Dream interpretation - movies and famous people as dream symbols

MOVIES : Dreams with movies in will generally link to two types of dreams. If the dream features a real movie then there is something in the story line or actors within it which is relevant within your own day to day life. For instance, a love story may link to some similar situation in your own life or wish for such a situation. A film may feature a story which deals with a theme that you can identify with. Films are full of metaphors and so are dreams. Try to think what you associated with the particular film. Its likely that the symbol is a very personal symbol.

When other movies or cameras appear in dreams then it may link to several other things. Many times we have been replaying an incident over and over again in our minds. Try to think of such issues.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I wanted to really replay every last little detail of that incident"
- "when I thought about it again later then..."
- "it really was very special"
- "I wish that things could be like that for me"
- "I am trying to imagine how things will look"
- "I have been really getting into TV and Films recently. Its taking my mind off the boredom of day to day life"

ACTOR : Actors can simply link with our own fantasies yet they can have quite specific meanings in dreams. Often we are asked to perform tasks which we believe are beyond us. In such cases we have to put on a performance and make it seem as if we know what we are doing.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am making them think that's what I want"
- "I do not really convince myself so how can I hope to persuade others"
- "I do not really feel confident doing it that way but I will try as best I can"
- "That actor was in a story which seems quite relevant to me and my feelings right now"

STAGES/THEATERS : Stages have several meanings. A stage is often symbolic of some very special moment which was maybe very romantic. It maybe was a very special good-bye to a loved one. In another sense it maybe shows that you are simply engaging in fantasy. Either you you are thinking about a crush or you simply watched a show on TV the night before that captured your imagination. If there is not much going on in our real lives then our imagination will quite happily fill the void.

In a final sense stages can symbolise a very public statement. It maybe shows that you have given a public show of support to someone. Or that you were asked to support someone story about how a certain incident took place.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "it was a very special moment"
- "presenting my case"
- "I said it openly for everyone to hear"
- "fantasizing"
- "escapism"

THE DREAM I am sat down in a very public place. I have the most bizarre hairstyle. Here appears to be someone behind me taking a home video of me.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer knew that she may possibly bump into a man that she was strongly attracted to. Sometimes she paid a great deal of attention to her appearance and others she just tied it up in some convenient way.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Videos are an exact record of reality. Often we are nervous about having our picture taken if we are not looking our best. In this case the dreamer knew she may bump into a man she was attracted to and so wanted to look as attractive as possible. So this dream was reminding her to take special care that day as recently she had been taking a very casual attitude to her appearance.

Dream Symbols
PUBLIC PLACE : "A need to be aware that others will be judging you and your appearance"
VIDEO : "An exact record of how you look"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking that I may bump into a guy that I fancy tomorrow. So I will take special care with my hair. I do not want to turn up with it in a mess".

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THE DREAM This one guy came to me when I was in the garage and said this sheet metal wasn’t thick enough. So I took it in the garage I was talking to someone and saying I don’t know how to make it bigger so I started stapling things to it. I was closing the garage door so they wouldn’t come back but they got it then I was tied to a chair and these two other people (a boy and a girl) were also tied up but they were my friends. I didn’t know who they were. So this one guy shot me in the stomach. Then they went after the guy that was my friend. I guess his name was Ryan because I kept saying that name. But they had knifes and they were just cutting him not deep enough to kill but to cause pain. I was saying stop it every time I spoke this guy beside me would stab a toothpick in my legs. So then everyones heads were down. I could see through the corner of my eye the guy slit the girl?s throat and then the guy I think they slit his. I didn’t really see it, but then they came at me. I jerked up somehow and got away. I was running down my driveway.

