Premonitions - understanding precognitive dreams(september 11 and princess dianas death)

PREMONITIONS : Premonitions are more regular than people suppose. The vast majority of normal dreams deal with every day thoughts and circumstances from the day before. The vast majority of premonitions deal again with issues near at hand. The majority of premonitions come to pass on the very day of the dream. They will capture some emotion that you felt. They will capture a little incident and even a thought process on some situation.

Some premonitions are difficult to spot as they will deal with issues which were already relevant in your life. If you argue with your partner on a regular basis then it is difficult to tell if a dream is a premonition.

Premonitions can contain a touch more real life than normal dreams. However, they can be hidden in deep symbolism too. But such symbolism is interpreted in exactly the same way as normal dreams.

Dreams can foresee events deep into the future - but the events would have to be deeply personal. Such events would be the deaths of loved ones. Major changes in your life can be foreseen. However, these can be short on detail. You may just get a sense of meaning. People often just know that a dream is a premonition.

On the other hand - when people first become aware of premonitions they may have false premonitions. If for instance you had a premonition of the the terror attacks on September 11, 2001 then once you had realsied the significance of this you may be prone to have another premonition. It is quite common. Actually it maybe a matter of misinterpreting a dream. The dream maybe just dealing with the subject of premonitions and recognising their power. The fact is that we dream about the thoughts that dominate our daily lives. If we are thinking about premonitions then we will dream false premonitions.
DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Real premonitions
THE DREAM I heard what seemed like something being thrown at the front of the house, this woke me up from a deep sleep.

THE REALITY The dreamer woke up and immediately went into her teenage son’s bedroom. He was awake and had heard nothing. She could not believe that he had not heard anything as the house had seemed to shake. An hour later the dreamer was still awake and feeling very agitated. Again she heard the same noise, although this time there was a sound of breaking glass, I immediately got out of bed and put the hall light on.

The dreamer was sure that she was sent the first noise in a dream so that she was awake when the burglars tried to get into her house, which was averted due to me putting the light on.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The vast majority of premonitions come true very very quickly and usually on the actual day of the dream. This dream seems to be linked directly the events that happened very soon afterwards.
THE DREAM I dreamt of Sir Elton John singing "Candle in the wind" repeatedly.

THE REALITY Days later Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash. Her funeral a week later featured Sir Elton John singing a revised version of "Candle in the wind". It was number one in the charts for months(yes months) and in the UK was the biggest ever selling single.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream is obviously a possible premonition of that fateful car crash. It is unusual to dream about famous people and the events in their lives. However, in this case this was a major event which had an impact on ordinary people. Such an unexpected death hit everyone and since she was such an icon of goodness she a death was a terrible waste. This was very much a moment which people remember. It made people reflect intensely on the course of their won life. Suddenly grown men were sharing their emotions. Many people claim to have had premonitions of her death.

This dream is more an instance of syncronicity as it was such a coincidence that this song became so important within a very short period of time.
THE DREAM I dreamt that someone I knew was in the hospital. I could see the room clearly and near the window was a bed side commode. I also remember that I seen the bed but couldn’t see the person in it. Anyway it was disturbing and I too wondered about the dream for the next few days.

THE REALITY Later that next week the dreamers family received a phone call telling them that her uncle was in the hospital. So they drove to New Mexico to see him. Oddly the room that he was in was the exact room that I had seen in the dream. She had never been in that particular hospital either. She was freaked out in a sense but her uncle asked her the strangest question. He said Renee " you seen this didn’t you?" At that point she was freaked out even more. Yet he held her hand and said that she had a gift but not to tell many people because they would discount her story.
THE DREAM I had a dream that I was standing at Charles De Gaulle airport, watching Concorde take off. Well, in the dream it took off but exploded about 2 seconds after it left the ground.

THE REALITY About a week after the dream the exact event took place at Charles De Gualle airport.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Airplanes are a common symbol in dreams yet this was a specific aircraft at a specific airport. Such a coincidence is uncanny. It is difficult to find any rational explanation for this.
THE DREAM I saw my older cousin get hit by a car while he was crossing a road.

THE REALITY A few days later in the same situation, the dreamers cousin crossed the same road and was hit by the same car in her dream. It was an exact carbon copy.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer does tend to get premonitions. Her premonitions are different than day to day dreams. She wakes up tired and exhausted like she has been asleep for days.
THE DREAM - I suddenly woke up with a vision in my head of my car, mangled and completely written off. I felt very sure this had happened.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been on holiday when she had had the dream. Her own car during this time period was smashed up in a police chase.
THE DREAM I am with this guy I like. We are watching a wedding.

