dream interpreting - Kings and their symbolic meaning

The method that we use on this website is to analyse dreams in reverse. We try to guess what a dream is about. Then we look through the possible symbolic meanings of that dream and try to see if the symbols within that dream could possibly link to the issue we feel it links to. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM I am with three other men. One is a king. There appears to be some kind of game or contest. There seems to be some uncertainty. Will the king get the support of two other men in the group or will they band together and overthrow him.

With this dream the most important symbol is the king. So I would look for any issue which could have generated this dream which vaguely deals with issues revolving around power. The previous day the dreamer had mentioned that he was in two minds about correcting a new employee. This new employee seemed very able and the dreamer feared him and felt he might rise quickly within the company. The dreamer did think he was right to correct him but did not like to get involved in a power battle with someone whom he feared.

The dream features this obvious power battle which was a theme in real life. The dream just mirrored reality. The dream also featured this feeling of uncertainty. This again mirrored reality as the dreamer was uncertain about the situation. He had just met this new employee and did not like to get involved in a battle of wills to see who was right when this person my clearly have greater ability than himself.

So quite clearly an issue involving a power battle could easily have triggered this dream. Its not easy to spot a symbolic meaning in real life. Dreams use symbols in complicated ways. They are a rich source of metaphors. A dream may use a symbol to express a feeling within you. It may relate to an incident from yesterday. It maybe about you or someone else. Quite often its usage is not straight forward. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM - There is a king who is being ridiculed. He is just a ordinary person not someone special. He wears just an ordinary black suit.

This dream did have a big issue dominating his mind. He had cut himself off from several friends because they had acted in a bossy way. He resented the power that they weilded over him - this had been eating away at him. He acted in a petty way by totally cutting them off. He did feel as if this had evened things up. They had weilded power over him and now he was using the only power he had - he entirely cut them off.

So this dream did cover this real life issue rather well. It deals with kings as symbols of power in every day life. The dreamer had exerted his own power. But that was in a situation in which he had very little power. So again the dream captures this ordinary rather pathetic man who is acting like a king. The dream perfectly expresses the dreamers key feeling about this situation. He knows that he acted pathetically in weilding his power - to cut off his friends.

Kings can have several symbolic meanings. A king obviously links to issues of power but take this dream.

THE DREAM - I seem to be watching something. I seem to be looking at all these historical references. I am looking at this Kings achievements. The king is actually this friend of mine called Michael. He has never achieved anything in life and has always tried to lend money off me. In the dream he was watching all these moments when he was lending money. The dream seemed to hint at good kings and bad kings

Now often its best to look at real life and see how a dream could represent real life. This dreamer had recently become very ill. He had recently been diagnosed with arthritis. When thuis occurred he saw this as the beginning of the end of his life. He saw himself becoming increasingly isolated and unhappy. The previous night he was looking back at what he had achieved - which didn't amount to much.

This dream deals with good kings and bad kings. It also features someone who the dreamer did not have respect for. This person had wasted their life. This is a very interesting symbol for the dreamer at this moment as the dreamer was thinking about how he had wasted his life.

So at first the dream seems to be dealing with issues which seem totally unrelated to real life - kings and history. Yet in real the dreamer was thinking over his own life - his own place in history. Had he wasted his life? Had he been a good or bad person?

Actually many dreams can be reduced to single thoughts. This dream perfectly captures this thought - "I have got arthritis and feel as if my life is over. I have wasted my life (just like the loser in the dream!). People will look back over my life and see someone who has done nothing."

So as with many dream symbols a king may have several different meanings. The first two dreams deal with kings as symbols of power. In one case the dreamer did not want to be seen to be correcting a new employee because he suspected that he was very knowledgable and could easily outrank him very quickly. In the second the dreamer was wanting to assert the only power he had over some friends - the ability to cut them off. This third dream uses a king as a historical era expressing the dreamers thoughts about his own wasted life - comparing it to a king who achieved nothing.

This next dream uses kings in slightly unusual ways.

THE DREAM I seem to be observing a competition. There seems to be around four castles. There is a competition to see which one is the best. It is about which is the strongest. Each castle has a king and the different kings and queens all give different reactions.

The day before there was a very distinct issue in the dreamers mind. He had been trying to think over the best approach to something that he was doing at work. So he decided to use several different approaches and then decide which got the best reaction. So the dream mtaches real life. The four castles represent the various different approaches. The strongest king was a symbol of the strongest approach.

So overall this dream uses this symbol in a quite unusual way. The strongest king represented the wish to define a principle or method. The winner was the appraoch which would rule. So the dream does use the symbol in ways which are relevant. But its not the clearest of metaphors. Its not great poetry but dreams are rather abstract - they do not make it clear how they use their metaphors. They do not explain their symbolism.

Here is another dream which again uses kings in rather unusal ways.

THE DREAM I dreamt about a King named Idendra. He was about to die.

Just recently this dreamer had been very ill. He now feared that he would become so ill that he might need to be put into a home looked after by social services. He had always been very independant and feared losing his power to make decisions for himself. So clearly we have an issue which features power and decision making. Thats a clear link to the symbolism of kings. Here the dream seems rto capture this type of thought - "I fera becoming so ill that I will not be able to make decisions about my own life. I will lose my own independence." So here the king is a symbol of the dreamers ability to make decisions over his own life. He would not rule any more. Previously he was the dominant influence in his own life. Now he feared others would rule over him. The king dyig was a symbol of an end of this era. Death often symbolises an end to something - in this case the end of the dreamers ability to decide his own fate.