Dream interpretation - roads and bridges as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I had a dream about me riding a bike and how I biked all the way to Belgium and that I could not find my way back and I asked people if they knew how I could find my way back home. Nobody wanted to help me, I was in a busy city and everybody in the stores and restaurants were too busy to help me. I had a really nice bike, nothing wrong with it, a shiny bike with big wheels, it looked a little like a lowrider bike. I eventually just biked on because home didn't feel far away, even though I was in another country. On my way home I ran in to 50 cent (why oh why?) who was shooting a new video or something I don't know everything was moving forward, everything was moving fast and I was still riding my bike. He eventually wanted to help me find my way back home, but then I woke up.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer showed a teacher the results of her project. He was happy with the results but wanted her to do it over again to make it perfect. She told him that she was going to explode if she had to do everything over again because it was so much work. He convinced her to do it all over again. So the dreamer was figuring out how to find time to start over again. But it was hard because she has so many projects and homework.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The link between dreams and the day before is quite strong. Often dreams capture some prominent emotion from the day before. Bike riding is an extremely strenuous activity. So this is an obvious metaphor. The long bike journey represents the daunting amount of work the dreamer has.

Dream Symbols
BIKE : "A strenuous activity which takes much effort and energy - here it symbolised a project the dreamer was having to repeat"
LONG JOURNEY : "The long journey symbolized a difficult and time consuming new task that the dreamer had just agreed to"
SHINY BIKE : "A symbol for the dreamers own talents. She was confident in her own abilities. This bike therefore represents the confidence that her tutors had in her. Good bike equals lots of ability. "
Fifty Cents Video : "Videos are time consuming and involve lots of takes. The dreamer was probably using this as a metaphor for her own struggle to achieve perfection"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My tutor has convinced me to do my project again. I just don't know how I am going to fit this in. It seems like a daunting effort. But if I am going to achieve my own potential then I must push myself."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a thought which was prominent in the dreamers mind the night before

THE DREAM - I was riding a bike. There was snow on the ground (although it’s spring in reality!). By the road there was white snow but everywhere else it was mixed with the mud. I was in a hurry going in to the store to buy some groceries. I have no idea why I was in such hurry, but I was. My bike wasn’t in quite good shape and I think its because I had a flat tyre. I had some groceries with me. And one of my shopping bags fell off my bike. I stop to pick it up but the groceries were all around. There was a big bottle of beer and it was broken. I start taking the glass and putting it away so someone wouldn’t get hurt. I must mention that no one in my family drink beer. And I saw a bottle of water( also from my bag)that was of foreign manufacture - “EVIAN” water. It’s quite good taste but it is expensive also. So I didn’t know what I was carrying until it all felt of my bike? And the dominate feeling was that I could do nothing right even the simple things. I also felt that if I wanted the sun to shine then it would start raining.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had a really bad day. She felt as if she shouldn’t have got out of bed.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The link between dreams and the day before is quite strong. Often dreams will capture our response to something that happened. The dreamer had a very bad day the previous day. The dream perfectly captures her feelings from that day.

Bikes are a form of transport only designed for one. they capture moments when we are isolated or are struggling on our own. Here it perfectly captures her feelings of personal difficulties during that day. The flat tyre is especially symbolic of delays and a sense of inability to achieve what we want to achieve. Often dreams will capture such feelings from the day before. Occasionally we get days when we feel everything that could go wrong does go wrong. That sense is perfectly captured here. Snow is often linked to delays and problems. It shows we are unable to do what we wish to do.

