Dream interpretation - lions as dream symbols

This site has many dreams in its studies which have featured big cats and lions in particular. Obviously lions could symbolise rage - as a lions roar symbolises the anger that someone is showing. Here is one example.

THE DREAM I was with 2 other people, I can't remember who they were but possibly my partner and my daughter. We're walking across some sort of prairie, filled with wild animals, I only really remember the lions but am aware of other animals. I don't feel fear at first and then suddenly the most intense fear overcomes me, I'm on the ground and a lion has me pinned down. I'm not afraid of being mauled or bitten, I'm afraid of being suffocated and I'm aware that I can't move at all due to the weight of the lion on top of me.

Often a dream will link to the dreamers thoughts and emotions from the previous day. In this case the there was an obvious trigger of this dream. The dreamers daughter was incandescent with rage the day before because her mother was moving in with her new partner. The dreamer had tried to reach out to her daughter but she rejected her.

The dream helps refine the dreamers feelings about her daughters rage. Its like a metaphor for the rage. Its a story of what happened. The dream touches on vital questions on the dreamers mind regards this topic. The dreamer was obviously worried about her daughter and her daughters rage was represented by the lion. However, the lion sits on top of her but does not maul her. This metaphor deals with the dreamers question - "she was really angry but she was not so bad. She was showing some restraint".

The following dream also deals with lions as a symbol for rage.THE DREAM - I am riding along in the car with my husband. There was a leopard in the back of the car. We arrive at our new house. Whatever we do I cannot get rid of the leopard and it starts living in my house.

The dreamer did not like losing her temper. However, when things were not getting done she felt the need to be firm and determined.

So obviously this dream uses a lion as a symbol for the dreamers own temper with her husband. But in analysing a dream try to link it to some vital thought process which has been on the dreamers mind. In this case the dreamer was asking a question in conncection with her own temper. She was aware of her own ability to lose her temper but was also asking the question - "Do I need to lose my temper?" and "If I do not lose my temper my husband does not listen to me?"

So when you have a lion dream always try to think of what it could represent and what questions your dream mind is trying to resolve. For instance a dream about three lions jumping occurred as the dreamer was thinking about her sisters friend who was very intimidating. The dreamer was wanting to tell her to behave but felt was scared to speak out. So that's what the dream was probably linked to.

Another lion dream in our studies occurred as the dreamer was trying to help her son who was being bullied at school. So a lion is an obvious metaphor for a school bully. So its very likely that the dream deals with this issue.

So in understanding a lion dream always try to meditate on the word rage and see how it features in your thoughts. If you were made the day before the dreamer maybe about your own rage, Equally it maybe a symbol for someone elses rage.

The following dream also deals with lions as symbols of rage.

THE DREAM - I was closing a door and a lion barged in sending me in a sprint.

The night before the dreamer shouted at his son. He had just told him to go to bed yet he had immediately got out again. The dreamers wife pointed out that he had just got out of bed to give his parents a hug. The dreamer said that he didn't care but realized that this looked ugly. He told himself to go up to his sons room and hug him. But he allowed too long to pass and so missed the opportunity.

The lion could obviously be a symbol for rage. So how could we analyse the other symbols. The dream seems to recreate the situation - closing doors was kind of recreating the situation as the dreamer would close a door on his son telling him to stay in his room. The dream is not the perfect recreation of this issue but we see enough to link the two. Dreams are not always perfect metaphors. Sometimes they surprise us as being excellent symbols perfectly representing your key feelings. But they can also be messy and imperfect metaphors.

There are other uses of lions which are not so negative. A lion can be a symbol of your own courage. A king once dreamt of a lion as his wife was about to give birth. The dream could then be a symbol for the dreamers own soon to born child and his wish for him to be a strong leader. So the lion then could tap into many good features that we associate with lions such as courage and dominance.

But generally lions are symbols of something negative. There is another key meaning to lions in dreams. A lion can represent something fearful which we can not handle.

