Dream interpretation - schools as dream symbols

THE DREAM I am in a school. I get up to leave the class and suddenly something very embarrassing happens. I act in a way that I tend to when nervous. When I woke up I thought of a guy who had been irritating me the previous day.

THE REALITY At work the dreamer occasionally sees a man whom really annoys him. He is rude and the day before he acted in an especially obnoxious way. The dreamer kept thinking all day about what he would like to do to this man. How he would like to humiliate him with some clever "put down" or to tell him exactly what he thought of him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often people "get to us" in real life. They act in a very obnoxious way and we cannot get them out of our minds. Often we may dream about the incident. The dream will help to calm our minds down. Certainly we often go to sleep and wake up to find some issue we cannot get out of our minds has magically disappeared.

This dreamer wanted to humiliate the person who had been rude to him. He wanted to draw attention to the persons weaknesses and embarrassing faults. This dream drew attention to his own embarrassing faults. So perhaps the message is that he needs to cool down and not resort to such extreme tactics. The dreamer knew this all along but sometimes we get carried away by the feelings of the moment. Behaving in a childish way by trying to humiliate others and exploit their weaknesses will only result in the same being done back to ourselves.

The dreamer knew very well that this man he disliked had a tendency to behave in an obnoxious way to many people. Then fault was clearly his and getting drawn into his world would only result in being dragged down to his petty level.

Dream Symbol
SCHOOL : "A lesson in life that we have learnt usually from the day before we have to learn how to behave in trying circumstances"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got really annoyed by this guy who really irritates me yesterday. I want to really humiliate him because he is basically a petty individual. But I have got to resist the temptation. It may backfire"

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THE DREAM I am in a big college. A man comes up to me and starts showing me how to do something. The dream seemed to be very positive. I felt a real sense of enthusiasm in the dream. The same sense that I got a college when I had a real thirst for new knowledge.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been asked to complete a task at work. He was very enthusiastic about this. Recently he had been very ill. This new task had revived his enthusiasm. He had not felt such a feeling of energy towards a task for a long time. The dreamer also recognized that he needed to learn some new skills to complete this task. He knew that he needed to ask questions on an internet forum to see how things could be done.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often we can interpret dreams in reverse. We look at important issues in reality and then see how very important issues associate with the dream symbols. Lets see how we can reverse engineer this dream?

In the dream there is a real sense of enthusiasm. When dreams are quite emotional they often simply mirror real life emotions felt the previous day. In this case the dreamer did feel a real sense of enthusiasm. He had been set a new task at work.

The dream has one important symbol. The man showing the dreamer what to do. This clearly does have a link to reality. It did express the direction of the dreamers thinking. He had already been mapping out what to do as regards this task. He was going to use the internet to ask for guidance on how to use a certain software package. Internet forums can be a real source of knowledge and the dreamer was determined to ask for as much help as possible.

Dream Symbol
COLLEGE : "The dreamer had shown a real vigor for a new task - he was eager to learn new skills"
SHOWN HOW TO DO SOMETHING : "The dreamer needed to ask on the internet how to complete this new task. He recognized that others could help him."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am really enthusiastic about this new task I have been set. I will start tomorrow by asking around on the internet about how to use the software I will need to use"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Often premonitions capture bad days in our lives. A dream may capture emotions and situations we are about to experience on the actual day of the dream. School dreams can occasionally be linked to premonitions because they link with the harsh lessons we learn in life. So if something bad happens on the actual day of the dream then think back to your dreams the previous night. That dream may have captured that bad day before it even happened.
THE DREAM I saw my high school where I was standing in the queue to deposit the fee of my son. As soon as I finish depositing the fee and turn around the whole scenario changes and I find myself wearing a school uniform, now I’m a student myself. I had just deposited my own school fee this time. Everything seemed to be fine. I just walk out of the lobby of the school towards the main gate where I meet HIM, he was his normal self only I was as young as a 14 year. Old. I discuss with him about how our school needs a good teacher and he can be just right for the job. That was the reason why I recommended him to the school authority. I was just about to take him towards the interview hall when I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had a traumatic experience when she was 14 years old. Since then she has not been able to trust men properly. Now she is very settled as a person and has a very good male friend whom she trusts. She was thinking about starting a relationship with him on the night of the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In life we learn constantly. Dreams about schools are generally not about academic qualifications but about the lessons we learn. Mostly school dreams are negative dreams which concentrate on harsh lessons in life that we learn. This dream has a positive feel. So its likely that the lesson been learned is a positive one. This dreamer has been unable to trust men. But she is starting to believe that not all men are the same and some are good. This is a lesson that she is learning.

