Dream interpretation - drink and alcohol as dream symbols

Think of dream symbols as expressing a particular thought about you or something that has just happened. Here is an example.

THE DREAM - I have a recurring dream. I'm always drunk or drugged (despite I don't use drugs in real life) and I feel very dizzy and can barely walk or talk or stay on my feet, the thing is that in that state, I always have to do something important or meet with someone I really care about (ie: during an university exam, or being stopped by the police, or having to meet with some friend) and I feel very desperate.

We associate people who are drunk with other things. If we see a drunken person then we may think that they are incompetent, incapable and a bit of a loser. A dream about someone who was drunk might be your minds way of saying - "I felt like a bit of a loser yesterday" or "I thought he was totally incapable and incompetent yesterday".

In the case of the above dream we know that the dreamer tended to lack confidence. He tended to judge himself really hard and worried that others may think of him in a bad way. A dream where he was drunk or drugged would occur on days where he had been particularly lacking in confidence and when he particularly felt like a loser.

In some cases try to think of any link to alcohol. If you or others were drinking the day before then it maybe just a connection to that. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM There was a drunken, talking crow at my front porch. In my dream I was stroking its back to reassure it that it would be OK after the effects of the alcohol wore off. It kept talking unintelligibly for some time and bobbing back and forth but not trying to get away from me.

The night before the dreamer had drunk a little too much wine reminiscing about relationships past. We do not know enough information to know exactly what this dream means. But the drunken crow seems to be replaying the night before. The crow maybe represented his own drunken state or the drunkenness of someone with him. Whatever, the dream means we know it links to this drunken night the night before - its just too much of a coincidence. We can never truly know what a dream means but at least we managed to narrow down its meanings. We know what it linked to - the previous evening and maybe some emotions that were stirred by the drink.

Now try to make sense of the following dream.

THE DREAM I'm all dressed up and about to leave my parent's home for the last time. My father is holding a glass of red wine and kind of drunk already which annoys me but he starts to give a speech to me and ends up spilling the dark red contents on my white dress! I was horrified and panicked. Later I had another dream. My 3 year old niece is holding a cup of grape juice and runs to hug me in excitement, spilling the purple drink on my white dress.

Dreams can be triggered by feelings and thoughts especially from the day before. The day before this dream the dreamer was at a friends house. Both the dreamer and her friend were getting married. There were other women there talking about their wedding days and notable things which happened on them.

Its quite clear that this dream was triggered off by her talking about weddings the day before. What does the dream means though? It seems to be a list of examples of things which could go wrong at the dreamers own wedding. In this way the dream probably caught this exact thought - "talking yesterday upset me. I ended up thinking about all the things that could go wrong at my wedding". But the dream does not really mean much. Its just a worry dream exploring some worst possible scenarios. It just represents the dreamers imagination gone wild.

Now think of the following dream.

THE DREAM I was on a ghost ship filled with pirates. I was chasing one little girl and having some fun and she ran to her room where it was very very hot. as I got to the door way something warned me not to cross the red line in the floor. elsewhere in the dream there was a beautiful gypsy dancer. I looked for a red line but there was not one. Later I was in a port which was really bad. I explored the local tavern and talked to other ghosts who were mean. Some of them tried to kill us. Later I was holding a sword which I bought in real life. I ran a pirate through with it. Later on in the dream there was Tom Cruise who wanted to beat me up because I was attracted to the dancing girl earlier in the dream. I wanted to teach him a lesson because he was drunk. Later still I was in a ship during a storm. Then I was in the water being chased by sharks. These sharks were just inches away from me.

This dream occurred the evening after the dreamer had been flashed by a female friend. She showed her breasts as a joke and in fun he pretended to ravage her. Knowing this information we can guess that any dreams we have that night will certainly be about this issue.

Think of the story of the pirate and the gypsy girl and the drunken Tom Cruise. The whole storyline is quite similar in style to the incident the day before. The dreamer was the pirate in the dream and the man ravaging the woman in real life. The dreamers house mate was symbolised by the gypsy girl. She was wild and sexy just like the dreamers housemate. The story in the dream captured the essence of the situation.