Dream symbols - recurring dreams

RECURRING DREAMS : A dreams repeats itself because the message is relevant each time the dreamer dreams it.
DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Dreams about recurring dreams
THE DREAM I have a recurring dream that I am in my french oral exam. I am back at school being tested by my tutor.

THE REALITY The dreamner was a radio DJ and TV presenter in real life

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can use symbols in unusual ways. IN real life the dreamer was a DJ and so he constantly had to find the right words. He had to be fluent in the way he used language. So therefore the french oral exam shows his constant battle to perform using the spoken word in front of others.

Dream Symbols
ORAL EXAM: "The dreamer constantly is tested in his ability to speak fluently as a DJ"
SCHOOL EXAM: "The dreamer as a professional DJ was under constant pressure to produce the best results"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am a radio and TV presenter and I am constantly being tested on my abilities to perform in front of people"

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THE DREAM I have this dream often. I see a little boy who is always the same. He is on his own in the dark. Here is an example. The child was with a woman in my office and they had come in wondering why I had not seen them for some months. I wake in a panic and I had to make a mental note of my case list to make sure I have not forgot anyone. I wake in a panic every time and have to make myself slow down and think about the kids on my case load before I can relax.

THE REALITY This woman works in social work and helps protect vulnerable children. If she makes a mistake then there maybe serious consequences.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream seems always connected with the dreamers workload. Often we dream about work but why did this woman dream with such intensity? Her job involves vulnerable children. Everyone is capable of making a mistake. But if this dreamer makes just one mistake then the life of a child maybe ruined forever. That is the reason for the panic and the need to check constantly. It shows that the dreamer is aware of the responsibility on her shoulders. Its a job that she must take seriously at all times.

But why is the child always the same age and the same child? Its because the dream helps reinforce the fact that this child is real. It kind of helps her build up a relationship with a particular dream child. So its much more important and real. If it was a random child each time it would seem less important and real.

Some of the dreamers coworkers also reported having similar dreams. So its definitely linked to the job and the need to take it seriously.

Dream Symbols
LITTLE BOY : "the dreamer is realising that her work involves real people and any mistakes will result in pain for them"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am a social worker and I always need to remind myself that these children are real people. Often I am very busy and I need to make sure I make the right decision every time."

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THE DREAM The dreamer was getting recurring dreams about her ex boyfriend.

I dreamt of me running to him and kissing him on the lips, then stepping away quickly and saying "oh I’m sorry - I forgot" meaning I forgot that we had broken up.

I had a dream of him sending text messages saying "I want you I want you I want you I want you".

I dreamt of him having a conversation that went something like 'Hey. There's something I want to do' and he replies 'what's that?' I reply back that I want to go and see the stars and he agrees. I am so happy that I bring a blanket and things.

THE REALITY The dreams are recurring and follow a break up which was hard on the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams capture our emotions. If we cannot stop thinking about someone then that person will appear in dreams very often. If an issue encroaches every aspect of our lives then its importance is in every aspect. If we do not feel like going to see our friends because we are still unhappy because of the break up then that issue is everywhere in our lives. Love is a strong emotion and often break ups can be very difficult.

Of the various dreams mentioned here the text message dream reveals that the dreamer is still convinced that her ex is still in love with her. Often the person may feel that the break up was all a mistake and that eventually things will be sorted out. Text messages link to communication and therefore the dreamer still believes that the problem is with communication perhaps.

Also dreams can reverse the meaning. The boyfriend stands for the boyfriend inside her. Memories that live on. So when he sends messages to her its possible to just reverse the process. The dream simply means that she is wishing that he is sending messages to her.

It may also capture some other emotion. That during the day before the dream the dreamer maybe experienced a moment when - if she was still with her ex - then she may have sent a text message to show how much she felt about him.

The dream about the night sky is probably another dream capturing some emotion the dreamer felt at that time. Space often represents issues that we just cannot get our heads round. It shows that there is some issue which you can look at in some deep and limitless way. In this case it may represent how the dreamer is lost in her thoughts about her ex. It also shows that she is thinking up some unlikely scenario where they might come back together again. Its about an imagination which is perhaps out of control. Desperate to find a way of bringing the relationship to life again.

Such dreams do not mean that the dreamer is ill or behaving unnaturally. If a break up has hurt you then emotions do take time to recover. Its just life.

Blankets are symbols of covering up. So that shows that the dreamer is still hurt and maybe not adjusting properly to her new situation. So the dream shows that they haven’t quite accepted things yet.

Dream Symbols
BLANKET : "wanting to make the best of a bad situation. Covering up the truth"
TEXT MESSAGE : "the dreamer wants to tell her ex exactly how she feels about him "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really do miss my ex boyfriend. I love him and just wish I had the chance to tell him my feelings"

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THE DREAM I keep having dreams about being in an aircraft as a passenger. We never crash but the plane never seems to take off. Only once has the plane taken off. In that dream it featured a man whom I admire a great deal. The sky was completely dark. My gut reaction was that the plane was made out of brick and wouldn’t fly very far.

