Dream interpretation - houses as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I am in my house and suddenly I see a man staring in. He is a total stranger but whichever room I go in there is this man staring in. I cannot get away from him

THE REALITY The dreamer was continually unable to face a problem in her life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was unable to face a problem in her life. The man looking in represented the problem. And because he wouldn’t go away she was having to deal with it. In this case its important to home in on the emotions which the dream evokes. The man was invading her home - just by looking in. The problem was now a major hindrance within her life. In dreams like these the problem itself is not mentioned - its all symbolic.

Dream Symbols
HOUSE : "how you approach some situation - your personality"
MAN : "pressures on you to act in a certain way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am simply not willing to face up to this problem in my life"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own behavior

THE DREAM - The Dream: I dreamt that MY mother died, and as I was getting dressed for the wake, my house was filled with strangers, I only remember recognizing my dad, my ex boyfriend, and I think my aunt. But there was some woman I didn’t know and she kept asking if she could borrow a belt. A black one. And I went to my closet and there were like hundreds of belts neatly hanging in my closet (I don’t wear belts and maybe have like 3 and don’t even know where they are). No matter which belt I handed her, she kept asking for a longer one. Even when they were really long.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer went to bed wishing that her ex boyfriend and the baby that he had with another woman would die. At one stage they had been very close. It was a difficult break up. The night before she had met him(at the place where they met) and even punched him in the face after getting into a drunken mess. They had already broken up - just a week after his other died at the age of 45.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big happens to us during the day then if we dream that night then surely its a dream about that subject. Whatever, the dream means it surely is linked to that big event. The night before the dreamer wqas wishing her boyfriends baby to die and she had got into a drunken mess and ended up punching him. Surely any dream has got to link to this event. We may disagree with the interpretation but the dream has got to be about this big event. She normally did not remember her dreams but this was especially vivid. So lets try to guess what it means.

Its best to make associations with real life with dreams. The dreamers ex boyfriends mother had broken up with him just a week after his own mothers death. Perhaps this dream relates to that. She is perhaps trying to put herself in his shoes. The best way to do that is to experience the self same feelings herself. So to do that the dream takes her to a place where HER mother dies. Therefore she could be asking herslef the question "How would I have liked it if I he had broken up with her just after her mother had died?"

The dreamer felt that her mother had died in the dream as a way of punishing her. Just before going to sleep she had wished her boyfriends death. Maybe that's the link. Dreams never try to clarify their exact meaning so its always difficult to say.

The dream does take place in a house. Often houses tend to signify the self. Here we assess our own actions. We judge our own behavior. The dreamer was acting in a very untypical way and had got very drunk and emotional.

The dream features the word BELT. Perhaps this is a play on words. In real life she had ponched her ex boyfriend the night before. Belt is another word for punch. So perhaps when the lady wants to a belt then it signifies her wish to really punch. It also captures her feelings in another way. However long the belt is its never good enough for her. In real life the dreamer wanted to punch her boyfriend. Emotionally she wanted to really hit him. In such a state one punch is never enough.

The dream also features lots of strangers. This could stand for her behavior. Shge wass acting in a strange and untypical fashion. She had got especially drunk and angry.

Overall the dreamer was judging her own actions. She was seeing how drunk she had got. Yet she was working through how she felt. The persistence of the woman showed how she felt. It was never enough. She was overcome with emotion.

Who knows - the dream may even have a simple meaning. In the dream the woman is asking for a belt. Perhaps the dreamer is seeing her own actions. She perhaps feels that her ex would have been quite justified in punching her back - she was quite literally asking for a belt. His mother had just died and now had to face this drunken attack.

The language of dreams is never easy to understand. We can but look at the possible answers. We will never prove conclusively a dreams meaning.

Dream Symbols
BELT : "a play on words - The dreamer really wanted to punch/belt her ex boyfriend."
HOUSE : "The dreamer is assessing her own drunken actions the day before"
STRANGERS : "Your personality has been invaded by new strange actions and thoughts"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was really drunk last night. I really wanted to belt him. I was so angry. I really wished him to die. I am so awful - his mother has just died. How would I like it. BUt I was so angry"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own behavior

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to remember things that were on your mind before you went to bed. Also note the feelings that force their way into your subconscious when you wake up. Often such pressing issues may well even be linked very much to the dream.
THE DREAM - I am in my home and I am exploring the various rooms. However, I end up being trapped in one room. I cannot get out

THE REALITY The dreamer stated that she was trying to adopt new ways of thinking. She was trying to explore new sides to her personality. However, those attempts were not being successful.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was trying to become more flexible but was not at present succeeding. The fact that she attempting to leave the room showed she was aware of the situation and trying to change.

