Dream interpretation - music and songs as dream symbols

MUSIC : Music is actually often quite a difficult symbol to work out. Song Titles and song lyrics are good clues. Often they may capture some important feeling. So when you wake up think intensely about them and what do they make you think of.

Music can often symbolise happiness and harmony. It has got several different meanings and its best that you study the whole of this article. If may symbolise a rapport you have built up with someone. It may symbolise the need for a story or argument to be consistent. It may merely link to the prevailing mood or atmosphere in some aspect of your life. It very good at capturing moods and feelings from the previous day. It can capture premonitions of moods and feelings to come.

1. Have you been trying to make sure that a set of ideas fit together in harmony(logically consistent)?
2. Do you think loud music in the dream could suggest chaos and difficult circumstances that you have to face in the upcoming day?
3. Do you think gentle music could symbolise some slow and relaxed mood?
4. Were you trying to build up a rapport between yourself and someone close to you on the day before the dream?
5. Think about the song titles and song lyrics - they can often sum up some feeling within yourself on the day before the dream?

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : "I am so moody right now","having a rapport with someone","feeling welcome and happy","getting along together","creating a bond between us","create the right mood","ideas which fit together and are consistent"

MUSIC in dreams : A detailed essay on the symbolism of music using real dream interpretations
THE DREAM When I wake up I was hearing the song lyric "people are all the same. You can turn back the sands of time"

THE REALITY The dreamer had been involved in crime most of his life. He had found it difficult to escape the whole cycle of crime. But just recently - and especially on the day before the dream he had started to turn over a new leaf. He never felt like normal people. He thought he could never live like the rest of society. But now he was starting to feel that possible.

THE INTERPRETATION The song lyric totally captured his own emotions. He felt exactly the same as normal people who do not commit crime. He also felt he was starting to overcome years of living a lifestyle that he never thought he could move on from. Dreams capture emotions and song lyrics are especially good at this. Those lyrics perfectly caught his mood at that time.

Dream Symbol
SONG : "a real mood and feeling "
TURN BACK TIME : "the dreamer felt as if his life had started again"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I felt really different yesterday. It was as if things had totally changed. I have led a life of crime for years but yesterday I felt a part of normal society. I felt as if I could fit in in a way I have not felt for years"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.


THE DREAM I dreamed about dancing with my current favorite singer.

THE REALITY The previous night the dreamer chatted with a guy who usually doesn’t talk. She was surprised to find out he had an opinion on music.

THE INTERPRETATION It is very likely that the dream was about the previous nights conversation with the man about music. In this case music was the real life subject. But the dancing still is probably a symbol. In this case it symbolised the way that dancing breaks down social barriers. In that way it represents the forming of a bond with someone which was unexpected.

Dream Symbol
DANCING : " let yourself go - break through social barriers and get to know people you would not normally get along with"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have never talked to that guy but yesterday we got along together - there was a a real connection"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

THE DREAM I am watching two comedians who are called little and large from above. Suddenly they change and little becomes large and large becomes little. At the end of the dream a song was been sung. There was a commentator describing the situation. He was saying something like "will the song be found out."

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been trying to complete some task. He had failed miserably and thought he had ruined some valuable equipment. The previous night he hatched a plot to pass the blame on. In that way the dream dealt with the concept that he would not be blamed for a large portion of the mistake but rather a vary little portion.

THE INTERPRETATION Often dreams deal with issues from the previous day. In this case the predominate feeling on the dreamers mind concerned this possibly damaged equipment. The strategy to pass on blame was also on his mind as well. The dream was about the possibilities of the strategy succeeding. The Singing probably links to the need to have a story that harmoniously fits together.

Dream Symbol
LARGE : "he realises that he played a large part in the assembling the parts himself and getting things wrong"
LITTLE : "he is trying to claim a little portion for the blame in this matter"
SONG : "an argument that fits together in a harmonious way - in this case the dreamer lie must hold up and be consistent."

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well I have tried to put together that computer but I think I have damaged the parts. But I will try to take the computer back. I can claim that it was not my fault. I will try to reduce my own fault into this to near zero and blame the fault on the faulty components."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.


THE DREAM It is dark and I can hear some music playing. It is "Nearer My God to Thee".

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer had a tough meeting. She was not preparing for this. She had been in a pretty harmonious mood the day before and it had not really struck her the significance of the day to come.

