Dream interpretation - rapes,rapists and molestors as dream symbols

When a woman has a dream about rape it immediately scares her. Our minds start to think of dreams as being premonitions so a rape dream could never be a portent of something good. However, with some experience we start to see how dreams link to our thoughts. A rape dream will often just mean that you felt very humiliated yesterday. So far from being a premonition of something bad such a dream is merely telling you what you already know. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM I was watching a girl get raped and the guy that was raping her just kept picking and hurting her. He had raped her so bad and beat her so much that you really couldn't even see her face and her body was all covered in marks and bruises. She was crying and kept screaming at him and hitting him and telling him to stop, but he just kept hurting her. I remember seeing him biting her and waiting for a reaction from her and then would just get this satisfying look and bite her again. You could tell just by looking at her that she was in so much pain. I remember saying at one point why doesn't she get up and run away? There was a voice that said back to me in response because she is in to much pain to move. I felt very sad for her but at the same time felt like she should have done more to get away from him. One other thing that I remember is that it was kinda dark and they were in very shallow water it looked like in some kind of pipe kinda in a wooded area. I remember seeing a moon. I remember it being dirty (there was mud and stuff).

Dreams will often link to recent thoughts and feelings. Rather than being a record of events which list the facts about what has happened a dream is like a diary of the feelings that we have experienced. Its like a metaphor of our emotions. The day prior to this dream the dreamer had visited her in laws family. Her sister in law has two beautiful girls and is very proud of them. However, she had continually tried to take attention away from the dreamers own beautiful daughters. Her sister in law used very subtle ways to annoy the dreamer. She continually treated the dreamers children in very different ways to her own children.

If I reword the dream and apply the same thoughts to the real life situation then we find it accurately captures her emotions towards this rather innocuous event the day before. The dreamer was very annoyed at her sister in laws continual sniping and she wanted to tell her to stop. Her sister in law had this satisfying look on her face. She remembered her sister in law was 'waiting for a reaction'. She felt like she should have done more to get away but could not (probably because of the very subtle ways in which her sister in law acted).

So a dream which seems so brutal was just a metaphor for the previous day. It captured the feeling that her sister in law had enjoyed causing pain - she enjoyed winding up the dreamer. Actually the dream captured these exact feelings - "She was so brutal and she seemed to be enjoying humiliating me and my children."

If you relate other rape dreams to recent events then you find that they can have rather tame meanings. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM The dream took place in some sort of sporting event, in an arena with food vendors. There was a forum very much like Internet forums. I could click on the subject and then I could see everything in that subject.

I was in my grandma’s neighbourhood (she passed several years ago and her house was sold). There was a guy there to see who I would say was me (but I was watching from 3rd person). He was talking to me about what was wrong with his life and blah blah about some other woman. Then I went somewhere with him. He stopped somewhere and forced me into the back seat and raped me.

Then I was back at the forums arena where I had to go get a hot-dog for someone(a woman I was with). Then I get back to the forum and there is a new post by the woman that was raped and she changed her story that she wasn’t raped and she was in love with him.

The dreamer had recently joined a hockey forum on the internet. She had entered an adult section thinking it was for mature and intelligent conversation. However the forum was filled with rude and sickening posts. The dreamer made a post and was bombarded with abuse. However she stuck around and she started to realise that the abuse was part of an initiation ceremony.

So if you reread the dream with this in mind the rape is a symbol for the abuse that she received. The woman changes her story that she wasn't raped because these insults were not meant to humiliate they were just friendly banter. If you read the dream then it becomes clear that it captures this exact thought process - "I thought these disgusting comments were really abusive. But now I realise that they are just being friendly. This abuse is just part of a an initiation ceremony".

Try to think of some recent event or feeling that could have been linked to the dream.Take the following.

THE DREAMI have been dreaming of getting raped!

In real life the dreamer was being pressured by a man at work. He kept telling her that he likes her and that she is pretty. He was married with a child. The previous day she was uneasy with him because he looked weirdly at her. She was especially worried because she was working with him alone for much of the time.

