Dream interpretation - politics and presidents as dream symbols

THE DREAM I was approached by some people who asked me to run for public office (not sure, either city council or congress). I came to their attention based on my membership in an organization.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer was involved in an interview for a job. She knew one of the interview panelists from a previous meeting and he told her not to get her hopes up. The dreamer found out later that same day that one of the other panelists was very intimidated by pretty young females and so her chances of getting the job were very slim. She did try her best though to promote her own case.

DREAM INTERPRETATION A politician’s chief skill is to persuade and in a job interview those very same skills are needed. So the dream directly referred to the real life situation from the day before. However, politics also involves major intrigue and in some cases unfair tactics. So this dream caught both those features. The dreamer did her best to quietly impress even though she knew her task was very difficult.

Dream Symbols
POLITICIAN : "having to persuade people and defend your own interests"
POLITICIAN : "the victim of office politics"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I will not get the job because I have told that the interviewer does not like pretty young females. But I can at least try as hard as I can. But there are pressures and office intrigues which are holding me back."

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Politics often seems a vague concept. Yet politics in dreams is less likely to link to the major issues of our day. We often use terms such as "office politics" or "a need to be diplomatic" . Dreams are about important personal issues and so politics is likely to refer to power struggles and decisions within our own lives.
THE DREAM I dreamt that I was in Washington D.C.(kind of there flying freely). It was sometime in early spring. In this dream I became aware that the President has died suddenly( unsure of the cause) however; it wasn’t due to a terror attack or assassination, I think it was of a medical (maybe heart related issue). Anyway, I was hovering over the Capitol Building when I heard some news reporter state that Cheney was going to be sworn in and a big debate was being created due to his own health issues. In the next second they were attempting to organize a funeral for Bush however; it seemed to be of an unorganized nature.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamers company hired a manager. This was a shock to the dreamer who had to think through his own feelings about this. He decided that it was not a major problem because the manager did not seem to want to interfere too much in the dreamers own department. He had no thoughts of taking any credits for any success.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams will relate to issues that have been alive in our minds the day before the dream. Thats perfectly natural as we store up memories in short term memory. Then at night time we transfer these memories into long term memory and integrate them into our emotions and feelings.

In this case there was a good clue. The dream dealt with the President. He is a figure of authority and power. Thats the symbolic meaning of presidents. So its quite simple we just look for some issue that involves the issue of power and authority. In this case the dreamer was very much thinking over what the new manager at his workplace would mean to him.

Death in dreams is often symbolic of change. So the organizing of the funeral maybe links to his views on the transition. Perhaps he was a little angry at not been consulted over this change. The funeral deals with the end of an era. The end to old ways of doing things. So in this sense the dreamer had to deal with this change quickly. It was in his own interest. He did not want to show any bitterness towards the new manager. That would immediately set him at a disadvantage.

The debates over the Vice presidents fitness may link to the dreamers views on the managers competence and fitness for the job. Also the issue seemed to establish a new tier of authority. This was a new relationship that the dreamer had to deal with. Working relationships are in some senses negotiated. Particular people will see their role as manager in a different way. One person may act in a very bossy way. Another will be willing to compromise. Working relationships are human relationships and very much depend on the people involved. So a new manager will link to major changes in our workplace. Often we have to get used to people and think what they mean for our own work situation.

In someways the connection between reality and the dream seem complex but on another level it is quite simple. The dreamer was assessing some situation which involved a change in people in authority and their own fitness to do the job. Its about the transition of power. In fact the health issue draws attention to the qualities of the person. The dream concentrates directly on the personal qualities of the people involved.

Other symbols seem to link strongly with this dream. The news reporter is very much a symbol of situations that are in a constant state of change. As the dreamer is presented with a new boss he is trying to constantly see what this means for him. So the news reporter links to his own need to establish and route out the facts about the "breaking news".

The dream takes place in spring. Thats a symbol for new growth. In this sense it maybe links to the dreamers feeling that this is the beginning of a healthy new working relationship.

Work is an important part of our lives. It often features people and situations which we actively dislike. At work we have to learn to live with many unpleasant feelings. Often we will hate people at work. So dreams will feature our own feelings towards important issues. We will also dream about strategies towards various work issues. We often think about projects that are dominating our minds.

