Dream interpretation - Planes,helicopters and flying as dream symbols

THE DREAM I was in some church. It was at night time. Then I am in some stadium. It is full up. I look up into the sky and their is a plane which has just exploded. It has crashed back to earth. It lands right in the middle of the stadium. Its a very dangerous situation and I am looking at how I can get out. I look for the exits. I realise that it will be easy to get out. The main problem will be the smoke. The place is full of smoke. It reminds me of the smoke cloud after the 9-11 disaster.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a conversation with a lady the night before about the economy. He felt that she had underestimated the recent economic crisis. It was not over and in fact it had been building up over a period of time beforehand. The bank crisis had been preceded by problems caused by rising fuel costs and the subsequent crisis in the airplane industry. The dreamer did not like to point this out to the lady because he felt he might be seen as rude.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can be about all kinds of subjects. This dream was about a discussion about politics and economics the night before. Generally these subjects will not trigger dreams. We do not invest much time and energy into such subjects. But there had been a recent economic crisis. A complete crash of the banking industry and huge losses in the stock markets is something that we should be aware of. Economies can crash as witnessed in the 1930s and so we must be aware. Economic prosperity is not a god given right.

The dreamer had been thinking about this conversation the night before and really wanted to tell the lady his own opinions. But he felt he maybe seen as rude telling her how she was underestimating the economic crisis. So this issue was eating away at him. His own opinion was that things could get much worse and that this really was important. Society could fall apart. Times could be much harder.

Actually the dream plays out his key feelings about the economy. The airplane crash symbolizes the crash in the airplane industry. Its that simple. This was key to the dreamers thoughts. The banking crisis had been preceded by a crash in the aircraft industry as petrol prices had soared. The dreamer felt that fuel costs would relentlessly increase in the future as demand was oustripping supply.

The dreamer does manage to escape. The immediate crisis is over. This represents the imediate banking crisis which had just happened in real life. It had been a crucial moment. It was over and had been survived. But hidden inside the symbols is the dreamers feelings that the fundementals of the economy were not good. The huge smoke cloud reminded the dreamer of 9-11. One fact sticks in his mind about this. That many more people have died due to the toxic smoke cloud than died in the actual attacks. So this symbolizes how he felt about the economy. The recent crisis had been survived but the fundemental problems still remained and these cancerous problems in the economy would probably cause more troubles in the future.

Dreams like this are difficult to interpret. But dreams are remarkably linked to issues from the previous day. Look out for how these issues could link to the previous day and key thoughts and moments.

Dream Symbols
AIRPLANE : "A fairly literal symbol refering to the aircraft industry and its place in the economic crises "
AIRPLANE CRASHES : "The recent crisis in the aircraft industry "
CANCEROUS SMOKE : "The fundementals of the economy were not right. There were cancerous problems in the economy"
CHURCH : "Strongly held beliefs. The dreamer was thinking through his own strongly held beliefs about the economy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I disagree strongly with how she is thinking about the economic crisis. The bank crisis has been building up for a while. It is not over yet. Also the economic crisis has also been caused by fuel cost increases leading to real problems in the aircraft industry. The immediate crisis is over but their are real fundemental problems in the economy generally. "

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THE DREAM I was flying in a gyroscopic manner around lower Manhattan only it wasn’t really lower Manhattan but somehow all the architecture (pre-9/11) was morphed with Egyptian block sculpture (though the figures in my dream had more movement to them than the original works of stone) of the Ramses III period. For example some buildings had half a statue coming out of the side of the uppermost half structure. As I was flying around the buildings becoming sickened by the spinning I began to wonder how the structures were created and believed they were simulated with computer software as I did not see a reflection of myself and the camera in the glass.

I landed and became enraptured with a dark feline, normal house cat, I followed the animal while my mother called for me. I found another cat and it was a small, very unnaturally small kitten almost but more adult in its physicality, which was a dark gray and black tabby hiding behind some type of foliage. At this point I called for the animal which came warily to me and found it accepting my kindness and allowed me carry it into my room. I wrapped the animal in a T-shirt and left it to sleep on my bed. As I went out into the hall way and began to walk down the stairs I heard my mother again. When I turned around I noticed there were two ant trails in my house, one originating in my bed room and the other from the attic. I called my mother over who had a hard time seeing them, after several attempts she saw the trails which had a sheen to them but not the ants walking along them, for they scared easily if you took notice of them. She found them unimportant and I went back into my room to show her the cat, which she was equally unimpressed by. As I walked out into the hall again I saw the ants moving down their paths and tried to startle them in my frustration. They scattered easily when I jumped at them but when my mother walked over them she did not see them and they were crushed and some killed but the rest continued on their way as if nothing happened.

