is there and its ready to be driven. However, the freedom and emotions attached to it have been taken away.

Dream Symbol
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE : "everything is the same yet in some ways something is different - the dreamer is driving her car yet it does not have the same smooth feel to it"
GHOST : "something is not the same as it used to be - its a ghost of its former self"
SHIP : "a real sense of emotional involvement in something"
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I used to get real pleasure from driving my dads car. Its just to run real smoothly. But then it had a crash and its never been the same since."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The connection between dreams and the day before is quite strong. So think of little incidents which shape and alter your views. For instance, your boss could have criticised you at work. That incident could have led you to form the following conclusion - "My boss always seems to pick on me. I hate to be singled out like that." Dreams home in on such moments.
THE DREAM I was in a house underwater. I could breathe under the water, as could my brother and sister in law who were also there. We wanted to go up to the surface so we all pushed off the bottom of the ocean and swam towards our ship that was anchored above us. I was trying to catch up to my sister in law, which I did, but the swimming was more like flying, an effortless flight. I started pretending that I was superman and stuck my arm out in a fist. Then she grabbed my legs, so I couldn’t swim any more. She wanted to beat me up to the surface. There was also a giant squid trying to attack us (saved from www.dreammoods.com)

THE REALITY The dreamer was currently trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is a very emotionally driven person and likes to go at things with al her heart. She knows that whatever she does she will succeed at it. She knows that she should talk through issues with her sister in law but the dreamer feels that she holds her back. She feels that her sister in law uses her niece and nephew to stay close.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream obviously has lots of water symbols so that clearly shows this is about the dreamers feelings and her emotions. The most pressing issue at the moment for her was the need to decide what she was doing with her life. If you get a water dream its often best to look into your own heart and see what your current feelings are. The dream is more than likely to be about that.

How exactly does the dream respond to her real life feelings? Well the dream featured an anchor. That perhaps is easy to understand in this dream. She is currently "at anchor" in her own life as she is living with her brother. These strong family ties are good in one sense but in another sense they are tying her down. That is why her sister in law is pulling her down.

The hero figure is probably a symbol of her own ambition. She wants to achieve things in life. She feels she can do anything.

Dream Symbol
ANCHOR : "the dreamer feels tied to her family"
SQUID : "emotional entanglement - the dreamer feels as though her emotional ties are entangling her and preventing her from pursuing her career"
SWIM : "trying to get to a new situation - emotional exploration"
SUPERMAN : "the dreamers own inner ambition and feelings that she can achieve anything"
UNDERWATER : "looking at something in a deep emotional sense"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life. Sometimes, I think that the strong and close bonds I have with my family hold me back. I do not want to leave home. "

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to make associations in dreams. Think through all the symbols and try to form links to real life. Say for instance a chocolate bar appears in your dream and it just happens that you where eating chocolate the day before then the two maybe linked. It maybe that something happened whilst you were eating chocolate that has triggered a dream.
THE DREAM I was in the water at a sort of sea park. There was a stage and and audience and they were both on land. There was a rather large woman on the stage and she was talking to the audience. She was obviously very famous or popular because the audience would applaud after every sentence she said. She asked where she was and every one said, "on the Mississippi." And she asked unbelievably, "I’m on the Mississippi?" and everyone said yes. Then she pointed to me and said, "You are in the ocean." And everyone said, "The Gulf of Mexico." So she corrected herself and said, "You are in the Gulf of Mexico." Then she walked off the stage and walked on the water. Then I sort of floated up and started walking on the water. Soon everyone was walking on the water. Everyone was nonchalant about it. Like they walked on water everyday. When I started thinking about it and doubting that it could be possible, I dropped back into the water.

THE REALITY The dreamer was on holiday at the time of the dream. She felt undervalued at work though and also taken for granted at home. She was doing some free thinking and also thinking about quitting her job and starting a new career as a writer. But above all she was wishing for a raise at work to help recognize help abilities.

