Dream interpretation - murder as dream symbols

We have many 'killed' or 'murder' dreams in our studies and we have a good idea what they mean. Remember though that killing dreams can have several meanings. In some cases killing is a substitute for the word 'ended' as in "I ended the relationship" or "I put an end to his criticism". Try reading this dream.

THE DREAM I was at a park and I saw a crowd of police cars and cops investigating a homicide. I went up to them and asked who was killed. They said my boyfriends name and I just broke down cryin I've never cried so much in my life. The police were about to leave to try to find who killed him and I wanted to go but they wouldn't let me. I've never missed or loved him so much. I never stopped cryin I was so devastated.

Most dreams are understood by linking them to recent thoughts and feelings. The woman who had this dream had been with her boyfriend for three years. A few weeks before they had had an argument and had not spoken to each other until the night before. That night they got back together and everything was great. She had woke up from the dream crying.

So killing him does seem to fit into "I ended the relationship" meaning. If you never see someone ever again they are effectively dead to you so its no surprise that death features as a symbol for relationships ended. If you end a relationship its also a deliberate act - just like killing someone can be a deliberate act.

Here the dream has a special meaning. The dreamer is regretting the death of her boyfriend. So really this is an emotional dream. It captures these particular emotions - "I cannot believe that I nearly ended the relationship. I would miss him so much". Its only when someone dies that we realise how much they mean to us. So this woman has realised that she really missed her boyfriend and cannot believe that they had argued to the point of breaking up.

This following dream occurred just after a break up.

THE DREAM - There was this tiny dog was on a leash and got snagged underneath his porch while his family did not notice. I tried pulling him out, and ended up snapping his neck, killing the poor little dog instantly. The family realized their dog was missing and pulled on the leash, only to find the dead body of their poor dog. I ran away from the scene feeling like the worst person in the world. I was only trying to help!

In real life the dreamers boyfriend had just broken up with her. However, it was a real big surprise and in some ways she could not understand how the relationship broke up. There were issues but nothing that she did not feel could be sorted out.

The dream is an excellent metaphor for the break up. The killing of the puppy is purely by accident - and in real life the dreamer felt as if her breakup had almost been by accident. There was no good reason for them to break up. It just seemed to happen. So embedded within this dream is this exact feeling - "I cannot believe that I have ended the relationship. I feel really guilty about all this". So the dream seems to capture her regrets.

Of course killing dreams do not just represent relationships just ending. Its just a metaphor which can apply to that situation. Break ups do involve bad feeling so that's a similarity to such dreams.

This next dream links into a completely different meaning.

DREAM - Family being torn apart. A demon/devil tried to kill me with an evil power by directly touching me. He told me he's been trying to kill my brother but his powers have no effect, not even the cancer. His powers had no effect on me either. He held a large knife in his hand and told me he was going to slit my throat and cut out and kill my unborn child. I sat and watched him attack another young girl.

In real life the dreamers husband was in jeopardy of being deported. So murder in this case represents the dreamers fear of real harm. The immigration authorities were really out to get her husband. Of course they were not wanting to kill him but they definitely meant to deport him. This was causing the dreamer real stress and she feared her family being torn part.

So if we analyse these dreams and their symbolic meaning we find that killing dreams can tap into several different feelings. They can be linked with any relationship ending. They can capture regrets about a relationship ending or the wish for a relationship to end. Killing can also represent people who mean you real harm and who are really 'out to get you'.

This next dream uses killing in a different symbolic way.

THE DREAM - I was with some friends I couldn't recognise. we were in someplace that looks like a farm. We were surrounded by snakes like cobras and vipers. All my friends were scared to kill them but I took up courage and attacked killing like five of them. I hit them on their heads with my belt head.

The dreamer was wanting to start a business. Yet several of his friends had been trying to discourage him. The dreamer was really wanting to move forward despite these warnings. The snakes represent the problems with setting up a business. The courage the dreamer shows represents his wish to forge ahead with his business plans despite all the warnings.

So killing represents his wish to show courage and overcome adversity.