Dream Symbols
HOME : "things that make you feel comfortable - at home"
HOME : "your personality - the different rooms represent different parts of her persona"
TRAP : "trapped - unable to express and explore different parts of her persona"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to explore new ways of thinking. I am trying to use all of my skills. Yet I just seem to get stuck at the moment"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own behavior

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to go through everything that happens in the dream. Often we can gain vital clues. Dreams use associations so try to link the dream with something that happened in real life. Often these associations may be quite loose. If your dream features a sports stadium then it may link with any sport. The previous day you may have watched a sporting event and the dream maybe about something that happened whilst this took place. Consider any such loose associations.
THE DREAM - I was in my house. I try turning on the lights switch but the light does not come on

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling uninspired and lacking vision.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The house symbolises the home of the personality. The light is the persons mood. Despite trying to turn on the light it does not come on. The person is lacking vision - cannot see what is the problem. Therefore the dreamer is likely to lack good reasoning and creativity.

Dream Symbols
HOUSE : "the dreamers own personality - how he is adapting to the changing circumstances around him"
LIGHTS : "casting light on something - an inability to feel inspired"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to understand myself. I am lacking vision and feel uninspired"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own personality

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams help heal us. When we go to sleep we maybe thinking about some issue that simply will not leave our minds. It may be that some guy has really wound you up by behaving in a petty and bureaucratic way. If such an issue has been bothering you then often when you wake up that issue will magically have disappeared and you have managed to gain some perspective on the situation. In such cases its highly likely that any dreams you have had will be specifically be about this.
THE DREAM - I am in a house I used to live in. There seems to be some new activity. I am looking at the drains. They are open to view and the waters are moving. It is all open to view. Some new water comes in from below. It gushes up and spills over the top. I am then outside looking at the house. Someone has reported some activity outside. There is excreta on the outside. It has overflowed.

THE REALITY The drains is probably a play on words. It symbolises the way the dreamer had been drained recently. The sewage spoiled over because the frustration she was experiencing was not being communicated properly.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In this case the home represented the dreamers body. She was exhausted and could not fulfill work obligations. The drains represented an infrastructure - the very structure of her life. The fact that the drains were overflowing suggest that there was something wrong with the structure of her life - the work load was to exhausting. The sewage was spilling over showing that at any minute there was a chance that things would break.

Houses are often seen simply as representing "the self". That is true in some circumstances but not always. Dreams can often be about specific issues within your life such as your health or some aspect of work. In that way houses are not about you but your approach to something. They can also be about other people. In this dream the house represents a possibility and vision of some new way of living. It therefore symbolises an approach or way of seeing things.

Dream Symbols
DRAIN : "feeling drained - the dreamer felt tired out as work was starting to be very hectic"
HOUSE : "the dreamers body - in this case its linked to the dreamers health and tiredness"
OVERFLOW : "out of control - the dreamer is unable to cope with the tiredness at work "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel drained at the moment. Work is starting to be a strain. I was exceptionally tired yesterday. I do not know if I can cope any longer"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his present circumstances

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is a conceptual mind. It deals with ideas and judgments about situations involving your life. Try to think up some quotes which capture your own conceptual thoughts and emotions on various issues in your life and specifically relating to the day before. For example take the following quotes "I feel as if I cannot get through to my son about his bad behavior", or "I should have asked my fathers opinion on buying that computer. He has got more detailed knowledge about such things". Dreams when understood will link to such intuitions and dilemmas in our lives.
THE DREAM - My sister was taking me down this road. At the end was this new house and she said it was my house. It was wonderful in every way...

THE REALITY The dreamers sister had been trying to boost her confidence - she wanted her to think in a completely new way.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Houses in dreams can represent people. They can also represent an approach - they are constructions of the mind that we build up to make a coherent set of ideas. So a new house can symbolise a new way of thinking. The new way of thinking was associated with the dreamers sister - so that is why she is in the dream.

