Dream interpretation - groups of people as dream symbols

GROUPS OF PEOPLE IN DREAMS : Groups of people are maybe quite easy symbols in dreams. They tend to symbolise situations which involve human behavior and how people are generally expected to act. That can take many forms. It may show that simply you were reflecting over the day before and some incident wondering if you behaved correctly. People may also symbolise a feeling of pressure and thoughts that you are expected to behave in a certain fashion. For instance, if someone has died then we are expected to behave in a certain way. In a similar way the people may suggest that you are trying to behave in a cautious way so as not to offend someone.

In some cases we just do not know how to behave. There maybe a conflict. You maybe have shown strong concern for someone. Then they ask you for money(which you do not want to give). Part of you wants to still keep showing concern and the other part maybe wants to walk away.

In a final sense you maybe designing a website or document which people will be using. In such a case you maybe wondering and guessing how they will react. So you will be designing the website with the behavior of people in mind.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "How can she think its proper to behave like that?"
- "behaving oddly"
- "behaving professionally"
- "forced to behave like that"
- "trying not to offend"
- "how should one behave in such circumstances?"
- "behaving in a new way"
- "I am expected to behave like that even though I do not want to"


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THE DREAM - In my dream, one of my friends was watching me and my opponent duel.

THE REALITY The dreamers friend was someone who could relate to as they both had difficulties with their family

THE INTERPRETATION When we talk with someone about a particular problem they witness the events as if they had happened. So when the dreamers friend watches him struggle with his opponent it symbolises how this friend was a witness to his feelings.

Dream Symbols
DUEL : "the dreamers real life struggle with his family"
WATCH : "witnessing - understanding how someone thinks "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been talking a lot with my friend about my family and how we continually argue. I think he understands how I feel now. He understands well because he has the same problems with his family"

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THE DREAM - I am sat talking with friends. They all have partners and are sat contentedly. I am happy but I keep looking at the clock.

THE REALITY The dreamer was single but most of her friends had already got married or were living with their boyfriends. She was at a point when she was realising the need to find a long term partner.

THE INTERPRETATION The clock was ticking for a reason - to make the dreamer aware. The dreamer was realising its time to search for a person to share his life with. The clock will continue to keep ticking until this issue is confronted. Often if you are sat down in a dream it may signify how you are becoming more accustomed to some idea or thought. The thought is growing on you.

Dream Symbols
CLOCK : "setting yourself serious goals"
SAT : "become accustomed to something over time"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that time is passing by. I should perhaps start looking for a more serious commitment. I notice many of my friends are starting to get married."

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THE DREAM - I am with my young nephew. He is playing with me. He jumps on my back and I am kind of play wrestling with him. We are both laughing.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was due to write some essays dealing with several interesting issues. Playing with her nephew represented wrestling with ideas in an imaginative and interesting way. The dreamers nephew represented fresh blood and vitality as the dreamer felt invigorated by the intellectual task.

THE INTERPRETATION The day of the dream the dreamer had some work to do. She had an essay to write and the dream represented how she was playing with ideas in her mind. She was wrestling energetically with words. The dream represented how the dreamer was approaching this task already and was feeling good about the challenge.

Dream Symbols
JUMP : "adventurous behavior - jump from idea to idea"
NEPHEW : "fresh blood"
PLAYING : "skillfully thinking over something - creative use of the ideas within her essays"
WRESTLING : "the dreamer is wrestling with ideas within her mind"
YOUNG : "vigorous and enthusiastic"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to complete several essays this weekend. I have found it very interesting playing around with various concepts and ideas"

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THE DREAM - I was sat at the table and there was my boyfriend and another woman sat also. Everything seemed normal but I just remember thinking - who is she?

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend had continually failed to commit to her even after a long term relationship

THE INTERPRETATION The inability of the dreamers boyfriend to commit to her continually frustrated her. It left her with doubts about the relationship. Was he cheating? If he failed to commit then what was the point of the relationship? These are the doubts which this dream unearths.

