Dream interpretation - huge buildings and hotels as dream symbols.

THE DREAM - I am in some hotel or guest house. I am in the section which appears to be my flat. I am looking around and I seem to like it. There is some stairs which leads to a kitchen at the top. It has my bike in it.

The bedroom and living room are on the middle floor. Then there are some stairs which lead to the outside.

Suddenly the top door opens and two people - who appear to be afro Caribbean tourists - walk in and walk through my flat down to the outsides. I am quite shocked at this.

I investigate the downstairs and there appears to be a door which leads to the ground floor. That is the hotel section. I look at that. There is some food there. I am trying to search out for all the exits and entrances to my flat. I am disturbed that someone can walk in and through my flat.

I then go up the stairs. At one level there is a cafe. It appears to be some kind of sad cafe. There is someone who I think I know but cannot quite think who it is. His name is Patrick Ardent. He appears to be the cashier working on the till. At one stage I get stopped by the man who appears to be the owner of the hotel. He says is there anything I can do for you.

I am then on the top floor. I am coming down the stairs quite rapidly - as fast as I can. There are several people going down the stairs at the same time.

THE REALITY This dream represented the criticism of someone on the dreamer. He had been openly critical and very personal of the dreamer at a club they both visited. The person criticizing him was a new member who disliked how the dreamer liked to take over.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If something big happens on the day before the dream its often worth assuming that the dream is about that. You may make an initial analysis to see how the symbols fit with that topic. Here there was a subject that was likely to cause a dream. The dreamer had been personally criticised for his dominant role in the club he goes to. On further inspection the dream symbols do seem quite consistent.

The dream features some intruders. They walk straight through the dreamers apartment in a hotel. Intruders in this sense represent the way that the dreamer feels personally criticised for the way he behaves in the club. Perhaps the tourists also symbolise an element of real life. They symbolise the person criticizing the dreamer. The dreamer felt that this new guy at the club was probably not likely to stick around(hence a tourist). The dreamer also seems to have an apartment in this hotel. Thats also symbolic of real life in that the dreamer is a member of this real life club but also is making this his home. He in other words feels at home he and acts like its a second home.

Food in dreams can often symbolise interest and the ability to get people interested in what you say. In this case food appears twice in this dream. Perhaps the upstairs "sad cafe" represents the dreamers reflections on his own behavior. No one is in the cafe. This shows that the dreamer is listening and reflecting on what has been said to him - that he tries to take over and that what he says is really not that interesting.

So underlying the dream is the fact that the dreamer is assessing what someone said to him and maybe altering his own behavior. He does take a dominant role in the club but should perhaps tone things down. So perhaps he should try to alter his behavior and act like he owns the place.

Dream Symbols
ARDENT : "a wordplay - very vociferous and determined. "
BED : "something affects you very personally"
CAFE : "trying to interest people in what you say"
INTRUDER : "the dreamer feels very personally criticised"
OWNER : "the dreamer does not own the club he is merely a guest like everyone else and should not act like he does own the club"
SHOCK : "the dreamer shocked at the personal criticism"
TOP FLOOR : "commanding and confident"
TOURIST : "the dreamer is criticised by someone who is not likely to be there for long - he is paying a temporary visit then will probably go"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got criticised by the new member at the club yesterday. It was very personal criticism. I do not think anyone seriously listened to him but still I want to appear less arrogant."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then at night we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dreams. They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.
THE DREAM - I was in this huge house. There was a room I was in and I could not get out. There was a man stopping me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trapped in a certain problem in his life. Once the problem went away the dreams stopped.

DREAM INTERPRETATION In the dream the dreamer was trapped. That is a string clue and usually represented some way in which the dreamer is trapped. In this way the dream signified how the dreamer was trapped in a certain way of thinking.

Men in dreams represent negative male emotions such as determination and stubbornness. This was the how the dreamer tended to react. It was a problem with the people around him.

The large building represents the wider world. So this dream also situates this problem within the wider world of people who come into contact with him. In this case the huge building represents the impact the man has on the outside world.

Dream Symbols
HOUSE : "your own personality and how you adapt to things happening "
HUGE HOUSE : "your own personality and how it is shaped and molded by the outside world and the feelings of other people"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am stuck in this problem"

THE DREAM I am outside the Football stadium of Real Madrid. There appears to be a match about to start.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a teacher and was attempting to promote some ideas in writing essays. He hoped to promote the need to base your arguments on reality. To use many practical examples. This was a strategy that he started to put into practice on the very day of the dream. These ideas had been forming in his mind and now he was starting to implement them.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Football stadiums are very public place. Often public places deal with issues which involve us with the world in general. Football also links to issues involving our strong support for one side over another(football involves passionate support). So in this sense the dream captures the dreamers very public support for one way of writing essays. The Team involved is a very clever word play.