THE REALITY The dreamer strongly admired a man in her life. Recently his career had taken a downturn. But she was convinced that he had a plan and would revive his career. She did not know how he was intending to do this but she was convinced in him as a person.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The most recent dream of these featured a man whom the dreamer admired a great deal. In real life she was unsure how he would revive his career. The plane taking off stands for the belief that his career would take off again. Yet the darkness and ultimate crash links to how this was not happening in practice.

In truth we often have lots of airplane dreams. So this dream is just one of many. Its not a recurring dream its just a recurring symbol. Airplanes symbolise projects and priorities we wish to promote. They represent plans that we want to get off the ground very quickly. In this case its a dream related to someone else in particular. But its likely that most of these dreams dealt with different issues.

The conclusion is that this dreamer is constantly hoping for some improvement in her life but the lack of take off shows that her hopes and plans never really come to fruition. She invests lots of emotions but tends to fail.

Dream Symbols
AIRPLANE : "Hopes and priorities which we hope will take off in the near future"
DARK : "not knowing what is happening"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "There is a man whom I admire a great deal. He recently resigned from his job. I cannot understand this. I am sure that he will come back and reestablish himself."

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THE DREAM Recently my dreams seem to revolve around me losing my purse. A very odd dream for me as I don’t usually carry purses in dreams. It would happen in all different circumstances. I would go somewhere, leave, and then realize I had forgotten my purse. I’d go back to find it but couldn’t (or would wake up prior to finding it). I never did find the purse.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from a progressive lung disease. She was often very tired and would get sick a lot. At work(which was always VERY important to her), she was taking time off. She knew she would be fired(which she was).

THE REALITY Well dreams do relate to our real lives. Recurring dreams should be simple enough to solve as they are obviously problems which are recurring. This dreamer was going through some major life changes with ill health.

In some senses losing a purse could relate to the loss of income that would result due to her being fired(which she knew would happen). After all a purse contains money. But maybe this explanation is too simplistic.

A purse obviously connects with money but also links to personal possessions. Money in dreams can symbolise things that are valuable to us. In this case its the dreamers identity which is being lost. She enjoyed her work and it provided her with a sense of satisfaction and self worth. Losing her job and losing her ability to do her job was affecting her. Work is very important to the majority of people. It is not only a source of money but we also meet many people through it and also gain a sense of self worth.

So in this sense it refer to the dreamer having to confront major life changes and having to restore her sense of identity and self worth.

Dream Symbols
PURSE : "The dreamers sense of identity that she gained through work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been fired due to ill health. Since then I have not really found a new purpose and sense of self worth."

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THE DREAM I am chased by death. My dreams feature death. I am being chased by spirits of people I have killed

THE REALITY These nightmares were those of the first Emperor of China whose wars to unite China killed many. He had to resist attempts to assassinate him. His own mother was involved in plots against him for which she was exiled.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The Emperor of China felt himself that these dreams were linked to the spirits of the people whom he killed to secure his own rule. He therefore built a palace with ten thousand clay soldiers in to guard him against the enemies in the after life(the Terra-cotta army).

In reality those dreams probably link to his intense fears. He knew he had to be ruthless. But in being ruthless he created new enemies. He lived by the sword. He quickly defeated his enemies and united the whole of China. But his main fears would always be the internal coups. He knew he created enemies and had to execute anyone whom was becoming to powerful and who could mount a challenge from inside. He had to exile his own mother and father because of plots. He feared not so much the sword of his enemy but the stab in the back from people he trusted.

Dream Symbols
DEATH : "the dreamer faces death himself because of plots"
DEATH : "the dreamer has to kill to stay alive and has done so very ruthlessly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "As the emperor of China there are many people who would like to kill me. In some ways I am forced to be ruthless even though it is against my nature to be so absolutely cruel. I have to do as even members of my own family including my mother are plotting against me"

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THE DREAM I Keep getting dreams that I am the sort of person who keeps cats.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a gay man. He associated many negative things with people who kept cats.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams use associations and this dreamer associated many negative traits with people who keep cats. So each time he gets this dream he is fearing that he is becoming like such people. He was a camp gay man who was fearing that he was becoming something that he really hated. Usually such dreams will be linked to the day before when something may have happened and that fear that he was becoming something that he found ghastly arose again.

Dream Symbols
THE SORT OF PERSON WHO KEEPS CATS : "for the dreamer people who keep cats are very sad and desperate people"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I just hate people who keep cats and treat them like their children. Its so sad and I just hate to think that its something that I could become. Obsessed over a cat"

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THE DREAM I used to get a lot of violent dreams with lots of fighting in them.

THE REALITY The dreamer had these dreams whilst in a tough job. When he left the dreams stopped.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams with fights in them often symbolise our own real life struggles. In this case the dreams occurred whilst the dreamer was working in a tough working environment. The dreams symbolised the constant fight to meet deadlines.

Dream Symbols
FIGHTING : "some real life fight or struggle - in this case a stressful and tough job with constant deadlines"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My dreams linked to the constant deadlines and tough schedules I had to face. I am constantly fighting to meet deadlines and to prove myself"

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