The dream features a child and the dreamer is single and has no children in real life. So the child represents a new part of her growing. Often when something bad happens to us we need time to starts thinking in a rational way again. Our mind can think in generalities and hence she dismisses all men as the same. But here she is learning to distinguish between good and bad men. The child probably represents her attitude towards men. She recommends the teacher. This shows that she has strong views about how men should behave and that these should be encouraged and nurtured.

The very fact that the dream takes us back to the traumatic period of her life shows that she is leaning to think in new ways and has started to heal. She is in school uniform so she is now ready to learn from her male friends example.

Dream Symbols
GATE : "the dreamer is willing to open up some opportunity - in this case she wishes to start a relationship"
HIGH SCHOOL : "learning something about yourself - the dreamer is learning to trust "
QUEUE : "it takes you a long time to realise something"
TEACHER : "learning by someones example - looking up to someone - the dreamer really has learnt trust from her friend "
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have never been able to trust men totally. I had a bad experience when I was 14. But now I feel able to trust a man totally. I want to start a relationship with a friend"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is very strong. Try to first establish some association between dreams symbols and something that has happened the day before. For instance , you may recognise some feeling you felt during that day. If someone appears who you met the day before then think of issues linked to them or people connected to them.
THE DREAM - I am in a college type place . I seem quite alone. I at one stage in a library. I follow the library / bookshop up the stairs and I suddenly realise the stairs do not continue upwards. There is no upstairs . I am then in a room. There is a guy in the room saying where he is having lunch - in the college canteen. He thinks it is quite cheap and reasonable.

I am then in a room. There are some teenagers there . They are acting badly. At one stage I am looking at the rooftops. I am moving into a position to capture the rooftops with a photo. But I end up being surrounded by buildings on all sides

THE REALITY The dreamer was a regular dream interpreter on the Internet. He tried out a new site which was a specifically Jungian dream site. This was largely a negative experience with people not really been receptive.

DREAM INTERPRETATION College dreams are often about ideas which have been forming in your mind and are now definite views. In this case the dreamer felt as if his participation on this new site was definitely not welcome. He was not a Jungian interpreter and so felt as if his ideas were not welcome. The site was closed to people who were not specialists in this field. He was not openly rejected but definitely felt unwelcome.

The bookstore is probably symbolic of the sharing of ideas that the person was hoping to experience. However, this library had no upstairs. The upstairs in dreams is symbolic of the higher ways of thinking. In this way the lack of an upstairs represents the way that new ideas were not welcome. The web site was a specialist site for people who accepted the ideas of Carl Jung. Any deviation from those ideas was not accepted or merely marginalised.

The teenagers were maybe a symbol of the dreamers feeling that he was a little bit mischievous. Teenagers represent bad behavior and rebellion. In this case this represented his own misbehavior. He felt he was maybe not welcome because it was rather cheeky to participate on a web site which was for specialists in Carl Jung. The dreamer did not fully accept these ideas so maybe felt as if he was being rude taking part. After all the web site openly states its focus.