Dream Symbols
HOUSE : "how you feel about yourself - in this case the dreamers vision of how her life can be"
SISTER : "in this dream she symbolises herself and the part she is playing inspiring her sister"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sister has been inspiring me. She is showing me how my life can become. "

See how the symbolic meanings link to how the dreamer has been inspired by others recently

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The link between dreams and the day before is quite strong. Think of thoughts that were dominating your mind the previous day. Dreams are about intuitions so think of issues where you had emotional doubts.
THE DREAM - I had a dream that I came home or at least I guess it was home. It certainly was not my house currently. But, there was a guy waiting in the lobby of this apartment building. He appeared to be a friend. I went to my door and there was trash laying in front of it. Like old drinking cups and things. The friend came up to the apartment with me and when we got inside he told me that the FBI and Police had been there and that they had posted something on the front door of the apartment building. I made up an excuse of why they would have been there. I went down to get it and it looked like there were two documents taped to the door but when I got around to where they were it was actually a book and several post-it notes on the door. I removed them and I read the post-it notes and it gave me a detectives name, but the book I could never understand why it was there or remember what page it was opened to. I was on my way back upstairs and I looked back and I saw all of these vehicles starting to scream up in front. I continued walking up the stairs and the dream ended. They never arrested me or even came near me before the dream ended. The funny part is that before I dreamed that I had another dream that I was in a jail or something and there were people there and there was also a guy sitting there in his car. I take it the car was in the jail with him. We kept making fun of him and asking him if it had much mileage on it, knowing he couldn’t drive it far because of being in jail.

THE REALITY The dreamer stated that "I am in the middle of a very nasty law suit that I should not even be involved in. I have been worried about that. I have even been worried about them going and trying to bug my house and phones. "

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer was a preacher in real life and was involved in a very nasty lawsuit. Dreams in houses tend to link to our own personalities. This dream is probably symbolic of the effects of this law suit on this dreamer. Throughout the dream the dreamer feels under surveillance. It may indeed be the case that he is under surveillance in real life as this was a high profile case. But the dream captures the sense that he feels unable to act naturally. Whilst he is under pressure he feels like he needs to be careful about everything he does. So even if he is not actually in jail then he feels like he is being watched and feels trapped.

The house is not his own and that really does show that he is not really about to act naturally right now. He is not trying to draw attention to himself and is acting as cautiously as possible. That's because of the pressure of the lawsuit.

Dream Symbols
APARTMENT : "your approach to some issue on your mind"
APARTMENT : "your thoughts about how you are adapting to pressures upon you"
ARREST : "The dreamers fear of arrest in real life"
BUILDING : "a construction of your mind"
BUILDING : "a thought that you mind organises and constructs"
FBI : "feeling as if you are under surveillance"
JAIL : "a feeling of being trapped - in this case even a real life fear of being jailed"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am involved in a very nasty lawsuit right now. I get the feeling that I am under surveillance and am starting to get paranoid about it all."

See how the symbolic meanings represent an insight the dreamer has into his own situation

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Houses will often symbolise you as a person. So think of ways in which you have been looking and monitoring your own behavior. Think especially of the day before and how you feel inside yourself about what happened and how you reacted.
THE DREAM - I am in my childhood Home. There are heads floating through the house. There is the head of my father. They are just heads with no bodies.

THE REALITY This man had been evicted from the house he had lived in since a child. The house represented the much more than bricks and mortar. It was his very life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The natural home of a head is on top of the shoulders - its natural place is being connected to the body. So this dream shows that for this farmer the house he had been evicted from was his natural home and part of his very being - part of his body. This was an expression of his family and his heritage. His family was connected to the soil and the farm.

Dream Symbols
FATHER : "the dreamers thoughts about his family are inextricably linked to the thoughts about the house he grew up in and now had been evicted from"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My life is in that house. I grew up there and everything I remember is connected with that. Getting evicted feels like every connection with my past has been severed"

See how the symbolic meanings represent a core feeling within the dreamer

THE DREAM I was with my best friend. It was late at night. Everyone was sleeping. The two of us got an idea - actually my friend wanted to come in the house which belongs to a guy she feels some emotions for. I wasn’t feeling quite great about it (it’s practically braking in!) but I followed her no matter what. We easily get in. Inside there was a hall and doors leading to rooms. There was all around a wall paneling. Actually it was all in the wood when I think it through.