THE REALITY A week later the dreamer found out that this guy that she liked had got engaged.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is certainly possible that this dream was a premonition. It is certainly possible that you can have a telepathic link with someone you have strong feelings for - even though that person may not return those feelings.
THE DREAM - I am at the college halls and the windows have numerous peep holes in them. They are of different sizes.

THE REALITY The actual day of the dream the dreamer reported having a new neighbour move in. She was busy trying to get a really good look.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The peeping symbolises how the dreamer took a sneaky look at her new neighbours. She did not want to be obviously looking out of the window so it was a very sneaky little incident.
THE DREAM I am at home. There is a family who are absolutely horrible living next to me. This family were absolutely dreadful and were constantly commiting crime.

THE REALITY On the very day of this dream there was a major terrorist attack on the dreamers home country - The UK. The six bombs went off in central London.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Bad dreams often come true on the very day of the dream. They may refer in a very oblique way to something. This dream will convince very few people but its just meant to show exactly how dreams work.

On the day of this dream there were at least six explosions in the dreamers home country of England. This assault by Al Quieda on central London was the UKs first experience of such a major terrorist attacks. Dreams capture emotions and this dream clearly shows something where there are negative emotions. The dream was really quite odd. The dreamer does have some neighbours who he does not get along with but in the dream this family were the most dreadful neighbours. There are almost no words how to describe how bad they were. The feeling was that bad.

So in that way this dream caught the feelings that even though the dreamers neighbours are not ideal things could be so much worse. It shows that close by lurk people with the most dreadful motives.

THE DREAM In my dream my mother died. When I woke up I knew that my mother was OK but I knew that there was something wrong with my grandmother.

THE REALITY The dreamer had an intense belief that something was wrong. She phoned up her mother on waking and asked her about her grandmother. Her Gran had just be diagnosed with cancer.
THE DREAM I hear a dog barking so I get out on the balcony and I see this big dog eating my kittens chased the dog away and I go down in the yard I see the cat dead and I take her in my hands and my hands get all bloody. I could feel the blood on my fingers.

THE REALITY A few months later the the exact thing happens exactly as in the dreamers dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream certainly does not fit the usual timescale for premonitions. Most premonitions seem to come true immediately. It is easy to cast aside this premonition. If you leave it long enough any premonition will come true.

What can be said of this dream? Cats and dogs are strong symbols in our dreams. The dream may certainly have a symbolic meaning. But it is quite notable and may indeed be a premonition. It is such a graphic and obviously traumatic event. It is certainly possible that such an event may be seen deep into the future. Certainly the event will be imprinted on the dreamers mind forever.
THE DREAM I was at my sisters and my niece broke her arm and I was rushing around trying to get her to the doctor. I was trying to find a car or a ride. I am pretty sure that I found a ride in a van with someone that I knew. I don’t remember who. I also remember being in some sort of an empty warehouse or school.

THE REALITY The next day or so the dreamers mother called him and told him that the same niece had broken her arm and was upset about it.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well the coincidence is quite uncanny. It is up to the dreamer to decide if the dream was a premonition. The connection seems quite strong. Vans symbolise something that is hard work. That is in the wider sense. It symbolises something that is draining your energies and thoughts. So maybe the dream links to the worries that the incident caused. Empty buildings are sometimes associated with premonition dreams. It maybe that the empty building symbolises something that has not happened yet. Thats just a theory. But it seems that empty buildings can be linked to things which are about to happen. Buildings as such link to constructions of the mind.

Dream Symbols
CAR : "a sense of how you are progressing towards your goals in the real world"
DOCTOR : "attending to some emotional or physical hurt - in this case linking to his nieces broken arm"
THE DREAM I saw my mum doing spring cleaning; this was about like 4 or 5 years ago. The point is she is sitting on the floor packing away summer cloths in this huge suit case and I was sitting on the bed opposite to where she was and she gets up and falls down hurting her back badly in the dream.

THE REALITY Two days after the dream the same situation occurred. She was sitting on the floor opposite to the bed the dreamer was sitting on, in the same clothes, holding the same shirt she just packed away before she was about to get up. But this time the dreamer "knew what was going to happen" and so stood up behind her mum and caught her as she started to fall.
THE DREAM I saw my brothers one is 18 and the other is 9. The older brother was working on the PC and got annoyed at his brothers questions. The younger brother was sitting on the sofa next to the PC the older brother slapped him really hard.