THE INTERPRETATION The music reminded the dreamer of the film "Titanic" in which the band plays "Nearer My God to Thee" just before the ship finally sinks. Music in dreams symbolizes harmony and being happy. In this case though it shows that that harmony was perhaps ill judged and the dreamer needed to be on her toes and prepare for the meeting the next day. It either shows that she was ill prepared or that this was very much the calm before the storm. Perhaps the darkness adds meaning. It shows that the dreamer lacks true understanding and has not woken up to the facts.

Overall the dream drew an exact parallel. In the sinking of the Titanic the band played right up till the last moment before starting to panic. In real life the dreamer carried on till the end of the night before starting to worry about the day to come.

Dream Symbol
MUSIC : "being captured by some moment and mood"
TITANIC : "a sense of impending doom - the dreamer wonders why she was not worrying about the next day until the very last moment"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "It was only late last night that I realised in my mind what was coming today. The importance of what is happening and how tomorrow I will face a really tough test. I wondered to myself why I had not been worrying all night and in fact all week."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP Dreams truly do symbolise our thoughts. So try to work the process in reverse. Try to look at dream symbols and see what they could represent in our real lives. Think about the song lyrics in your dream and see how they could link to real emotions that you felt the day before.
THE DREAM I woke up and I had a song in my mind by Rolf Harris. It was entitled "Two Little Boys". The song features the words "Two little boys have two little toys - each had a wooden horse." And later "Did you think I would leave you crying , when there is room on my horse for two ".

THE REALITY The dreamer had just sold his camera to a friend. He had bought another one but that was waiting to arrive. He was left without a camera for a crucial event which he wanted to take some pictures of.

THE INTERPRETATION Music is dreams is about harmony - its about people getting on with each other and the dreamer realised that his friend would be willing to share her camera at this crucial period.

The dream is therefore about a belief that he will be helped out. That was the message of the song and that was what happened in reality. The issue had been on his mind at the time of the dream. Horses can link to our passionate interests and hobbies.

Dream Symbol
SONG : "getting along together - a belief that his friend will help him out"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am sure she will help me. I will be without the proper equipment."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

THE DREAM I dreamt about a weird building owned by a crummy old lady who was controlling and weird. I wasn’t myself in this, well, dunno who I was. So whatever. The old lady wanted to test my skills or something and so she made me open this locked drawer in her desk. She said the key wouldn’t work. I got some lock picks and it opened easy. Inside the drawer (you could jump inside) was another room. It had monsters in it. Like a tiger and dragon monsters. I was going to leave them be, but I saw in the future and if I left them alone I could see the old lady treating me like dirt the rest of my stay. I went in and killed them. Inside the drawer room was like an extension to the mansion (was more like a mansion now). I opened the door to another room and the lady was sitting inside and there were other people there. I thought the other people were like me. They existed inside this ladies house for a reason. There was a piano player and some young people. I was the locksmith I guess. I had to show the lady several more times I could open the drawer. It would open with the key or picks or anything. Not exactly a challenge requiring a locksmith.

I dreamt about exploring the house inside the drawer, trying not to get in trouble. There were rooms with lots of food, but one of the rooms was a creepy prison of sorts with old old stale nasty food. When I went into a room with some very good food I kept thinking back to it. Like how could the same house have such different rooms. Then I went to follow the piano player. He was popular or something and didn’t like fans following him. He could have lost me easy enough, but he came back and gave me tickets to his concert.

The dream changes here. The rest is a lot of random scenes without a good story line. I dreamt about Jackie Chan though, and that's real important. It was kind of like I was watching him on video, kind of like I was there. Anyway, jackie was being his cute amusing self doing random movie-like things. Nothing stands out.

After jackie disappeared I had to shift universes or something. I left all my stuff (jackie chan dvds and such) in this library. So I appeared over next to it and picked it up, hoping no one had taken anything. There was this little Chinese kid staring at me. I thought he was a cute kid and junk, but I wasn’t interested in chatting with him or his friends.

I dreamt I was at an amusement park riding a teenage mutant ninja turtles ride with my brother. It wasn’t scary, but it wasn’t comfortable.

