Dream interpretation - intruders as dream symbols

If you are trying to understand a dream symbols meanings then first of all think of common and then less usages of the symbol in conventional language. In this case - how would you use the word intruder! You may use it in all the following contexts - "he was very intrusive", "I did not like to intrude", "I do not like intrusive behaviour". Now think of the emotions that you associate with intrusive behaviour - you feel personally very unsettled.

The next step is to think about life generally and especially about the day before. Then try to see how such meanings have relevance to you. For instance in the case of the following dream the dreamer was becoming very ill. He had the opportunity to move into a sheltered housing complex with a warden. He was very worried about losing his independence.

THE DREAM - I am in in my home. Suddenly the people are within it. They are intruding right into it. There seems to be a partition within the house and the intruders are in this part and have every right to be there.

So looking at the dream its easy to see how it expresses these worries about losing his independence. The dream recreates his worst nightmares about this as he creates a scene which expresses his fears about losing his independence. The mere fact that a warden could come in at any time without asking filled him with fear. To him this was something that was unacceptably intrusive.

Now think of the following dream.

THE DREAM - I have had several dreams quite similar. In the first my daughter is causing me grief: She's overspending, neglecting her husband and child, etc. (she does this stuff in real life too!). She is at my house and I am slapping her repeatedly. The house in this dream was not my house - it appears to be a converted barn. It is all very basic - there is no floor. All the furniture is very basic and no decorations. Then in another dream there was an intruder. I could not use my cellphone to call 911 as the intruder had used it. I am panicking about this intruder whilst talking to my neighbour who calms me down. I walk with my neighbour. We see some children playing who do not seem to notice us.

In real life the dreamers son had temporarily moved back home. He had lived independently for several years and both he and the dreamer were used to living on their own. The dreamer in particular was used to her own way of doing things. She felt her sons presence was very unsettling - it disturbed her own routines. She set down some strict ground rules and adopted the perspective that he was her tenant - drawing up a lease and giving him cabinets for his food storage.

So if you reread the dream then on the surface it does not obviously deal with the issue we mention. However, it does feature an intruder which deals with the same theme. She felt intruded upon by her sons presence. The dream also features a house or barn which exactly recreates the arrangement she had in mind. She wanted things to be very basic - just like in the barn. She did not want to provide her son with luxuries - if he wanted these then he would have to go elsewhere. The earlier portion of the dream also has relevance even though it maybe about her daughter rather than her son. It is an example of her children driving her mad - in this case the dreamer was scared that her son would drive her mad whilst living at home. So even though it seems to be about her daughter its about her son - her daughters bad behaviour merely being a symbol for her fear that her son would drive her mad whilst he was living under her roof.

The following dream helps refine a meaning of intruder in dreams. In real life an intrusive person will unsettle us. In dreams intruders can be used as metaphors to express a situation (any situation) where you feel unsettled. In other words an intruder appearing in your dreams can often mean that you felt unsettled by someone the day before.

THE DREAM - I am in some hotel or guest house. I am in the section which appears to be my flat. Suddenly the top door opens and two people - who appear to be afro Caribbean tourists - walk in and walk through my flat down to the outsides. I am quite shocked at this...

The day before the dreamer had been criticised in a very personal way on an internet forum. He felt very much at home on this forum and was not used to personal comments like this. So here the dream deals with a theme which is directly relevant to the dreamer. The intruder could represent the intrusive and very personal comments made towards the dreamer. He was used to his own way of doing things and these comments really upset his routine.

We know by experience that dreams can be triggered by big events from the day before. So when we have a clear link - as in this case - we can start to really study what various symbols mean. In this case the intruder caught this feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday I received some very direct criticism on the forum I go on. I really feel at home there and it was very unsettling to be criticised in such a personal way". We can now even start to link intruders in dreams to certain key words - such as "unsettled" and "personal" and obviously "intrusive". So when thinking about an intruder dream try to think where such words appear in your thoughts. Write down some quotes which represent key feelings and emotions right now. For instance, if you felt "I have been very unsettled by this weather recently" then if you had an intruder in any dreams then it maybe a way of expressing that exact feeling.

Now read the following dream.

