Dream interpretation - the end of the world as dream symbols

Dreams can often use symbols in extremely simple ways. Some end of the world dreams simply represent your outlook. If you have been feeling like its the end of your own world then surely the dream represents that. Take the following example.

THE DREAM - It was the end of the world. The whole area has been devastated. Then I see that a baby has been growing as if everything is normal.

If we examine the dreamers recent past we start to understand why the phrase "the end of the world" was particularly relevant to him. He had been very ill for a long time and he had started to believe that his life was now effectively over - all he had left was ill health and unhappiness. Just recently though things had been picking up. Just the day before things had seemed to get back to normal. He had done some things that he had not done for years. He had been discussing software packages with a friend. He now seemed to be doing things which years before seemed so normal.

So really the dream seems to capture that new feeling of optimism that we associate with babies. Of course the end of the world was symbolic of his pessimistic outlook over the recent past. He had a fresh new perspective on the world after a period of extreme pessimism. The dream is then one of transition noting the changes in the dreamers life as things had started to improve.

The following dream also uses the end of the world as a symbol for ill health.

THE DREAM I am at my childhood home and looking out of the bedroom window. Its night time and there has been this huge explosion - its as bad as a nuclear explosion - it seems like the end of the world. Its clearly some great catastrophe and I say in shock something like "Oh my God".

The dreamer had been suffering from extreme pain. She had seen the doctor about it and was told that nothing could be done. She was thinking how miserable her existence would be from now on. So the end of the world was symbolic of her ill health. It particularly concentrated on her feelings of pessimism for the future.

Now we understand how end of the world dreams work we can start to spot the meaning of such a dream. You just ask the person who had the dream where they have had that end of the world feeling. In one case a woman who had an end of the world dream had just turned thirty. She was feeling very pessimistic at this milestone. So without even reading that dream we know that it could be a symbol for that “I am thirty and I feel like my life is over” feeling.

Sometimes an end of the world dream may suggest that the dreamer is very pessimistic full stop. Try this dream.

THE DREAM I had a dream where there were three men trudging along. It seemed to be the end of times. Some mutant men were walking after some apocalypse. At some point in the dream - either before or after I dreamt of a happy scene with three men laughing and talking. The atmosphere was generally good (almost idyllic).

The dreamer tended to look on the dark side. He was always thinking the worst. So really the end of the world in a dream simply captured that eternal pessimism.

But we may even peer deeper into this dream. The dream presents two views - an apocalypse and a idyllic scene. So maybe the dream is presenting the dreamer with choice. You can either be happy or stay as you are steeped in pessimism. Perhaps the dreamer is stating that he has a choice in life. He can choose to be optimistic rather than pessimistic as he usually was. The dream even features a symbol which could be related to freedom to choose. The dream features three men – this is an interesting wordplay on the term “freemen”. Dreams use little wordplays like this. So the dream is stating that the dreamer is free to be pessimistic but also that he is free to choose to be optimistic.

Now think about this dream.

THE DREAM My dream was that the world was ending but taking a few days so the 1st day it was big tidal waves then the 2nd day was 1 big tornado then the next there was lots of tornado's and I was trying to dodge everything but in the dream I remember I was with my daughter at all times and wouldn't let go of her hand and also phoned up a guy I'm friends with butt also kind of seeing and he knew the world was ending and I said to him "if this is the end I want you to know I'll always love you" and he said "I love you" but he said it in a way with no emotion and almost like he felt he had to say it.

The dreamer was in a relationship with a man. She was looking for commitment but he was a little confusing. One minute he referred to them as having a future then the next he referred to them as just friends. This was starting to upset the dreamer.

This end of the world dream uses the symbol in a very clever way. Think of it this way. If it was the end of the world then you would expect people you love to get all emotional and tell you how special you are to them. But in this dream that's exactly the opposite – the dreamers boyfriend was completely unemotional. So this dream seems to suggest that the dreamer was losing belief in her boyfriend. Her dream story tells her that her boyfriend is not behaving the way that he should. She expects more of him and is sensing that he does not really care about her. So perhaps she should think about leaving him.

The stories that our dreams tell hint at the emotions that we are feeling. Try this dream.

THE DREAM I was a survivor of some apocalyptic disaster and along with the other survivors inhabited some really large derelict building. We all helped each other to try and make it homely and habitable and i got the job of looking after all the orphaned children. I had my own room which i decorated by putting up newspaper on the walls and there was all old tin cans and out of date food which i refused to give the children. They were crying because they were hungry and it really upset me. It was really vivid and disturbing.

The dreamer was worried about moving in with her boyfriend. She was not sure he would be able to support her properly. Also she would be moving away from her family so she would be even more cut off.

The end of the world metaphor seems to have relevance here. The dreamer worries that things could get worse and her boyfriend might not be able to support her. However, the dream ends up in a homely cottage.

Read over the dream again and surely it represents this exact thought process - "I am thinking of moving in with my boyfriend. I just worry that he could not support me in the way that he has promised he could. But I suppose if the worst happens then we can get through it. We are happy together".

Stories paint pictures. This dream paints a bad picture but then shows a homely cottage. Often dreams are linked to us balancing the good points against the bad points In this case the bad points represent the dreamers worst fears about money. The positive side shows the dreamer focusing on the fact that they make a happy couple and this is more than compensation for any money worries that they may have.

On this site we believe that there is evidence that dreams can be premonitions of upcoming events. Usually a dream will come true quite quickly if its going to come true. When something big happens to you it is worth checking back the previous day if you had any dreams which could have been premonitions. Take for instance this dreamer.

THE DREAM I dreamed that my husband and I were in our parked vehicle (I was in the driver's seat) and there was an earthquake, or other type of natural disaster, causing the land around us to flow by- almost like mountains of lava. Somehow, our vehicle stood firm amidst the flowing earth, but we couldn't ignore the people, land and cars that where flowing by on the right and left sides of our car. We were aware that there was some sort of disaster going on, but didn't know what it was. We didn't hear the "official word" of what was happening, like "we are experiencing an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 focused in western Washington" so we felt we needed an explanation. We never got the explanation. However, we felt perfectly safe in our car. We watched with amazement at the suffering that was moving rapidly by our windows literally inches away from us. It looked as though the world was coming to an end. About that time, we became aware that we were parked near the Washington State Capitol building. We watched as it crumbled in the midst of the flowing earth and like everything else, flowed by in waves of earth, people, homes and cars.

Two days later the USA suffered massive economic meltdown which triggered massive losses to just about everyone and devastated the stock market and the credit industry. The dreamer believed the dream to be a premonition because she and her husband had been relatively unaffected by the crisis. They did experience a reduction in their retirement funds. However,they felt it was an excellent time to buy homes for investment purposes. The end of the world was a symbol for this economic meltdown - economically it seemed like the end of the world. The dream also accurately portrays the events within the dreamers life as he felt fairly unaffected by the meltdown.

Of course we will never know if this was a premonition dream. We can never truly tell if a dream is a premonition - and that it true for every dream. The dream mind retains the right to keep its mysteries to itself. You cannot check if your dream analysis is the correct one. You can just theorize and speculate.