The word "Real" links to his wish to keep things real and based on reality. To write essays which feature many examples. Often we will dream about issues involving our strategies. We often dream about work and how we will approach it especially if the work involves working with people.

Dream Symbols
REAL MADRID : "the dreamer was trying to use as many REAL examples as possible in his teaching"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about how best to put across my ideas to my students. I am trying to give as many examples as possible. Its about using as many examples from reality as possible"

DREAM TIP : Dreams can include many bad synonyms and wordplays. If dreams include place names or any names at all try to think what emotions they provoke in you. Place names which include the word NEW such as New York can link to some new mood or feeling. These will help you establish what any dreams are about.
THE DREAM I started out in this house, a fairly large house, with a stone patio on a flat surface. This was something that I have never seen before, something European like, but I have not been there. My friend Derek, he was with me, and over the patio was this garden. But not just any garden, a garden with stone pillars and vines and arch ways and such.

Over on a small hill, but in the yard, was this unknown building. Derek wanted to go there, and insisted that we take a look. We were on our way to a show of some sort, so I told him to wait for later. He still insisted to look, but when we got there, it was no bigger than a childs toy and it was a court house, with a judge an jury thing. (No people) then, I walked to the show, and when in this brown building. I appeared in what was a brown cardboard box, and I started to paint in it, (it was big enough to lay down) I painted a night sky with stars and evergreen trees. It was a winter scene and the painting started to become alive. I was walking on snow, and I could look at the stars, (but there were still sides to the box so it wasn’t an open area). I had this mission to paint snow on the needles of the tree and such. So I lay down, and start painting the sky purples and black and oranges to make it more, vibrant.

Then I was whisked away and I was in the brown building again, I ran up some escalator, and in my dream I felt a male presence. I made my way up this escalator, and at the top, someone said "chopped in half" and then this woman (contentedly) was making her way up the escalator, and in my dream I knew when she reached the top she was going to get grinded by the teeth of the stairs and just get bloody mangled in it. I was oddly excited in my dream and I wanted to see blood and hear her scream (I have no hate toward anyone really no its not like I wanted anyone to die in real life) but 2 seconds, before she reached the top, homer simpson appeared beside me, and said "chopped in half" and then JUST before the presumed bloody mess, my friend Sam woke me up and told me it was time to get ready for the day. Very strange, and I am still very eager to see this horror show. I wasn’t scared in my dream, I was oddly patiently awaiting this woman to die.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently spilt from her husband of many years. But she was unwilling to let go - she believed that he would eventually come back. She was prepared to wait for him even though the prospect’s did not look good at the time. She truly believes that her love will last forever.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well the dreamer clearly had very strong feelings on her mind. In such circumstances it is often best to see those feelings as a possible cause of the dream and look for evidence in the symbols of those feelings.

The dream features foreign lands and that clearly links to reality as the dreamer is clearly in new and unknown territory. Its fairly unfamiliar ground.

The dream starts off in a large house - huge houses often link to the outside world and how it is affecting the dreamer. In this case the most obvious person to be affecting the dreamer is the opinions of her husband and his belief that she needs to accept that the marriage is over.

Gardens are symbolic of strong new feelings that are growing and taking root in our lives. Perhaps this symbolises the belief that the marriage was not over that was keeping the dreamer going. The archways are symbols of support and that too would link in nicely with reality. The feelings - though in many peoples eyes unrealistic - were strengthening and supporting her.

Brown is a color which links to reality and a need to be practical. The brown building therefore maybe links to a need to be practical and realistic. The dreamer is been led here by her friend - possibly showing her that this is in her own best interests.

But within all these symbols of reality the dreamer is also looking to the future. The picturing of the nights sky shows how the dreamer is seeing the future. The sky often links to the future( the land symbolises day to day reality whilst the sky links to the future and things which are not settled). So the picture of the nights sky shows the dreamers feelings of the future. The snow symbolises the present state of her relationship - its hard times. The evergreen trees though can link to the resilience of her feelings. Evergreen trees can symbolise the ever lasting nature of her love.

Then the brown building appears again. That shows that practical reality is constantly invading her thoughts and bringing her down to reality. She is constantly been faced with the truth about her relationship at present.

