Dream interpretation - fighting as a dream symbol

It is best to interpret dreams in reverse. Most dreams simply reveal feelings that we are already aware of. They tap into new feelings which are evolving in our minds. A dream will often represent a key thought or feeling - the type of thing that we would write in a diary. So bearing that in mind try reading the following dream.

THE DREAM - I have dreams about fighting my father.

In real life the dreamer was constantly having problems with his father. It was quite a confrontational relationship and his father had a low opinion of him.

So the dreams meaning is easy to understand. The dreamer was 'fighting' with his father. The dream simply mirrored reality in that the dreamer had a difficult relationship with his father. The physical violence was a symbol for the emotional abuse he received.

Fighting often hints at something being too much for us. It can suggest that we are becoming overwhelmed. In this sense it probably captures this type of feeling - "I am constantly trying to battle against my father who thinks that I should make more of myself". So fighting could represent a goal which is unachievable.

It is best to think of dream symbols like words. Dreams use symbols in the way that we use words in waking life. Take for example the dream we have just looked at. It captures this exact feeling - "I really cannot match my fathers expectations of me because he expects too much."

Other 'fighting' dreams may express a similar feeling. Take for example this dream.

THE DREAM I have lots of dreams where I am fighting. In some dreams I am in a fight against monsters.

In this case the dreamer often suffered from depression. So the dream captures his struggle with life generally. The dream is like a metaphor. It could capture this exact thought process - "I constantly struggle with depression". The dream would probably come at moments when the depression was worst.

Try reading this dream.

THE DREAM - I was in this kayak on a very rough river. I am fighting desperately to keep it afloat.

The dreamer was constantly troubled by arguments with her father. So the dream seems to be fairly similar in meaning to the first dream. With the dreamer having troubled emotions which are linked to a difficult relationship. This next dream follows the same pattern.

THE DREAM I am fighting a huge snake like the Basalisc in Harry Potter but then I'm standing tall and strong on another bigger snakes head.

In real life the main thing on the dreamers mind was her father who 'keeps yelling' at her - she simply could not stop crying.

So the dream is a metaphor for real life as the dreamer was fighting with her father. The dream also shows the dreamer fighting back against a snake - a creature from Harry Potter. This captures a specific meaning within the dreamer. The creature is almost supernatural and is from Harry Potter. So the dream will link into that kind of feeling. It probably captures this type of feeling - "I just wish I could stand up to my father." The dream taps into the Harry Potter vibe as the dreamer knows that she cannot stand up to her father. Harry Potter links this dream with fantasy as the dreamer wishes to stand up to her father but knows that this is pure fantasy. So careful analysis of a dream can reveal some very sophisticated meanings. Take this dream which taps into a symbolic meaning that we have not discussed so far.

THE DREAM I am in some kind of house maybe. I see a man who was in a drama series I watched recently (he played a Roman soldier. He was a man of war who was very good at fighting yet when times of peace came he was a somewhat redundant figure who resorted to banditry. He just did not cope well with peace). This man had just been shipwrecked in the drama series. There was a woman there who was a cook. She was a happy figure who also had a boat. It was a peaceful kind of boat.

In real life the dreamer had been thinking about a massive project which had been taking over his life at college. Soon this would be finished and the dreamer was thinking about putting his feet up and relaxing. However, it was starting to dawn on him that he was a workaholic who could not relax. He enjoyed working night and day on something.

So the man who appears in the dream was very relevant to the dreamer. He was symbolic of the dreamers workaholic nature as he enjoyed battling with a project. He was just like the man in the drama - someone who coped well with major challenges (such as war) but who really did cope with a more sedately paced life and was generally seen as quite dysfunctional in such circumstances.

So the dream then deals very well with the worries lurking in the dreamers mind and used the Roman soldier as a metaphor for his own life. The dream had a simple meaning then - it caught this feeling - "I am just like that Roman soldier in that drama. During hard times I cope well but I am really dysfunctional when it comes to relaxing and settling down."

The dream also uses fighting as a symbol for great effort. This dream also uses fighting in this sense.

THE DREAM I used to get lots of fighting dreams. However, they stopped when I left my job.

The dreamer linked these dreams to his job which was highly demanding. So the dream again used fighting to express effort and energy. This dream linked to the dreamers job which was highly demanding whilst the previous dream represented the energy and effort that the dreamer was putting into his soon to be finished project. In each case fighting was symbolic of effort – putting everything you have into something.

So in conclusion we see that fighting dreams can represent many specific emotions. They seem especially linked to bad relationships which are causing you continual stress. Fighting hints at issues where you just cannot win despite all the effort that you put in. So fighting could also represent issues which are making us resentful. So if you are finding it almost impossible to be accepted then a fighting dream could represent that resentment.

Try to see how fighting in dreams can translate into very real emotions and can even be said to represent specific words which you would use to express those emotions e.g. effort, hardship, stress, and resentment. So if you get a fighting dream then try to see how you might use those words to express your emotions right now.