Dream Symbols
ALONE : "feeling isolated - the dreamer felt unwelcome"
BOOK : "ways of thinking - the dreamer felt that his ideas were not appreciated"
PHOTO : "picturing what people are thinking"
ROOFS : "principles - the dreamer disagrees with the principles and ideas of the other people on the forum"
TEENAGER : "rebellious views and attitudes - the dreamer feels his presence on the forum was perhaps a little mischievous"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I tried out this new forum. But I was not given a very warm welcome. In fact they seemed a little distant. But perhaps its my fault as I was basically on a forum which holds different ideas on dreams than myself"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are like poetry. When a poet describes a beautiful woman as a flower blooming in the full light of sun we understand the metaphor he is using. Yet dreams often use metaphors and do not mention the subject. They will simply show you the blooming flowers and you are supposed to work the rest out. So for each symbol try to trace back to your waking life what it could mean.
THE DREAM I dreamt I was in my third grade classroom and I had the blue bong in my desk. I was trying to hide it so Mrs. Shock wouldn’t see it. I was certain that she would because of the hole in the other side of the book place. I don’t know why I had a butter bowl or a vase of flowers in my desk. But I was eight years old. I didn’t even know what a bong was. I had a vague idea about the origins of babies. I knew the bong would get me into trouble if they found it, though. Strange. (The butter bowl was from the first grade. The one I kept my modeling clay in.)

THE REALITY The dream took place in the wild phase of this dreamers life. She was smoking pot and having sex. This was totally unacceptable behavior in the community she lived in.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The teacher Mrs. Shock is the most obvious of synonyms. It clearly links to something that is shocking. The dreamer had started to behave in a shocking way and as a girl who had been thought of as very straight laced and goody two shoes this was a major transformation.

Quite often when we start to behave in a very new way there are remnants of our behavior and attitudes. We may act in a wild way when with our friends. Yet when we meet family and other people within a close community we may revert back to old styles of behavior.

Quite often when we start a sexual relationship it is obvious to intuitive people that the relationship has become sexual. There are obvious signals. This is what this dream is probably relating to. After all the dream was about something that was obvious and yet the dreamer was trying to hide this.

As an old dream there is no very clear link to some incident as dreamers diary does not mention this. But this would have been a recurring theme over a period of weeks or months as the dreamer starts to show new behavior. It may link to other people and their shock at the dreamers behavior. It may link also to the innocent schoolgirl inside the dreamer. On the outside she is behaving in a very sexual manner. Yet she may also be still very shy and also trying to hide her nature.

As an old dream the specific trigger is forgotten for this dream. But it will also certainly be a dream about the themes mentioned. But most dreams have as a trigger incidents from the day before. So once the basic themes of the dream are understood its good to go back and see what specific links to real life there were from the day before the dream. In most cases dreams are about feelings that are newly felt. They are about fresh feelings. So compare the message form the dream to real life. The dream may also have been a premonition in which case it is will link to freshly felt emotions probably from the very day of the dream. Of course we will have themes running through our lives and long term issues. But we will generally only dream about new feelings.

The dream is a school dream and so shows that she is learning a lesson in life. If she starts to act in a shocking way then she is going to have to deal with peoples reactions. The dream probably links specifically to sexual activity. The flowers are also symbols of her blossoming sexual nature.

Indeed the very word bong is a very sexual sounding word.

Dream Symbol
FLOWER : "beautiful growth within your life - something is starting to work - success"
HIDE : "hiding something embarrassing - the dreamer has been trying to hide her own outrageous tendencies"
MRS. SHOCK : "the dreamer is coming to terms with her own shocking behavior and sexual promiscuity"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just started becoming sexually active. I am happy to be outrageous in front of my friends yet sometimes its embarrassing if I get caught out by more conservative minded people."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Always look for wordplays in dreams. Think about the names of people and places that appear in your dreams. If you are in New York it may refer to some new feeling within your life. If you are in Smallsville it may be a wordplay on the word small and so think about what that could mean. If you are going through the town of Effingham it may link to swearing and so try to link that to some issue in your life. Song lyrics are also charged with meaning so look how they relate to real emotions right now.
THE DREAM - I am outside and there is a character from a soap opera who is a teacher and another three young kids, one who is an actress in another soap, who is called Haley. The teacher says "This is great - it is like we are meant to be together"

THE REALITY The dreamer was the process of writing a report. He wanted to put across some ideas in a popular and understandable way. She wanted them to be accessible and cut across boundaries - rather than written in jargon.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The teacher in the dream(a grown man) was mixing with popular young teenage girls. That represented the wish to bring ideas down to the level of the average person. The teacher was mixing naturally with the students. The three girls were also young and that often represents enthusiasm. The teacher was much older and age often represents wisdom and experience. So the dreamer was trying to meld together a sense of enthusiasm and strong and wise ideas. Girls often represent openness to new ideas - females are more open to communication and hence symbolise a willingness to listen to new ideas. These were all characters from a soap opera and maybe represented how this was a continuing theme that the ream was trying to concentrate on - it was a serial within her life.

