dream interpreting - queens and their symbolic meaning

Most dreams represent recent thoughts especially from the day before as we think over feelings and events which have just occurred. Your dreams that night will represent how your mind has made sense of what has just happened. So your dreams represent your thoughts. Nowadays it is widely accepted that dreams link to conscious feelings rather than unconscious feelings. So we will be much more aware of what our dreams mean. They will represent the conclusions that are forming in our minds. They will be written in the language of dream symbolism. Take for instance the following dream.

THE DREAM Decorating for the queen? I am in some room. There is the Queen there. I am there to help her with something. There is some kind of cage type thing like a bird cage but probably not. There is this little ornament. Its entirely made of gold and other rich substances. I am studying it closely. Its like an ornamental umbrella - I am not sure I remember what it was but it was like an ornament and very elaborate. There seemed to be some connection to a wedding anniversary or jubilee or some great celebration gathering. I am helping the queen in some way. Its like I was decorating the room but I was using the ornament to make lots of THINGS. And we start top plan and prepare this ornament. I give instructions to some other workmen about this is how we are going to have to do it. I am saying we do one and then quickly do the rest. I was hanging things from the ceiling like you hang wall paper.

In reality the dreamer was making a website for a female friend. In the dream she was represented by the queen. The dreamer was trying especially hard to get everything right for her. He was trying to make a special effort. The dream uses the metaphor quite simply - he wanted to make a website 'fit for a queen'. Dreams will concentrate on your overwhelming concerns at the time. If the dreamer was thinking about the website and how he wanted to please this friend then we know that there is a good chance the queen represents her.

This next dream also uses the queen as a symbol of someone special in the dreamers life.
THE DREAM - I was a soldier and a bunch of the other soldiers were going off to some war and he was pulled aside by the Colonel who said I wouldn't be going to war but he had to go to the Queen's place and watch her baby. He ends up being late (I am never ever late in real life) and the Queen meets him outside and hands him the baby and tells him she trusts him to keep it safe.

In reality the dreamer was obsessed with getting things done on time. So being late for something was something he hated doing. The queen was symbolic of his girlfriend who was the exact opposite - she was constantly late. The dream draws together two different needs - the need of him to please his girlfriend and make her feel special and his own need to get things done on time. In this case these are often two conflicting needs. This is just the type of problem which our intuitions deals with. So it is possible that this dream deals with these conflicting needs.

When you get a queen dream try to think how the queen could represent something right now. Try to make the queen fit recent thoughts and feelings. For instance, one dreamer had a dream about a queen. She was on holiday at the time and so the queen could be symbolic of her wish at the time to have everything done for her - she was feeling especially lazy. She wanted to be treated like a queen – she wanted to take things easy for a change.

Think of any association you can. One dreamer had a dream about 'queen street' and linked this to a very bossy female who had just ripped some of the dreamers ideas apart. The queen could have been a symbol for her (since queens are bossy and commanding - just like the bossy woman in real life).