We opened one door and inside of that room was an old man, the grandfather of the guy my friend likes. He was almost naked. We closed the door before he saw us. We went upstairs. There were three wooden doors. My friend opened one of them. Those led to another room. In that room there also only doors. We had to choose again. And my friend opened a door again. She chose correctly because, we found out it was his room. We step in. He was sleeping. She went to his bed. She had an idea to get into his bed and to slowly wake him up. And she did get into bed. Then I saw someone coming. The door was a different from this said. The door had a wooden frame but in the center it was glass. So I could hide anywhere there wasn’t enough time so I just bend. I waited. It was obvious the man would come in, and I got scared and the man opened the door, but the surprising thing was that he had has back coming in first. So he couldn’t see me. Just as he opened them he closed them. I was so surprised - I found a place I could hide and I did. Then I waited - My friend start waking the guy - I was waking with him in reality.

THE REALITY The dreamers best friend was very attracted to a man. She didn’t feel she was good enough for him though. She was wanting to know everything about him. Down to the last detail.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamers friend had been asking anything and everything about the man in the dream. Maybe this dream shows that the dreamer felt a little uneasy because of this. That the dreamer was asking too many questions. She felt as if they were breaking in - that this was somehow inappropriate.

Nudity in dreams can often link to truth. So when the man is almost naked then the dreamer is looking at the true person with all the image taken away.

Bedrooms are symbols of the the inner person. So when you go in their bedroom you are intruding deep into the persons personality. You are seeing their very private and intimate self. The things that affect them deeply.

At the end of the dream the man reverses in. Perhaps that shows that the dreamer feels that if the situation was reversed then she would not like this. If someone was asking questions about intimate details of someone else then it would be inappropriate.

Dream Symbol
BED : "very personal - the dreamer felt embarrassed answering so many personal questions about this man"
NAKED : "the truth - the dreamer was asked to tell everything she knew about this man in very great detail"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "my best friend was asking about a man that I know. She is attracted to him. I felt a bit embarrassed as she asked all the questions. I felt uncomfortable talking about him. It was almost intrusive."

See how the symbolic meanings represent a key feeling that the dreamer had the day before

THE DREAM I was in a house. They had a huge kitchen with a bunch of nooks. I was going around turning the lights off. I turned off all the lights except the one in the middle which was over an island. I remarked how just one light in this kitchen made it brighter than my kitchen/dining room with 2 which is considerably smaller. This made her feel a lot safer in the dream.
THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking a lot about her future. She had thought through various ideas and after weeks of thinking she finally decided what she wanted to do in life. The dreamer had made unwise decisions in her life but she felt in her heart that she knew what she truly wanted to do. This was very much a dream about insight. She woke up and her mind was resolved about what she was going to do.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been doing a lot of soul searching over the recent past thinking over her future in a very serious way. So that's a good piece of background information to start with. Often dreams will follow the various arguments surrounding such a topic. The dreamer may get several dreams.

On the day of the dream she woke and suddenly all these arguments in her mind were decided. That's a good clue as far as the dream is concerned. Dreams are often about sudden changes in our thoughts and feelings.

Just with background knowledge and fresh thoughts in the dreamers mind we have lots of good clues. But exactly how does the dream relate to the real life issues?

The kitchen is symbolic of preparations. It can symbolize a deep hunger for something new. In short we go into kitchens in dreams to feed our mind with new experiences. So this is very much a symbol connected to the future and what we wish to plan towards. That very much links with the real life plans that the dreamer was thinking through about her life.

Light is very much a symbol of insight and understanding. The dreamer did indeed have an insight. But the dream very much linked to the precise nature of her thoughts. She decided to concentrate on one thing above all others. She cut through all the plans that she had and suddenly concentrated on one thing. So the lights could symbolize her focus on one thing rather than other things.

Dream Symbols
BRIGHT : "clearness and clarity - the dreamer is clear about her path in education "
HOUSE : "the dreamers thoughts about their life"
ISLAND : "isolating something - the dreamer is isolating something she wishes to concentrate on"
KITCHEN : "the dreamer is thinking about something that she has a great appetite for - what studies she wants to follow"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking hard about my future. Now I think I am going to focus all my attentions on some areas. I know now what I want to study."

Notice how the dream links to a key thought the dreamer had about his studies

THE DREAM I am in some fairly large house. I am looking at the bare room. It is my own bedroom. It is fairly bare but there has been a computer that has been sneaked into the room. My parents know nothing about this. My father comes in and he sees the state of the bare walls. The place is been redecorated. He expresses a concern over the walls. There are holes that have been drilled into the wall. I believe that there is no problem yet my father is very worried.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been experiencing health problems recently. She had had drug and alcohol problems and she felt extremely tired often. This was now becoming a major issue yet she wasn’t really facing this.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Walls can often symbolise the state of your own health. The state of the walls can symbolise the body and your general health. The problems with the walls link to the obvious issue dogging the dreamer at the time(her health).