As I began to wake up my dream shifted to a plane ride over Bogota, we were hit by a missile and were going down over the jungle, I found no one else on the plane acting and made my way to the cock pit where I took control over the wheel and at that point several scenarios played out: 1) I do not know what I am doing and make things worse, or 2) I don’t know what I am doing but innately am in tune with the world and bumpily guide the plane to a very rough dangerous landing though many people survive, in two scenarios I am one and in another scenario I am not. I woke up thinking I want to learn how to fly a plane.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just graduated from "art college". She was due to fly to South America soon. Career wise the dreamer felt pressures from parents to be corporate minded and professional. The dreamer was more interested in finding her true vocation in the arts. She was not quite certain in which direction to take in the arts - fashion, fine arts, performance art, or creative writing.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Planes are often symbols of our hopes and ambitions. In this case there was an obvious issue in the dreamers life which involved her hopes and ambitions. She wanted to forge her own career and pursue a course of education which was of her own choosing. Yet her mother was quite against this. She wanted her to follow a more traditional course which was more commercial. Its worth assuming that the dream could link with this and then trying to see how other symbols may fit this issue.

The ants appear in the dream and they are often symbolic of conformity and a need to fit in with what is expected. That's certainly a theme as far as this issue is concerned. The dreamer feels pressured to conform to what society expects. Her mother is pressuring her to take a traditional line.

In the dream she wants to learn how to fly a plane. That shows how she wishes to take control and pilot her own life. She wants to choose her own path and not simply fit in with what her mother wants.

Dream Symbols
ANTS : "conformity - in this case a need to follow an education path that will be commercial - also which conforms to her mothers wishes and societies expectations"
CAMERA : "the situation as it stands now"
FLY : "wanting to do something quickly - put ambitions into practice"
MISSILE : "the dreamers hopes and wishes are shot down by her mothers decision"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mother wants me to take a very conservative career path. I want to go my own way and do what I want. But my choices are less commercial than hers. I am under a lot of pressure to do what she wants"

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams do not have to be about events. Dreams are about the things within your mind. A dream can be linked to fantasies within your life. If you suddenly become upset with a crush then that's enough to generate a dream. Dreams are about the stuff that is in your mind and it really does not matter if that is real or simply paranoia or fantasy.
THE DREAM I am on the top of a skyscraper. Then a helicopter appears. I get onto the helicopter and descend on that helicopter down the elevator shaft. It a bumpy ride on the way down but we get to the bottom without too many problems.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attempting to get a project off the ground. He was making great strides to make changes to a website. In doing this his other work was suffering slightly. But the damage in these other areas was not so great. The night before the dream the dreamer had been thinking of these very thoughts.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The skyscraper symbolised the high standards of work in the dreamers other projects. The descent down the skyscraper linked to the wish to get something else moving very quickly.

Helicopter generally will link to a wish to get a project off the ground. This corresponded to the dreamers real life so that's a fair assumption that the dream links to this very issue. The dream emphasised the controlled descent linking to the real life way in which the dreamer reduced his focus on other projects. This was in order to make major strides on the new project. Otherwise the new project would not have got off the ground at all for weeks.

Dream Symbols
ELEVATOR : "quality going up or down "
HELICOPTER : "high ambitions - doing something very quickly in the near future - fast progress"
SKYSCRAPER : "a high building symbolises confidence over others"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am under pressure to complete the changes to the website. But the energy I put into this means I have less time to devote to my normal duties. I am trying to strike the right balance. The website changes will not be completed unless I devote extra time to them."

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THE DREAM I am at a roundabout. Suddenly I see a helicopter. Orlando Bloom is in the helicopter.

THE REALITY A temporary standstill in one part of the dreamers life allowed him to devote more time to other interests. This thought was on the dreamers mind the night before.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The helicopter linked to the dreamer wishing to get some new interests off the ground. The name of the celebrity was a play on words. The name Orlando Bloom was a very bad synonym - "alternative land is blooming". Or is a word which suggests a priority. So the dream is about one thing taking priority over another.

The roundabout was symbolic of a junction and hence a turning point. A junction is where your life turns one way rather than another. Its a simple metaphor

Dream Symbols
HELICOPTER : "getting something off the ground - the dreamer is off work due to illness so has time to devote to other things"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well my illness means I can devote time to other things"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then atnight we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dreams. They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.
THE DREAM I am in some building. There is my sister there. I tell her that I have won the lottery. I try to make sure that the ticket is safe. Everything is already won yet I have to get past the weekend. Later I am in some building. My grandparents are there and later there is a helicopter which appears to be upside down and then I realise that it is crashing.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been working on a project. This was a major achievement and would improve things at work making things a lot simpler in the long run. However, the dreamer felt that he had had this sense that things would get better very shortly for a long time. He was really getting caught up in delays and needed to get back to work.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Helicopters and aircraft are very predictable symbols. They usually will link to day to day wishes to get something moving very quickly. In this case the dreamer did have a project he wished to get moving very quickly. Yet although he had made great efforts the finishing touches seemed to be taking an awful long time.