Dream Symbols
BIKE : "feeling isolated and without support"
BUY : "try to achieve the things that you want - but often cannot get"
EXPENSIVE : "difficult to achieve"
FLAT TYRE : "a deflated feeling - linked to the day before"
GROCERIES : "the things you need in life"
ROAD : "events in real life as they bump into you and impact on your thoughts"
SHOPPING : "desperately wanting something"
SNOW : "a lack of real momentum - a very bad day which no progress seems to be made"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I felt as if it was an uphill struggle all day. I simply felt I should not have got out of bed!"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind deals with unconscious feelings and emotions. Often people make the mistake of thinking that dreams reveal some path of action that will solve our problems. In truth dreams will often reveal that we are confused and undecided on some issue. That we maybe have insufficeint knowledge to make a decision. Emotional decisions are not easy. Dreams are about the dilemmas in our life such as "can I allow my eight year old son to go to school on his own?"
THE DREAM - I was riding my bike into town. Later on I was in an amusement arcade. I could not find anything interesting. I was later with my old boss and he asked me if I wanted anything to eat. I said no and that I would get something to eat at home.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been a member of a club for a long time. This had just recently closed down and he was somewhat at a loss for what to do.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bikes often are useful symbols to begin a dream as they are quite reliable symbols. They capture moments when we feel isolated. In this case the dreamers club had closed down and everyone were going their own separate ways. So in that way he felt isolated and alone.

The amusement arcade represents the attempts to find new interests yet nothing was found there that was interesting. That links to the real life situation where he had so far found nothing to replace his old club. In the dream he eats at home which mimics his real life response to just find something at home to keep him occupied.

Dream Symbols
AMUSEMENT ARCADE : "trying to think of things to do that are interesting"
BIKE : "feeling alone or isolated - the dreamers club has closed down so he misses all his friends there"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The club has closed down and I really have not found anything to replace it in my life. I have tried one or two places yet I would rather just stay at home and occupy my time there right now."

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THE DREAM - I was going along a road when suddenly I came to this bridge. I felt sudden panic and I could just not build up the courage to cross this bridge.

THE REALITY The dreamer was not able to move on in life. She was not willing to adapt to change. She rather liked a quiet life and did not like to adapt.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The bridge represents movement from one situation to another. It therefore represents an emotional junction. The crossing represents the transition. But the dreamer did not like the change and transition. She actually just didn’t like change full stop.

Dream Symbols
BRIDGE : "junction in life - a need to move on"
PANIC : "inability to think clearly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not like change. But I find myself unable to move on. But I need to accept things have moved on"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then at night we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dreams. They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.
THE DREAM I had a dream that I was climbing to some kind of stairs. And the stairs seemed like a pile of boxes piled together. Two men were trying to pull me up but it failed at last. The boxes were really shaking. I had no fear about that. Then I turned and walked to another path. The other path is a very smooth road.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been currently involved in a work project with the help of two men. She was experiencing difficulties and on the day of the dream she was experiencing extreme difficulties. She was clear in her mind though that if problems continued then she would leave her current career and do something else. This was clear in her mind both before and after the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often it is difficult to see if a dream is a premonition. This dream fits as a premonition of the day ahead but equally it is applicable to the day before. The dream symbols clearly fit her current situation. She was receiving the help of two men in a work project so the dream would clearly link to the work situation. She was experiencing difficulties which could explain the climbing. Climbing links to a tough and demanding challenge. In the dream she was experiencing problems and that clearly linked to before the dream with difficulties in her work project. So the dream clearly fits all the emotions and feelings that she was experiencing at the time.

Yet on the day of the dream she encountered particular problems. All the symbols still fit her current situation. The truth is it is impossible to say in this case if the dream was a premonition of the day ahead or a reflection on the day before. The dream could clearly be a premonition of that day capturing the emotions on that day. Most premonitions come true on the very day of the dream.

One thing the dreamer did ask was why she experienced no fear. Well even though the dreamer was experiencing troubles she had a clear indication in her mind what she was going to do. Fears are generally about indecision and doubts. This woman had a clear idea in her mind what she would do if problems continued. She also stated that leaving her current career would also please her husband and children. So she was approaching the situation in a clear and rational way. If problems were to continue then she would leave. It was that simple.

Roads are symbolic of the dreamers progress through life. In the dream the dreamer veers signifying then willingness to change course and choose a new plan. So the smooth road symbolises the dreamers belief that an easy solution is always available.