THE REALITY A couple of days later, yet again the same situation occurred. Everything was exactly the same, the dialogue, their clothes even the same web-site that the older brother was browsing on the PC. But this time the dreamer knew what was happening so she pulled her younger brother away.
THE DREAM My husband passed away in June of 03, two weeks before he passed away in the middle of the night, I heard my mother call my name. I bolted upright in my bed. My Mother had died four years previously. I knew she was trying to tell me something, but I didn’t know what until two weeks later when my husband died. To this day I can’t be sure if I was dreaming or really heard her.
THE DREAM I had a dream and saw my brother crawling along the hallway, when I saw him I ran to him and he had no legs. So I picked him up and it turned out that he was just a baby( in reality he’s quite tall). I took him to a table and took care of him, he was okay after that. When I woke up, I had a strong feeling that He’d get into trouble with the school board.

THE REALITY In reality, a few days later, the dreamer warned her brother that he would be caught plagiarizing a paper. He didn’t listen to her and he was actually caught plagiarizing a paper and got in a lot of trouble with the school’s board.
THE DREAM I went to my school. But there was no school there. Instead there was something completely black covering it.

THE REALITY The dreamer had this dream shortly before she died in a disaster. Her school , in a village in Aberfan was covered when a slap heap fell down the mountain.
THE DREAM On Tuesday afternoon, out of the blue, I had a thought about the FARC prisoners, specifically the women who was running for president when she was captured. I had never seen her face in the articles I had read about. I thought to myself that I hoped that she was still alive. On Tuesday night I had a vague, blurry dream about a dark haired women in her 40's, being very very sad, but suddenly very happy. Today I heard about the rescue of the prisoners.

THE REALITY This dream features a very obvious coincidence. It would be easy to argue that of all the people in the world someone may get a dream that would happen on exactly the same day of the prisoners release. Just how coincidental does something have to be? I would tend to argue that this is a premonition. But it could clearly also be a simple dream. The dreamer has a knowledge of current affairs. Occasionally they will seep into dreams. Ultimately with a dream like this we can never truly tell. It may have been a premonition or may have been ordinary day to day dreaming. A simple dream showing the dreamers empathy with any trapped in general. There is no correct answer at the back of the book.
THE DREAM Two weeks ago, I dreamt twice in a row that a chopper would go down in Afghanistan. This in itself is not unheard of. I knew in which direction the helicopter would be facing, what it looked like, how far from the offices it would be and that someone would die.

THE REALITY Two weeks later the dreamer was online with her boyfriend who is posted in Afghanistan. Her brother is posted in the same place got online also. He interrupted saying that there was a crash and that the dreamers boyfriend would have to leave. He said a chopper went down. The dreamer then told him what the scene looked like to the letter.The only thing different being that the dreamers boyfriend was not on the chopper. The dreamers brother was astonished and asked "Are you here or something? How could you know?".

DREAM INTERPRETATION Premonitions can be very personal things. The dream mind records things from a very personal point of view. This dream was remarkably accurate yet in one sense completely wrong. The dreamers boyfriend was NOT killed. Yet for the dreamer every crash in Afghanistan is symbolic of the risks and dangers ever present. Each time a chopper goes down it could be either her brother or boyfriend in it. Therefore, each time it is personal.

THE DREAM I dreamt my boyfriend and I were with a black and white dog, plus our cat tigger(also black and white) My cat sammy wasn’t in the dream.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamers cat sammy died in real life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Premonitions can appear in unusual ways. Often if a dream is going to come true then it will come true immediately the next day. So look for coincidences. This dream featured a normal happy situation with the dreamer and pets. It featured one cat yet not the other. Perhaps this vaguely points to how life will be in the future - that life would continue on without her other cat. Thats why it did not appear in the dream.

A PYSCHIC PREMONITION I had a gut feeling when my fiance wanted to go to his friends one night. He would have had to stop to get gas also. For some reason I had a gut feeling to keep him from going. I begged him to stay home, claiming that he has been neglecting me, still he insisted. He didn’t know it but I hid the car keys. I felt I had to go to that length, but acted clueless as to where they were. He had no choice but forget about going. The feeling was so intense that I would have sat on him and tied him to the chair if I had to. He was not going to get past me. Well, I got my way. We spent the evening together.

Next day, it was all over the news. Man Killed by carjacker in the parking lot of the gas station where he would have stopped, at the very same time he would have arrived there. I told him that man could have been you, thank god I hid the keys! He agreed.