Dream Symbols
DIE : "a transition in some situation"
FUNERAL : "a need to let go of the past - in this case accept the new power structures "
NEWS : "keeping up with the latest about what is happening in this situation"
PRESIDENT : "power - in this case the dreamer is wondering how changes in the structure will affect his own power"
SPRING : "fresh new growth"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have all changed at work. There is a new manager. I am just wondering if he will start to interfere with my department. He has not shown any indication so far"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Often dreams seem confusing because they link to odd things which bear no relation to our lives. Often they feature snakes, kings or dragons. Yet these are all merely symbols. You need to establish a link to some real life issue. A snake may link to some lie or vicious comment made towards you just yesterday. A king may link to some battle for power and authority within a group of friends. Dreams link to real evereyday issues its just a matter of spotting the symbolic meaning. Often this is not easy. Dream symbols can have several meanings.
THE DREAM I dreamt about a King named Idendra. He was about to die.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been suffering badly from ill health. He had always been very fit and healthy. Now he realised that he was dependant on help from others to get him about. He had a lot less independence in his life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was an emotional turning point in his life. His ill health had reached such a point that he was really needing help from others. He had always been fiercely independant and this dream was about this loss of independence and sovereignty in his own life.

King Idendra is the name of a king in Nepal who recently had to relinquish absolute power.

Dream Symbols
DIE : "an ending - the dreamers absolute power to run his own life was being lost - he needed the help of others to do simple things"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have got to ask for help now. I have always been able to do things myself and had absolute power over my life. Now my life is in the hands of others."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : People often make the mistake of thinking that dreams are about emotions. Yet they are about so much more. Often we work out strategies to various projects we are involved in. We make assessments of what we have to do and then devise an approach which will best achieve those goals.
THE DREAM I was on a building that looked a lot like my college but way bigger. The room was somewhat dark and there was a huge leaking from the ceiling, and one of my teachers was there trying to fix it, just getting all wet while the leak was just getting worse. I was laying on a mattress on the floor and picked an old comic book. Nice, there was a story by Carl Barks, one of my favorites ( I wish I could draw perspective like him ). Something caught my attention on the first page: there was the face of Juscelino Kubitschek ( former Brazilian president whose story I admire very much ) and on the background, something that looked like an architectonic project the project of Brasilia! I looked at the date of the story, it was 1953 ( Brasilia was planned by Kubitschek to be built in only 4 years and was officially founded in 1960 - success ) I called my teacher to show her that and she said “Here’s a man who rushes to do things that should be done calmly and slowly”

I said nothing and looked at the ceiling, the leak was getting even worse and my teacher said she would quit for a while and come back in the morning ( yes it was night outside ). The floor was getting all wet and the mattress too. I realized I should look for another place to sleep ( why I was going to sleep on that place is a mystery to me ).

Outside that room there were lots of people just like in college. In the middle of the stairs a group of people was sitting with a strange, yet cute dog ( looked like a poodle ), it was very white and friendly too. I went upstairs again and to the left a hallway leaded to a theater room. Lots of actors were walking in this hallway, one of them looked strangely familiar though I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. I went the one to the right and ended up on a library. It was dark and peaceful, I felt a feeling of pride and peace there, looking at the shelves full of huge books taking entire walls. I went to a brighter part of the library and found a small and very old clock. Looked like it wasn’t working for a long time. I moved the pointers to see if it would make a cool noise but it didn’t.. I realized I wouldn’t make the clock work again and was suddenly frightened by a voice that said “Peace!”. I saw it was coming from a statue beside me. The statue of a saint in white dress. It said again “Peace! Peace! Peace!” . Then a young man in red T-shirt came and said “the library is closed now as you can see, please come back in the morning”. Then he laughed at me and I strangely threatened him “don’t laugh at me or you may become blind”.

I went back to the hallway and greeted the dog again, that gave me its paw. I found out it belonged to a cross dresser in blue dress who was sitting at the staircase. The dream suddenly became a series of strange and blurry images. Big pieces of a strange domino-like puzzle were falling forming a circle. Two men in white clothing ( looked like high priests ) were coming to rescue me from a jail. And there was rain.

THE REALITY The dreamer is an artist and often is haunted by that ghost that haunts many artists, that is, the need for self-expression versus commercialism. She was recently forced to find a balance so she wouldn’t miss an opportunity. She wanted to take her time but knew she was going to have to speed up on this project.