Her father is symbolic of her own more responsible side. Parents symbolise caution and responsibility. So maybe the father symbolises how she needs to be more cautious and take account of the damage she is doing to her body. A father can also impose order and maybe links to the fact that soon things may spiral out of control. That order will be imposed.

The computer is a sign of rationality and clear thinking. But here the computer is sneaked in without the parents knowledge. That maybe shows and corresponds to the dreamer and how she was nationalizing her own illness away and not responding to the obvious facts about her health.

Overall the dream linked to an issue that was very important from the day before. The symbols and interpretation both matched her own feelings. She knew she was trying to hide from the facts about her health yet she knew she was not really facing up to the issue.

Dream Symbols
BED : "relates to intimate personal issues not necessarily sexual - your very private and inner self - feelings of intimacy and closeness"
FATHER : "a need to impose order - the dreamer needs to sort out her health problems as they are getting out of hand"
HOLE : "flaws - the dreams own bad health and weakened body"
HOUSE : "your own health - the dreamers own body and current health situation"
LARGE HOUSE : "an issue which involves your own personality and the outside world - the dreamer is being forced to act because of the state of her own health "
SNEAK : "pretending that something is not happening"
WALL : "your general physical health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not really been facing my drug and alcohol problems. Yet things seem to be drifting out of control. Maybe soon things will be taken out of my hands."

See how the symbolic meanings represent a key feeling that the dreamer had the day before

THE DREAM I am going up some stairs but they appear to be full of holes.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer was attempting to come to some conclusions on an issue in her life. Yet he was unable to think clearly as he was very tired. .

DREAM INTERPRETATION The ground floor in dreams symbolises our reality and the facts about our lives. The stairs symbolise how we are coming to some conclusions on something. We are using our logic and intuition to develop ideas and understanding.

The dreamer was unable to think clearly in real life. This linked to his own mental state at the time. He was exhausted so could not think properly and so made mistakes.

Dream Symbols
HOLES : "flaws in her judgment caused by tiredness"
STAIRS : "coming to some thought out conclusion on something"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was trying to work something out last night but I was just very tired. As a consequence my judgment was a bit off"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Some dreams are simply about our emotions. We may simply reflect on people and what they mean to us. So if some strong feelings for any person are highlighted maybe the dream is simply about you realising what this person means to you.
THE DREAM I am with some people in my life. They are all people whom I admire. There is a guy whom I had a crush on. There are other people whom I vaguely knew and considered important people whom I aspire to being like. I then start to go up some stairs. I then fall through the balcony. I hold onto the railings. Yet I am suspended in mid air.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been thinking about her life. The she had always enjoyed knowing creative and intelligent people. Yet she felt she was never really part of such groups. Its something she aspired to yet was unable to achieve in reality.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often about the night before. This dreamer clearly had some definite feelings on her mind. It featured people whom she associated with the feelings that had been running through her mind the night before. They were people with confidence and abilities.

Stairs in dreams represent higher thinking. They show us coming to some conclusions on some issue. Indeed in real life she had been coming to some conclusions on something. So indeed this dream matches quite strongly real life.

The dreamer falls through the balcony. This represents how she was unable to truly think through her own life. She aspired to being like the people she admired. The fall through the balcony represents her inability to truly come to a conclusion on this issue. It showed she really couldn’t decide what her thinking was.

Dream Symbols
FALL THROUGH BALCONY : "Inability to decide what she truly felt on this issue"
STAIRS : "coming to some thought out conclusions on some issue"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have always wanted to feel comfortable with creative people. But I do feel nervous and slightly out of place. But I recognize my own creative side."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams can be about long term issues. Some issues will never leave your mind so if you are in a major period of transition right now then the dream can link to those changes.
THE DREAM My dream begins in an unknown house, I’m following and unknown man (gray headed, older man) around this house. He appears to be leaving, maybe going on a trip, or completely leaving the house forever. He is packing, putting his suitcases next to the door, preparing to leave. I keep thinking I have to watch him and make sure he doesn’t leave the house without me knowing it, because I won’t be able to get out of the house. He goes to the door (back door) picks up his things and heads out, only to fast for me to keep up. I see glimpse of him as I am following behind him. Even though he left out the back door, he is still inside the house ( if that makes sense). I see him climbing up some old boxes and junk and head through an opening in the ceiling, and with him all the while is his suitcase, bags, etc. Even with all of his stuff he is moving faster than me, I can barely keep sight of him. He slips through the opening with so much ease, I however have much difficulty fitting myself through the opening. As I come out of the opening, I see that I have reached what appears to be a parking lot, with lots of cars. I have lost sight of him completely, and remember seeing a red, older, sports car; thinking some how it was connected with the man, I hesitate at the car thinking I will see him around it, but I never do. I get this awful feeling of being lost, fearful, confused as to what to do. I know that I have lost him and he is gone for forever.