Dream Symbols
KIDS : "wanting to write the report in an enthusiastic way"
TEACHER : "wanting to put across serious ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am in the process of writing a report. But I want to write this in a clear and intelligible way and avoid jargon. I want to put some enthusiasm into it."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM TIP : During the day we store up thoughts and feelings in short term memory banks. Its only at night time that we integrate these new thoughts into long term memory banks. Thats why many dreams link to new feelings and thoughts and events that took place from the day before. So look at the highlights of the day and also simply look at what your mind has been occupied with. Its those new concepts and feelings that dreams are probably linked to.
THE DREAM I was hanging out with this person who I felt was really close like a best friend to me but when I looked at her face I didn’t recognize her at all. I felt really comfortable with her though. She introduced me to one of her best friend’s and then we all became close and before the first girl (my friend) leaves she hugs me and I then talk to her friend which is now my friend too. She tells me there is this guy who has a crush on me and he sits on my bus. School bus. I’m a bit confused and asked her who and then she introduces me to this friend of hers, (the guy who has a crush on me). He says hello and things and he ask if I remember him and I say "I haven’t seen you around sorry. I don’t remember you." He feels kind of bad and tells me "Oh well I sat right across from you on the bus practically..." Maybe about one seat behind. I’m thinking "Oh My God, I FEEL SO BAD!" Then I kind of smile and look down and he tells me he has liked me for a while. I’m feeling even worse now because now he likes me and remembers me and I just told him I didn’t even notice him! His name was like Dan, Danny, something with "DA..." sound to it, but after that I woke up.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer had recently been told by two guys that they have crushes on her. One of the guys hasn’t spoken to her since they spoke. The other guy has continued to talk to the dreamer. At the time the dreamer was currently in a year relationship so it was totally impossible.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often we will dream about emotional issues and the resulting dream will symbolise the very thoughts and thought processes that are going through our heads. This dream clearly links to a real life issue of guys crushing on the dreamer. The dream links to the way the dreamer is trying to find the best possible solution and remain friends with these guys. She is clearly trying to understand their feelings - empathizing.

Quotes are often of great meaning in a dream and the dreamer says "Oh My God, I FEEL SO BAD!". That clearly shows that she realises how these guys have feelings and are quite vulnerable. Understanding how they feel and working through exactly what these guys are thinking is really what the dream is about.

Buses are often symbolic of shared emotions. In this dream the dreamer has clearly experienced emotions in a situation which has involved her and the two guys who have crushes on her. They are been carried along in common journey. If the crush feels bad then the dreamer is clearly sharing those thoughts.

A best friend in a dream who you do not recognise is not a good sign. Friends often link to a feeling of friendliness and an ideal situation which you are striving for which will please everyone. Best friends who you do not recognise symbolise the absence of such things. That is clearly the case since one of the crushes has stopped talking to the dreamer.

Finally the dream takes place in school(well on the school bus). School often symbolises a harsh lesson in life that you are learning.

