Dream interpretation - unknown men and strangers as dream symbols.

THE DREAM I am in the countryside somewhere(I seem to associate it with an area where I visited once for a function). I am in a building. Its like a classroom. I am watching my teacher intently(its my old boss). Then suddenly I want to see what the distraction is. I look and see its some farmyard. Its far off in the distance. There is some explosions going off.

Later I am in my home town. I am watching something. Suddenly a man runs very fast and jumps through a shop window. He smashes right through it. Then I am in my old bosses home kitchen. I have not got much time and seem to be trying to find some matches. I then try to set fire to the kitchen. I am trying to burn the place down.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer saw someone who he met through his old job. He was distracted and just ignored him. The dreamer did not think much of this but he then realised that all the people he met whilst doing his old job he was slowly falling out of touch with.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream clearly has two links with the dreamers former workplace. His boss and the farm where they held a function. The day before he had a little incident which the dream could be about. He bumped into a person whom he knew through his former workplace. He kind of caught the persons eye yet did not say hello. He was actually distracted so it was not intentional. But over a period of time he was now slowly falling out of touch with many people from his former job. So its significance was maybe greater than thought.

So burning down the kitchen of his former bosses home was a way of showing how this part of his life was now slowly becoming history. Maybe the dream is saying that this was necessary. He liked his former workplace. In the dream the explosions are no big deal which maybe captures the dreamers thoughts about this incident the day before.

The dream also captures another moment in the dream. The sense of distraction matched the real life incident.

Shops in dreams symbolise options. The dreamer is reducing his options in life by cutting himself off from people he used to know. The man links with the aggressive nature of his own actions. Ignoring is a form of aggression. Its a male form of behavior. Hence the man runs right into the shop.

Dream Symbols
CLASSROOM : "a lesson in life"
DISTRACTION : "the distraction in the dream is symbolic of the real life distraction which caused the dreamer to ignore the man he knew the day before"
EXPLOSIONS : "the incident the day before"
FIRE : "the dreamer is effectively cutting off his links with his past"
FORMER BOSS : "the dreamer is thinking about his former workplace and how he has fallen out of touch"
MAN RUNS INTO SHOP : "the dreamer is affecting his own options"
SHOP : "the dreamers options"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday I ignored someone I knew from my former job. I did not mean too. I had so many good friends there but as time passes by I seem to fall out of touch with so many of them."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM TIP : Men appear in dreams often to symbolise male emotions within our lives. That can link to male emotions within us such as arrogance,assertiveness or competition. It can also mean that there are situations which contain male emotions such as frustrations due to delays, territoriality or just a general lack of harmony.
THE DREAM I am in a house and there is a man there with me. He appears to be someone I do not know(but he appears to be commenting and advising me). There is some very large windows in the house . Some of these are open. I see one or two of them open and see a bird(or some kind of flying object) trying to get in. I realise this and block it out.

THE REALITY The dreamer had for a long time been attracted to a woman. Just recently she seemed to be sending out some signals that she wanted to develop a relationship. But recently the dreamers life had been very complicated. He did not want a relationship of any kind and started to ignore this woman and discourage the signals. The day before the dream this had started to become very obvious.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Birds are symbols of communication. They are sometimes symbols for suggestions of new ideas. But they can be a signal of encouragement coming from another person - a sign that they want to encourage or discourage you. Here this was a very good symbol to explain the dreamers current situation - the day before someone was sending signals out to him and he had closed them out(closed the window).

Men appearing in dreams often link to male like emotions. Here they refer to the dreamer acting in a very aggressive manner and closing himself off to the feelings of others. Men can often symbolise a lack of communication.

The dreamer had a series of complicated feelings and was trying to close himself off even though he was attracted to this woman. He even knew that she was aware of this. The windows perhaps suggest that it was perfectly plain and obvious to see that he was reacting to her and not merely ignoring her. In effect he was merely trying to shut her out.

Dream Symbols
BIRD : "a clear signal or sign that you read in someones behavior"
MAN : "male emotions - aggressively trying to cut off lines of communication - shutting someone out"
WINDOW : "Its clear and obvious what someone is thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do fancy this woman but at the moment life is too complicated. I am getting definite signals from her but until my life is sorted out I cannot really start a relationship"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of dream symbols as being words in the English language. Perhaps an unknown man could link to words such as "delays","assertiveness","competitiveness","arrogance" or "compulsion". Then think of ways in which the different symbols interact. You may get clues as to how the dream mind is using its language. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the appearance of an unknown man simply links to an increase in male emotions in your life. For instance the English language can use the word arrogance in several different ways - "I think he is arrogant", "I wonder if people think I was arrogant yesterday" and "I think I have managed to control those arrogant moods I used to have". Dreams can use symbols to express emotions that are as equally rich and varied. So you have to simply work out how the the theme of arrogance has become important in your life.

UNKNOWN MEN : Unknown men often appear in dreams. They can be both a good and bad symbol. In a positive sense they may link to your own strength and determination or a need for that. Men also link to an appearance of male emotions somewhere in your life(often on the day before the dream). They may link to situations involving pushiness, compulsion, arrogance, territorial control, and a lack of communication. They can also link to change and disruption in your life.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "forcing me to make a choice"
- "pushey and aggressive manner"
- "he just walked in and took control!"
- "ignoring him"
- "I was simply not told!"
- "asserting himself"
- "forcing the pace"
- "busy day"
- "determined to make an effort"
- "I was panicking"
- "stop being arrogant"
- "not happy"
- "frustrating and delaying"
- "Shes MY girlfriend!"
- "territorial control"


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