Dream symbols - premonitions

PREMONITIONS : Premonitions are more regular than people suppose. The vast majority of normal dreams deal with every day thoughts and circumstances from the day before. The vast majority of premonitions deal again with issues near at hand. The majority of premonitions come to pass on the very day of the dream. They will capture some emotion that you felt. They will capture a little incident and even a thought process on some situation.
DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Real premonitions of the next day and something rather mundane

THE DREAM - I am near my parents home. I am directing and giving instructions to an articulated lorry which is very very long. The towed part of the truck falls off the edge of a cliff. Its not lost but is just hanging there.

I am then listening to a punk ska band. The music is loud and I am laughing and having a good time. I am indeed laughing maniacally.

THE REALITY Often premonitions are about seemingly minor matters about the day of the dream. This dream was about some work task that the dreamer had to set about on that day. The dreamers attitude was good as he set out but things got stuck rather - but the dreamer was constantly trying to move things on.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream was a premonition of the day ahead and the tasks which the dreamer had set himself. Often we get difficult to interpret dreams which are actually premonitions of the day ahead.

Some parts of the dream are easy to interpret. The articulated lorry is possibly a symbol of the heavy workload the dream had that day.

Music is often is a good symbol as its easy to understand what it means. Music captures the sense that some mood or feeling is dominating the situation. Music dreams therefore can often be premonitions of the day ahead and the mood that went with them.

Here the punk ska band symbolises the sense that things problems occur yet are overcome. It maybe very easy to dismiss this interpretation but it was the best available at the time and does fit well. Such interpretations of seemingly insignificant premonitions maybe scare people off but do not expect premonitions to be easy to interpret. Sometimes they will have some convincing clues but other times they capture our feelings in quite complex and symbolic ways.

Dream Symbols
ARTICULATED LORRY: "the dreamer had a heavy workload on the day of the dream"
LAUGH : "being cheerful about something"
MUSIC : "a mood or feeling - the dreamer felt as if the day had a mood to it - it was as if the day was a continuously difficult day yet he coped with anything "

THE DREAM - I am in the upper storey of some school or large public building. There is David Beckham there. He looks really rough though. His face looks really damaged by sunburn. The he has just had plastic surgery and his eyes look blackened. He knows this too. He seems to transform before my very eyes.

Then I am in some huge canyon. It is featureless with no growth whatsoever. A missile is heading our way . It only looks small and fairly harmless. It shoots over head and lands behind me. Then this huge explosion takes place and the shockwaves from the explosion almost disturb the earth. The ripple effects turn the earth into molten rock.

THE REALITY The very day of the dream was very bad indeed for the dreamer. Everything that went wrong did go wrong. The day was a day of opportunity and the dreamer was given new responsibilities at work. He was looking forward to the day. However, everything went wrong and he ended up in an awful mood.

DREAM INTERPRETATION David Beckham is an English Soccer player who is extremely famous - he is a constant target of the newspapers for his good looks and glamorous lifestyle. In the dream - if you looked closely at him you spotted the flaws and imperfections.

The dream starts off in a college which symbolises how we will be learning something unfamiliar - its a lesson in life where we will be in some new situation. It is also a high rise college - tall buildings often symbolise issues of status and also of expectations. The tall building represented the good feelings associated with the new responsibilities. But once you looked closely things started to go wrong - and that is when the dream switched.

The earthquake is a strong symbol. It symbolises a major change in the way we perceive things. The land represents the stable things in your real life. But if that changes then you totally change the way you think about things.

The huge canyon was barren and featureless representing the slow pace of the day. Then things got really out of hand with missiles launched. These were only small missiles but like the real life situation things spiraled out of control.

This was a premonition. Such major moods are often caught as premonitions.

Symbolic Meanings
CANYON : "dark feelings within the dreamer"
EXPLOSION : "inflamed argument - there was an explosion of arguments at the dreamers workplace that day"
MISSILE : "criticism or confrontation heading your way"
RIPPLE : "one thing leads to another"
SCHOOL : "you are learning something new - something happening is really quite unfamiliar - in this case the dreamer is having to cope with some very unfamiliar feelings at his workplace"
UPPER STOREY : "a test of your confidence and abilities - the dreamer was due to be given some new responsibilities that day"


THE DREAM I am at work. I turn on the computer and it is not working - the screen is blank. Then I try again and turn the computer on again. This time it works.

THE REALITY That day the dreamer was at work and turned on the computers. The dreamers boss asked if the computers were working and he said yes. However, the network wasn’t available so nothing could be done - effectively they were not working. Much later in the day the computers were working but the dreamer did not have chance to use them later.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This was very probably a premonition. Premonitions will not often come totally true. They may come true but in a way that captures the essential portion of the situation. In this case the dream focuses on the an initial assessment that seems to be wrong. In the dream the computers seemed to be working but a moment later they were working. In real life they were seemingly working then it was realised they were not.