THE REALITY The dreamer was in the process of an adoption. The mother had just come back into the childs life, and seems to be trying to reconnect with him. The dreamer recognises that this is good for him but bad for herself. She feels a part of him is been stolen from her. She has dedicated much of her life to him. She does not want to share this childs love. Obviously she feels like the biological mother moving in on her territory.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often its best to just concentrate on the emotions of a dream and here the dreamer feels a sense that she is confused and fearful. Emotions pretty much symbolise themselves. All she has to do is locate where she feels identical emotions. In this case its not too difficult as the main emotions she was feeling then surround the adoption of her child.

The dream also features the man moving. That represents change in life circumstances. Life is moving and changing and that quite clearly links to the dreamers issue. She is fearful of the change in her life with her adopted son starting to meet his biological mother. She cannot keep up with the man and maybe that shows that the situation is moving a little too quickly for her. She feels uneasy and not in control.

Above all this is all unknown territory. The man is unknown and the house she is exploring is unknown. That's easy to spot in reality. All you have to do is look for feelings in your life which seem unfamiliar and make you feel uneasy.

Perhaps the old man stands for the passage of time. Old people often symbolise the one thing they have lots of - experience of life. So they are a dream way of saying "what will happen in the future as time passes". The old man is also a man. Men tend to symbolise male emotions and things associated with that. Perhaps the man in this dream symbolises the disruption the dreamer fears and the possibility of change been imposed on her(the child choosing in future years to move closer to his biological mother).

The dream ends up with the parking lot. There are lots of cars there. That signifies how the child has lots of choices. Here is where the dreamer loses track of the man.

Overall the dream captures the dreamers current feelings - "I feel as if I am on unfamiliar ground. What will the future bring. My adopted son will maybe seek to go with his biological mother. It would be his choice and there would be nothing I could do about it. I just feel a little uneasy and confused."

Dream Symbols
FOLLOWING : "The dreamer is interested and wants to know what will happen"
OLD MAN : "the passage of time"
SUITCASES : "change and movement - the possibility that the biological mother will become increasingly important"
UNKNOWN HOUSE : "The dreamer feeling she is in unknown unfamiliar territory"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have an adopted son. Now his birth mother has come back into his life I worry that he may choose her over me. I recognise that meeting her is important for him. But I just find it all very difficult. I fear that I may lose him in years to come."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams will focus on things that are important to you right now. In many cases they will be symbolic representations of the very issues you wake up thinking about. Those issues maybe small conversations from the previous day. It depends what your mind is focusing on. If you think a lot about work then it could be about that. Try to isolate the issues you are thinking about and interpret a dream in that way. Look for evidence in the symbols of the things dominating your mind.
THE DREAM I dreamed that I opened the bathroom door over at my fiancée’s house and saw that my he just got out of the shower and my 3 year old daughter had just gotten out with him. My daughter’s so innocent and was happy to be taking a shower instead of a bath. My fiancé looked innocent too, but I was horrified that they had been in the shower together!

THE REALITY when she was young the dreamer was repeatedly raped by her father. She has forgiven him for this and calls him weekly. He has sobered up and goes to church. The dreamers fiancé is the most gentle and respectful person that she knows. In real life he panics if the two of them are left alone in case her daughter has an accident in her pull ups. He is terrified of cleaning up down there.

DREAM INTERPRETATION People often get worried when they dream as they think it maybe a premonition. The emotions in this dream are clearly important. The dreamer is terrified of something which seems quite innocent. But this all comes down to the dreamers own history. We can never truly unlearn something. This dreamer learnt at a very early age not to trust men. Although she has been lucky she has never managed to totally free herself of that lack of trust and probably never will do. That's because always lurking at the back of her mind is the knowledge of what men can do. So she will always be careful.

