Dream symbol research - cash,money,coins in dream interpretation

THE DREAM - There are thoughts going through my head. They replay a radio interview I heard in real life a few days before. In it a sports reporter was saying that extra money spent on sports reports from cricket matches was of great value to the reader. It manages to sell a lot more papers. That really was valued

THE REALITY The dreamer was at the time writing a report for work. He took extra time over the report and carefully thought out each section instead. Overall he just put a lot of effort and care into what he was doing.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream was simply about a radio report interview which had had an effect on the dreamer. The message is that you should take pride in your work and take time over details. Some dreams contain symbols which together make up a message. But this dream was of a story which itself was a metaphor. Its simple message was heard in real life and repeated in the dream world. His dream mind had decided to follow this principle and so the dreamer took a bit more time over a report he had to write. The extra effort paid off and he was praised.

Symbolic Meaning
MONEY : "Putting some extra effort into this report "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking yesterday how its really worth taking a bit of care with my work. If you put some extra effort into something then it can pay off. It shows that you enjoy your job".

See how the dreams meaning could represent a key insight the dreamer had the night before into his work

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Often dreams will follow simple story lines. Its a matter of taking the moral of the story and applying it to your own life. Look back to the day before the dream and issues alive in your mind then and see if the story in the dream had a similar theme to real life.
THE DREAM I was watching some horse racing. I was looking at the paper to find the winners. Apparently I "knew" that people had been making money recently betting on horse racing and winning the gamble.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a statistician and had been working on a project. At first the efforts went to waste and few correlation’s could be made. At the time of the dream though the dreamer was feeling as though success was finally being achieved. The statistical programs he was designing were now truly reflecting reality. His knowledge of the subject was now making him as if he was able to predict certain things. He was able to back his hunches - it was no longer a matter of occasional random success.

THE INTERPRETATION Gamble : Gambling is associated with several things but mostly with matters were some outcome is a matter of random chance. Betting is associated with prediction. Successful betting and gambling is associated with successful prediction. The gambling success therefore leads to the dreamer feeling as if success in statistical prediction was possible in this case.

Dream Symbol
GAMBLE : "a willingness to back your own hunches - an ability to predict something "
WATCH :"observing his own situation and work - the dreamer is observing his own results"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am very happy with my statistical programs. At last they seem to be able to predict results."

See how the dreams meaning could represent a key insight the dreamer had the night before into his work

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The easiest way to interpret dreams is to wait until something big happens in your life. Then that night any dreams will almost certainly link to that big event. Then simply look through the symbols and see how they can connect to that big event and the emotions that have been provoked by it.
THE DREAM I was in a room with my boyfriend and I found out he took a girl he works with out for a valentines meal and it cost over £200.

THE REALITY The dreamer argued with her boyfriend for ages because he did not do anything for her on Valentines Day.

THE INTERPRETATION In this dream it is easy to spot what has caused the dream as it mentions Valentines Day and it was clearly an issue in their relationship. So this dream shows clearly that this is an issue for her. There maybe one or two clues as to what exactly those strong feelings are.

Money in dreams is symbolic of effort and value. A £200 dinner shows that he cares and has shown a great deal of effort in making her feel special. But the money is spent on someone else. She clearly feels a sense of jealousy and feels left out. It may even be that the dreamers friend from work has been talking about her own very special valentines day meal.

Dream Symbol
£200 MEAL : "the dreamers boyfriend should have made a big effort and shown how much he values her"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My boyfriend just didn’t do anything special for Valentines Day. My friends got so much more!"

See how the dreams meaning links in with the symbolic meanings discussed earlier

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : In dreams money represents effort and appreciation. In real life money links to objects and material goods but in dreams it deals with wider themes of self worth and effort. Look for issues alive in your mind right now connected with effort, appreciation and self worth. The dream maybe dealing with them.
THE DREAM - I am with some Chinese people. They have their wallets out and are about to pay for something. But they are negotiating what they are paying for. They say that they will pay for Astrology but they will also pay for the censors too.

THE REALITY The dreamer had given some advice to a friend but he realised she had not been subtle. She had perhaps been too brutal and realised she needed to censor herself more. It was not so much that she was saying the wrong things but she felt she could phrase them better.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features money so in some way this dream is about the value of something. In this case the dreamers advice to a friend would be more valued if it was better thought out. China is associated with wisdom in dreams and so in that way can be linked to advice - and in particular well thought out advice. The censor is an obvious reference to the need to control what you say. But the censor would be paid for because people will appreciate the ability to be subtle - to refer to the things that you wish to refer to but in a gentle and sensitive way.

Dream Symbol
CENSOR : "restricting what you say - editing out unwanted thoughts and feelings"
CHINESE : "good and wise thoughts"
PAY : "paying symbolises value - in this case people will value his advice "
PEOPLE : "how you would generally behave - what could be expected"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that people are willing to take my advice but I should try not to be too brutal and honest. Often you can say what you mean but if you use diplomatic words then people will not be offended. I just do not like offending people."

See how the dreams meaning could represent a key insight the dreamer had the night before into his work

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think about the actual day of the dream. Have you been thinking about some important event that is happening then? Have you been thinking about how you are going to put some plans into action. Dreams may focus on the day to come and how you are relating to problems you wish to solve.
THE DREAM - I am at some kind of event. Apparently their is a benefactor being held for Michael Moore.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been talking to a former coworker. The dreamer always felt as if he was appreciated by his former coworker. But when talking to his ex coworker the day before he got the impression that his ex boss would not want him back in the company.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams use associations. This dream featured Michael Moore and the dreamer always associated Michael Moore with his former boss. Since his former boss had featured the previous day in a conversation then its almost certain that this dream relates to that conversation.