THE INTERPRETATION The obvious link into the dream was the woman speaker. She reminded the dreamer of her boss especially in the way that everyone responded to her. So immediately we have a link with work. Perhaps at this point its best to then look at some background information. If we establish a possible link with work we may then look for possible work issues. In this case the dreamer was feeling undervalued and wished for a raise. So lets see if that works in the dream.

In the dream the woman speaking is allowing herself to be led. This is a possible link into how the dreamer is thinking. She is wishing for a raise so the predominant thoughts in her mind will be about how to achieve this. If she believes that her boss is open to suggestions then she will be more confident about this.

In many ways the woman could be also representative of herself. Perhaps the dream is about her taking charge(being the boss) and at the same time receiving the public recognition that she felt lacking at that moment(the applause). So the dream then deals with two issues - the need for greater recognition at home and at work.

Maybe the dream also deals with confidence issues - the very belief that you can walk on water. Also if you are going to ask for a raise and wish for greater recognition it also can make you look as if you are overconfident so perhaps that fits in somewhere.

On a final note the dream also features this sea park. Perhaps that links in with the dreamers real life as well. The dream park could stand for the leisurely thinking she was doing whilst on holiday.

Dream Symbol
AUDIENCE : "very public - wanting recognition "
OCEAN : "a sense of deep involvement in some issue"
WATER PARK : "the dreamers own holiday - a relaxed pace at present "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I have been feeling undervalued at work. I have been wanting to quit my job and become a writer."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of dream symbols as words. The sea can easily translate as your own "feelings" . Now write down several quotes which capture everything that went through your mind the day before the dream. Think of little moments when you had emotional doubts or when you formed some conclusion on something. Now look for quotes where the word "feelings" appear. Its likely that the dream will be about this issue.
THE DREAM I am in some kind of house maybe. I see a man who was in a drama series I watched recently(he played a roman soldier. He was a man of war who was very good at fighting yet when times of peace came he was a somewhat redundant figure who resorted to banditry ). This man had just been shipwrecked. There was a woman there who was a cook. She was a happy figure who also had a boat. It was a peaceful kind of boat.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just finished a major project. He had devoted lots of time to this and was having to show lots of discipline to reach the target he set himself. However, that target had now been achieved so the dreamer had to readjust back to normality.

THE INTERPRETATION Roman times link to very male emotions and emotions such as devotion, honor and epic struggle. This links with the situation within the dreamers recent life. He had shown great emotional devotion to the work task.

But this man in the dream was shipwrecked. This linked to reality in that these skills and emotions that had been positive have now got to be directed into something new. He had shown great discipline The task was over so the great passions had to find some new outlet.

Boats tend to link to strong moods moving in a particular direction. The woman in the gently moving boat symbolised his need to move harmoniously and gently through life.

So really the dream is about the transition. He needs to redirect his energies into something new. The dreamer could strongly identify with the man in the TV drama because he too was good in times of struggle and happy to devote himself to some task. Yet in times of peace he was unable to find a purpose and was easily led into banditry. In short the dream signifies the dreamers emotions "I feel a little lost now that I am not able to devote time to my project. I need to readjust to a more harmonious pace".

Dream Symbol
BOAT : "a very sense emotional involvement - the dreamers involvement in his project "
FIGHT : "the dreamers own fierce struggle to complete his work project"
MAN : "male emotions - using determination and effort towards some goal"
SOLDIER : "tough and resilient - able to manage everything thrown at you - the dreamers discipline and effort at work"
WOMAN : "harmonious and gentle pace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been carried along with a sense of involvement in my project. But now all the work is finished and I will have to settle down to a more sedate pace to life. I enjoy throwing myself into work. "

DREAM TIP : Dreams tend to link to the day before the dream. That is no coincidence as it is largely linked to the way the brain is organized. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we process through everything that happened the previous day. Insignificant things get filtered out and forgotten. The important thoughts are transferred over to long term memory banks. We integrate all new thoughts into long term emotions. So dreams tend therefore to concentrate on the previous day and changes in our emotions. Write down a few ways in which your feelings have changed. Your dreams may link to these.
THE DREAM I had a dream that I was on a boat in the ocean. It was a sunny day and the waters were calm. At some point I found myself underwater, looking up at sharks. I could see their mouths and teeth very clearly, and I felt nervous, but they never did anything threatening. I don’t know how but I then found myself on the boat again, there was a big, beautiful yellow fish tied down to the bow. I could see it gasping, and dying. I pulled it free from the ropes and released him. Then I must have dived off of the boat and was swimming away, but not towards any beach - just swimming. My body was so strong, I remember with each stroke the whole top half of my body would come out of the water.

