Dream interpretation - monsters as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I just dreamt that I was this villager and we were trying to free some of the other villagers who had been caught and caged. The monsters who controlled the village were off hunting or something, so we started burning the bars down, which worked and set some of them free... However, the monsters (which looked like power ranger monsters lol, and no I do not watch that show!) knew we were setting their "slaves" free so they came charging at us, they were wearing armour and had weapons. They started killing some of the villagers and I knew there was nowhere to run so I stood still for a minute. Then the "King-monster’s" two servants stood on either side of me... the King-monster came up to me and demanded that I move. The reason being I was sitting on his throne and didn’t even realise it!! So I immediately moved out of the way. I thought they were going to kill me so I wanted to fool them into thinking that I liked them, so that they wouldn’t harm me. I knelt down on my knees before the King-monster and started rubbing his feet for him, which were... well-manicured lol. He seemed pleased with my job and left me alone. The next chance I had, I tried to run away from them but they soon caught on, and were chasing me! I ran into a room... but as I ran into that room it was as if I wasn’t playing the character of the villager, it was suddenly like I was watching her. She was this little innocent girl trying to escape. When the monsters came pouring into the room with swords to kill her they could not find her, but only I could see her, she was clinging to the corners of the ceiling way up above their heads. One of the monsters swords was pointing at her, but he didn’t know where she was, she tried to grab the sword, but suddenly the monsters fled because they saw another villager running and knew they could catch him. This other villager looked a lot like the American idol look-alike to clay aiken (but it wasn’t clay aiken, I forget the guy’s name). He was pail, skinny, scrawny, light-haired and had glasses... They were going to slit his throat.

Then suddenly I was in my principals office (In my dream it was my school, but it looked nothing like my real life school). He was talking to me about my correspondence course (which I am taking in real life and have been neglecting) and he was telling me to complete it in four months. I looked out the window and ignored the rest of what the principal was saying because I could see my boyfriend sitting with one of his good friends. As soon as the principal let me go, I ran out to greet my boyfriend, his friend was gone (which wasn’t really important in my dream). He was happy to see me and we wanted to leave the school and go have sex (lol). It was four o’clock in the afternoon and I asked him what time he had to be home, so he said, "Five-thirty." I thought that left us plenty of time to make it back to mine and get the deed done, but for some reason we were held up at school and my boyfriend wanted to get some other things done instead, perhaps talk to some of his friends or something? Anyway, it’s 5 o’clock and I’m thinking that we only have half an hour before he has to be home, we’re not gonna make it. Then we run outside and up this grassy hill, it’s sunny outside and we’re all happy holding hands and skipping (lol please bare with me), we’re all alone, but we don’t get to fulfill our goal.

Also somewhere in my dream (this may have been a separate dream but I’m not sure) I dreamt I was watching some school talent or dance show. The people were in brightly dressed costumes with lots of brightly coloured makeup on, doing a dance.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had an argument with her boyfriend the day before the dream. She was not getting on with her boyfriends parents because they have big ideas for him and wanted him to do modeling. In fact she felt they were trying to mold him into perfection. As for her boyfriend she still loved him but they were both having doubts about having a long term future together. She felt that he had changed. He always used to be a lot sweeter to her. But recently he was becoming more unfeeling. Her works out more, takes better physical care of himself, dresses better but with it has developed this cocky attitude. She felt it had all gone to his head. He is no longer that sweet guy that respected her and loved her. it’s like, he thinks now that he’s better-looking he can get any girl.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The day before the dream the dreamer had had an argument with her boyfriend and almost broken. That is classic material for a dream. The dream therefore represents her thoughts and feelings about that argument and thoughts surrounding the relationship and also her boyfriends parents.

One useful piece of information was that the dreamer stated that the well manicured feet in the dream reminded her of her boyfriend - and how he was high maintenance. He looked in the mirror a whole lot more than her.

The monster symbolised the behavior of her family. Monsters symbolise thoughts which are huge and out of control. These thoughts consume everything in their pathway. They maybe associated with behavior which cannot be reasoned with. In this case the boyfriends family had very definite ideas about where their son was going and anything that would get in the way was not good.

The dream is situated in a village. Towns in dreams are where we meet people. They often represent the need to compromise. Villages then represent a lack of compromise. The thoughts that live here are made without any regard for compromise. They live in a world of their own not open to any other influences. They symbolise the thoughts of the dreamers boyfriend and his family.

The dream features a king and in this dream it symbolises the ruling principle on which his family rule his life. The need for him to be a model and the obsession with the body beautiful. They were corrupting his mind with this stuff. A king is also a symbol of a particular type of ruling principle. It is not a president who is a ruler who rules with consent and agreement of the people involved. No the king can symbolise the way an idea is imposed upon people despite their misgivings. In this case the ruling principle her boyfriends family imposed was in fact an unhealthy obsession.

So the king - with his manicured feet - represented the ruling principle of beauty and the need to follow a modeling career. The servants were symbols of the need to sever this principle - that everything else should be subjected to this one goal.

Notice too how the dreamer has to kneel before the king. Kneeling is a sign of submission and support for this principle. She was supposed to support his modeling career.

The clay in the dream is a symbol of how the family intended to mold and shape their son into an idea of perfection.

The ceiling in dreams signifies beliefs and thoughts. Our beliefs exist above ground simply because they exist within our minds only. They are above the ground which represents reality. The innocent girl represents the belief within the dreamer that her boyfriend should treat her in the way he used to - he used to be very sweet to her. The way the girl clings on to the ceiling mimics the way that the dreamer clings on to those old thoughts from the past of how she was treated.

The school principal shows that the dreamer wishes to establish a new principle within her mind. This is not an unelected one like the king. This principle was a School Principal - symbolising the need to learn a new way of doing things. She wanted their relationship to be based on something more sensible.

The correspondence course is just a play on words - it meant that the dreamer and her boyfriend needed to find a course within their relationship that corresponded to how they both felt.

Sitting in dreams symbolises time to think - and the dreamers boyfriend is sitting with his best friend. When a best friend sits with you it suggests that it is related to something that is good for you. A best friend then symbolises a friendly thought. The dreamer agreed to go on a break with her boyfriend. This was symbolised by him sitting down.

Dream Symbols
CAGE : "a need to keep under control the boyfriends parents influence"
CARTOON : "an oversimplified view of the world"
CORRESPONDENCE COURSE : " path that involves peoples aims corresponding "
ESCAPE : "escape form the situation as it is"
KING : "the families wish to turn their son into a pop idol"
KNEEL : "agree without questioning "
MONSTER : "the parents ideas about their son is creating a monster"
SERVANT : "promote and encourage something "
SWORD : "strike a blow for your feelings"
THROAT : "things said"
VILLAGE : "the dreamers parents are stuck in their own world cut off from normal ways of thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My boyfriends parents are just totally out of control. They want him to audition for American Idol. They have turned him into some kind of monster. I loved him the way his was before."

See how the dream symbols capture an insight the dreamer has into his boyfriends parents


Monsters are something which are getting totally out of control in your life. It may relate to something in your own behavior which is getting totally out of control. Think of someone else’s behavior which is out of control. Monsters can also link to moments when you will go to any lengths to promote an idea or cause.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "this idea is out of control"
- "this behavior has gone too far"
- "losing touch with reality"
- "going to any lengths"


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