Dream interpretation - locks as dream symbols

LOCKS : Often buildings represent different portions of our personalities. A lock may therefore show that one part of our personality has been shut down or is unable to express itself. Take a real life example of a girl who felt that her parents did not think she was capable of great achievement. Being locked in a house would therefore show she felt trapped in the expectations her parents have of her.

QUESTIONS(to help you see how this symbol refers to your real life) :
- Having you been trying to get someone to open up and talk more openly to you?
- Have you been annoyed because some process is not safe or secure and is totally open to abuse?
- Have you been trying to hide or lock away any bad feelings in your mind?
- On the day before the dream did you feel denied of some opportunity?
- Do you feel expected to do something?


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THE DREAM I am near the community center and I appear to be involved in some major activity. I am walking around the vicinity of the old town. I seem to be involved in something but I also appear to have been locked out. I get the sense that I have been excluded.

THE REALITY The very day of the dream the dreamer received a new video camera through the post. However, some parts of the camera equipment were missing so she could really get started using the new equipment.

DREAM INTERPRETATION It is quite possible to dream about the days events to come. In this dream there seems to two feelings - a feeling of lots of activity and one of been locked out. That perfectly matched the emotions that the dreamer felt that day. The sense of movement and involvement is represented by the community centre. That is a place which the dreamer associated with involvement and interesting activity. She regularly attended this center up until recently. The use of the video camera would represent a new project and interesting hobby.

The second feeling in the dream was that of been excluded or locked out. The video camera was able to be used but only when attached to a computer. So that excluded most practical uses of the video.

Buildings in dreams usually give clues to the types of feelings that we are having. A community or public building is a big clue. It shows that the dream is about some feeling caused by your involvement in the world. It is the world having an impact upon you as opposed to you deciding your own feelings and acting upon them. The community center certainly did pinpoint a moment when the dreamers life was shaped by the actions of others.

Dream Symbols
LOCKED : "locked out of something - excluded

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this was a premonition of the events of that day. I received my new camera but was mortified to find out that there was no film sent with it. I was unable to do anything. I had the camera but could not try it out. It was really annoying"

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