THE DREAM I wake up to find an intruder moving confidently through my basement, speaking on his mobile phone and arranging to take over my house. I immediately think this person, and his gang, want to turn my house into a crack house. I feel violated and scared but also angry and ready to defend my tranquil way of life. No sooner do I run downstairs and confront him and throw him out, another person breaks in upstairs. Eventually there are up to 10 people going in and out and I can't stop them. Eventually I run into the street and scream for my neighbours to call the police but I can barely speak, my voice has suddenly gone. I run back in the house and try to shout at the intruders to go, on their way out they take sentimental things which mean a lot to me, like jewellery my mother bought me. They all get into a large jeep and jovially drive away. Although some hang back and keep trying to steal things from the house.

As we have said before dreams can be triggered by big events and emotions that we have been thinking about. If something big happened the day before then we can confidently guess that any dream we have will be about that big issue. So we can then study the dream symbols in depth. We can look for ways in which the dream symbolism could represent key feelings that have been forming.

Before the dreamer went to bed the night before she had a conversation with someone she didn't really trust. In the past this woman and her cronies had gossiped about her. The dreamer worried about her intruding into her personal life. She was trying very hard to keep her out of her private affairs.

Notice how we used the phrase - "the dreamer was worried about her intruding into her personal life". We have managed to find a context in which she would use the word 'intrude'. This helps us say for definite that this dream is about that situation. The dream helps express that feeling of intrusion. So we now know that intruders in dreams can represent people who gossip about you. That's probably because they can be very 'intrusive'. We do not trust them so they make us feel unsettled.

So by studying this dream and establishing such strong links we can say that this dream about an intruder expressed this exact feeling - "I do not trust her because she gossips. This really unsettles me." We can even link intruders to key words and phrases such as "mistrust", "unsettles" and even "gossip". So whenever we have another intruder dream then write down some key feelings. If you would use the word mistrust then the intruder dream may be your minds way of saying "I really mistrust her and do not like meeting her. I always feel her presence is intrusive".

Intruder dreams may also hint at he type of person you are. An intruder unsettles you. An intruder maybe your minds way of saying "I felt very unsettled". But certain types of people get more unsettled more easily than others. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM I am in my own flat. I have everything arranged just the way I want it(in my own odd way). Suddenly this guy just walks in and I feel really annoyed. He just waltzed in without asking. He then said in a sarcastic voice that I was just imagining things.

The dreamer had been unsettled by someone recently. He did was a very shy and introverted type person. He was clashing with someone who was very outgoing, always cheerful and often very flirty. The dreamer on the other hand was very inward and often depressed. He found her general manner very intrusive. She was always wanting to talk whilst he was always trying to avoid her.

Try reading the dream again and you will see that the dream deals with the same themes that were occurring in real life. The dreamer felt intruded upon by this person who was much more outgoing. So by studying intruder dreams in such depth we may even say that intruder dreams may hint that you are more introverted than others. You may have your own way of doing things and dislike people who are outgoing.

This dream was also triggered by the dreamer clashing with someone. In real life the dreamer frequented a local library. Here an odd man kept clashing with him. This man was very odd and often took a total dislike to the people for no reason. Just recently the dreamer had seen this odd man in a park. The man started shouting at him for no reason whilst he had been feeding the birds. The dreamer felt this was too much and reported this man to the police. That night he had this dream.

THE DREAM I was annoyed at a cat which was messing in my garden. I hit it hard and felt guilty about it. Then I was upstairs and I felt this really eerie presence. I felt as if there was someone inside my house.

If we know that dreams can be linked to big events then we can guess that this dream was about this issue. How could we interpret the dream? The intruder could said to be relevant in this situation as the man had been very intrusive. The cat was symbolic of things which irritated the dreamer.

The eerie presence probably links to the dreams main meaning. The dream links to guilt and also to an eerie feeling. We can never truly tell what a dream means but it seems likely that the dream captures the dreamers emotional feelings about this. The guilt could represent his feelings of guilt which he had about reporting this man (though he said he did not feel any guilt). The eerie feeling could represent his worries about provoking this man. We cannot say exactly what the dream means. But we feel we have enough to say that this dream does link to the issue mentioned. The dream mind sometimes holds onto its secrets. We peek a little into the dream world but we can never truly see for definite a dreams meaning. We can only guess see if the dreams symbolism seems consistent.

Now try this dream.

