Dream interpretation - puppies as dream symbols

What do puppies represent in dreams? Dreams use symbols instead of words to express your feelings. It may not seem so though as dreams use a very unusual language. Most people think dreams bizarre but actually they just represent the types of things you write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dream analysis is a practical subject so lets start with one of the many examples we will use.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was in my car and in my front seat of my car was a black and white puppy. He was so cute and happy and wagging his little tail.

The dreamer had just returned from holiday where she had a fling. The puppy was symbolic of the happy times that she had just had on holiday. Instead of using words a dream uses a symbol (a puppy) but its really just using that symbol in place of words. If we were to translate that dream symbols into words it may link to key words like "in love", "having fun" and "a new boyfriend". The puppy says that the dreamer is having a similar time with her new boyfriend as she would with a cute puppy. It sets off the same emotions within her.

With this next dream the dreamer (a woman) was thinking a lot about the man she was in love with. He was currently stuck overseas and was trying to get back. DREAM - puppies and snakes In my dream I was in my cousins basement and one wall was missing and when I looked out there was three snakes in the calm water,I watched for a time and then puppies came to me and that was the end

Well again the puppy in the dream could translate into the key words "boyfriend", "in love", and "having fun". If we translate the snake into the words "problems" and "difficulties" then now try to put these two dream symbols together and see what they could mean. If we join together these two sets of dream key words then we have "in love", "boyfriend" and "problems". The next step to understand the dream is to try to think up a phrase which might use these two sets of key words. One such phrase is "we are having problems and difficulties, but soon we will be reunited and in love again". That's exactly how dream symbolism works and using this method we can deduce some very sophisticated meanings from dreams. This dream then caught the dreamers problems linked to her boyfriend being overseas and her belief that soon they would be reunited.

Now try using the same method to analyse the next dream.

THE DREAM I dreamt that a group of about 20 men were going to rape me so I set my dogs on them, but it did not end there, instead of running away 3 of the men got hold of my puppy and hurt him by putting sticks and other objects where they should not be. In the end I managed to get my dog away from them but was still raped.

If dreams will link to recent thoughts we first need to see what has been on the dreamers mind. In this case the dreamer had recently been promoted. The day before the dream she had a really tough day. Her boss gave her a hard time and made her feel like she was not good enough and that he had made a wrong choice by offering her the promotion in the first place.

How would we interpret this dream? Well first by reading it we get a general feel for it. The dream portrays a story of humiliation and loss of innocent. A puppy gets treated so badly - it dwells on an innocent creature which is so loyal and good being treated in an unbelievably bad way. It's actually just a metaphor for her own situation. Think of the emotions that the dream portrays and then simply write out a sentence which deals with similar themes. The dream captures this exact thought - "I cannot believe that they treated me like that. I really trusted and believed in my boss (in the same way the puppy really believes and trusts people). I was so humiliated". If we are to interpret the dream symbols into words then surely rape translates into the word "humiliated" and puppy may translate into words like "innocence" and "real trust and belief" (in the way a puppy trusts and believes in its owner).

Now try the next example.

THE DREAM There was a young child with ringlets & she wore a light colored dress. She was on her own in the forest and a wolf came up to her and sniffed her. The girl thought that the wolf was a puppy and was playing with it. It was obvious what was going to happen. I did not see but the wolf killed the girl.

In real life the dreamer was having strong emotions about her relationship. Things were not going as well as could be hoped. Two weeks earlier the dreamer had been contacted by an ex boyfriend. She agreed to see her ex two days before this dream. The dreamer was once proud of herself but was now ashamed of her dishonesty and deception. This dream jolted her into cutting ties with my ex before it became irreversible.

With careful thought we find that the dream captures this exact thought - "I should not play with fire. I will have fun with my ex boyfriend but its going to cause problems in the long run". The young girl thinks the wolf was a puppy and this is a metaphor for her having some innocent fun with an ex. It all seems so simple (little innocent girls see things so simply) but she was now seeing the danger. She had to end this involvement with her ex before it caused real problems. Clearly involving yourself with an ex will clearly cause problems just like the young girl in the dream playing with a wolf which will obviously kill her.

Interpreting dreams is not so difficult. First we look for an issue which has likely triggered the dream. Then we look for ways in which the dream symbols could express new feelings and thoughts in relation to this new issue. You will find that there are not that many issues which could be symbols for puppies. Then try to see how the dream symbols interact and then try to think what sophisticated thoughts these symbols could be expressing.

In one dream in our database a puppy is eaten by an alligator. In real life the dreamer had been devastated because her boyfriends parents were moving to another state and so this effectively marked the end of their relationship. Its clear to see what the puppy was a symbol for - puppies have often appeared as symbols for a "love" and "boyfriends". Clearly being eaten by an alligator expresses the loss of this relationship. It portrays her inner feelings as she knows that her boyfriend moving will end the relationship.

The next dream had linked to a similar situation in the dreamers life. The dreamer was attracted to a man. She did not really know how he felt about her. They had been talking and texting but she still was not sure. The man would soon be moving to another state. So what could the puppy portray here?

THE DREAM I was shopping/hanging out with my friends. All the while I was texting this guy (which parallels in real life) and he said he's already around the area so I told my friends that I'm going to head out and meet up with him so we could all meet up back together. I saw him already among the crowd but lost him for a bit because of a guy (someone I knew, but don't remember) that called my name - however, when I realized that I him I looked for him and found him. And then he sat inside his car and said he's going to go somewhere... but he left me a small puppy which was black with a dash and red.

What could the puppy portray? Clearly love has featured in the dreamers thoughts again. My best guess is that this dream portrays this thought - "I fear I will lose him but I will have fond memories of our good times together". In this way the puppy symbolises the love now lost but the find memories. Of course that is a guess. But our dream analyses have shown how dreams work. We can never truly know what a dream means. We can guess though because dreams link to thoughts which we are all too aware of. They do not capture unconscious feelings as Freud and Jung state. A dream is likely to capture something that we are all too aware of.

Think of how these puppy dreams have translated into real life. Many link to love and new boyfriends. They capture a moment of fun or feelings of fun. They may tap into issues of loyalty and innocence. When you get a puppy dream think of these keywords - "innocence", "loyalty", "fun", "boyfriend" and "love". Think how these words feature in your thoughts and if you can get a good fit with several dream symbols then its likely that your dream captures an exact thought linked to something you have been thinking about.

In real life a dreamer had been getting along better with her ex boyfriend. She then had a dream about a black puppy. Clearly several keywords seem relevant here such as "love", "fun", and "loyalty". Perhaps the dream captures this exact thought - "I am getting on so well with my ex. It reminds me of the days when we were in love".

In another real life situation the dreamer was being pressured by his father to meet some influential people who could become contacts for the future. The dreamer then had a puppy dog dream. Think of ways in which the keywords we have linked to puppy dog dreams and see how they are relevant in real life. The loyalty and faith of a puppy dog seems relevant. The puppy could portray the group of loyal and faithful contacts that the father hopes for. Equally other meanings have relevance as the puppy could represent the son being ordered to faithfully follow his fathers lead (like a puppy dog). Again we can never know truly what a puppy dog means. We can look for possible meanings and then look for other associations to confirm a dreams meaning. The more clues we have the easier the interpretation.

In another dream in our database the dreamer dreams of catching a fish that turns into a puppy. In real life, the dreamer was wanting to get pregnant. Catching the fish could clearly be a symbol for her wanting an adorable little child (so an adorable puppy is a symbol for a new baby).