So with background in mind its quite easy to see how the dream is a metaphor for his sexual harassment. His sexual banter had crossed a line and was inappropriate. She felt vulnerable with him. Her dream does not reveal that she feels that she could be raped by him. Instead it shows that he is the type of man she really does not trust and he tended to creep her out. Dreams do exaggerate and they show us thinking the worst. She does not immediately feel like she is going to be raped. But she is starting to become aware of the warning signs. This man clearly did not respect women!

So we have three different dreams and each with different meanings. In the first the rapist was metaphor for the dreamers subtle attempts to wind up the dreamer. The dream concentrates on the rapists look of satisfaction which clearly shows that the dreamer felt that he sister in law was enjoying winding the dreamer up. The second dream uses rape as symbol for the cruel and offensive comments that the dreamer had received on an internet forum. The third used rape as a symbol for inappropriate sexual banter which was turning into a clear case of sexual harassment at work.

Do not discount yourself as a source for a rape dream. You maybe judging yourself in a bad way. Take for instance this dream.

THE DREAM There was a boy from school who knew - called John Raper. He was involved in time travel in some way. He was trying to sell me or show me a picture. It was a transparent picture.

The dream did not feature rape but it did feature someone who was called Raper. This was a real person in the dreamers past but clearly he had not seen this person for years and he never featured in his thoughts. But still this man "Raper" had a symbolic meaning. As usual its best to think back to the previous day and think about thoughts going through your own mind. The previous day the dreamer had been thinking about a woman. He realised that he had acted in a very cold and callous way towards her. Actually the dream captures these thoughts - "I know I have been very cold and callus towards her recently." So this dream is about the dreamer realising his own behaviour and thinking towards rectifying it. The mention of rape was symbolic of his own cold and callous behaviour.

So a rape dream can represent many things. It may be symbolic of someone else’s behaviour but it may equally be a dream about you realising how bad you have been. A rape dream may link to something sexual (a man sexually harassing a woman) but it may also simply represent an act which was clearly callous and meant to humiliate.

The mind tries to compare and contrast various things. A rape dream may pinpoint something in particular such as someone trying to humiliate you. A rapist tries to humiliate you. But equally the dreamer whose sister in law deliberately made sly comments against her children was deliberately trying to humiliate. So the two situations are linked because they are examples of humiliation.

If you understand that dreams do link to recent thoughts and events then you can start to understand them. Mostly the interpretation of them is easy. They will link to thoughts which are on the tip of your tongue - key emotions (the type of things that you would tell a best friend or write in a diary). Knowing this you can even guess what a dream would be about. You at least know that the trigger of the dream was something that involved vaguely similar emotions. You can guess at what type of precise thought process this links to. Try this example.

THE DREAM It was me and my boyfriend and we were in LA. we were going out to a club. We were walking out of where we just parked. My boyfriend had forgotten something in the car. He told me to stay right there and he would be right back. Right after he left I saw a group of guys coming. They stopped and talked to me. They were getting really persistent. Then one of them punched me and the rest grabbed me and held me down. They took turns raping me. I was screaming and yelling. When they were done they hit me one last time and dropped me. My boyfriend returned to find me laying there.

The dreamer had just got back from a long enjoyable weekend. She got to sleep with him every night and felt very happy waking up next to him. On their bus ride home they had a talk about the future where he said he wanted to be with her forever. The dreamer started crying because she was scared he would leave her or hurt her. But he reassured her he would not. She was still sad that they would not be sleeping together that night.

This dreamer quite clearly did not have a situation where she was humiliated or felt powerless (another emotion connected with rape). Her boyfriend had not maltreated her in any way (in fact the exact opposite was true). So this dream does deal with the subject or emotions of rape but in a very subtle way. The dream does portray a strong emotion - probably this exact feeling "I miss being with my boyfriend. I feel so vulnerable when I am on my own. I feel very reassured by his presence."

So actually dreams can portray very sophisticated meanings. They maybe difficult to analyse and you can only really guess the dreams meaning if you know exactly how the dreamer is thinking. In this case the dream concentrates on when her boyfriend is NOT THERE. So it hints at a meaning like this "I feel very uneasy when my boyfriend is not there...." So from that the dream links to the dreamer feeling reassured by her boyfriends presence. When he there something terrible happens. Of course the dreamer does not feel as if she will actually be raped if her boyfriend is not there. The dream uses this symbol to express her strength of feeling. By showing something terrible happening it means that she feels strongly the need to be reassured.