THE DREAM I am at home in bed. I wake up and immediately know that their is an intruder. I leave the bedroom and just catch him before he enters the bedroom. I tell him to get out. I keep repeating this. He was someone who I really don't mix with.

The day before the dreamer saw this person. He accidentally bumped into him and this freaked the dreamer out. He generally liked to avoid this person. However, on this occasion he nearly mistook him for someone else.

So again we can link an intruder dream to someone who annoys us. So clearly an intruder dream can simply be your minds way of saying "I really don't like that person". In our waking lives we simply say "I do not like him" but a dream uses symbols to describe emotions. So instead of saying the words "I do not like him" it has an intruder dream to describe the feelings of intrusion that you feel whenever that person is around.

This dream has a slightly different meaning. The intruder is a symbol of nosy behaviour. The dreamer felt a little uncomfortable when her friend was asking all sorts of questions which were non of her business.

THE DREAM I was with my best friend. It was late at night. Everyone was sleeping. The two of us got an idea - actually my friend wanted to come in the house which belongs to a guy she feels some emotions for. I wasn't feeling quite great about it (it's practically breaking in!) but I followed her no matter what. We easily get in. Inside there was a hall and doors leading to rooms. There was all around a wall panelling. Actually it was all in the wood when I think it through.

We opened one door and inside of that room was an old man, the grandfather of the guy my friend likes. He was almost naked. We closed the door before he saw us. We went upstairs. There were three wooden doors. My friend opened one of them. Those led to another room. In that room there also only doors. We had to choose again. And my friend opened a door again. She chose correctly because, we found out it was his room. We step in. He was sleeping. She went to his bed. She had an idea to get into his bed and to slowly wake him up. And she did get into bed. Then I saw someone coming. The door was a different from this said. The door had a wooden frame but in the centre it was glass. So I could hide anywhere there wasn't enough time so I just bend. I waited. It was obvious the man would come in, and I got scared and the man opened the door, but the surprising thing was that he had has back coming in first. So he couldn't see me. Just as he opened them he closed them. I was so surprised - I found a place I could hide and I did. Then I waited - My friend start waking the guy - I was waking with him in reality.

The dreamers best friend was very attracted to the man in the dream. During the dream they in a place they had no right to be. The dreamers best friend lacked confidence with the man and felt that she wasn't good enough or him. She was wanting to know everything about him down to the last detail.

So what could the intruder in the dream mean. In this case it is the dreamer who is the intruder. So in some way she is intruding into something that she has no right to be. There is a possibility that intruders can link into fantasy feelings. If you have a secret crush on someone then you maybe imagining a level of intimacy with someone that you do not really know. If you are intruding in someone's home it may suggest that you need to get a grip of reality. You need to remind yourself that you are not really that close to that person.

This site has studied hundreds of dreams and we believe in the possibility of psychic dreams. Premonitions can come true immediately and so look out for them. Take for instance the following dream.

DREAM - Teacher From The Past I had a dream that I was going to go to my old band teachers house from high school. In the dream I walked to his house. In real life I have no idea where he lives and I have not seen him in 20 years. I didn't like him much in high school either. Once I found his house I walked inside. I knew I was intruding and that it was wrong for me to be there. He was sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. His wife was also sitting in a chair reading. He had two grandchildren sitting on the couch playing. He looked up at me and a look of confusion and disgust came over his face. We did not say anything. But I could tell he wanted me to leave. I felt badly and began to leave. Once I left the house I realized I had left my flip flops in the house. So I walked back inside to get them and he looked even more angry at me. As I walked home I was thinking how what I did was wrong and I didn't know why I had done such a thing. The next image I had was of my band teacher and his wife sitting in a restaurant at a table. I saw a newsletter flash in front of me about his retirement and his life. He and his wife seemed very happy and connected. I had a hard time imagining him having a good marriage because he was mean as a teacher.

The day the dreamer picked up her son and by chance saw the teacher in the dream. She had gone out to have coffee with a friend and her ex teacher was at the next table with his wife. They were both reading newspapers (like they had been doing in their house in my dream.) His wife looked exactly the same as his wife in the dream. When he finished eating he came over to say hello to the dreamer. At the time the dreamer felt uncomfortable and did not want to intrude on her teacher. At the same time she did not want to appear rude by ignoring him.

So strangely the dream came true. She had not wanted to intrude on him whilst at the restaurant.