Dream Symbol
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal picture of how things should be - the dreamers ideal situation would be to get along with the two guys who have crushes on her"
SCHOOL BUS : "learning about other people and their emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got two guys who have crushes on me. I want to be nice to them but I have a boyfriend so cannot date them. I want things to be friends with them but they do not want that. I just cannot get the ideal situation."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about conceptual thoughts which sum up our emotions. For instance think of the quote "I wish my husband would try harder to get along with my mother". Thats the type of thing that dreams deal with. Try to think up such quotes which capture your feelings from yesterday. Then try to establish links between these new feelings and the dreams symbols.
THE DREAM I’m waiting for someone as a big school bus pulls up. My daycare provider’s adult son gets off and asks if I can help the driver get his things. As I help carry boxes and containers to the kitchen (The kitchen is barely lit by weak fluorescent bulbs, cramped and cold.) The bus driver, a nice but unknown bland woman, starts unwrapping big foil trays of food. She proudly shows me how she’s pre-portioned Thanksgiving meals (much like TV dinners) for us. All that needs to be added is the Turkey. (The food looks bland and smells processed - canned vegetables, instant mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce.) When she shows me the "turkey" it looks like grey and dry shredded meat in an oily-watery sauce. She confides in me that its actually donkey but no one will really notice the difference. Although I am being polite, inside I am crushed that I won’t be able to show off my cooking and that I’ll have to eat what she brought.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer bought a frozen turkey for the homeless shelter in which she worked in. This was for the thanksgiving days meal. She was organizing this and felt that things were not progressing well. She did not know who was intending to bring supplies.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well there are obvious parallels with real life here. The dreamer bought a turkey for the homeless shelter she helps in. She was cooking a thanks giving celebration in just a few days.

So its quite possible that the dream associates with this issue. So quite clearly the dreamers obvious thoughts are about the need to get a thanks giving dinner organized. This dream could quite easily link to that thought so maybe its best to seek evidence to support this. This will at least see if this is consistent with the dream.

Schools are often symbols of something going wrong. They show that you feel something is failing. A school bus can symbolise a feeling that something is on the way to being a failure. That certainly fitted the truth here as the dreamer felt that plans were not fully in place.

Cold in dreams often links to a feeling that something is not progressing well. That you are really trying to achieve something yet its just not working. That certainly fitted the situation here. The cold kitchen linked to the lack of solid plans and reliable help.

The day care providers son is a difficult symbol. Day care providers are symbolic of helping vulnerable people. But quite often its difficult to know exactly what a symbol means in practice. The dreamer depends on her day care provider. She is a reliable and trusted friend who will always be a hundred percent reliable. So maybe the dream associates with her in this odd way(through her son) as a wish for some reliable help to organise this dinner for the homeless.

The dreamer wished for this event to go well. She really enjoyed helping the homeless. She did not want to present a second rate dinner with a turkey which was actually donkey meat. Perhaps she was polite in the dream because she could not start laying down the law to other people helping. She could not start insisting that people have to do what they promise to do. Its a charity event and people will contribute what time and resources they wish towards this. They will not take kindly to someone judging them for not providing the contributions required to make the event go well. Her best strategy was to simply be thankful for whatever was provided.

Its quite possible that the dream instead linked to the dreamer feeling some self guilt. She was buying a frozen turkey for the homeless and actually hated frozen turkeys. Its difficult to say. After all there is no conclusive way to prove a dream links to one thing above another. Its only possible to suggest ideas.

Another thought to consider is the way the dreamer is upset about not being able to show off her cooking skills. She is a keen cook and enjoys making good food. But making something that is sub standard maybe goes against the dreamers own cooking principles. A person who takes cooking seriously knows that good ingredients are essential and a frozen turkey is not going to produce the best results. So maybe its not to do with guilt its just simply disappointment at not been able to show her cooking abilities.

Dream Symbol
ADULT : "accepting responsibility"
COLD : "not much progress - the dreamer fears that people may not bring enough food "
SCHOOL BUS : "something is on its way to being a failure - in this case the dreamer needs help from others"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. I want this to be special. I just fear that things may not go well. The event may get into trouble. I am not sure who is bringing what. It hardly makes the planning easy."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM TIP : When we lie awake in bed we worry and think over the problems and situations in our lives. Yet when we wake up from our dreams we cannot seem to connect day to day life with the strange images within the dream. But in many cases the things we could not stop thinking about when we went to bed are represented in symbolic form in our dreams. Look through the symbols and see how they are relevant to thoughts on your mind.
THE DREAM - I was in school and suddenly this girl placed all her things in my locker without asking.

THE REALITY The girl in the dream was constantly taking liberties with the dreamer. She was constantly been taken advantage of.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer dislikes others taking advantage of her. The locker was her own private space and that was being invaded. So when the girl placed things in her locker it was inappropriate. She just wanted to be asked and have her own space respected. The suddenness of the act reinforces the feeling that this was felt to be a natural thing to do - the dreamer felt that in such a situation is should not be automatic

Dream Symbol
LOCKER : "your own private thoughts - a need to respect "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "She always takes advantage of me. My friends simply does not respect me and takes liberties.