Clearly dreams are metaphors and rape is a strong metaphor. Take this dream.

THE DREAM I had a bad bad dream that I was in some house . there was some kind of a party or something then all of the sudden these horrible men grabbed my arms and held me down while taking my 15 year old daughter into a room, where I heard her horrible screams for help. I felt helpless and I fought and fought but could not help her I screamed and then awoke from my bad dream.

In real life the dreamer was very upset because she had recently found out that the man she was in love with (for thirteen years) had secretly been having sex with men. She felt as if everything that she has ever done and felt was a lie. In real life she was not being raped but the man she loved had been having sex with men. This quite clearly reveals her feelings about this - she felt the following exact feeling "I cannot begin to think about what he did. The thought that he had sex with men disgusts me. I feel totally degraded." Just thinking about her lover having sex with men filled her with the exact same emotions of being raped. Its a simple metaphor expressing the feeling "I FEEL LIKE I have been raped". One of the main feelings that a woman feels when raped is that she has been used and discarded and sex meant nothing. This feeling is very similar to the feeling a woman has during a particularly difficult break up.

So we see that rape dreams will revolve around the core emotions of rape such as humiliation and powerlessness. Here is another dream.

THE DREAM This past week or two I've had more than one dream about being sexually assaulted and or kidnapped. This is the most recent one. I can't remember how it started, but I do think my recent ex boyfriend was there and my family. From what I remember I was at a grocery store and in the movie rental part. There was a friendly man helping me choose a movie, but there were only a few movies in the whole store and it was so frustrating because he kept trying to make me rent a movie I didn't want. My friend came in and asked what I was doing and that everyone was looking for me, then he went back into the grocery part of the store. The next thing I remember is the clerk being kind of manipulative and some how I ended up in a car with him (it was night time) and right when I was in the car I was nervous and trying to reach for my mace without him noticing. I told him I wasn't comfortable with going anywhere and he locked the doors. I tried to spray him with my mace, but it hardly had any effect and I got out of the car while he rubbed his eyes, but he was right behind me. We were still in the store parking lot, but it was empty and the only light was from those orangish yellowish street lights. There was a neighbourhood right next to it and also kind of a main road, but no one around. He tackled me in the parking lot trying to rape me and some how I would manage to get up and try and run and I remember basically taking a beating and trying to fight back. Eventually I got a good run while he was still on the ground. The whole time I was trying to yell help, but I could barely get it out.

When the dreamer revealed some background information we find that she had been having a very rough time generally. She had broken up with her boyfriend who she thought she would marry. She found out her 5 year old cousin fighting a cancerous brain tumour only had 4 weeks left. Her brother was in serious car accident and shouldn't have lived. Three days later her little 5 year old cousin passed away from cancer and her ex boyfriend decided to not go to the funeral with her. She has missed so much school she thought she would lose her scholarship.

Here rape as a metaphor is not so clear. But really all the bad things happening to gave her that feeling of being totally degraded. Life in general had abused her. This metaphor is not so clear as others.

The following dream has an interesting meaning.

THE DREAM I am staying in a motel with 5 friends (who are from all over the world) and myself. We were entering the motel after a night out when a gang of large men from my ethnicity targeted me out of everyone else and it probably would have led to assault and rape. I was protected by friends and all of us ran from them but they pursued us up the stairs through the lift into the dark tiled corridors. All through the night I was hiding from the gang under the bed and in the morning we tried to reason with the main woman who is apparently a spiritual leader, with whom I have an altercation. I feel immense pain at a point on the middle of my spine... almost as though someone was poking it. It ends with us leaving the motel. The dream was in shades of grey, black and white.

The dreamer had just returned to her home country after two years in the west. She now finds herself living with her parents in an oppressed society in which she is seen as a rebel. She felt fear and anger in the dream and a sense of security with the guy who was hiding her.

Underlying the dream are some very negative thoughts about the culture that she lived in. Notice that it is people from her own ethnicity who cause trouble for her. So the rape was not a symbol for someone but the whole society which oppressed women.

