Dream interpretation - earthquakes as dream symbols

THE DREAM I dreamed that my husband and I were in our parked vehicle (I was in the driver's seat) and there was an earthquake, or other type of natural disaster, causing the land around us to flow by- almost like mountains of lava. Somehow, our vehicle stood firm amidst the flowing earth, but we couldn't ignore the people, land and cars that where flowing by on the right and left sides of our car. We were aware that there was some sort of disaster going on, but didn't know what it was. We didn't hear the "official word" of what was happening, like "we are experiencing an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 focused in western Washington" so we felt we needed an explanation. We never got the explanation. However, we felt perfectly safe in our car. We watched with amazement at the suffering that was moving rapidly by our windows literally inches away from us. It looked as though the world was coming to an end. About that time, we became aware that we were parked near the Washington State Capitol building. We watched as it crumbled in the midst of the flowing earth and like everything else, flowed by in waves of earth, people, homes and cars.

THE REALITY This dream occured just two days before the US suffered the catastrophic economic meltdown which triggered massive losses to just about everyone and has devastated, the stock market and the credit industry. The dreamer believed the dream to be a premonition because she and her husband had been relatively unaffected by the crisis. They did experience a reduction in their retirement funds. However,they felt it was an excellent time to buy homes for investment purposes.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream seems to certainly link to the crisis about to occur in the stock markets and banking system. The economy did face a siezmic shock to the system. The dreamer felt that this was a premonition as they did feel relatively unnaffected by the crisis.It is difficult to verify this. Its always impossible to truely tell the meaning of a dream. This crisis was an ongoing situation. The economy was already suffering badly as the aircraft industries around the world have been devastated. Yet the crisis was very surprising. It did happen suddenly and it a pivotal moment. Things were really very fluid and could easily have got much worse. But it is really quite possible that this dream was a premonition. It is easy to argue it was just a coincidence.

An alternative explanation could link to how the dreamer was perceiving the economic situation as it was building up. The dreamer seems separated from the devastation around her. Maybe this symbolized the difficulty of comprehending the meaning of a crisis. Life was going on. But life changing processes were taking place. We know bad things are happening yet day to day life was going on.

Ultimately it is impossible to truely tell the meaning of this or any dream. We can guess. Yet when two possible explanations conflict we cannot truely tell one way or another. The mind retains its secrets.

Dream Symbols
EARTHQUAKE : a devasting economic crisis about to happen
UNAFFECTED : "The dreamer was relatively unnaffected by the crisis"
WASHINGTON : "A symbol of the political and economic capital. Central to the coming crisis"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I believe that the dream was a premonition of the coming econimic crisis. We were relatively unnaffected "

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THE DREAM It started with me seeing the ground looking like a major earthquake happened, but it was soaked with blood. The sky was a crimson red than I saw one of my friends surrounded by three guards in camouflage. One on his left, one behind him, and one circling him. Then I saw him fall to the ground pleading for his life. The guard circling him stopped right in front of him and pulled the gun off him back and clicked it and aimed.

THE REALITY The dreamers friend had recently changed a great deal becoming very politically conscious. He had even started a group called the Human Rights Association

DREAM INTERPRETATION The key to this dream is the earthquake. The ground is a symbol of the fixed and stabile things in your life. An earthquake symbolises a total change in the way that we see some relationship or situation in our lives. For years you may see somebody as an interesting and trusted friend who you can depend on. Then suddenly things change. It feels like an earthquake has happened.

This dream symbolises the dreamers sudden change in perception of her friend. He has ceased to be the trusted and reliable person. He has become politically active and these changes have created barriers between them. The guards in the dream symbolise how he is always on guard - not open and honest. He has become ideological and controlling. The ideas are out of hand though - getting in the way of friendships.

The number three is often an indicator of something over which there is freedom of will. The dreamers friend has the right to act one way and the right to act another. He can make his own choices. The dream probably links with the dreamers frustration at this freedom to act in a new way. She realises she will have to accept this however much she regrets and dislikes the change in him.