Dream Symbol
CLIMB : "a tough effort - linking to the real life uphill struggle in the work project "
PATH : "represents the dreamers decision to leave if things did not get better"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having problems with a work project. If things get worse then I think I will leave the job"

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DREAM TIP : Some dreams simply reflect and replay strong emotions. If you wake up feeling particularly happy then the dream may simply capture that sense of happiness. If you felt particularly strong emotions the day before and particularly before you went to sleep then the dream may simply capture that current mood. Emotional dreams will tend to be easier to understand as they are less symbolic. So look out for dreams which are highly emotional as they may just reflect the current state of your emotions. They are less likely to symbolise some conceptual feeling that you are trying to clarify within your mind.
THE DREAM I dreamt me and my mom were driving on a highway behind a 4 x 4 jeep with all four doors of the jeep open. Inside the car I saw 2 women (not recognizing any of them) struggling on the back seat and no one steering the car.

Next moment both the women fell out of the car onto the highway and they were gone and a minibus was visible in the far background. After a long drive (even though the accident happened right in front of us) me and my mom got to the scene where the car had come to a standstill. It was crushed into the minibus on the point of falling into a lake/ocean.

As we rushed to the scene a little girl got out of the car saying something like a divorced marriage and that her dad had been contacted and that he is on his way?

THE REALITY The dreamer had been dumped by her previous boyfriend but in a cold and clinical way(he just left her and did not even tell her the relationship was over). It took her a long time to get over this. The dream represented closure to this relationship for the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It always important to get hold of a dream. The wife of the man the dreamer had an affair with drove a 4 x 4 Jeep so that provides a connection with the failed relationship. This is obviously something that she could dream about - the relationship ended in such misery and was also ended so callously. So the dream in some way represents the dreamers thoughts about this relationship.

The dreamer did not feel a sense of closure to the relationship because it was never truly ended - her boyfriend just left without explanation. The open doors of the jeep are maybe symbolic of the relationship possibly starting up again. Doors can often symbolise an open opportunity.

The fact that the dreamer was chasing the wife of her ex-lover maybe suggests that she wished all along for a deeper commitment and perhaps even marriage. The very fact that she is chasing shows that she has been obsessed by this issue and has not really sorted it out in her mind. In that sense it never truly goes away.

The number two is often symbolic in dreams. It can link to a situation where there are two possible alternatives. But she does not know either women. That shows that she can not identify the emotions that her ex lover felt. She simply does not know what is going on. It may also show that she has no information to base her opinion and emotions on so in many ways she does not know what is happening.

Dreams do not reveal the facts of our lives they are instead a diary of the various emotions and changing feelings that we have. The dream ends with this little girl. LITTLE GIRL : Little girls may symbolise a moment when you have simply not been in control of the situation. This clearly links to the dreamers situation. She also maybe feels naive and innocent in her emotions. However, the girl shows signs of change. She takes control and gets out of the car. She mentions something about a divorce. That symbolises the end of the commitment that the dreamer has to her ex-lover. In dream world she had a commitment possibly as strong as marriage but now in her mind she was divorcing him. It was truly now over

The dream also features the little girls father at the end. FATHER : Fathers often link to a need to be sensible and rational. They show you considering a responsible route and the need to look at the facts. They are very much figures of authority and show a need to take control for your own good. That perfectly sums up the dreamers own situation.

Dream Symbol
2 : "the dreamer has to make a choice between two clear options"
BACK SEAT : "you are not in full control of your life - the dreamer realises her ex boyfriend has ditched her "
DAD : "being sensible and rational - having to do something to prevent things getting out of control"
DIVORCE : "a clear break "
LITTLE GIRL : "making a mistake and being naive - the dreamer realises she has been a silly girl and needs to grow up"
MOM : "a sensible emotional path - a need to accept that the relationship is over"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really have got to move on. My ex boyfriend is probably conning someone else right now. I have simply got to accept that its over."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams can be about specific subjects and issues in your life but they are just as likely to relate to general feelings. Many dreams are about our general mood and attitude to life. Think about your general mood the day before - was it happy or sad. Also think about the new feelings emerging as you wake up. Dreams will reflect changes in our general feelings.
THE DREAM I am near my childhood home. I appear to be on the road somewhere. There appears to be some world record temperatures set. There are snowmen around. There are record cold temperatures.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just received a video camera that she had been waiting for through the post. But however, parts of it were missing. So she was unable to use the camera to the full extent she had wished.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Cold in dreams often links to lack of activity and lack of ability to really get started and involved in something. It can show that you are been severely hindered in your progress. So that symbol immediately links to a real life situation. The dreamer had received an important new video camera she had been eager to use. However, her use of it was severely restricted.