Dream Symbols
BLOOD : "injured feelings and pride due to the breakdown of her marriage"
BROWN : "grounded in the real world - looking at the facts"
COURT : "being judged"
EVERGREEN : "having to cope with the harsh climate - her relationship with her husband is in a very cold period "
GARDEN : "ways of thinking you are trying to encourage - the dreamer is planting the belief that things will work out"
MISSION : "driven to do something - the dreamer is consumed by her desire to restore her marriage"
PAINTING : "picturing how she wants to be"
SKY : "anticipation and outlook for the future - the dreamers thoughts about the future restoration of her marriage"
SNOW : "lack of momentum - the dreamers husband is treating her in a very cold way "
TREE : "things firmly rooted in you - her marriage is deeply rooted and important to her"
WINTER : "bleak times within her marriage"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have split from my husband but I feel that eventually we will get back together. I know we are meant for each other."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are about pivotal moments in our emotions. They represent change. For instance you may suddenly decide that someone you know is not to be trusted. So on balance you have decided to alter your view.
THE DREAM - I am in a hotel - the grand hotel . it is dilapidated and falling to bits. I can see right out into the street... the window frame is not even in place.

THE REALITY The dream captured some moment from the dreamers previous day. The dreamer had previously been attracted to a woman in the past. He now had to deal with her and was no longer attracted to her. She had been aware of his attraction before but nothing ever came of it. The dream was about being aware of this woman. It was just a weird situation. He wanted to just ignore her but he was weighing up the consequences of doing that.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Hotels are symbols of the outside world and its influence on us. The dreamer did not want to get involved with a woman he knew from the past.
THE DREAM I am near some mansion. It appears to be quite elegant and its in the countryside. There seems to be some connection with a lord who is a major gambler. He is also a bounder and a criminal. I seem to be reading a newspaper for the horse racing.

THE REALITY The dreamer was to be featured in a local newspaper. He actually lied about one or two things in order to make his image seem better.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are very much linked to the previous day. Here there was issue that came to mind for the dreamer. He had lied in an interview about himself for the local newspaper. That was quite a good fit for the dream.

The dream features a mansion. Mansions are huge houses and any large building in dreams symbolises your personality and the outside world. Its an issue involving other people.

The lie is also covered in several other senses. The gambling is a sign of risk taking and the chance of being found out. The criminal is symbolic of the dreamers awareness that he has done something wrong. The Lord symbolises his attempts to make himself seem more important. The countryside may even be symbolic of the dreamers knowledge that his lie will be difficult to detect - the countryside is remote and cut off.

Dream Symbols
COUNTRYSIDE : "remote - the dreamers lie is not likely to be found out "
CRIMINAL : "the dreamers awareness he has done something wrong - told a lie in this interview"
GAMBLER : "taking a risk - the chance of a lie being found out"
LORD : "trying to make yourself appear as important as you can"
MANSION(Large building) : "Some feeling that is connected in some way to the outside world. Your thoughts and feelings are being shaped by the outside world"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had to do an interview for the local newspaper. I told them a lie but I am sure I will get away with it because the chances of them finding out the truth are very remote."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : One way to really understand dreams is to wait until something big happens. If some event occured and you simply could not stop thinking about it all day then its very likely that your dreams that night will be about this. So look carefully at the feelings you have on this issue and try to link them to the various possible symbolic meanings.
THE DREAM My dream starts out with a girl who seems to be my friend in this dream. She was a beautiful, blonde, perfect body. She convinced me to come with her to the playboy mansion. I definitely wanted to go but I was a little nervous. She introduced me to Hugh Hefner and I wasn’t interested in him at all. We walked into a large room that looked like a court yard with a fountain and a bar. I spoke with a body guard and he made me feel a little uneasy. Next thing I know I’m taking a yoga class or something with all these other playboy models. I stood up from whatever I was doing and knocked over something. Next thing I know everyone was staring at me. There was this elegant woman in her 50’s (I’m 25) and she took me over to the side and said that I was special and wanted to talk to me in privet. Everyone watched us walk into this glass room with plants and a marble bench. I could see them doing there exercises with Hugh. I could see them but they couldn’t see me. This woman was opening up to me and telling me her feelings about the place and her life. Then she told me she was attracted to me. I knew the discussion was over but I was intrigued by this woman. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to get to know her. All of a sudden she grabs me and starts making out with me. I felt passionate content. Then I realized what I was doing and so did she and we stopped mutually. I was fine about what happened. We walked out of the glass house and I went back to the class.

THE REALITY The dreamer is trying to move forward after being raped. She finds it difficult to enjoy the company of men in the way she would like to. She has been seeing a therapist to help her. She is an attractive woman and gets lots of numbers and whistles whilst on the bus to work.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Well the Playboy Mansion has got to be some kind of sexual symbol. In this case the dreamer has been raped and is undergoing therapy to help her understand herself a little more. So its likely that this is the background knowledge around which the dream rests.