The sky is featured in the dream. The land often symbolises conscious reality, the sea your feelings and the sky may symbolise things which could happen in the near future. Maybe this dream shows that the dreamer is able to change quite dramatically - there is the constant feeling that he may become defensive and ideological and then start to target the dreamer.

Dream Symbols
EARTHQUAKE : a total change in your perception of day to day reality
GUARD : "the dreamers friend is very defensive - hiding behind his ideologies"
GUN : "something is being targeted and focused on"
SKY : "the dreamers perceptions about the future of her relationship with her friend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I cannot seem to get close to my friend any more. He has changed totally. I cannot talk to him about real issues as all he wants to talk about is politics and human rights"

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THE DREAM I am in the middle of an earthquake. The earth opens up and I think to myself that I will have to make a major effort to stay alive. I run for my very life as the earth collapses around me. I am then in a river with a group of soldiers. I am still running and I notice that there are soldiers there ready to pounce on anyone who breaks formation. We have to stay disciplined.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamers chronic hay fever had started to return. Recently this had dissapeared. That was during a period of building work. The dreamer was thinking about this the night before. He noticed that it may have been greater displine and the hustle and bustle of the building work that had help clear his system out.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can link to our intuitive thoughts. These may be connected with many issues such as relationships, work stategies or health. Often we monitor our own health. This dreamer had been thinking a lot about his hay fever the night before. He had noticed a certain pattern had emerged. His health had actually improved during the recent period of upheaval when his house was renovated. Its always worth writing down some new intuitive thoughts emerging the day before and at the time of the dream. Dreams can be symbolic versions of these. So how exactly can this dream link to real life.

The earthquake in this dream could easily mirror real life. People often mistake dream symbols as some on coming crisis of a major magnitude. Actually an earthquake can symbolize any real life upheaval. It does not have to be a crisis of biblical proportions. Its only a metaphor. We exaggerate using metaphors. Thats because dreams express our inner feelings. These are always exaggerated slightly eg "I hate him - he is just a dictator like Hitler". In real life the building work had been a major problem and disruption. It had been a stressful time and every part of the dreamers life had been totally disrupted. There had been a need to keep moving and stay on schedule to fit in with the builders needs.

The dream also includes soldiers. The dream clearly links these to one particular symbolic meaning of soldiers - the need to remain disciplined. The dream dwells on the need to stay in the ranks and keep discipline. This need to stay disciplined had a major relevance to the dreamers situation. He had realized that his hay fever and breathing troubles were linked to a need to stay disciplined. That he needed to keep going with any attempts to ward off chronic hay fever.

So yes this dream seems to link very strongly to this real life situation. It is a symbolic version of the upheaval that had recently occured and the need to stay disciplined. These two symbols together form the basis of the dreamers insight regarding his chronic hay fever. He had realized that the recent upheaval had been actually good for his health. It had made him stay to a schedule. So the dream was a symbolic workings of a very important thought process.

Dream Symbols
EARTHQUAKE : "The recent upheavals in the dreamers home connected with building work"
RIVER : "A stream of energies and efforts"
SOLDIERS : "The need to stay disciplined in order to ward off hay fever"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My hay fever has returned. For a short time it went away. That was during the recent building work at home. I was forced into a better routine. All the extra activity helped me fight off the hay fever. Now I am back to my lazy ways things are returning back to normal. I need to be more disciplined.".

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EARTHQUAKES : Earthquakes link to a total change in the way you view some aspect of your life(even your whole life). Sometimes something happens we suddenly develope a whole new set of attitudes. Things that used to excite and please us now depress us.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He has totally altered"
- "suddenly everything changed"
- "suddenly revealed as a lie"


VOLCANO : A volcano happens when the earth suddenly melts and changes. The earth in dreams is very symbolic - it represents the facts about our lives. A volcano is a bit more predictable than an earthquake. So an earthquake links to a total change in the way that we perceive something. It can mean that something could change very considerably in the near future.