Two guys were behind me saying see you tomorrow. I ran by my friend’s house and these clowns were coming out. I ran around the corner there was a car accident. A clown was on the ground. Someone behind. He said "that’s Blank for ya"(I forget his name) I was running down the sidewalk. There was a big traffic jam. Then I jumped into the street. Everything went slow motion. There was an explosion or something but all the cars were being crammed together from the force of the explosion. They were backing up heading for me. I went on the sidewalk again but then I was outside of a theater where you get your tickets for the movie. I was still bleeding pretty badly but no one was helping, they ignored me. Then this grandma was talking to this girl saying, "is this....”? But was cut off by the girl saying "yes grandma.” She sounded angry with her grandma. So I was going to this one movie the door was very hard to open you had to press a button at the same time as you pushed on the door but it was heavy too. I went back out then I saw a shadow and I knew it was them. I tried to get the door open but it wouldn’t open and the guy said "Awww it’s locked." I could feel his smile though

THE REALITY The dreamer was experiencing a lot of disruption at that time. Her sister had run away from home and there was a lot of fighting in the house. She was trying to discuss and share her problems with friends but felt as if they were not helping.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well this dream is probably quite difficult to examine in very close detail. But it is very obviously linked to the dreamers current emotional situation. This dream features a lot of men and lots of stabbing and bleeding. That is often symbolic of male type emotions and painful feelings. So we have a good fit with the dreamers personal state of mind. When asked the dreamer mentioned that she felt let down by her friends. In the dream she is bleeding - obviously in need of support - but she is ignored.

One obvious symbol to link to this lack of support is the clowns. The dreamer wants help from friends but gets none. Perhaps the clowns symbolise their own fixed and pointless smile. It shows a superficial type of expression which in real life has no meaning. Maybe it symbolises the exact expression on the friends face. In difficult moments a friend maybe will not know what to do. How could they help someone in the midst of real and very complex emotional situation.

Traffic is symbolic of mixed feelings and indecision. In the dream the dreamer is presumably trying to move forward and make progress in her situation. Yet things have suddenly come to a standstill.

One interesting symbol is the slow motion. When something happens in slow motion it often links to things which are very predictable. We can see every aspect of the situation yet we are unable to act. For instance when a child is slowly getting worked up you know soon that what is going to happen is quite predictable. The child is going to have a temper tantrum. The slow motion shows the intense focus on the dreamers situation and knowledge of what is happening.

The movie theater perhaps links to the very public way that the dreamer is sharing these major life changing emotions with friends. The movies represent the major issues of her own life being replayed publicly for her friends to see.

Perhaps the door is heavy because it symbolises the serious and very difficult issues which the dreamer is trying to express. Perhaps this is too serious for her friends.

Dream Symbols
BLEED : "the dreamers own hurt feelings and pain due to the situation at home"
CLOWN : "the dreamers friend just smiles blankly and is offering no help at all"
EXPLOSION : "troubles in the dreamers life"
MOVIE : "replaying some event - the dreamer wants to recreate and talk through what is happening at home"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have got so much disruption at home right now due to my sister who has run away from home. I have been trying to get some support from a friend but she just smiled and looked embarrassed when I told her. It was a bit pointless talking to her."

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THE DREAM I am in some house. I am wondering about the right way to do something. There are workmen there. Later I am reading a book and my best friend is there. He is an actor. The book is a film review book and is full of statistics and neatly laid out info. When I woke up I was hearing the song in my mind with the words "Your so vain - you probably think this song is about you"

THE REALITY The day before dreamer had been thinking about trying to promote his own ideas at work. He had done some well thought out research and wished to promote his own ideas. But he did not like to be seen to be actively promoting his own views.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The book in the dream reminded the dreamer of some research he had done recently at work. So he felt that this dream could be connected with that.

The dream also included this song lyric "Your so vain - you probably think this song is about you." Song lyrics are often a good clue to a dreams meaning. Here the song is very clearly about vanity and people being self obsessed. So the dreamer looked for a theme where this was relevant in his life. He felt that if he actively promoted his own ideas at work people may think him vain and self important.

The dream features an actor. Actors also link to the public way in which they get up on stage and promote and project their ideas.

Dream Symbols
ACTOR : "project your ideas in a very public way in front of lots of people"
BOOK : "Your own well thought out ideas"
PEOPLE : "thinking about the right and appropriate way to act"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to push my ideas for change at work. But however, I do not want to appear as a self promoter."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight