Dream interpretation - horses,animals as dream symbols

Dreams often use symbols to portray emotions which are in your mind at the time of the dream. So what could a dream about a horse represent? Take this dream.

THE DREAM I was on a horse charging. It was a wonderful feeling.

The previous night the dreamer had decided to move in with her boyfriend. This left her feeling exhilarated and excited. When you interpret a dream try to think what emotions it portrays. This dream of a wonderful horse makes you feel exhilarated and excited. So the dream is portraying the dreamers excitement and exhilaration about moving in with her boyfriend.

Try to translate your dream symbol into a key word or phrase. In this case the exciting and exhilarating horse symbolised those exact same emotions in real life. So the dreams meaning can be translated into the two key words - "exciting" and "exhilarating". This is handy for future dreams as other horse dreams may have similar meanings. Simply look for those two words ("exciting" and "exhilarating") and see how they could portray your emotions right now. For instance if you were to have this feeling - "yesterday I was excited when my crush spoke to me" then that's possibly the dreams meaning.

Now take this dream.

THE DREAM I was on Filey Road. A woman was charging on a horse at full speed. It was a glorious sight.

The dreamer had been working on a project for a long time. He had become passionately involved in it. The day before it started to take off successfully. He felt jubilant.

Clearly the two keywords we have mentioned have relevance here. The dreamer was excited and exhilarated by finishing his project. In fact we could even add other keywords - "glorious","jubilant" and "passionate" which perfectly describes a horse and its symbolic meaning.

Now try reading the next dream.

THE DREAM I had a dream of some wild horses. They were running around and we had to pick one to ride, one horse came right up to me and I said that was the one I wanted to ride. He was white, black,and a little brown, I liked his attitude right away. It was my daughter and I and we were wondering if we should pick the tamer horses, but didn't want to.

Now lets try to think about what's happening to the dreamer and look for ways in which a horse could portray her mood. The day before she was thinking about her soulmate and when she might meet him.

In a previous horse dream we saw how horses linked to feeling of love and passion. Here the dreamer is thinking about her soul mate - that's clearly a similar theme. What does the untamed horse represent? This suggests that the dreamer is uncompromising and unwilling to accept anything less. So we could even add some more keywords - "uncompromising", "untamed" and even "soulmate". These can be added to our other keywords "excited","exhilarated","glorious","jubilant" and "passionate". So see how we have translated the dream symbol horse into very real and relevant words. It makes interpreting dreams so much easier. Simply locate any of those keywords in any context in your life right now. Think of quotes which may summarize your feeling. Write down things like "I used to have such a passion for life and life was always exciting" or "I was really excited at the concert last night" or "My friend was so excited yesterday". Write down anything in your mind right now and look for how the keywords are relevant.

Now try the next dream.

THE DREAM I dreamt that I had been sentenced to death at 11 o’clock. I was with two prison guards. I prepared myself for my fate. I later managed to escape through the fire escape. I came to a turning in the road and came up against a man dressed in a black highwayman’s outfit and he rode a black horse.

This dream actually shows a dilemma in dream analysis - when is a dream symbol actually a dream symbol. The dream is less about a horse and more about a highwayman's horse. So the normal symbolic meanings of horses have little meaning. The highwayman did have some relevance in the dreamers mind. He was thinking about swapping his stockbrokers because he was unhappy with their performance. So he maybe thought that stockbrokers were rather like highwaymen and their charges were "daylight robbery".

Now think of this next dream. Think also of the background information provided. The dreamer had gone sailing with a friend on the Friday and she had spent the rest of the weekend wondering if he was OK. He seemed to be hit hard by a break up. He had 'retired' from dating as he put it. She was very sad that her friend did not seem himself. He seemed very lonely but also accepting of that loneliness. He seemed to have a broken spirit.

THE DREAM I dreamed I was in an apartment (not one I recognized) and that I was staying there temporarily. There was food on the table, some sort of cooked meat on a long tray. Inside the fridge was a chocolate brown horse lying on its side with its eyes open. Only half of its torso was there. it didn't look dead but it must have been because of the cooked meat on the counter. No one was eating the meat but it was just there. I think I just felt so sad that such a beautiful horse had met its end. The horse looked beautiful even if it was in the fridge and half of it was missing.

Now try to apply the keywords we have built up which relate to horses - "uncompromising", "untamed", "soulmate", "love","excited","exhilarated","glorious","jubilant" and "passionate". Quite clearly some of these keywords are relevant in this situation. The dreamers friend had lost his "passion" for life. So "passion" was clearly a theme in his life. The dead horse is an excellent way of portraying a passion lost - the passion had "died" in him. The dreamer described her friend as athletic, long limbed and very much the outdoor type. The horse was an excellent symbol for the dreamers friend in his prime - he was "uncompromising" and "passionate" in his approach to life. Now that all seemed to be gone. So see how a dream can portray quite sophisticated thoughts. A charging horse could symbolise her friends passion and energy whilst a dead horse symbolises a passion which seems to have died.

This next dream suggests a different type of meaning for horses.

THE DREAM I dreamt of a horse rearing.

In real life the dreamer was worrying about an exam coming up. He was well prepared but feared the unknown - something unpredictable might happen and upset the dreamer. So clearly the keywords suggested before have little relevance. All the keywords mentioned so far revolve around passion and energy. Here other keywords could be suggested such as "unpredictable", "precarious", and "nerves" seem more relevant. The horse could portray the nerves that the dreamer was having and the "unpredictable" situation coming up.