Dream interpretation is extremely difficult and actually its better to look at what your thoughts and feelings are and then look for evidence of them in a dream. Most dreams do tend to link to the day before the dream. So look to then for the issues which were alive in your mind then.

Here we know the dreamer was somewhat surprised at what his former bosses opinion of him was. The dreamer associated benefactors with sportsmen who have served their clubs well. So that was obviously linked to the themes of the real life situation. Although the dreamer left the company in difficult circumstances he felt he had been a valued employee up until that time. He felt that his former boss should appreciate him more for his effort and contribution.

Dreams focus on changes in our feelings. So look for little changes in your perceptions.

Dream Symbol
BENEFACTOR : "showing appreciation for a valued servant - the dreamer feels as if he should be more appreciated by his former boss"
MICHAEL MOORE : "the dreamer personally associated Michael Moore with his former boss"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I always felt I had a close relationship with my former coworkers but apparently my boss wouldn’t want me back at all. Its totally changed my perceptions of my former boss. I felt connected to the company before but now I do not. I always put in maximum effort."

See how the dreams meaning links to the individual symbolic meanings

THE DREAM - I was in a car with some people I didn’t know very well. We ended up at my ex-lover’s house. They were having a party there and had decided to flood the living room and go swimming. I wanted to join but I thought the water might be too dirty, and I was afraid of leaving my purse in the car of the people I didn’t know. I wanted to be sure I could get it back in case I didn’t like the situation and wanted to go home on foot. I decided it was safe to leave my purse, so I went into the house. They had just drained it because the owner (my ex-lover) was supposed to be at work. There was old-fashioned thick white carpet, it was soggy. But they decided, heck with it, let’s do it one more time. They flooded the house again, about 2 feet of water which was flowing pretty fast in a circle. Everyone was in underwear and t-shirts, floating in the water and tumbling over each other. I felt relaxed and happy. I didn’t have any uncomfortable emotions about my ex-lover and I didn’t see him there.

THE REALITY The dreamer spent the whole of the previous day and most of the last couple of weeks trying to decide whether to move in with her boyfriend. She was in love with him, but the relationship was quite new. She was scared of the relationship going wrong. She also did not want to appear to be taking advantage of him, or of losing her self-respect by taking this "easy way out" of her financial problems.

THE INTERPRETATION If something big happens the day before its always best to see the dream as linking to that. Sometimes nothing actually happens yet our minds are totally focused on one big decision. This was the case with this dreamer who had to decide that day if she should move in with her boyfriend. Through such dreams like this we can begin to learn how dream symbolism works. The dream is surely about this situation. So its just a matter of seeing how the symbols work.

The dream revolves around her purse and house keys. From this we can guess likely ways in which this links to real life. The house keys are used to get into the house. If you leave house keys with someone you have to really trust them. She is probably aksing herslef questions like "can I trust my boyfriend enough to live with him?"

Another key symbol here is the ex boyfriend. So the dreamer could be asking herself questions like "what happens if the relationship breaks up". Things might be going OK now but what happens if things go badly? Essentially she is asking herslef what the chances are of her present boyfriend becoming her ex boyfriend.

Indeed the dream almost even spells the vital question out in this portion "I wanted to be sure I could get it back in case I didn’t like the situation". Its about what happens if things go wrong. Dreams will feature vita;l portions like thisw which will alost spell out the deams meaning.

In the dream she never sees her ex boyfriend. Thats a good sign showing that she feels positive about the move. The dream decided to move into her boyfriends house and the dream probably was linbked to that decision. It was largely a positive dream and that probably shows how relaxed and happy she was in making this decision. It was a very easy decision to make - though she had to be sure given the importance of the decision.

Dream Symbol
EX-BOYFRIEND : "The dreamer is assessing how likely her new boyfriend is to become an ex boyfriend - especially if they move in together"
LEAVE PURSE BEHIND: "The dreamer is wondering how much she can trust her new boyfriend"
HOUSE KEYS : "The dreamers need for independence "
NEVER SEES BOYFRIEND : "A good sign - ex’s are linked to bitterness and hassles "
RELAXED AND HAPPY : "The dreamer actually feels fairly happy about moving in with her boyfriend. She has doubts but these are not strong."
PEOPLE I don’t KNOW : "unknown territory - not knowing her boyfriend very well. Not sure how he will behave "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to decide by tomorrow if I should move in with my boyfriend. I a worried what happens if things go wrong. But I feel that I can trust him enough to let go of some of my independence to him right now, knowing I can always get it back later."

See how the dreams meaning links to the individual symbolic meanings. See if you can link the symbols in your dream to reality.


MONEY : Money in dreams can link to several things. It can symbolise the effort you are willing to put in. The more money then the more effort. They can link to issues of self worth or the value of one person over another. Money can symbolise many things so try and consider any connection with value - "they valued my advice", "he is a valued customer".

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "putting some extra effort into this"
- "trying hard"
- "feeling worthless"
- "value my advice and opinion"
- "his value to the company"


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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Constantly try to make associations in dreams. For instance if Michael Moore appears in a dream then look for connections too real life. Think of people who like him and his ideas. Think especially of links to the day before. Often dreams will give you clues to the topic that it is about. So if you associate Michael Moore with somebody then the dream may link to some issue involving them.