THE REALITY Recently the dreamer had been trying to develop her own intuitive skills. She felt that something inside her was trying to tell her about different people and what was going on in their life. The day before the dream she had had a little awakening with a lady manager. She was giving out signals that she wanted to be left alone because she was not very well. Later on the dreamer found out that the lady had just undergone chemotherapy.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features one notable symbol that is worth concentrating on. Old ladies can be symbolic of our intuitive powers. They show that we are using our wisdom and intuition - sensing what is going on. In this case it was a creepy old lady. So that would tend to symbolise some very creepy and weird thought that is based on our intuitions.

In the case of the dreamer she had been trying to develop her psychic intuition. She was trying to use her powers of intuition to sense what people were thinking. This was seen as a cool and healthy little way of occupying her and was something that was largely there to help people. She felt that understanding people is a good thing.

But on the day before the dreamer encountered a rather enlightening incident. She had sensed correctly that her lady boss was feeling ill and left her alone. But she did not know that she was undergoing chemotherapy. In this incident she had not made a scene or used her intuitive powers incorrectly. However, she was suddenly brought face to face with a very real piece of real life. In trying to use her intuitions she was trying to sense what troubles were ailing people yet here she was brought right inside someones world.

In a way the dream seems to directly link with her feelings about this. The dreamer reflected on this. She felt that it really doesn’t take a lot of intuitive powers to see that a person who is suffering from cancer and is undergoing treatment will want to be on their own. In the dream we seem to have an exact match. The locksmith shows that she is unlocking and trying to understand people. However, in the dream she is thinking to herself that it is not really such a great ability to unlock the drawer.

In dreams food symbolises things that are feeding your minds. They are making us think. In this dream the food is stale and bad and that shows that the things that have been feeding her mind have been things that do not leave a good taste. That seems to directly link with her own experience. Using your intuitive powers opens your mind and helps you explore people around you. Yet here she was perhaps brought face to face with something that was just a little bit to real. Here was a woman who was facing a life threatening illness. She really was having problems.

Music in dreams often links to harmony. If someone plays a piano it shows that they perhaps like to be on their own. Its a solo instrument. So perhaps the dream is pointing to the lady managers wish to be on her own. She was happy by herself. Perhaps that portion of the dream is saying that if people want to be alone maybe that's because they have a good reason. So the intervention of some well meaning person is not really going to do any good.

The dream ends with this Jackie Chan theme. That here is something which is cool to the dreamer but is linked to a bad feeling. Maybe that links with the dreamers feeling that using her intuitive powers is not so cool after all. Amusement parks are a similar symbol. They symbolise something which on the surface appears really fun. But under the surface an amusement park often is quite sordid and twisted. Mutants too link to the dreamers feelings here. A mutant is symbolic of something that has changed vastly in relation to what it started off as. She wanted to use her powers of intuition to help people who were perhaps a little lost and lonely. But she came face to face with a very real and life threatening illness.

Dream Symbol
MANSION : "issues which involve you and your personality and the behavior and personalities of others around you"
MONSTER : "out of control - the dreamers attempts to help those around her are now quite minimal"
OLD LADY : "feeling old and tired or run down with illness - the dreamers boss who is ill because of chemotherapy"
PIANO : "a solitary instrument - the dreamers boss wants to be on her own"
PRISON : "trapped - the dreamer is unable to help her boss"
VIDEO : "replaying some event - perhaps the dreamer is replaying her bosses reaction or replaying the incident the way she would have wanted it to end"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to nice to people around me. But I got into difficulty with my boss. I was trying to befriend her as I know that she is ill with cancer and been undergoing chemotherapy. She did not want anyone to help her."

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

THE DREAM - I am in this giant church which is a football stadium(Old Trafford). I am singing football songs and joining in with the ardent support for my team and against the other

THE REALITY The dreamer had made a remark the previous night about being a Manchester United fan and had got into a conversation with a genuine fan. In reality the dreamer was just a minor supporter but had got carried away and the genuine fan took him to his word and greeted him as a fellow supporter.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had pretended to be an ardent football supporter and this had created a connection between himself and the people he met. The dream showed how he had been carried away and involved in the situation.

Dream Symbols
CHURCH : "beliefs - tuning in with the beliefs of the football supporters"
GIANT CHURCH : "the things that you believe in as they mix together with the beliefs of others"
SONG : "a sense of harmony - feeling at one with the football supporters"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I did something a bit silly yesterday and said that I was a Manchester United supporter. I do not really watch much football but the guys I was talking with took me in and I just sang along with the songs. It was quite another world. I really felt like one of them"

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.