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to establish simple associations in dreams. If you felt really tired in the dream and felt as if any movement was restructed then try to think back to the day before and see if you can spot moments when you felt those same emotions.
THE DREAM I was with my younger brother (he’s 9) and I was following him around the house helping me out making sure he brushed his teeth, did his homework etc. So I tell him he has a class at 10 AM on Saturday. He took a shower, but did not use any soap. Normally, if he had done this we (mum, dad or me) would send him back. I just told him, not to take a shower again, and go to class. But then mum comes in and she tells me to take him to the bathroom so he could shower. I told my mum that he had already missed two classes and if missed another he’s be kicked out and she looks at me.

I go to the doorway, look at the cupboard and it’s full of these different types of soaps, shampoos and hair products which dad had brought from various hotels. This happened in an apartment I had lived in like 3 years ago.

THE REALITY Many issues can be caused by day to day arguments. This is typical as something happened the night before involving the dreamer , her mother and her brother. So this is in someway safely linked to that. We just need to understand the symbolism. So many dreams do link to the day before. So if something big happens such as an argument you can usually expect a dream.

In real life her brother is annoying(typical 9 year old) and tends to drive both the dreamer and her mother crazy. The dreamer is responsible for helping him with his homework(partly because when her mother helps she gets driven crazy). The night before the dreamer told her brother that she would not help him because he has done that type of work before and was capable of doing it. He just wanted help because he wanted his sister to do the work for him. Later things got heated and the dreamers mother blamed the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream seems clearly linked to this incident the night before over the homework. It kind of mimics what happened - that is typical of dreams. In the dream the brother clearly does something wrong and it deals with the reaction. The dreamer in the real life incident was trying to be responsible. She was trying to show concern for her brother. She clearly saw that he was trying to get her to do the homework. She wanted to make it clear that he had to do his own homework. Her primary motive was concern for her brother. She was doing the right thing yet she got the blame off her mother. This is a typical issue to cause a dream. Its the sense of unfairness that the dream captures.

Symbolic Meanings
BRUSH TEETH : "Just one example of the brothers inability to do things properly"
CLASS : "My brother has go learn to do his homework on his own when he can do it"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was trying to help my brother. He has to learn. I am annoyed at my mother because I was doing the right thing and got blamed. I was taking my responsibility seriously. I did try to make a point to him and teach him a lesson. I was not just been vindictive. I was trying to take my role as teacher (homework supervisor) seriously. Yet this was disregarded by my mother. ".

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams link to all our thoughts including our paranoias and fantasies. So think back to the feelings you felt the day before and if you were particularly caught up in your own emotions then the dream could very much symbolise those exact thoughts.
THE DREAM I’ve had two dreams with frogs in them. In the first one, I was in a huge university setting, with lots of rooms and staircases, and you needed to take specific staircases to get to certain floors, but then I found myself outside in an enclosed fenced in area with a pond. In this pond was a frog (single frog) sitting on a Lilly pad in the middle. In the second dream, there was a frog trapped in a window well, and I looked at him and he smiled at me and I told him I’d get him out of there.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been going through a lot of transitions lately, and have been focusing a lot on trying to improve herself. She was wondering what to do with her life and wondered if she was truly happy or just fooling herself.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Ponds are symbols of your own personal emotions and this dreamer was indeed thinking about herself and her own emotions. They show you are thinking a lot about yourself.

But this dream matches reality in other ways very strongly too. Universities are symbols of moments when we are thinking very seriously and making considered judgments on our life in some way.

The staircase is connected to judgment. It symbolises how we are trying to make up our minds or coming to some new conclusions. In this case it links to her examining her own conclusions.

Frogs are classic symbols of transformation. They link to the dreamers own need to change to her new life circumstances. She had had to give up work due to ill health and this was affecting the dreamer as her work was very important to her.