THE REALITY The dreamer was at somewhat of a crossroads. She had been trying to figure out if she had made a mistake in both her job and current relationship, and whether or not she need to move on in both scenarios. She still lacks a definitive answer. She was woken by her boyfriend who was phoning her up.

THE INTERPRETATION Well dreams like this are probably very hard to interpret. They are by their very nature very symbolic. There are no people in the dream Generally speaking dreams involving swimming will involve you showing emotional effort. They show that you are in some way not happy about your emotions in some way. Sharks too must be a sign of troubles and of resentments emotionally.

The boat is symbolic of emotional momentum. If you are in the boat it will generally link to some emotional feelings that you are sure about. Boats can link to friends and happy times. In this case they probably symbolise sureness. Here the dreamer says that she was having doubts. The boat in the dream could represent those doubts. The boat represents sureness because if you are sure then you have a sense of confidence in your opinion. But here she jumps off the boat into the water showing that she is not sure. That she has maybe overreacted to something.

Fish in dreams tend to link to subconscious feelings forming. They symbolise emotions maybe even of others. They link to subconscious thoughts. They symbolise moments when you are trying to work out what your own views are or what other peoples emotions are.

Of course such a dream can be seen to link to the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend and job. Its difficult to tell for sure. But all these symbols link to the emotions so it has to be an obvious target. But you can never be so sure in such a symbolic dream.

The beach is probably the most telling symbol here. It symbolises where the facts(the land) meet our feelings(the sea) in dreams. So beaches then will link to situations where we have emotional clarity. But going out to sea could link to situations where we have feelings on a subject but they are just related to emotions and not to the facts. They may relate to emotional undercurrents and feelings that swim about in our subconscious. So the one clear symbol here is the beach or lack of one. The dreamer is therefore thinking through things on a purely emotional level.

Dream Symbol
BEACH : "think about our emotions in a practical way "
BOAT : "emotional momentum - sureness in the dreamers mind about her doubts"
FISH : "The dreamer has a strong sense of what she wants"
SHARKS : "the dreamers strong sense of resentment with her boyfriend and job"
SWIMMING STRONGLY : "Emotional effort - the dreamer is going to carry on but and will probably put her doubts to one side for now but she knows what she wants"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "
I am unsure of my own feelings right now. I am unsure of my job and my relationship. I am wondering what my feelings are."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try not to get stuck in simplistic explanations of dream symbols. Dolphins in dreams can symbolise "happy emotional moods". Its very easy to say that a dream about a dolphin means that you are in a happy emotional mood right now. But dreams are not like that. They deal with dream symbols in rich and complex ways. Dolphins could easily link with any of the following phrases - "I was in such a happy emotional mood last week yet now I am getting bored" , or "My sister has been in a happy emotional mood recently" , or "I have been upset at work recently. Why cannot I enjoy my job like my coworkers do". So look for clues in how the symbols interact and try to form complex meanings.
THE DREAM I was walking along a pier with my husband and son. I was walking ahead of them. I assumed my husband my walking along side my son holding his hand, but my he was walking ahead of my son. My son wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking and bumped into a post that was on the edge of the pier, lost his balance and fell into the water. The water was calm but my son was drifting away quickly. I screamed for my husband to jump in after him but my husband couldn’t catch up. A strange man jumped off the bridge and saved my son from drowning.