Dream Symbols
BOYFRIEND : "your unconscious feelings about your boyfriend"
OTHER WOMAN : "the dreamer feels in competition against other women - her boyfriend is not making a commitment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not feel secure in my relationship. He really doesn’t want to make a commitment"

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THE DREAM I was doing my work, but instead of calling the members, I had to go door-to-door. With reluctance, I started knocking on doors. They had never seen me before, and were pretty rude, making it difficult to do my job. Then I came to a home filled with people. They all knew who I was, but I didn’t know any of them. They were very folksy, and they treated me like a celebrity. There is pro & con to that. I felt the way a famous person must feel: treated very well, but the only stranger in a large group of people who all knew each other. The burden was upon me to approach each person with conversation, and when I did, they would say just a few words and then walk away. But they were all having a wonderful time together. Finally I started chatting with their children, who treated me like any other person. When they saw me doing that, they started treating me more like a friend. However, I was anxious to leave there, and when my husband came in, we left shortly after that. I was glad to get away from there.

THE REALITY The dream works as a claims adjuster and recently phoned a lady and the conversation really stuck in her mind. The woman greeted her joyfully, like an old friend she had been thinking about. The dreamer was quite amazed by that (a person whom she had never met but whose claims she had processed for probably 10 years or more).

THE INTERPRETATION In life we expect people to behave in a certain kind of way. But occasionally we come across behavior which is out of place. This can disturb our mind slightly. So when the dreamer encountered this phone call it made her stop and think. It was totally out of place.

The dreamer had to come across lots of people at work - mostly she phones them. Most conversations the dreamer would have with clients on the phone would be just like the dream. They would be short and with few words.

The dream features people rather than a specific person. That symbolises that the dream is about what can generally be expected at work. What we can predict will happen and how people generally behave. Most work conversations will be short and deal with the business at hand.

So the dream mixed up lots of clues to how people can be expected to react when she phoned them. But it also mixed in clues to this one conversation. That is because it symbolised the type of behavior which can be expected and which is predictable and therefore acceptable.

Dream Symbols
CELEBRITY : "the dreamer felt as if she was being treated like a celebrity - she was given special attention for no good reason"
HOME : "things that make you feel comfortable"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior - is it appropriate to treat someone like a friend in business"
WORK : "the dreamers real life workplace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was struck by a phone conversation at work yesterday. The person greeted me as if she was an old friend and it just felt a little odd."

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THE DREAM I was on a roller coaster with this guy I am seeing. I have known and cared for him for three years and only a few weeks ago did we start dating. I am scared of roller coasters because of the heights, but I went on it because I didn’t want him to think I was a wuss. As we went up and down, I felt the same way as if we were on a roller coaster. I was scared but I knew the guy was beside me and that made me feel safe.

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling safe and reassured when her boyfriend was about.

THE INTERPRETATION The roller coaster simply stands for the ups and downs that teenage life presents. Many situations are threatening and confrontational. But with someone there to help and reassure you it is possible to feel more confident and self assured.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I just feel quite secure with my boyfriend. He improves my confidence in lots of situations"

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THE DREAM I am been shown a framed picture or painting by a very old man(he seems to be my grandfather). I say to him I KNOW. I say it in a way that I recognising what he is saying and agreeing. I then hug him.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had said something about V-Day and the 60th Anniversary celebrations. He later realised that what he said was perhaps slightly insensitive. To older people how lived through the war this was a very important date. No one had said anything about what he said but he felt a sense of guilt at what he had said and realised he should have been more respectful.

THE INTERPRETATION The old man represented anyone who had lived through the war years - including the dreamers own grandfather. Paintings in dreams can symbolise how a picture is been built up. It shows someones detailed thoughts on a subject. In the dream it represents the dreamer recognition that he could have been more subtle in his comments. He realised the importance of this day. In hugging the grandfather he recognised the price they paid through years of struggle.

Dream Symbols
HUG : "this shows that he feels regret for what he said "
PICTURE : "picture something in your mind - in this case the dreamer is picturing the impact the war had on old people and the offense his comments could cause"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think I said something that was a little insensitive yesterday about the V-Day celebrations. For old people the war was a long and hard struggle. I obviously did not mean anything but I should be careful not to offend anyone"

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THE DREAM I am in a public house type place. There are four men sat down who are closely huddled together. They are sat shoulder to shoulder. Then there are four women and they are sat together somewhere else and they too are closely sat together in a very compact way.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer bumped into a woman that he was attracted to. He had previously tried to make moves on her but had now given up. This time he just ignored her. He sensed that she was interested but they were actually very different people and found it difficult to find any common ground.