Dream Symbol
FROG : "a symbol of transformation"
POND : "The dreamers own personal emotions and thoughts about herself"
STAIRS : "Examining your own conclusions "
UNIVERSITY : "considered and careful thinking about issues in your life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about my own situation recently and have come to some conclusions. I am in a stage of transformation. I think things are clearer in my mind now".

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM TIP : If you were learning something new on the day before the dream its likely that the dream may link to that. So think of some new task which involved you learning new skills. Then the dream may simply capture your strategies and thoughts about this new task.
THE DREAM I was in a college somewhere. I was reading a book and said that this was a good book. I was wanting to go to the staircase and stand where all the girls would see me with my new baby. I then was involved in a fight with a man. I said that I was not going to fight him.

The book in the dream reminded me of my report I have written at work. It is the culmination of several months intense research. The report was written in a similar font and layout style.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just completed a major work project. He felt the ideas in his research were good ones. He was pleased with himself and wanted to show off his skill and knowledge. He had also put in a lot of effort frequently and wanted to slow the pace down.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Colleges and books can link to the dreamers own work and the learning he has put in towards this. He was pleased with his finding and was emotionally attached to his results. We often describe a work project as "our baby" and in this case this was something that hew had taken great care with.

The fight at the end shows that the dreamer was not willing to engage in a struggle now. He felt he had put in a lot of effort at work and wanted to take things at a little more of a sedate pace.

In the dream the dreamer felt the book reminded him of his report at work and the research he had carried out. Such an association really clinches the dreams meaning. These associations do not happen by chance. The dream was definitely about his work project and his feelings about its finish.

Dream Symbol
BABY : "the dreamer had become emotionally attached to his work project and took great care with it - it was "His BABY" "
BOOK : "the dreamers own work and work project - well thought out "
COLLEGE : "the dreamer feels he has improved his own knowledge at work"
FIGHT : "The dreamer turns down the fight "
IMPRESS THE GIRLS : "the dreamer feels proud of his efforts and wants to show off his new skills "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I pleased with the research I did at work. I feel proud of myself and want to show off my newly acquired knowledge. I also want to slow down a little as the work has put a strain on me. "

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight


SCHOOLS: Schools are often quite negative symbols. They show you realising that something is going drastically wrong or that you have made a mistake in behaving a particular way. But they can also be symbolic of harsh and difficult situations. They show you not really knowing what to do. Often we get caught in situations where we really are not sure how to react. They are about self control and the need to act appropriately.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "realising something is failing"
- "I learnt the hard way"
- "I cannot do it"
- "Its a harsh lesson to learn"
- "I did not know how to react"
- "I have got to learn what is best for me"


COLLEGES : Often colleges and universities can be about the things we think about before going to bed. They represent issues which we have developed an educated and considered opinion after long and serious thought. Think about the personal issues and the books and ideas that have stimulated your own personal thoughts. Of course if you are presently attending a university it is very possibly just symbolic of some issue regarding your life there.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "its really starting to interest me"
- "I think I definitely know what is happening now"
- "yesterday at college"
- "I had a good think about it"
- "I have my own ideas on this"
- "I feel my opinion is worth listening too"

TEACHERS: Schools are usually very negative symbols in dreams but those which feature teachers may not be so negative. They show that you have maybe spotted a weakness in your life yet you are aware of how to change and address this. So think what lessons you have learnt in life recntly and how you are attempting to change things.

In another sense you maybe trying to teach others in real life and offer the best advice that you can. In some cases the dreams maybe about those attempts to help others.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He is a real role model"
- "I am ready to learn now"
- "I think I know what the problem is now"
- "He needs to learn"
- "how can I put across my ideas"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of schools in dreams as representing the phrase "learning a harsh lesson". Then try to write down a few quotes which capture all major issues and in particular things that took place the day before. Think of quotes like "I have got to learn to control myself. There is this petty guy at work who seems to draw me into arguments", or "I am planning my holidays right now. Maybe I should try looking on the Internet", or "I have been getting some bad headaches recently". Now look at these quotes again and see where the phrase "learning a harsh lesson" seem to apply. In practice schools may link with several words or phrases. Work through all of these different words or phrases and see which has the best connection.