So when a woman got a dream about protecting her baby from a tiger it was possible to link to this to her pet dog. She was thinking of getting him put down because he was in such suffering. So we have an ideal connection here. The lion then could be a symbol for two things. It could symbolise the fatal illness which was slowly killing it. It could also symbolise the dreamers thoughts of putting him down - with the fatal injection representing the lion. So in this case we are clear that the lion could represent the issue but the lion may have two alternative meanings. Only one of them is true but we can never truely know what a dream means. Here there are two possible meanings and we can never know what our dream mind meant.

The following lion dream also deals with a similar theme.

THE DREAM - I deamt of the most beautiful little bird I had ever seen. It was vividly colourful, yellow stood out to me, and the person said to me “Here you are” and gave the bird to me. She placed it on my hand. Almost immediately a cat pounced from nowhere at the bird, but the bird managed to get away. Time and time again more and more cats attacked the bird and the bird kept on escaping from them but each time it was hurt more and more. All the time this was going on I was trying to save the bird. Finally, a female lion came along side me and grabbed the bird to the ground. I stood and looked at it. It had lost all of its beautiful colour, but it still was not dead. It was only barely alive and hardly moving. I woke up then with a profound sense of loss, sadness and a feeling that it was all my fault.

In this case the dreamers mind was highly emotional as his brother in law was in the last stages of cancer. The bird was an obvious metaphor for the her brother in law and the lion was a symbol for the illness which was slowly enveloping him. Who knows exactly what the dream means but we have enough to connect the dream and real life. Its likely that the dreamer was thinking through how proud and healthy her brother in law had once been and the cat attacking the bird was symbolic of the progressive stages of this illness. The lion was a symbol for the final fatal stage of this brutal illness. The dream then was probably just emotional - it occurred at a time when he was very emotional and reflective.

So if you get a lion dream ask yourself what the lion could represent. Think of any thought which in any way deals with some terrible consequences or something that we simply cannot deal with.

In this way a dreamer who had a dream about a tiger linked to a very dangerous situation the day before when the dreamer nearly had a car accident. This was a life threatening situation and it could easily have turned out a tragedy. The tiger then represents this life threating situation and the possibility that things could have turned out so much worse than they did. So the dream captures this conclusion which arises from the near car crash - "I was lucky but really I have to be more careful. I COULD have died".

Another dreamer had a lion dream when he was fearing some terrible consequences. He was writing a book but the day before he was very fearful of copyright problems. The lion then could be a symbol for the terrible consequences that he fears of breaking copyright laws. The dreanm may not be about this issue but in establishing a link between a possible real issue and a known symbolic meaning we can look for further links to help verify the connection.

Another lion dream occurred the day after the dreamer had bumped into an ex boyfriend. She was fearful of seeing him. He was not being nasty but she was filled with complete fear. So the dream was simply a metaphor for that feeling of complete fear. She had been reject by him and seeing him just opened up old emotional wounds.

So what could we make of the following dream?

THE DREAM - There are two lions. I think that I need a gun to shoot them then I will be OK. I shoot the first but miss the second as it swerves and then ravages me.

The day before this dream the dreamer got into an argument with someone. He felt that he could wind the person up but remain completely blameless. He thought he could sneakily provoke this woman and appear innocent. However, he ended up being wound up all day about it and the person he hoped to wind up just ignored him. So what could the lion symbolise. We know that lions symbolise rage so that's a possible meaning. Lions can also symbolise something which is far too much for us - something which fills us with fear and just overwhelms us. Clearly the lion could symbolise the rage that the dreamer hoped to provoke in this person who the dreamer disliked.

One extra symbol helps refine the meaning. The dreamer feels he will be OK with the lion. That clearly seems to mirror the following thought - "I thought I would be OK whilst trying to wind her up. I was subtly trying to enrage her". Clearly the dream is one huge metaphor for the situation which had just occurred. So in analysing the dreams other symbols we can establish a clear meaning. The dreamer was warning himself not to do the same again - he was playing with fire and his sneaky plan backfired.