THE REALITY The dreamers husband worked long hours and he was not really as close to his son as the dreamers wished he could be. She felt that he could make more effort with her son.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream captures one very strong symbol - the dreamer is angry because her husband is not saving his son. So the dream focuses on the dreamers son and her husband. The dream then could be making some point about there relationship. So its best to ask if there is any problem between the two of them. In this case the dreamer did feel that her husband was not as close to his son as she wished.
The sunny conditions and calm state of the water show that the dreamer is not worried that her son is in any danger or that this is a major problem. The drowning could symbolise any problem that the son has. Drowning symbolises powerless and inability to cope. In real life its likely to refer to day to day things in the sons life where he gets into difficulty and needs some guidance. The dream merely shows that the dreamer feels her husband should make a greater effort or it will be too late. Its just about guidance in a wider sense.

Dream Symbol
DROWNING : "the son needs help in "
SAVE : "make more effort to connect with his son"
SUNNY : "the outlook in the dreamers life is good with no pressing problems right now"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel my husband needs to try harder with our son. I know he works long hours. But there are times when my son will need the help of his father. There are always moments when we cannot cope and need the guiding hand of a father"

THE DREAM I had a dream of 6 killer whales in a Sea World type aquarium setting. Two whales were adults, 4 were babies. The two were up on the "stage" with their babies and they were very proud of them. I was able to reach over and pet them all. They were very happy to be petted and one of the adults even rolled over while I was petting him/her so I could rub the other side.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had a conversation with a friend. Her friend brought up an argument with someone in his life and during the conversation he was clearly tensed up and he was shaking. She pointed this out to him. The dreamer was closely connected to this friend for a long time and she wished to develop this relationship possibly into a romance. In real life they both have two children. The dreamer had also been working on opening herself up to trust herself, trust her intuition and gain a connection with her Higher Power. This is a journey she has been on for over a year now.

THE INTERPRETATION Often dreams link to important moments from the day before. The day before this dream the dreamer had one such moment. Always try to see how such an intuitive moment fits the dream symbols. This dream features a moment when the dreamer touches a whale. This could quite easily mirror the moment the day before when the dreamer pointed out her friends tenseness.

Whales are quite often linked to calmness. This could quite easily symbolize the dreamers attempts to calm down her friend. The whales may also capture her own journey to develop her own intuitions. Thius had been a year long journey. Lots of symbols like whales may appear in her dreams to symbolize this journey.

Its also interesting to note the number of whales. There are 6 whales in all - two adults and four children. That seems to correspond to the dreamer and her friend and their four children. They appear as a family because she wishes to develop the relationship in a romantic way sometime in the future.

Dream Symbol
WHALES : "the dreamers own spiritual journey and her attempts to calm down her friend the previous day"
FAMILY OF WHALES : "The two adult whales and four children correspond to the dreamer and her friend and his two children and her two children. The hope perhaps that they would become a family some time"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do care for my friend and sometime I wish to develop the relationship romantically. Yesterday I saw him really tensed up and pointed it out. I hope it helped him calm down."


BEACHES: A beach is where the sea(symbolic of our feelings) and the land(symbolic of the facts about our life) meet. It therefore links to issues involving how things are working out in practice. It may show that we are holding strong feelings about some issue yet in practice that experience is not born out by the reality. It may also show that you are simply in a reflective mood about your life and how you are reacting to changes within it.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "in practice things are not working out"
- "I used to enjoy it but now..."
- "I know it seems brilliant but I just have some worries"
- "I know how I feel but the facts are"
- "I just need time to think about it"
- "I want to know how I really feel about this"
- "our present difficulties"
- "I realise how things have become"


SHARKS : Sharks can often symbolise resentments and bad feelings which are building up in our minds. They refer to bad moods and a sense that trouble is about to happen.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "a sense of resentment"
- "sensing danger"
- "trouble is brewing"
- "she will not talk about it"
- "we may get into trouble"
- "I am scared about it"

DOLPHINS : Dolphins tend to be very spiritual creatures and we associate them with beautiful harmonious feelings and great intelligence. They can link with good communication within a relationship and spiritual excitement. So look for such themes right now in your life.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I really just want to enjoy it"
- "getting along better"
- "a much healthier relationship"
- "being able to connect with people"

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