Houses in dreams tend to link to our own personalities. They symbolise issues which involve us looking at our own behavior and monitoring our own actions. Mansions and other large houses tend to involve the effects of the outside world on our own personalities. They symbolise major events and situations which are shaping our thinking. In this case the mansion probably represents the dreamers own therapist. The therapist is helping her understand herself and her actions. So the dream probably represents her own attempts at self knowledge and improvement.

The Yoga class is probably a specific symbol for the therapist. The yoga class symbolises attempts to calm herself down and become more peaceful within her own mind.

The woman in the dream is a playboy model and also a lot older. Perhaps the age represents her need to grow up and become more responsible and thoughtful for her own life. The dreamer is not unattractive in real life so the playboy model represents how she is attempting through therapy to become more at ease with her sexuality.

In the end though she pulls back from the kiss. The woman in the dream represents an ideal which has been built up within her mind. She has been pointed in a direction by her therapist but although she wants to pursue this ideal and maybe agrees with it as a goal she somehow is failing to achieve this in reality. That she is not quite ready to be totally at ease with her own sexuality.

Dream Symbols
PLAYBOY MANSION : "attempts by the dreamers therapist to help the dreamer come to terms with sexual issues"
YOGA CLASSES : "specific help to the dreamer - lessons in becoming more relaxed with her sexuality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was raped and I am trying to come to terms with this. I am trying to have a more mature attitude towards sex. My therapist has been helping me to grow as a person."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams are symbolic of our feelings. Dreams capture our reactions to events and situations in our lives. They are not interested in the facts about any given situation. So when you get an end of the world dream its probably linked to some situation where it feels like the end of the world. That could mean anything. It could mean you have just turned thirty and feel that its an absolute disaster.
THE DREAM I am in some community centre. There is the Tardis there with Doctor Who(he is a time traveler). It is a very dark room. I have closed the curtains but there is a mirror which can see in. I feel embarrassed in the dream

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer met a friend from the past. They got talking and he felt embarrassed because his friend had done so well for himself. During the conversation his friend mentioned how lacking money he was. The dreamer felt this was a joke when in fact he then realised that his friend was serious.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream featured a time machine("The Tardis" from "Doctor Who"). This is a fairly easy symbol to track down. You just look for some connection to the past or future. In this case the dreamer had met someone from the past. In meeting him he had traveled in time. Things had changed radically and in meeting his friend in some ways he was meeting his old self. He was thinking how he used to be and how things had changed.

The closed curtains perhaps symbolised the wish to conceal his own circumstances. He felt completely poor compared to his prosperous friend. In the dream the dreamer felt emarassed that people could see into the room so he was closing the curtains. That captured the sense of embarassement in reality.

Dream Symbols
CURTAINS CLOSED: "the dreamer was embarrassed at his own situation compared to his friends prosperity. He wanted to conceal how badly he was doing"
MIRROR: "the dreamers friend had mentioned the day before how poor he was - the friends comments made him think about himself. He realised what he considered poor and what his friend considered poor were completely different things."
TIME MACHINE : "The dreamer meets someone from the past - he was traveling in his mind through time. Thinking about the past and the present"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I met an old friend yesterday and he mentioned how poor he was. It was just a joke but I looked around his house and he seemed to be doing really well. It just made me think"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is a conceptual mind. Therefore try to think about the kinds of conceptual thoughts and emotions currently occupying your mind. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings on major issues concerning you and especially events from the day before the dream . For instance think of quotes like "I have been unhappy at work recently", or "I had a really strange conversation with my best friend yesterday and don’t know what to make of it". Its quotes like this which interest our dream minds. Try to link your dreams to conceptual thoughts currently rising to the surface of your mind.

HOTEL : Hotels are quite tricky symbols. Its probably best if you do not concentrate on the symbolic meaning of the hotel as it may mean several things. Hotels are symbols of care and attention. It can link to moments when you are receiving help from others around you and also moments when you feel put upon and are having to do everything for someone. Hotels are also symbols of other people and the outside world. They may link to other people and the opinions that thye hold. We are a guest of their thoughts and opinions. Finally hotels may symbolise a lack of security and permanent home in your life - a temporary situation.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I got some really good help from ..."
- "she was really very helpful"
- "they want me to sort everything out for them!"
- "I am really not getting the support and encouragement I need"
- "I have no real home right now"
- "its not mine I am just a guest here"

MANSION : Mansions will generally symbolise the effect the outside world has had on us. They show how the world is having an impact in shaping our thoughts and feelings. Mansions will often link to situations where the feelings of yourself and those of others are very closely linked. They link to situations where what you do impacts on others. So look for situations and emotions linked very much with other people.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "But I realise that my gain is his loss."
- "What happened to him really has had an impact on me"
- "I am trying to make everyone feel better"
- "I am just not getting the right response from them"
- "she would not let me help her"
- "she is forcing me to respond"

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