Dream interpretation - guards as dream symbols

THE DREAM I dreamed that I was in town and started smashing up a load of shop windows when one of my managers from morrisons which Isn’t near town came running after me yelling with his wife and kids.

I turned and ran and then suddenly this massive diving board appeared with about 10 different levels.

I started climbing and so did my manager but I managed to hide on the very top one and he said "oh she’s gone never mind" I started climbing down and I was in the same part of town I had just come from and I was thinking "yes I got away with that" When all of a sudden a security guard wearing dark green grabbed the back of my top and grabbed my right arm and said "your under arrest"

I was thinking Oh My God I can’t get caught or else I won’t be able to get into New Zealand. He started walking towards the main shopping centre in town and I was like I have got to escape so I twisted my arm and ran. I ran so fast and so far that I ended up on my street which is 3 miles away.

I thought "yes I’ve made it" when my friend walked up to me. She was walking home from school but she is at university so that bit was weird. She said in an angry and disappointed voice "Lou I can’t believe what you have done, you won’t get away with it, the police will be after you and lots more people, you can’t hide forever!"

This made me worried then my boyfriend came up behind me and said "Run Lou, run" With this I ran off and all I can remember is the bright red/orange sunset!

THE REALITY The dreamer had started a new job in a supermarket and was testing her boss out to see how much she could get away with. The previous day one of her coworkers was fired. The dreamer was saving up to go on holiday with her boyfriend to New Zealand.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams which feature your boss are often very much about your job or something connected with your workplace or work situation. Immediate issues which arise from the day before are of extreme importance. In this case the fact that a coworker was sacked was extremely relevant. The dreamer had been testing out her boss. In the dream the dreamer is clearly running from her employer. That captures her attitude at work. She does not want to do as she is told and wishes to show a bit of attitude. This dream captures her own realization that she perhaps takes this too far.

The statement that she will not be able to enter New Zealand is a clear link to her holiday. Obviously if she was to be fired then she would not be able to save up to go to New Zealand. So her the dreamer is her own policewoman who is accepting that she must accept the rules.

The dreamer is going home in the dream because she was attempting to take advantage and treat the job in a way which is natural to her. She is a girl who shows some attitude and likes to stand up to authority. But now she realises that this game can lead to serious results and that people do get fired.

People appear in the dream in a group. This is often a good clue as to the meaning of the dream. This may suggest that the dream is about how we are expected to act. Its about how the dreamer is expected to behave as an employee.

Dream Symbols
ARREST : "the dreamer realises that she may get caught out breaking the rules at work"
BEHIND : "in the back of your mind"
MANAGER : "unconscious thoughts connected with authority or your real life manager"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is acceptable behavior at work"
POLICE : "a need to accept the rules of workplace"
UNIVERSITY : "the dreamers own educated and well thought out opinion on this matter "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been testing out my manager at work but I really should not because on Saturday he sacked someone. If I lose my job I will not be able to go to New Zealand with my boyfriend"

See how the symbolic meanings link in with a key insight into her work situation

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is a conceptual mind. Therefor try to think about the kinds of conceptual thoughts and emotions currently occupying your mind. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings on major issues concerning you and especially events from the day before the dream . For instance think of quotes like "I have been unhappy at work recently", or "I had a really strange conversation with my best friend yesterday and don’t know what to make of it". Its quotes like this which interest our dream minds. Try to link your dreams to conceptual thoughts currently rising to the surface of your mind.

GUARDS : Guards are not easy symbols to explain in full. They have several usage’s. The word guard is often used in several ways and that's the same case with guards in dreams. Guards can symbolise protection of the weak. But they also refer to your need to control your own worst tendencies - be on your guard. Often we act in reckless or irresponsible ways. Guards may symbolise the need to spot the signs.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have got to be careful or I will ..."
- "I behaved recklessly"
- "things got serious for me"
- "he didn’t support me at all"
- "they will overprotect me"
- "feeling undervalued"


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