THE DREAM I had this dream in which a baby was wearing this choker. I looked at the choker and I thought it looked like chokers that my friend made for me only it was a little different and the colors were different.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and immediately went on line and the friend in the dream had emailed a link to some new chokers she had made. The dreamer had no knowledge that she was making any new chokers. The choker online was exactly like the choker in the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams can be premonitions. These sorts of dreams that seem to come true very quickly are quite common. They can often be about quite unimportant things. The dream symbols seem also to link to the reality. Babies often symbolise new things and this was indeed a new choker.

Dream Symbols
BABY : "something new that is exciting you - in this case the new chokers"

THE DREAM I am in Whitby and I am taking pictures of the town. I appear to be at Whitby college. I am looking at the place and slowly start to amaze at the size and scale of the place. The college has a frontal area. But connected to this is some huge back area. Its like an enourmous skyscraper. There are people who are hanging outside the windows. I then start to take pictures.

Also happening here is this enourmous car bootsale which seems to be taking place at the same time. People can virtually buy anything.

I then meet up with a girl who is my friend. She is a young teenager - around sixteen specifically. I am discussing photography with her and how to do such and such a thing.

THE REALITY This seems to be a premonition of the next day. Several new things emerged that day. An illness which had been bugging the dreamer had sorted itself out and she seemed a lot better. She also got a message from a friend who had bought her something over the Internet. This had finally arrived. The dreamer went to her friends house and her cousin answered the door and was quite friendly with her and seemed to make a connection as they talked about the college that the girl was attending.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The connections here are quite strong. Often dreams can link to events from the day to come. The connections are not easy sometimes to work through. But here some strong connections emerge.

The strongest one was the sixteen year old girl - a young friend. This connection was unexpected that day. So the dream captured a sense of that day. That girl was attending a college so that provides a second connection.

A third connection is Whitby itself. The dreamer had been wanting to visit this nearby town for some time to take photos but ill health had got in the way. That now seemed to be sorted out. This improvement in her health had been quite striking that day.

Often huge buildings tend to link to the outside world and their influence on us. Huge buildings can often symbolise other people and how they affect us. But in this case the huge building seems good. Its a good dream. That shows that the day had a positive impact on the dreamer. It was a good day and it was also a day when she was "picturing" what she was going to do now that her health was finally improving. So the link with photography maybe shows that the dream was about some picture in the dreamers mind being created.

The dream also features this car boot sale or giant sale. That day something that a friend had bought for her had arrived after a long delay. The Internet is in many ways a huge car boot sale. Sites such as E-bay sell everything under the sun.

Skyscrapers can often symbolise great confidence - or at least issues concerning confidence. In this case the dream had a good feel to it so its likely that the dream captured the days events ahead. The sense of confidence and happiness from that day. The dreamer felt a lot happier after shaking off an illness after months and the positive emotions from meeting an enthusiastic youngster also where features of the dream.

In some ways the dream captured several incidents rather than one specific thing. That's often the case with dreams that are premonitions. They can capture the sense of what happened that day as a whole.

Dream Symbols
PICTURE : "the dreamers interest in photography which was very relevant that day "
SKYSCRAPER : "feeling confident - the dreamer felt especially confident that day "
THE DREAM I am at wembley stadium. I am watching the game. I am quite far back and decide to move forward. I attempt to move forward but its against the law. Its an illegal activity.

THE REALITY On the day of the dream the dreamer took photos of surfers(this was unplanned). They were a great distance out in the sea. The dreamer attempted to move forward and get a better view but the tide was very tricky. It was a precarious situation and with a camera it was best to stay far away.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The majority of dreams are about the previous day and they symbolise your thoughts about the new feelings entering your life.

But sometimes it is possibly to get premonitions. Many of these premonitions will come true almost immediately on the day of the dream. They will capture some situation or the emotions that you felt. In this case there are some strong parralels.

In the first case the dreamer was in a stadium. The sport dealt with seemed to be football but that's irrelevant. The dream dealt with the theme of sport. Dreams will often make very loose associations.

The second link is the feeling that the dream is far back and wishes to get a better view. In reality while taking pictures of the surfers the dreamer wanted to get a better view. It was impossible to get a safe position to take photos though as the tide on this beach was notorious. So the dream captured that feeling that moving forward was just not possible.

This was a dream that captured the dreamers utter frustration. In order to take good pictures he had to get very close. But in this case it was totally impossible to get close at all. The previous time the dreamer had taken photos of surfers he was able to get much much closer.

Dream Symbols
ILLEGAL : "breaking an unwritten rule "
THE DREAM I had a big dream but part of it I was standing outside my old school trying to do some calculation, the calculations were about optoelectronics, (wavelengths and frequencies).

THE REALITY The dreamer was at that time looking for a job. The very next morning she got a phone call from a work agency for a job where she would be calibrating and aligning optoelectronic and laser systems.

DREAM INTERPRETATION You could claim that this was coincidence but it is very unusual how many such dreams turn out to be true. We dream about something specific and the next day something seems to link to it.