Carl Banks is someone that she admired greatly - he was the creator of Donald Duck. She was fascinated by his technique and ability to master perspective and balance too.

Kubitschek was a man who fought against millions of people saying that it was impossible to realize his dream ( build a city, a country capital, in the middle of nowhere in only 4 years ). The dreamer always wished she had this strength to go after what she wanted even when everyone says it’s impossible.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream featured an artist. Thats very important here because this person is someone who inspires the dreamer. He is very much a role model. So in this case that is a key connection. Its a strong link to understanding the dream. The dream could easily be about the dreamer and her own approach to art. This was indeed the case here as an issue had arisen which linked to the dreamers own approach to art.

Another symbol also strongly supports this link. The other person to feature in the dream President Kubitschek was someone who was also important to the dreamer. He was another source of inspiration. He especially linked to the need to do things quickly. He moved at great speed to build a capital city for Brasil.

The real life issue that the dreamer linked to this dream was very much involving the themes linked to the two people Kubitschek and Banks. The dreamer was adapting her technique and becoming quicker because in this case this is what had to be done.

Also from a symbolic point of view presidents often link to our own approach to something. They signify the principles that we are deciding on. Here she is devising a strategy for approaching a project. This is a new strategy and she is in some ways going against her own principles.

The cross dresser is an interesting symbol. That links to the way we would like others to see us. A cross dresser wears both male and female clothes. In dreams that may simply link to a wish for balance. She is wishing to approach the project aggressively and work at a quick pace(signified by male clothes which link to a quick pace). Also she maybe wishes to be flexible and wear women’s clothing. They signify a happier and more relaxed female attitude.

Dream Symbols
ACTORS : "trying to convince people that you can do something yet secretly knowing that you are not sure you can"
ACTORS : "in this case the dreamer is trying to convince people she can work quickly yet she knows that this is not natural to her"
BASEMENT : "hidden and negative feelings - in this case the dreamers own negative feelings about having to work quickly"
FEMALE CLOTHES : "an ability to approach an issue in a female way - taking time and not rushing"
LAUGHING : "the dreamer fears ridicule and hates to think she is sacrificing her own principles"
LIBRARY : "the dreamers own place of learning and her own wish to improve her own skills"
MALE CLOTHES : "an ability to approach an issue in a male way - with assertiveness and fast pace"
CROSS DRESSER : "an ability to be flexible - show aggressiveness and also be able to slow the pace down when needed"
PRISON : "restrictions placed on you - the dreamer is forced to work in a way that she is not comfortable with "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been forced to change my approach to a project or I would have lost the opportunity. Life is about balance. I have sacrificed some of my own principles. I am not happy about this but life is about compromise. I have not lost site of my principles though and hopefully never will."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight


PRESIDENTS : Presidents in dreams seem to have several quite different usages. They may show that you wish to assert control and dominance. But they may simply show that you want to take a decision seriously as it is very important to you. You are therefore willing to take time considering the evidence and then making your choice. The decision may even be important because it establishes a principle upon which other decisions will be made in a similar way.

In another sense it may simply suggests that there are changes in command structures somewhere in your life. Maybe you have got a new boss at work.

- "I need to take charge and take serious action"
- "A battle over who is in charge"
- "It is an important decision and has to be taken seriously"
- "establishing a principle"
- "Your approach to something"

POLITICS : Politicians in dreams often involves the very issues which you find in politics. The need to promote and defend your own interests. The need to argue your own corner. Also the dream will probably refer to some issue involving politics on a lesser scale such as "office politics".

QUESTIONS(to help you see how this symbol refers to your real life) :
- Did you face an issue involving office politics the day before the dream?

KINGS : Kings are rulers and in many ways they symbolise power and authority. Look for themes in your own life which involve the need to assert authority and demand respect from others. Kings can also be linked not just to powerful people but to the power and authority of a particular idea or approach. Have you been trying to refine your approach to something?

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "they need to respect my leadership"
- "appearing commanding and authoritative"
- "head of the family"
- "commanding and dominant ideas"

QUEENS : Queens are often symbolic of strong women and important women. A queen is dominant so it may link to a power struggle of some kind.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "She is a strong woman who sticks up for herself"
- "getting it exactly right for her"
- "she wants everything just perfect"

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