Rape is very much an emotional symbol so try to think how it describes very string negative feelings within you. T Take this dream.

THE DREAM I dreamt that my 3 yr old daughter got raped by someone we knew. I only say someone we knew because of the feeling in the dream. I never once saw his face. I was upset, mortified, but more than anything I felt I let her down. I was supposed to protect her from all bad & I couldn't. Now she was still very much alive but not the same. Like she lost her joy or her whole being.

The day before the dreamers daughter was asking questions that she should not know anything about. This upset the dreamer who wanted to keep her little and innocent.

So in this case nothing had happened to the dreamers young daughter but she had been talking about things that she should not know about. So really the dream captures this exact thought process - "I feel like I have let my daughter down. She should not know or talk about such things. I should have protected her from this". So rape is a symbol then for something pure that is spoilt in any way.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams often feature rapes,murders, and all kinds of terrible things. But remember that dreams are about our feelings. Often we feel much worse than is the case in reality. We FEEL as if we are fighting a war. We FEEL as if we have been raped. So look for the emotions that link with a symbol and see how they express your own strong feelings. Think especially of the day before the dream. What events took place then and what thoughts were alive in our minds.
DREAM TIP : Often women fear rape dreams because they worry it maybe a premonition of some terrible attack. Yet the rape within the dream maybe symbolic of something that has already taken place. Take for instance a girl who loses her virginity to a boyfriend. Later they split up and everything that happens previously is seen in a new light. That boyfriend may have pledged his ever lasting love at the time yet now he has been revealed as a cheat. That sexuality act which was previously so special is now seen as sordid and disgusting. The girl thinks back and feels as if she was raped.
DREAM TIP : Rape dreams can often link to issues involving sex. Take for instance a girl who is a virgin. She has never experienced sex and so any sexual contact would feel awkward and uncomfortable. So a dream of rape may simply link to that sexual inexperience. So the dreams may simply link to how she is exploring the idea of sex and yet still feels uncomfortable.
DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about our intuitions. In their minds women often associate rape with strange and digusting men whom they have never met. Yet rape in dreams probably deals more with sexual issues involving men whom you already know. Rape refers to sex without consent. Sometimes a woman will give in to sex even though inside she does not want sex at that time. Yet those feelings of abuse maybe registred in the dream. So try to link a rape dream with any sexually abusive or uncaring behavior.

RAPES : Rapes in dreams can mean many things. Obviously if you have been raped then the dream could be taking you back to that moment. Rape sometimes link to sexual feelings in another way. If you are sexually inexperienced the dream maybe about you exploring your own sexual feelings and preparing to enter a sexual relationship. They may also link to issues of trust e.g. can you trust someone to look after your child?

But rapes often are just metaphors for abuse and a sense of powerlessness. They may link to people who have lied and cheated to you and taken advantage of you. They may refer to a boss who has taken advantage of you or treated you badly. If no obvious link to the dream appears just try to think about your life right now and what is the bad thing within it?

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am a virgin and feel awkward sexually"
- "it was sexually inappropriate"
- "yesterday he acted in a way that was really quite sexually intimidating"
- "he just uses women"
- "I feel a lot of anger towards men in general"
- "at the time I loved my ex but now all those special moments seem so degrading"
- "I felt totally humiliated"
- "I feel so powerless and abused"
- "I felt sick"
- "They lied and cheated and took advantage of me"
- "It was the worst thing that could have happened to me"


INTRUDERS : Intruders are difficult symbols in some ways as they have several different meanings. They can link to an unsettled feeling inside you as you have maybe been thinking and feeling uncomfortably. Maybe your routine has been upset. Intruders may also represent moments when you feel as if you have been personally confronted and criticised. If you are the stranger in someone else’s home then it may mean that you are trying to understand someone and examine their actions in great detail.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "upset my routine"
- "really disrupted everything"
- "this thought crept into my head"
- "very intrusive and personal"
- "getting inside his mind and knowing exactly why he thought that"
- "very personal criticism"
- "a real fear of burglars"

KIDNAP : A kidnapper usually will link to some aspect of your personality being unable to express itself. A kidnap involves you being forced into something that you do not wish to do.

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