Dreams will refer to things but only by the emotions that are felt. The dreamer new that little progress could be made becoming accustomed to the camera.

Men link to male type emotions such as determination. The dream then shows that the dreamers eager enthusiasm was been kept in check by the situation she was in. The combination of men and snow (snowmen) show that eagerness has been slowed down by the cold.

Also the dream is a road dream so that links to your day to day progress through life. The dream then refers to progress on a day to day basis rather than some abstract feeling or emotion.

Dream Symbol
COLD : "delays and lack of momentum - reflects the real life inability to use the camera"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have finally received the new camera. But parts of the package are being sent separately. I am unable to use this at all. Its so frustrating having the camera but being unable to use it."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The right mind deals with ideas and complex thoughts. It is the home of the emotions(humans need a lot of brain capacity to be able to have emotions). So whatever the dreams message is it is some idea or conceptual emotion being formed or clarified in your mind. These are feelings that you will be aware of. So try to think of the issues likely to trigger your dreams. Think up quotes that capture your feelings such as "yesterday I was so upset with my sister. She did not support me in the way I would expect her to support me". Think of ways in which you have been clarifying your emotions.
THE DREAM I was riding my bike up Charles page boulevard. a road that leads to my house. It passes an industrial zone, a prison facility, and a park. In the dream it had a lot of stop lights and heavy traffic, while it is not very busy in real life. It looked more like riverside drive, another road near my house that runs along the Arkansas river, but no river in the dream. Just the sewage ditch.

The road is very long in my dream, and the speed limit is 50 or 60 mph (40 in real life). I had a speedometer on my bike and was tearing up the road at 50-60 mph, trying to keep my speed up. There were guys on bikes following me, and I felt I was kind of leading them. I wanted to be a good cyclist, make a good impression, etc. there were also cars and stop lights. After having to stop at one stop light I felt annoyed with them. So at the next one I rode my bike up on the sidewalk and kept going over the grass and park area, and sidewalk when I could find it. I thought the people behind me would be impressed.

I rode up to a dark concrete patch where some kids were playing basketball. The entire place was overshadowed by this big ugly tree with empty branches like a canopy a few feet overhead. In the rest of the dream there was green grass and green leafy trees, it Isn’t really fall here yet, so this tree looked quite dead in contrast to everything else.

Well, the kids were trying to play with their basketballs, but every time one bounced too high or was tossed in the air it would be caught in the branches of the trees and it was a nuisance getting them back.

I went up to the tree. There was this creepy old guy with a scraggly beard and tattered clothes there. He held open some sheets that were like a curtain in the doorway of the tree trunk (a very thick tree trunk, like 20 feet wide). I stepped inside the tree. It was completely hollow and had been made into a room. There were wooden slats on the walls, but I could see light creeping through them and through the bark of the tree from the outside. This terrified me, and I guess I felt bad for the tree. I said something about a huge fix-up job. But then I was also terrified of the tree. It was completely dark inside, except for the light from the little slats and holes. I left the tree through another doorway in its side and rode my bike home. All the way I was terrified. I thought the tree would chase me or I would find myself back inside that darkness. But then I was home (or what was supposed to be home), and my house was all beautiful inside and I started feeling safe and woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking a lot about work. She enjoyed the pace of it as it helps her burn up energy which may be directed in some other more negative fashion. But there are some aspects of her work that she dislikes such as her boss who tends to scare her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bikes are often symbols of a very personal course. So its worthwhile asking the dreamer where in life they feel they maybe rather isolated and have to forge their own course. At work the dreamer feels as if she has little in common with the people she works with. They all tend to have huge inferiority complex’s whilst she seems to be exactly the opposite. The job was her idea and not the idea of her parents who felt she was capable of something much better.

The obsession with speed also rings true with the dreamer. She is always busy at work and always finding things to do. The dreamer also mentioned a coworker who she had to look after. This girl was very good at standing around doing nothing. The dreamer felt that there was not much point telling her there were many things she could be doing as she did not pay attention to things that she had been told before that. But the whole obsession with speed really sums up the dreamer. She feels that keeping yourself busy is a good thing. So that's maybe why she feels that the speed limit should be increased.