THE INTERPRETATION Groups of people tend to link to generalized behavior - they link to how we should act in any given situation. Here the four men and four women sit separately. They are tightly grouped together. So this shows that the attitudes of the dreamer and the woman he was attracted to about how they should behave were very different. This dream does not feature any concrete link to the issue. But many dreams will link to issues from the day before as we sort through all the things that happened the day before and reform our emotions.

This dream dealt with a male and female theme and so maybe links to relationships with the opposite sex. So its likely that this dream does link to the issues mentioned as the symbols are at least "highly consistent" with this current issue.

Dream Symbols
MEN : "the way men are expected to behave in matters of love"
WOMEN : "the way women are expected to behave in matters of love"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I bumped into her again. I was attracted to her but really we are very different people. I do not see that we have anything in common. I think she is definitely showing interest but I am trying to send signals out that I am not interested"

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THE DREAM I am with my family. I see my little nephew who is three years old(in reality he is an adult). He runs towards me and I am going to play with him.

THE REALITY On the day of the dream some building work was due to completed in the dreamers home.

THE INTERPRETATION This dream links to a very enjoyable family fathering and playful pursuits. The dreamer had had a grueling time with building work disrupting his home life for some time. This dream would seem to anticipate better and more settled times ahead.

Dream Symbols
CHILD : "enthusiasms - the dreamer is enthused by this change"
PLAY : "relax and emotional rest - in this case after the disruption caused by building work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This building work is due to be completed. Thankfully things will be back to normal very soon. I just hate the disruptions."

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THE DREAM I was in my room at night. I walked around a bit. It was very dark. I went into the doorway of my parents room. a man, I thought it was my dad, hit me with a heavy sharp metal object on a pole (I would guess it was like a shovel). this didn’t phase me much, it was too weird and dark. Later I went into the bathroom, and my brother was there. There was a bit more light, and he said he would help heal the wound. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He had lots of bandages, and he held up a mirror for me and I saw this long gash across my forehead. It looked like it would scar, but it wasn’t bleeding, it was just red and unpleasant. My brother wanted to know who did it, and I was unsure, and afraid to tell him it was our dad.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a problem at work. She was being troubled by a man who was suspected of taking drugs("paint huffing"). She had tried to be nice to him but that encouraged him even more. It was becoming very threatening. Later her boss got rid of the man. The dreamer was quite shaken by this though and decided to be a lot less trusting of people in general(to treat them in the same way as her brother - who treats everyone as scum).

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been facing some tough situations at work. A man had been pestering her so this was obviously an issue that is worthy of a dream.

Fathers are actually very reliable symbols in dreams. They link to an issue which is getting out of control and there is a need to restore order to. This certainly was the case here. This man was starting to get out of hand. He was bothering the dreamer - sometimes customers can read too much into helpful store assistants.

The dreamers brother has a totally different attitude to people in general compared to the dreamer. She is very trusting whilst he is rather untrusting and sees the worst in them. But after this incident the dreamer now started to adopt her brothers attitude. He treats everyone like "scum". So the dreamer features her brother because he captures her new attitude. This is one which will help restore order and prevent the same thing happening again. Because if she adopts a tougher approach then trouble maybe started before it gets out of hand.

The stab in the head symbolised a flaw in her own judgment. Heads often link to your own rationality or lack of reasoning. In this case it shows that she is feeling that her own judgment has been proved wrong.

Dream Symbols
BATHROOM : "the dreamer was frightened by the situation at work"
BED : "A very personal issue - the dreamer feels its something in how she behaves that has brought this situation about"
DAD : "a situation which has got out of hand and some order needs restoring"
FOREHEAD : "your own rationality"
HEAVY : "very very serious"
MAN : "feeling threatened or intimated - pushy or aggressive behavior"
MIRROR : "been forced to look at your own behavior in great detail"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have got out of control at work yesterday. I had some real trouble with a customer. I think its because I come across the wrong way. Maybe I should take some hints from my brother and treat everyone like garbage"

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