In real life the dreamers fiancé is terrified of cleaning up the dreamers daughter. This maybe connected to a male unwillingness to change nappies. But it may also be a result of the dreamers fiancé being aware of the dreamers sensitivity towards this. Once this becomes an issue the whole thing may spiral with the dreamer wondering why exactly does he not like changing her daughter. Is he repressing some sexual feelings? Dreams are as much about our paranoia#146;s and intuitions as they are about good sound judgment.

Dream Symbols
FIANCÉ HOUSE : "assessing her fiancé’s thoughts and feelings"
HORRIFIED : "the fears lurking at the back of the dreamers mind"
SHOWER : "cleaning up the dreamers daughters nappy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was repeatedly raped by my father when I was young. Now I have my own child. My Fiancé seems to be very nervous about showering and bathing her. I think he maybe senses that it is an issue."


HOUSES : Houses in dreams generally symbolise individual people. Usually that person is yourself. It may symbolise some important issue maybe concerning your health, your work or relationships. The dream will show how you are adapting to the changing circumstances around you. Sometimes the dream maybe specifically about your approach to something. Some house dreams are about other people and their personalities so if the dream takes place in their house then it maybe about them.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I acted in a way I do not normally behave yesterday"
- "why did I do that?"
- "I have been thinking about my health"
- "they keep telling me that I need to ..."
- "I want to prove how much I can do this"
- "This is just not good for him"
- "I do not think I have ever got over that"
- "I am trying to think of my future"
- "I have been thinking over my approach to it"


BUNGALOWS : Bungalows only exist on one level. Floors in dreams symbolise how we have different ways of looking at a situation. We look at it in the conscious world through our conscious mind. That symbolises the facts about our situation. The higher floor symbolises our conclusions, instincts or imaginations concerning the reality. Bungalows exist only on one level though and they symbolise situations where we are just looking at how things stand. We are having to deal with the reality as it is.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "the facts are"
- "what people think is irrelevant its what is happening that matters"
- "in practice this is what will happen"
- "the situation on the ground is this..."

BEAUTIFUL HOUSES : Beautiful houses are usually symbolic of some new mood of optimism. Try to spot what that new mood is. Has someone been trying to encourage you or make you see things from a different point of view? Did you wake up and feel so much more positively about things?

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "making me think more positively about myself"
- "My life is now so much better"
- "I feel a lot happier"
- "Life would have been much better if..."
- "I wanted this to be so special"

BEDS : Beds are intensely personal symbols. Obviously beds can link to sexual attraction. But they also show you being sensitive to the opinions of others and showing personal regard for them. They may link to issues surrounding your own personality or the personality of someone close to you. Similarly they may link to issues involving your health. Beds can also symbolise issues which are very important to you as a person such as your career.

They may also link to special situations which have generated a very personal connection between those involved such as the aftermath of an accident when you talk in a very intimate level with people you do not know. In a similar way beds may also link to issues where you have made a personal request to someone or shown personal regard and sensitivity to their feelings. Beds can also involve situations which have been very embarrassing for you or others.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "when you really get to know him"
- "he made a very personal request yesterday", "making a very personal appeal"
- "its affecting me personally" , "what will it mean for me personally"
- "Its an important decision for me"
- "my health"
- "personally I really dislike that"
- "its just something that I do","personal habits"
- "I need to be more...","He needs to be a little less..."
-,"its very important to her"
- "they tend to pick on me because they know what I am like"
- "he is very sensitive about that"
- "I find that embarrassing"
- "its very intrusive"
- "sexual attraction "

FARMHOUSE : Farmhouses tend to link to things that we are trying to encourage in others. We maybe trying to get them to think a certain way or to instill certain morals into their character.

SEMIDETACHED HOUSE : A semidetached house may link to a wish to the dreamers wish to be partially free to choose their own options. Maybe it links to a relationship or work situation where the dreamer feels a little stifled and needs some more space.

SUBURBAN HOUSES : Suburbs will generally link to issues where you are trying to please everyone. In suburbs people have space to pursue their own interests and so can symbolise a wish to please everyone.

RENTED HOUSES : Rented houses are not a good sign. They will generally refer to a real life situation where you are not in control of your own thinking. Perhaps other people are trying to seriously influence you and telling you what you should be doing.

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DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Some dreams simply capture your emotions on some issue. So if you can recognise some emotions in the dream about various people or situations then it may simply be a dream about that.