If the dream is about work then the tree would definitely link to her boss. She describes him as a huge fix-up job. Her emotions towards the tree match those she has for her manager. She feels sorry for him but is also terrified.

Dreams often help us put things in perspective. This dream maybe shows that the dreamer feels work helps her to burn off energy and provides her routine. She is very work conscious but at the same time their is precious little about work that she likes other than that. She does not connect with any of the other staff and finds the boss difficult.

In the dream she is riding home. That could either mean that she is glad to get home after work or that she is attempting to become more at home with work. She is trying to find a pace of work that suits her and relationships with coworkers that allow her to fit in more.

Dream Symbols
BIKE : "an intensely personal course - having to struggle without much help from others - the dreamer feels isolated at work and has nothing in common"
HOUSE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE : "the dreamers own personality - she feels happy inside herself"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior"
PRISON : "the dreamer feels trapped in her job"
SEWAGE : "the possibility that unwanted emotions spill out in an out of control way"
TRAFFIC : "personality clashes and conflicts with other people - conflicting emotions and thoughts in some situation"
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - the meaning and importance of work"
TREE IS HOLLOW : "the relationships she has at work are hollow and lacking any real meaning"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not been enjoying work recently. I do enjoy it as a rule because it helps me burn my energies up. But I am not getting along with the other staff. I do not have anything in common with any of them."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams use associations. They compare one situation to other situations in the past. The following dream is understood easily because the road the dreamer was walking along was charged with meaning. This was a road linked to sadness and regret. She regretted breaking up with her ex boyfriend and would desperately try to bump into him by walking past where he lived. The road was important in this dream because the dreamer was feeling identical feelings in a similar situation right now.
THE DREAM I am walking down a road. It is near where my ex boyfriend used to live. I wake up with a feeling of sadness.

THE REALITY The dreamer had not really been thinking about her ex boyfriend recently. The area she was walking along was a path she used to take. When she split up she missed her ex she would walk near to where he lived in hope of bumping into him. Recently she had been feeling the same sadness because she had broken up with a group of friends. She now missed them.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams above all capture emotions. The road in the dream was charged with meaning for the dreamer. She associated this with the feelings of being lost when she split up with her old boyfriend.

Dreams will often take symbols from the past and use them to express current emotions. Here she is now regretting an argument she had with a group of friends. On the day of this dream she was just starting to realise how much she missed them.

So the dream pulled up one situation from the past and deep down it shows that she was feeling that exact same feeling now.

Dream Symbol
ROAD NEAR EX : "This area reminded her of the way she missed her ex boyfriend and constantly tried to walk past where he lived in hope of seeing him and getting back together"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really miss my old friends. I kind of feel the same way I felt when I split with my old boyfriend. I just feel lost. I feel it especially now. At first when I had an argument with my friends I did not miss them but now I feel empty and lost. Its just started to hit me"

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THE DREAM I am on a bridge. I am looking at everything around me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had some serious emotional problems which had built up over time. He was now starting to deal with these. He knew it was not going to be easy but he was starting along the course.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bridges tend to link to moments of real importance. They show that you are thinking of taking a course which is difficult. In this case this was clearly true. The dreamer had just started to deal with some difficult emotional issues. He knew it would take some real effort but at least a start was being made.

Dream Symbol
BRIDGE : "an emotional junction - the dreamer was just starting to deal with some difficult emotional issues"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have made a start on dealing with some problems. I know that this will not be easy for me but I feel determined to make an effort"

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BRIDGES : Bridges symbolise decisions that we are finding hard to make. We maybe are very emotionally involved. We could be coming to an emotional junction.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "scared to move forward"
- "Its pointless trying any more"
- "I just need to decide"
- "we are at a point of no return"
- "a need to break away"


BIKE : Bikes may show that you feel isolated and that life is hard right now. Bikes can be associated with bad days especially on the day before the dream. But bikes are also symbolic of your own attitude and how you want to go to great lengths to pursue your goals. Bikes may also suggest that you are trying to do things "your own way".

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "its been really hard work"
- "I felt isolated"
- "doing it my own way"
- "doing what I want to do"
- "having to carry on on my own"

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