Quite clearly the context of the dream is important. Think of a dream where a horse charges over a fence. This could actually portray two different meanings. We can think of a negative meaning where the horse is charging over the fence but we fear the worst. A more positive view could suggest that we are passionate and taking a chance. So if you got a dream like that it could actually portray either meaning - taking a chance or worrying about the danger. So if either of these are relevant then it could portray that situation. So if the dreamer were to say that they were worried about an exam coming up then the dream could portray their nerves about the unpredictability of exams. They had prepared but something can always go wrong.

As we go along we build up a bank of keywords which can help us think about our lives and see how a dream symbol relates to reality. So far we have keywords and phrases like "uncompromising", "untamed", "soulmate", "love","excited","exhilarated","glorious","jubilant","passionate", "nerves", "excitable", "precarious", "unpredictable", "taking a chance", "risk", and "anything could happen". Simply try to isolate each symbol and its relevance to real life at the moment. Here are a few examples. The dreamer was stuck in a rut in real life - his dream about riding a horse was possibly a symbol for his need to take a chance, follow his passions and escape this rut. Another dreamer was in a very exciting period of his life (things were really happening) so clearly the horse could portray the dreamers exciting and passionate life. Another dreamer had been determined to slow down in life and live in a less hedonistic way. So clearly his dream about a horse being put down could symbolise his need to keep his passions in check and live life at a more sedate pace.

Lets try this next dream.

THE DREAM I am being chased by an army of some kind. I seem to escape and then see men on horses who are on my side. I join up with my fellow men. There was a feeling of euphoria and celebration. The men were charging in celebration and elation.

What relevance could horses have here. The dream seems to edge towards these keywords - "jubilant", "exciting" and "energy". The dreamer thought of the day. He had been steadily more depressed during the day. Later his mood started to improve. He ended up elated and almost euphoric. So basically the dream linked to the dreamer thinking over his mood the previous day. He had managed to pull out of a mood and ended the day in a mood of "celebration, euphoria and elation". These meanings are very similar to other keywords we have already linked to horses - "jubilant" and "excited". In this way we build up a bank of words which horses symbolise.

DREAM TIP : It is sometimes good to think about how dream symbols meanings are formed. Horses for instance can link to the way they react. They are very excitable and often can move in unpredictable ways. cavalry charges for instance can go dreadfully wrong. There are many instances in history of cavalry turning around and causing havoc amongst their own forces. Dreams then can capture that sense of unpredictablity associated with horses. It may suggest that you feel some situation in your life is equally unpredictable.
DREAM TIP : Often dreams will follow simple story lines. Its a matter of taking the moral of the story and applying it to your own life. Look back to the day before the dream and issues alive in your mind then and see if the story in the dream had a similar theme to real life.
DREAM TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Horses then could easily link to words such as "unpredictable" or "excitable". Then write down several quotes which capture your emotions from yesterday and which express your opinion on how you relate to life in general. Then look to see where those words "excitable" and "unpredictable" appear. Its likely that the dream symbol links to that emotion or situation in your life.
DREAM TIP : Think of a horse in a dream as a word such as "excitement". Then think of the rich and varied ways in which that word can be used in the English language such as "I was very excited yesterday", "where is the excitement in my life" and "he was very passionate on the subject". Dream symbols are used in equally rich and varied ways by dreams. Do not make the simple mistake of saying that dreams about horses mean that there is greater excitement in your life. Rather you need to think how that dream symbol could apply in your current life. Think especially of the day before and how a dream symbol could apply to thoughts you felt then.

ANIMALS : Animals often symbolise our emotions. Humans have human emotions which are dampened down with a wish to be diplomatic. Animals tend to show their emotions openly.

HORSES : Horses have for a long time been associated with passion and excitement. Horse though are very unpredictable and so can link to risk taking. A horse can quickly get out of control. Horses then tend to link to the general excitement and the level of risk in our lives. They may also refer to some upcoming event which involves excitement and risk.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "taking a chance"
- "be more careful"
- "more exhilarating"
- "very passionate"
- "exciting"
- "anything can happen"
- "I have been thinking about an upcoming event and really anything can happen"


ANTS : Ants in someway will always deal with the issue of conformity. They may link to pressure to conform in many situations as such your career, your social life and personal life.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "controlling my mind"
- "making me fit in with the rest"
- "conforming to the groups wishes"
- "fitting in with society"

CATS : Cats are not easy symbols to understand. But pets are solitary creatures and cats seem to be linked with a wish to be independent. Cats are also associated with magic and with that an ability to see in the dark. They can thus see through difficult circumstances. But many dreams about your cat may simply link to your thoughts about your cat.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I want to do this my own way"
- "I want to be by myself right now"
- "my cat needs..."
- "I have been thinking about my cat"

LION : Lions are terrifying creatures and its this that is the basis of their symbolic meaning. That has a positive aspect symbolising your own strength and power and courage. But there is also a negative aspect which links to your fears of people and problems. The lion is associated with land and so the problems will tend to be real problems of a specific nature. They are not unconscious fears and worries. They will be problems that you can identify and which you have probably been trying to avoid at all costs.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I was really scared when I saw him"
- "I would really like to avoid doing that"
- "she really stood up to me and was really angry"
- "she is very intimidating"
- "very courageous"

PIG : Pigs tend to link to some of the characteristics we associate with pigs such as gluttony. They can also link to men and some of their worst characteristics - "he is a pig!"

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He is an absolute pig!"
- "An enourmous workload"
- "taking on more than I can manage"

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