The weekend maybe links to his realization that he had been resting for a while and not made major progress in the final stages of this project. He needed to simply get back to work on the finishing touches.

Grandparents are symbols of the passage of time and so link here to the feeling that something had gone on for too long. The crash of the plane symbolised the feeling that indeed that urgency was missing. There really was no priority and effort being placed on the final stages.

Although the dreamer did feel emotions associated with winning the lottery - that his life would be changed by the major work he was doing. It would make his life a lot simpler and easier.

Dream Symbols
GRANDPARENTS : "the passage of time(in this case something is taking too long) - the changes the dreamer is making at work are taking too long. Delays seem to be dogging everything"
HELICOPTER : "wanting to get something off the ground - the planned improvemenst at work seem to be crashing down"
LOTTERY : "something that will change your life and make things much easier - yet the dreamer is realising this eagerly awaited day will not arrive"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject - he is starting to emotionally accept that things will not change"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep hoping my ideas will make things a lot simpler for me at work. But the improvements seem stuck in delays. No real progress has been made."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Look for dreams which seem to have a very emotional feel to them. Some dreams simply capture your prevailing mood. You wake up and you feel good just like in the dream. Or you have a dream which captured the same sense of fear you had the day before. Such dreams merely reflect and replay emotions.
THE DREAM last night I dreamed that I was with my brother and his fiance in a car on vacation and we were driving by an airport. A delta jet took off to the right side of the car really close and went almost straight up. I said "that plane does look right" and then the plane straigt up and down in the air began to fall forward because it was too straight up and down. Then I said "it’s not going to make it" and it crashed on its top and exploded. I was going to say kids don’t look but it was too late it already became a explosion by then.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently had a bust up with her brother. He had asked her to design some wedding invites for his own wedding. The dreamer did the best that she could but got a little annoyed at all the continual changes that her brother insisted on. The dreamer also feels like her brother thinks he is better than her. Yet she gets annoyed at having to sort out problems for him. Eventually she just told her brother that he would have to get his invites done elsewhere. After a series of phone calls she then just hung up on him and refused to speak. The dreamer often uses the phrase "it doesn’t end unless it ends badly."

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will often use a variety of metaphors to describe our feelings. Here the dream seems to capture an exact phrase that the dreamer uses herself to capture her feelings. She often uses the phrase The dreamer often uses the phrase "it doesn’t end unless it ends badly".

The situation with her brother is an exact instance of this phrase in reality. The argument with her brother ended up in a disaster just as in the dream(an argument). Yet the dream also captures the protracted nature of the incident. the brother seemed to want to keep phoning up even though at this stage his sister just did not want to speak to her. This in fact made the situation worse.

The dream also features the dreamers brother and his fiance who are the people linked to this situation. Dreams will often do that(but not always).

Dream Symbols
PLANE CRASH : "The dreamers dispute with her brother ends up in disaster"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having a real dispute with my brother. He has kept pushing me and finally it ended badly. I always say in life that 'it hasn’t ended until it ends badly' ."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Some dreams work through issues which involve judgment. They will tend to be more symbolic in nature because embodied within the dreams symbols will be deep conceptual thinking. So if you get a highly symbolic dream then try to link it to some issue you have been trying to clarify in your mind.
THE DREAM I keep having this re-occuring dream where I am in an airport, and I am constantly worried about missing my flight. I get sent from counter to counter, then get lost, then end up somewhere totally different always worrying that I'm going to be late. The last one I had, I was at the counter, then they sent me to immigration, then to buy the ticket, then to return the rent car. Eventually I wanted to draw cash from the ATM machine, and my creditcard was made out of cupboard and was wet. Its a variation of the dream, different airports, different situations.

THE REALITY The dreams often occur when the dreamer is about to go on a journey. This time he was stuck waiting for a visa.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams which take place in railway stations or airports may link to real journeys. So if you are dealing with problems in real life with a journey or you are having to plan for travel arrangements then that's simply the meaning. The dream reflects your real life. Its vitally important to get such arrangements correct.

Dream Symbols
AIRPORT : "the dreamer is in real life planning a plane journey and needs to get everything organised"
IMMIGRATION : "a real life need to sort out visas"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight


PLANES : Some dream symbols can be best translated into a single word in English. Planes and helicopters generally mean that you want something to happen quickly. That may of course have many varied uses. It may relate to a project which you want to achieve quickly. In that sense it relates to your priorities and changes within them because often a wish to achieve something quickly means that you put less effort into something else. But planes can relate to more long term goals such as your ambitions and careers. Finally a plane may simply suggest that you are realising that things in general can happen very quickly. Problems can occur quickly. For instance it maybe associated with the fears about a young child who is capable of getting into trouble very quickly

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "get moving quickly on this"
- "get a project off the ground"
- "a change in priorities"
- "my ambitions"
- "it could happen very quickly"
- "very sudden"
- "I am going to travel by airplane very soon and need to make preperations"

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