An Introduction to dreams - what do we dream about

INTRODUCTION : What kinds of things do we dream about?

Many dreams are about incidents which happened yesterday but they also deal with some thought provoking moment connected with the incident. For instance.
1. Your mother finding out that you have an influential and respected friend but you fail to tell her that you know him from illegal poker nights.
2. Or a chat you had the previous day with an employee counsellor who uses a "Freudian perspective". The dream being about your failure to tell her of your interest in Freud because it is almost an entirely negative opinion.
3. A moment when you pretended to be a hard-core football supporter and got treated like a brother by fellow supporters.

You may also dream of an incident where you showed inappropriate behavior. For instance
1. You agreed too readily to exclude a workmate from a project you are in charge of. The dream being about a feeling that people may see this in a negative way. They may see you as narrow minded and not open to compromise.
2. A fear that you will be found out for taking a day off work due to sickness.

Things you are learning are strong subjects for dreams. For instance.
1. You may dream of some ideas forming in your mind such as an artistic design.
2. If you are a writer you may dream of the outline of some creative idea.
3. If you are a teacher you may dream about the attempts to put across certain ideas and ways of thinking. The dream then outlines your strategy in connection with the issue.

Arguments are good dream territory. For instance.
1. An argument the day before on an Internet chat room which gets you in an intense temper.
2. On going arguments with your father may also be the subject of dreams. Such dreams may work through the various arguments and the way you handled things. They maybe linked to a need to see the wider perspective and just calm down. We often get trapped in detail and need to back off. The next day things seem so much less intense and the subjects of the arguments seem petty and trivial.

Dreams may also be about the future. But most dreams about the future are of the actual day of the dream. For instance.
1. Good days and bad days are often subjects of dreams. A feeling that nothing seemed to go right all day and you were not able to get emotionally involved and focused on anything. Days where you were under a constant barrage of stress and seemed to be battling against the tide. Days when your whole world turns upside down and suddenly you cannot stand anything even trusted friendships.

Things that do not make sense in your mind are also important features of dreams. For instance
1. Trying to work out why a woman you know who seemed perfectly happy was suddenly off sick due to depression the next day.
2. You may dream of a situation where you feel excluded from some group and you do not know why.

Dreams can also be about matters which are lurking in your mind. For instance
1. You may dream about a Ouija board if people have discussed the possibility of holding one.
2. Or you may dream of being unable to find time for something such as a artistic hobby.
3. Perhaps you may dream about how everyone around you seems to be settling down with long term partners and that maybe it is time for you to do the same.
4. You may also dream of not having visited a friend or relative for a long time.
5. Issues with relationships are important such as a boyfriend who has continually failed to make a long term commitment.